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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 253


Ever since the Tian Ji Sect was rebuilt, with the exception of the initiation of the new disciples, he spent the entire year tinkering on the sect protecting array.

The only person in Tian Ji Sect proficient in arrays was him. With the help of an expert, he could only install the sect protecting array while he studied on Chu Xingzi's notes. Because besides a sect protecting array, he also needed to install a grand spirit concealing array. Otherwise, the moment he releases the 13 spirit locking arrays, the rich, dense spiritual energy would be cause for covetion. Luckily, he had studied the array notes for more than a year, and he had already roughly installed the sect protecting formation.

On this day, Mo Wuji had already arrived at Tian Hai Summit, the final array base for the Tian Ji Sect's sect protecting array. He just needed to close this array base and the Tian Ji Sect’s sect protecting array would be fully completed. When that happens, even if Honest Qi makes his way here, he would not be able to leave.

Mo Wuji placed several array flags hidden within Tian Hai Summit. Following the insertion of the very last array flag, the sect protecting array started with a hum. The spiritual vein hidden under Tian Ji Summit surged with energy as the sect protecting array started to encompass Tian Ji Summit and the 13 secondary summits.

"Boom!" The sound of elemental energy exploding ripped through the air, causing Mo Wuji who had yet to fully close the array to tremble in shock.

Could it such a coincidence? He had just installed the sect protecting array and hadn’t even fully closed this grand array but someone had come invading?

"Bang boom bang!" An even more intense flurry of explosions could be heard. Following which, Mo Wuji could tell that it wasn't a case of someone attacking the sect, but someone's battle had encroached into the Tian Ji Sect. They were moving towards Tian Hai Summit as they battled. Intense bursts of elemental energy collided and exploded, shaking the entire sect protecting array.

Mo Wuji stood at the top of Tian Hai Summit, observing the battle. He saw that the two were not using any flying magic treasures but they could fight in mid air for a good period of time and he immediately knew that these two fellas were Nihility God experts. As the two battled, they clearly saw Mo Wuji, but they treated Mo Wuji like air and continued on their rampant battle.

Mo Wuji's face turned ugly and he said loudly, "Two dao friends, this is my Tian Ji Sect's territory. If you want to battle, please do it elsewhere."

Even if his abilities were insufficient, he still wouldn't stand for it if others were fighting on his territory. Furthermore, he now had his sect protecting array. With the power of the sect protecting array and his laser cannon, he did not need to fear these two fellas.

"Eh, Tian Ji Sect? Wasn't it destroyed by Lei Mang? Why is it still here?" Among the two battling, a long haired cultivator exclaimed in shock as he turned towards Mo Wuji.

"Who are you?" Mo Wuji's tone hardened. This fella knew that Lei Mang had destroyed Tian Ji Sect, so he was clearly acquainted with Lei Mang.

Taking the opportunity where the long haired cultivator was talking, his opponent swiftly landed on the summit Mo Wuji was on. Mo Wuji retreated tens of meters, staring coldly at the man who landed on his territory.

At this moment, his sect protecting array was fully installed. Even if his opponent was a Nihility God Stage expert, he had nothing to fear.

Over the past year, he had installed various kinds of hidden garrotte arrays and deathtrap arrays, more than he could count. Once he activates the array, he would only need to trap this fella for a moment and he could eliminate that fella with a simple cannon.

"You're from Tian Ji Sect?" The man who descended on Mo Wuji's sect protecting array scanned across Mo Wuji and the surroundings, and suddenly asked.

Mo Wuji did not answer this fella but also briefly sized the fella up. This was a dhuta;this dhuta’s face was a little pale and there was even fresh blood flowing from his waist. Ostensibly, he was injured and it wasn't light. What shocked Mo Wuji the most was that in the middle of this dhuta's forehead, there was faint outline of an eye.

"You're Heaven Seeking Palace Smith Summit's Three-eyed Dhuta?" Mo Wuji immediately recalled what Sang Yiping mentioned about the Three-eyed Dhuta. Previously, he even intended to pay this person a visit, he could never have imagined that this fella would end up on his doorsteps.

Before the dhuta could reply, the long haired man chasing after him also landed on Tian Hai Summit, the magic treasure in his hands hurling towards the dhuta.

Mo Wuji was enraged;he lifted his hands and threw out several array flags. At the same time, he shot out multiple electroballs.

The long haired fella chasing the dhuta was a Nihility God Stage expert. When he got trapped by Mo Wuji, he was instantly shocked. An ant that he did not even put in his eyes actually casually trapped him in an array… What was going on?

Immediately, he started to rage;an ant actually dared to act against a Nihility God Stage expert like him? If this ant thinks that this trap array could hold him for long, this ant must simply be dreaming. Unfortunately, he had forgotten that the dhuta he was chasing after was not much weaker than him.

The dhuta had been pursued relentlessly for so long;the moment he saw that his opponent was confined in a trap array, he did not show any courtesy. He fetched out a huge fire pincer;within the fire pincer, there were two fire dragons, these two fire dragons flew towards the trapped long haired man and struck against his waist.

"Boom!" Multiple huge electroballs landed on the long haired man’s feet. The trapped long haired man had grabbed Mo Wuji’s electroballs before they had even exploded, casually throwing them on the ground.

However, at this moment, the dhuta’s fire pincers had arrived.

The trapped cultivator immediately got anxious;he could easily grab Mo Wuji’s electroballs but he couldn’t casually deal with the dhuta’s fire pincers.

"Pui!" Blood light flashed. At the trapped man’s waist, two huge gouges of blood were formed. The man tried to rush and retreat, but he was actually burned by the fire pincer’s afterburn, scorching away his arm.

By this time, the man had already crushed Mo Wuji’s array, turning his tails to rush out of Tian Hai Summit.

Hoe could Mo Wuji just let this guy escape? The array flag in his hand swayed and another deathtrap formation confined the long haired cultivator.

The dhuta naturally knew that this was his best opportunity. Grabbing his fire pincer, he charged towards the trapped man.

"You dare? A tiny little Tian Ji Sect dares to trap me, Peng Jiqing? I’m from the Great Evolution Sect…" The long haired man was truly anxious. He truly didn’t expect for the tables to turn and that he would actually get trapped in Tian Ji Sect, this low leveled Xuan sect.

"Pui!" The dhuta did not give him another chance, the fire pincer clamped together strongly. The Great Evolution Sect expert’s top half of his body was cleanly separated.

When Mo Wuji heard "Great Evolution Sect", his heart was filled with shock. The Great Evolution Sect was a sect on par with the Heaven Seeking Palace. Of course, this was on the premise that the old fisherman didn’t reveal himself.

However, that thought only merely fleeted through his mind before he chucked it aside. He had already declared that this was Tian Ji Sect’s territory, yet that fella still chose to charge in. He would be stupid to just let that fella go. There was also this dhuta. Even though he was from the Heaven Seeking Palace, Mo Wuji did not plan to let him go.

Using the opportunity when the dhuta was killing the Great Evolution Sect’s expert, the array flag in Mo Wuji’s hand swayed strongly. The surroundings started to emit crackling sounds, endless roars could instantly be heard throughout Tian Ji Sect and the 13 secondary summits.

The expression of the dhuta changed immediately. With his experience, how could he not tell that he was trapped in a grand array?

At this moment, Mo Wuji had widened the distance between him and the dhuta. If the dhuta dared to attack him, he would not hesitate to destroy him with a cannon.

"Many thanks dao friend for your help just now. I am indeed Heaven Seeking Palace Smith Summit’s Three-eyed Dhuta." The Three-eyed Dhuta was extremely straightforward in his speech. It was just that after he completed that sentence, he immediately coughed out a mouth full of fresh blood, his entire body trembling to the ground.

Mo Wuji’s guard went down;it looked like this fella was seriously injured.

"Since you’re from the Heaven Seeking Palace, you should know the rules. I have already warned that this is Tian Ji Sect’s territory, why did the two of you still barge in to fight?" Mo Wuji asked expressionlessly.

How could the Three-eyed Dhuta not know that Mo Wuji had already trapped him, and even widened the distance between them? All these were preparations to kill him. If he was not injured, he had the confidence that he could escape from this grand formation. He could even kill this Yuan Dan Stage fella before he escaped.

"Dao friend can control the Tian Ji Sect’s sect protecting array, clearly, your status in Tian Ji Sect is not ordinary. Could you let me meet the esteemed sect head?" The Three-eyed Dhuta did not resist, but clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said.

Mo Wuji calmly replied, "I am Tian Ji Sect’s sect head, Mo Wuji. If you have anything to say, just say it. There’s no one else here."

"You’re the Tian Ji Sect Head?" The Three-eyed Dhuta looked at Mo Wuji in shock. Such a young sect head? And his cultivations is merely at the late levels of the Yuan Dan Stage? This Tian Ji Sect couldn’t just be a Xuan sect right? But which Xuan sect would have balls big enough to deal with two Nihility God experts at the same time? The Three-eyed Dhuta started to question whether he still understood this world.

He was different from others;he did not know about Tian Ji Sect. Before this, he also didn’t know that Tian Ji Sect was a Xuan sect.

"That’s right. I am the sect head. You can direct any words to me." Mo Wuji did not mind, he did not intend to conceal his identity as the sect head.

The Three-eyed Dhuta exhaled deeply, forcefully suppressing the shock in his heart before continuing, "Sect Head Mo, I wish to discuss with you on a particular matter. I was pursued by the Great Evolution Sect and I hope to recuperate here. Of course, as compensation, I will give you the price you are satisfied with. I’m a peak equipment smith. If you need spiritual equipment, you can just ask me."

Mo Wuji did not hesitate to reject him, "I’m sorry, I cannot let you recuperate here. My Tian Ji Sect is a small sect now, and we cannot take the oppression of a huge sect like the Great Evolution Sect. You’re from the Heaven Seeking Palace, why do you need to come to my little sect to recuperate?"

The Three-eyed Dhuta sighed, "I was just a guest smith at the Heaven Seeking Palace. The Heaven Seeking Palace did not wish to offend the Great Evolution Sect so they had already abandoned me. I’m naturally no longer a member of the Heaven Seeking Palace. No one knows about the matter of Gu Jiqing pursuing me. So if I don’t mention it, even the Great Evolution Sect wouldn’t know that Gu Jiqing had perished here."

Mo Wuji’s heart started pounding. This fella here was a useful expert. It would definitely be a great thing if he were to join the Tian Ji Sect. One must know, there was no expert in the Tian Ji Sect.


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