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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 249


"You…" Bei Fangjian was momentarily dazed when he heard 'Tian Ji Sect’s Sect Head'. If not for the fact that Mo Wuji had already walked in front of him, he would definitely be infuriated.

The good thing was that he managed to keep his cool very quickly and knew that he shouldn’t be infuriated at this moment, "I am Ming Han Empire’s 26th prince, Bei Fangjian. Even if you are Tian Ji Sect’s head, you mustn't barge into my hall so casually."

Mo Wuji laughed and simply reached out his hand to bring Bei Fangjian off the ground before tossing him back down as he said, "Even if Ming Han Empire’s emperor is sitting down here, this wouldn’t be the turf of Ming Han Empire because this is the Tian Ji Sect’s Tian Zai Summit."

Bei Fangjian barely managed to get up as he saw Mo Wuji already sitting on his seat. He was trembling in anger and just as he was about to call for his men, he could smell something stinky. As he subconsciously turned his head around, he saw both his immortal masters lying on the floor headless. The remaining soldiers were so shocked as they simply stood there motionlessly.

Perhaps these soldiers were too confident in their immortal masters that they believed that as long as their immortal masters were around, they wouldn’t have anything much to do.

Bei Fangjian took a deep breath before cupping his fist towards Mo Wuji, "Since Your Excellency is an immortal master, why are you provoking my Ming Han Empire?"

Mo Wuji laughed out loud, "What is a Ming Han Empire?"

Bei Fangjian got stuck on his words because he realised that Mo Wuji thought nothing of the Ming Han Empire so why did he even bother using Ming Han Empire to threaten him?

"What do you think?" Bei Fangjian couldn’t wait to kill Mo Wuji but could only swallow his anger. He only had mortal roots so he couldn’t cultivate but he had interacted with too many cultivators that he didn’t feel anything mysterious about Mo Wuji’s ability.

Mo Wuji looked Bei Fangjian and asked, "Other than it being your hall, can you tell me what place is this?"

Bei Fangjian had no idea if this fella was here to find fault with him and even though he had no idea why Mo Wuji was so daring, he could only answer honestly, "This is the Tian Zai Summit, a secondary summit belonging to Tian Ji Sect."

"Great answer! Since this is the Tian Ji Sect’s secondary summit, what are you doing here?" Mo Wuji used his hand to slam the table in front of him.

Bei Fangjian replied, "Sir Immortal Master must have just arrived at Tian Ji Sect to not know the true reason. This Tian Zai Summit was rented out to me by Tian Ji Sect and everyone in Tian Ji Sect knows that."

"Oh, so how much is the rent?"

"Back then, the Tian Ji Sect’s head was very generous so he didn’t specify any amount for the rent which meant that we could give any amount."

"And have you paid any amount at all?"

"Not yet."

"Very good!" Mo Wuji slammed the table yet again, "The previous sect head was generous and allowed you to give any amount but you chose not to give any. The present sect head is no longer so generous and I am here to collect rent from you."

Bei Fangjian asked surprisingly, "You... ask me for rent?"

He had no choice but to swallow the words ‘dare to’ because the situation was clearly in the other party's favour.

Mo Wuji did not answer him but turned to Pu Qian, "Pu Qian, go on and kill everyone in the Tian Zai Summit, leaving no one alive. Oh yes, other than this respectable prince in this hall, leave another two men to help this prince dress up."

"Yes!" Pu Qian then raised his fist in the air before turning and leaving the hall.

After Pu Qian had left, devastating cries could be heard from outside the hall. The two guards who were originally standing by the side vomited blood without realising it. There were only two men still standing far away but both their faces were pale white and had yet to wake up from their shock.

Up till now, Bei Fangjian finally realised what kind of man he was dealing with. Compared to the previous gentle Tian Ji Sect’s head, this was a killing god who had no intentions to show any mercy. In fact, he was even more ruthless than the 26th prince himself.

As more gut-wrenching screams could be heard from outside, Bei Fangjian’s face turned even paler and his legs started to shiver.

"Oh right, your younger brother who’s name is Bei Tianyu has already been killed by myself," Mo Wuji commented faintly.

This statement by Mo Wuji crushed any remaining hope left in Bei Fangjian’s heart. Since this fella dared to kill Bei Tianyu, why would he not dare to kill him?

"Immortal master...let’s settle things properly. Whatever amount of rent you wish to collect, I will find ways to get it for you…" Bei Fangjian wanted to sound calm and natural but when he said this, it was anything but natural because even he could hear the trembles in his own voice.

"That’s more like it, how can you rent something without paying?" Mo Wuji was full of smiles as he walked down and said while walking, "Let me calculate for you. It’s too troublesome to calculate the number of years you’ve rented for so let’s just charge you for one year."

Bei Fangjian was relieved when he heard this because even if the rent was a little higher, he could still afford to pay for one year.

"The rent shall be one billion gold coins…."

Hearing Mo Wuji’s price, Bei Fangjian heaved another sigh of relief because even though one billion was a terrifying amount, the fortune that he made over the past few years from destroying the homes of commoners was definitely way more than one billion. He shall accept it first before returning to Ming Han Empire to think of ways to deal with Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji paused on purpose before resuming, "one billion gold coins a day should be just right…"

One billion gold coins a day? Bei Fangjian was completely dumbfounded because he wouldn’t even need to fork out so much if he were to buy over this summit.

"Immortal master, I can agree to this but I don’t have enough gold coins," Up till now, Bei Fangjian’s fear had already disappeared.

The killing intent around Mo Wuji surged as he pressured Bei Fangjian and said, "How much can you fork out?"

Without waiting for Bei Fangjian to reply, Pu Qian sounded out from outside the hall, "Head senior brother, I have killed everyone in the summit other than the people in this hall."

Bei Fangjian let out a cold sweat as he hurried to say, "I can only fork out about 6 billion gold coins. This is all that I can fork out now so even if you were to kill me, the amount remains the same."

Bei Fangjian seemed perturbed as he looked at Mo Wuji and instantly regretted his decision to rent this summit from Tian Ji Sect from the very beginning.

"I shall accept 6 billion first. Following which, you can help me find people to offset the remaining amount you owe me. I need some architectural talents so if you find me too little people or non professional people to help me, that would not offset the amount you owe me. Can you do it?"

The moment Mo Wuji finished speaking, Bei Fangjian bowed and said, "Immortal master, I can do all of it and I promise to complete the task immortal master assigned to me."

Mo Wuji nodded his head and took out three pitched black pills before saying, "These are three pills concocted by myself and I will only give you the antidote when you arrive with the gold coins and people that I need. Don’t forget that you only have three months and if you didn’t send the required things over in three months’ time, you need not send it anymore. Because you would have died a terrible death by then."

Bei Fangjian heaved a sigh of relief because there were even Tier 3 pill refiners in his Ming Han Empire so why would he be afraid that he couldn’t cure this poison? He hurried to answer, "I promise that immortal master will get what he asked for delivered to Heaven’s Gate Town in three months’ time."

Mo Wuji laughed sneakily, "Do you know why I gave you three pills?"

Bei Fangjian looked slightly lost as he stared at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji pointed to the remaining two guards behind him and said, "The other two pills are for the two of them and they are for you to experiment on your own antidotes. I wanted to tell you that if you consume any other antidotes, your whole body will fester and you will eventually die. I believe that after experimenting twice, you would not try the third time."

Bei Fangjian started to let out cold sweat profusely as if Mo Wuji knew everything that he was planning to do. However, even if Mo Wuji was threatening him, he had to go back and try because he still had two experimental products."

"I won’t try any antidote because I will definitely deliver what immortal master needed and then ask for your own antidote," Bei Fangjian answered.

Finishing, he immediately swallowed the pill and passed the two other pills to the two guards to swallow. This Tian Ji Sect’s head was completely different from the previous so he dared not gamble using his own life.

"Since this was the case, hurry up and get out of my sight," Mo Wuji said in a cold tone after seeing Bei Fangjian swallow the pill.

"Yes, yes…" Bei Fangjin hurried to bring the two guards out of Tian Zai Summit in the shortest possible time.

After two hours, at another secondary summit of the Tian Ji Summit, Tian Chang Summit’s 16 prince, Bei Wen scurried out of Tian Ji Mountain range with a pale face like the previous prince.

As for his Ming Han Tian Shang Alliance, it was completely wiped out by Mo Wuji.

"Head senior brother, we let this two princes off so easily, will the Ming Han Empire send their strong experts over to deal with us?" Sang Yiping asked as she saw how Mo Wuji let both Bei Fangjian and Bei Sen off for the gold coins even though he had killed Bei Tianyu.

Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Don't worry, we would have more problems if we didn’t let the two of them off. Those two are too afraid of dying so much so that they won’t tell anyone else about the incident until they managed to find an antidote for themselves. In this period of time, we shall work hard for our closed door cultivation as I want to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage too."

Bei Sen and Bei Fangjian were both ordinary mortals and if these mortals were willing to stay normal, they wouldn’t have come up with things like horse bandits and business alliance. It was evident that they were not willing to be normal and only abnormal people would not be willing to die so easily. Therefore, he was not afraid of Ming Han Empire doing anything to them during this period.

As for Bei Tianyu’s death, it was to let Bei Fangjian and Bei Sen know that he could kill any prince as he wished. He was confident that Bei Fangjian and Bei Sen would try and cover this up and not leak this out for the time being until they managed to detoxify themselves.

Tian Ji Summit, was the main summit of the Tian Ji Mountain Range and it was also Tian Ji Sect’s base.

However, the Tian Ji Summit presently was a wasteland and there were even marks of lighting bolts left behind. Even the main hall was destroyed beyond hope.

Mo Wuji and the few others stood before the Tian Ji Summit, speechless.

It was only after a while that Mo Wuji said, "I shall place this spiritual vein under Tian Ji Summit now and then install an energy gathering array. Pu Qian, go and take over whatever Nie Zhengnong was doing so that he could come back and advance into the Yuan Dan Stage before we move on."

Mo Wuji had a lot to do because not only did he had to step into Yuan Dan Stage, he needed to help Nie Zhengnong and Sang Yiping to advance too. Concurrently, he had to plan on how to reconstruct Tian Ji Sect and Heaven’s Gate Town as well as fixing up a huge defensive array for Tian Ji Sect.


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