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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 248


The one who came was the 31st prince of the Ming Han Empire, Bei Tianyu, instead of the 26th prince. After hearing that his own royal brother had made fortunes here in Tian Ji Sect, the 31st prince simply couldn’t wait to share the spoils. However, on his trip down from Ming Han Empire to Tian Ji Sect encampment, he heard that a few of his men were slaughtered by a group of immortal masters.

He wouldn’t let anyone off, even immortal masters, after killing his men. He literally gathered all the horse bandits that belonged to him and a couple of Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators to protect him along the way.

"I give you all half an incense time to get out of the Tian Ji Mountain range. Otherwise, I shall not stand on any ceremony in dealing with you guys," Bei Tianyu seemed to know that Pu Qian and co. didn’t dare to do anything to them and hence, spoke in an extremely disdainful tone.

Seeing that Sang Yiping was still in a dilemma, Pu Qian couldn’t help but say, "Why are you still hesitating? Let’s just kill everybody."

Nie Zhengnong, who was by the side, hurried to comment, "Senior apprentice brother Pu, it isn’t because of senior apprentice sister’s hesitation that we’re not acting but because we’ve heard that the Ming Han Empire has a True Lake Stage expert within them. They could even casually invite a Nihility God Stage expert to help out. On the other hand, you are the only one in Tian Ji Sect in the Earth Stage. We may enjoy ourselves slaughtering all of them now, but what would happen to us afterwards?"

Pu Qian turned silent once again as he knew that both Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong were right. It would indeed be enjoyable to kill all of them now but what next? They came here to rebuild the Tian Ji Sect, not to kill a bunch of people and leave.

"Head senior brother’s flying ship…" Zhuang Yan suddenly shouted.

"Haha…" Pu Qian laughed out loud at the sight of Mo Wuji’s flying ship because his heart finally felt at ease.

He promptly knew the difference between head senior brother and himself. Before, when head senior brother wasn't here, he was clueless as to how to manage the situation in front of him. Now that his head senior brother had arrived, he immediately found his backbone.

It wasn’t only Pu Qian but Sang Yiping and the rest also heaved a sigh of relief.

Indeed, these people in front of them were not frightening enough but they just didn’t dare to act.

"Prince Tianyu, I suggest we leave temporarily and discuss further after letting Prince Fangjian know about it," One of the Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators beside Bei Tianyu said worriedly when he saw Mo Wuji’s flying ship.

Bei Tianyu revealed a slight frown because he really didn’t dare to act even if Pu Qian and co. refused to leave. They might only have had four people, but all four of them were immortal masters while they only had two immortal masters here. As for the level of strength of the immortal masters, he hadn’t considered that because he was sure that if his side didn’t make the move, the opponent wouldn’t attack too. After all, he was a prince of the Ming Han Empire. Back then, even Tian Ji Sect didn't dare to offend a prince, much less four lowly people?

The flying ship landed outside of the Heaven’s Gate Town. Then, Mo Wuji walked out of the flying ship and kept it.

Pu Qian and co. hurried to greet Mo Wuji. Fortunately, there were very few people passing by Heaven’s Gate Town and therefore, very few people here knew about the incident where Rogue Cultivator 2705 was brought away by Zhen Mo Continent expert. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had the mood to confront these horse bandits.

Mo Wuji already saw the ruins of the Heaven’s Gate Town as he saw piles of human bones stacking up outside the Heaven Gate Town.

The tens of battered businessmen looked nervously at the hundreds of horse bandits.

"What’s happening?" Mo Wuji asked Pu Qian and co. while looking at the hundreds of horse bandits.

Bei Tianyu shouted, "Finally someone who can talk. I am Ming Han Empire’s 31st prince, Bei Tianyu. This place is our turf so please leave here as soon as possible or you shall bear the consequences."

Seeing that Mo Wuji owns a flying ship, he toned down on his choice of words as compared to before.

"Head senior brother, this Bei Tianyu and the guy who rented our Tian Ji Sect, Bei Fangjian, are in cahoots. They are the heads of a horse bandit gang. These businessmen wanted to use this route secretly but were spotted by their horse bandits. There were hundreds of them, but now, only a few of them are left, thanks to the horse bandits. Because we reached out to help them, these businessmen offered to help us clean up the Heaven’s Gate Town," Sang Yiping hurried over to explain everything to Mo Wuji.

"Leave no one alive, kill them all," Mo Wuji said without any trace of hesitation.

Pu Qian, who had been waiting for this sentence for the longest time, rushed forward to attack the horse bandits without wasting any time. Those two Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators were not a threat in front of a Yuan Dan Stage expert like himself.

Hearing their head senior brother’s decision, the initially worried Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong didn’t show any hesitation too as they each drew out their spiritual equipment and charged forward.

Mo Wuji didn’t act because these worthless horse bandits were not worth his effort.

"You are all crazy...I am the Ming Han Empire prince…" Just as Bei Tianyu tried to reiterate his status, Pu Qian’s mace smashed through his brain.

In just a short half an incense's time, the hundreds of horse bandits, the two cultivators as well as that prince had been completely exterminated by Pu Qian and the three others.

"Head senior brother, this is what I call enjoyable. How are we to achieve big things if we always hesitate?" Pu Qian landed right beside Mo Wuji after killing the most of the horse bandits.

Mo Wuji said indifferently, "A mere empire’s prince dares to threaten my Tian Ji Sect. Zhengnong and Zhuang Yan, the two of you stay behind to get ready for the rebuilding of Heaven’s Gate Town. As for the businessmen, let them go out and announce the news that we’re rebuilding Tian Ji Sect and that we need a large number of manpower. We will pay them handsomely through gold coins."

"Yes, head senior brother. Do we rebuild Heaven’s Gate Town just like how it was before?" Nie Zhengnong asked.

Mo Wuji glanced at the Heaven’s Gate Town in front of him and shook his head, "No, you only need to gather manpower, a massive amount of building materials and talented architects. When I return, I will pass you a design for you to build with reference to that. If you do not have enough gold coins, use spirit stones to exchange for more."

As he finished his sentence, Mo Wuji took out a storage bag and handed it over to Nie Zhengnong, "There are 100,000 Earth grade spirit stones here and it will all be used for the reconstruction."

Nie Zhengnong replied, "Head senior brother, we wouldn't finish spending 100,000 Earth grade spirit stones even if we were to build a few hundred Heaven’s Gate Town."

Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Other than rebuilding Heaven’s Gate Town, we have to rebuild Tian Ji Sect too. Therefore, you only have to recruit people and purchase the materials. If there are too many people interested, we could build a temporary encampment for them outside the Heaven’s Gate Town.

There was something Mo Wuji did not mentioned and that was that since he became the sect head of Tian Ji Sect, then the Heaven’s Gate Town would become the biggest cultivation city in the Lost Continent. Additionally, Tian Ji Sect would become the greatest sect in the Lost Continent and it definitely wouldn't be any worse than Heaven Seeking Palace.

He wasn’t implying that other cultivators couldn’t do it but because there was no one cultivator like himself who had lived in the mortal world for over tens of years. Or rather, even if there was a cultivator like himself, he wouldn’t do something so crazy like building a cultivation city. Therefore, it could be said that he was the only one who would do such things.

Nie Zhengnong finally understood as he accepted the spirit stones indicating his conviction to do it well.

"Head senior brother, so what will we be doing?" Seeing Mo Wuji gave both Zhuang Yan and Nie Zhengnong tasks to do, Sang Yiping asked.

"We would naturally go and collect rental fees," Mo Wuji looked at the faraway Tian Ji Mountain range as he answered.

The moment he reached, he fell in love with this place. In the middle of the continuous Tian Ji Mountain Range, there was a Tian Ji River flowing. From far away, the mountain range looked like it was wrapped with a silver belt;it was extremely beautiful.

"Collect rental fees?" Pu Qian didn’t understand his words as he asked inquisitively.

Sang Yiping finally understood the meaning behind his words and asked in a hurry, "Head senior brother, are you saying that we go to the secondary summits owned by Ming Han Empire’s 14th prince Bei Sen and 26th prince Bei Fangjian?

Mo Wuji gave a slight smile, "That’s for sure. After renting our Tian Ji Sect secondary summit for so many years, how can they not pay for their rent? Even if I want to recover these secondary summits, they still have to pay these rental fees."

The 100,000 Earth grade spirit stones would never be enough for Mo Wuji to rebuild Tian Ji Sect which was why he would be collecting these extra spirit stones he required from the Ming Han Empire. The original Tian Ji Sect’s head feared the Ming Han Empire because the original Tian Ji Sect was simply too weak as they were only a Xuan grade sect without even a True Lake Stage cultivator.

It was different when Mo Wuji was in charge because if they were to anger him, he would never hesitate to annihilate the entire Ming Han Empire. Moreover, Mo Wuji guessed that Ming Han Empire would not have the time to deal with him now because their city was just destroyed by the alien cultivators and the rebuilding work would take at least a couple of years. These two years would not only be the perfect time for him to rebuild Tian Ji Sect but also the best period for Sang Yiping and the rest to advance into the Yuan Dan Stage.

"Head senior brother, how about the Lei Clan?" Sang Yiping didn’t comment much about Ming Han Empire because she already had some understanding of Mo Wuji’s character. Since he made his decision to offend Ming Han Empire, he would have had his own preparations to deal with the consequences.

"From today onwards, Yu Lin will no longer have a Lei Clan. There is still a loose fish who managed to escape and his name is Lei Hongji. We will wait for him to return before killing him too," Mo Wuji answered with a lot of conviction.

Sang Yiping and Nie Zhengnong heard Mo Wuji and blanked out momentarily and after they realised what was happening, they instantly fell on their knees facing the Tian Ji Sect.

Foster father, elders of Tian Ji Sect, senior apprentice brothers and sisters. Tian Ji Sect’s new sect head had finally avenge all of you. All of you can finally rest in peace!

Tian Zai Summit.

It was one of the secondary summit owned by Tian Ji Sect. Because of the gorgeous design of this summit, even the main mountain, Tian Ji Summit could not be compared to this. Before the Tian Ji Sect was destroyed, Tian Zai Summit was even brighter and more vibrant than what it was now.

If one were to stand and look at Tian Zai Summit from the outside, nobody would have thought that this was a horse bandits’ lair. This place was built up by Ming Han Empire’s 26th prince, Bei Fangjian. Over these years and through this private lair that he made, Bei Fangjian had made a huge windfall.

Presently, there was a furious young man in a bright robe standing in the middle of this luxurious hall of the Tian Zai Summit. "Who allowed Tianyu to bring men to the Heaven’s Gate Town? If anyone were to find out that a Ming Han Empire’s prince actually brought horse bandits out to kill others, how will Ming Han Empire face the world afterwards?"

Everyone in the hall was trembling and no one dared to murmur a single word. Bei Fangjian had an irritable temper as he would pull people’s nerves out and skin them alive for no reason. It was a norm for him to kill any random person who offended him so much so that he would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t kill a least a few people in a day.

"Ming Han Empire will lose its body so who cares about the face?" A cold voice answered Bei Fangjian’s question.

"Who is it?" Bei Fangjian stood up as he saw two men and a woman walking in from the hall. He had no clue as to when and how these three people arrived.

"Tian Ji Sect Sect Head, Mo Wuji," By the time he finished this sentence, Mo Wuji was already standing in front of Bei Fangjian.


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