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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 247


The shop assistant didn’t take long to react as he smiled and said to Mo Wuji, "Pill master please hold on while I report this."

The shop assistant rushed inside the pill house and within two minutes, a bald man hurried out with this shop assistant.

"Dao friend, may I ask if you are the pill master who is here to deliver pills to the Nine Moons Pill House?" The man cupped his fist and asked Mo Wuji the moment he stepped out of the pill house.

Mo Wuji nodded his head and asked with a trace of suspicion, "I am indeed here to deliver pills. I promised the Nine Moons Pill House some Gold Forming Pills and I am specially here to pass these pills to them. May I know who are you?"

"I am Kang Huapei, the shopkeeper of this Jian Ting Pill House. Dao friend, please proceed in with me," The bald man invited him with a face full of smiles.

"Sure, shopkeeper Kang please lead the way," Mo Wuji did not mind heading in as he extended his arm.

Kang Huapei immediately brought Mo Wuji to the guest room on the second level and got someone to make a pot of spiritual tea before saying, "I have yet to inquire this pill master’s origin and how do i address you?"

Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "When I was working with Nine Moons Pill House’s shopkeeper, we never bothered about these formalities. I would like to trouble you to tell me where Nine Moons Pill House went and I will head towards there myself."

Kang Huapei said awkwardly, "If I don’t know this pill master’s origins, I don’t know what else I could reveal to you."

Mo Wuji frowned momentarily, "I am merely a rogue cultivator and I have no extraordinary origins. It was through mere coincidence that I managed to befriend the shopkeeper of Nine Moons Pill House and then helped him to refine pills while he helped me in collecting spiritual herbs. As for the Gold Forming Pills, it was only after I had promised Nine Moons Pill House to give them that I managed to get my hands on it from elsewhere."

After hearing Mo Wuji, Kang Huapei maintained his smile and said, "The person in charge of the Nine Moons Pill House here had offended someone else and was worried the other party might cause trouble. So he transferred this pill house to my young master instead."

In fact, when he heard that Mo Wuji’s Gold Forming Pills were retrieved from somewhere else, he began to truly believe Mo Wuji’s words. If Mo Wuji were to say that he concocted them himself, he would never believe him.

"Who did he offend?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask this.

"It is the Yu Lin Lei Clan, a person called Lei Hongji from the Yu Lin Lei Clan," Kang Huapei said with a faint voice and even took a sip of tea after finishing his sentence. After realising that the Gold Forming Pills were not concocted by Mo Wuji himself, he began to take things more lightly.

Yu Lin Lei Clan was previously only a low grade family clan and was considered to be nothing significant among all the other sects. However, after the appearance of the Lei Hongji, the Yu Lin Lei Clan naturally soared above the rest. One had to note that Lei Hongji was a top grade genius from the Great Evolution Sect and even had supreme grade lightning affinity spiritual roots. Putting these aside, there were even rumours that he had been selected to go to the Zhen Mo Continent.

Mo Wuji looked at Kang Huapei’s attitude and he knew that the news of complete annihilation of the Yu Lin Lei Clan had not spread to him here.

"Who is your young master?" Mo Wuji asked yet again.

"Quasi-Heaven sect, Jade Net Sect’s legacy disciple He Jianting. Even though our young master did not have lightning affinity spiritual roots, he has a body tempering lightning technique which would increase his odds of victory when battling others," Kang Huapei said proudly.

Mo Wuji instantly remembered the previous time when he met He Jianting from Jade Net Sect. He Jianting asked and offered him spirit stones to let him use the lightning tempering room but was completely ignored by Mo Wuji and from then on, Mo Wuji had offended him. This He Jianting was rather decent looking but slightly arrogant.

Mo Wuji understood the situation very swiftly. Lei Clan must have found out about his relations with Nine Moons Pill House's Zhen Shaoke and was constantly finding trouble with the Nine Moons Pill House. This He Jianting then decided to fish in troubled waters and took over Nine Moons Pill House.

"Shopkeeper Kang, this place was not transferred voluntarily to He Jianting from the Nine Moons Pill House right? Could it be that the Lei Clan handed it to you guys after they took over this place forcefully from the Nine Moons Pill House?" Mo Wuji said while maintaining his composure.

Kang Huapei laughed, "What’s the difference, what’s the difference? My friend here is a pill refiner and we are a pill house so if you could work with Nine Moons Pill House, I am sure it’s the same working with us. We are coincidentally in need of a Gold Forming Pill so why don’t you leave this pill here for us to help you sell? What do you think?"

Mo Wuji stood up, "Since I’ve agreed with Nine Moons Pill House, we shall discuss further after I find the Nine Moons Pill House."

Noticing Mo Wuji stood up, Kang Huapei stood up as well to prevent Mo Wuji from leaving, "I already said that we could purchase your Gold Forming Pill from you and yet you still insist on leaving. Are you looking down on us, Jian Ting Pill House?"

Mo Wuji laughed coldly as after this fella found out that he was a rogue cultivator, he was envious of Mo Wuji for having the Gold Forming Pill and was intending to purchase it forcefully.

"It’s not that I look down on Jian Ting Pill House but it’s because this Gold Forming Pill was concocted with my own spiritual herbs. After arriving here, Nine Moons Pill House was going to give me the Gold Sun Fruit to concoct the Gold Forming Pill in exchange for it," Mo Wuji said faintly.

The concocting of spiritual herbs of the Gold Forming Pill was the hardest because the Gold Sun Fruit was not something human beings could nurture;it had to be grown in the wild. Such rare herbs that were grown in the wild would always be sought after by everyone no matter how many there were in existence.

Therefore, the Gold Sun Fruit was actually very valuable and was worth even more than some Tier 6 or 7 spiritual herbs.

"What’s the deal?" Kang Huapei asked instantly.

Mo Wuji grabbed two jade vases and said, "I’m willing to exchange one vase."

"I do have one Gold Sun Fruit here," Kang Huapei took out the jade box while saying that and he even placed this jade box in Mo Wuji’s hand.

Mo Wuji took over the jade box before opening it to take a look and Mo Wuji could feel an incredible surge of natural elemental energy. This surge of elemental energy was indeed emitted from the gold fruit.

In actual fact, this was Mo Wuji’s first time seeing the Gold Sun Fruit but he was confident that this was the real fruit.

He kept the Gold Sun Fruit and threw the jade vase over to Kang Huapei before saying, "This is for you, bye."

Kang Huapei caught the jade vase and even without opening it, he blocked Mo Wuji once again, "My friend, since you accepted the Gold Sun Fruit, please leave the Gold Forming Pill here."

"Sure, bring me another Gold Sun Fruit," Mo Wuji said in a faint voice.

Kang Huapei faced turned solemn, "Didn’t I gave you one Gold Sun Fruit already? A sole rogue pill refiner dare to blackmail Jian Ting Pill House? If I don’t get an apology today, you are not walking out of my Jian Ting Pill House."

One moment he was talking nicely to Mo Wuji and the very next moment, he was fuming at Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji sighed at Kang Huapei’s swift change in attitude and he was sure that they recorded the scene when he accepted and kept the Gold Sun Fruit. If Mo Wuji had words to refute against him, this recording would be revealed but if he didn’t, then the recording would disappear forever.

Mo Wuji didn’t continue speaking about this incident but asked in a calm tone, "Was Jian Ting Pill House involved in chasing Nine Moons Pill House away?"

Kang Huapei sensed that something was amiss because logically when a rogue pill refiner was under such threat, one should be so nervous that he would immediately stand up for himself. However, he didn’t see any trace of nervousness on Mo Wuji’s face.

He hurried to retrieve the jade vase Mo Wuji threw to him as he was literally raging, "How dare you take the lowest quality Energy Condensing Pill to exchange for a Gold Sun Fruit? How dare you try and cheat Jian Ting Pill House? You are simply courting death…"

He could not finish his words because Mo Wuji’s hand was already grabbing his neck.

"You…" Kang Huapei’s whole body could not stop sweating cold sweat as he clearly saw that Mo Wuji did not have any spirituality around him and his cultivation level would definitely not exceed the Yuan Dan Stage.

Kang Huapei himself was in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7 and Jian Ting Pill House was owned by a Yuan Dan Stage expert. He couldn’t figure out why Mo Wuji managed to get hold of him so quickly and why he had no strength to fight back at all.

Mo Wuji’s cold voice sounded off next to his ear, "Let me tell you something. Yu Lin Lei Clan had been exterminated by me so please don’t use Jade Net Sect to threaten me. In my eyes, Jade Net Sect would soon follow the footsteps of the Lei Clan. Let me ask you questions now, if you were to give me one wrong answer, I will break your neck. Also, I have another name called the Rogue Cultivator 2705;I can even let you take a look at my contribution points token."

After exterminating the Yu Lin Lei Clan, Mo Wuji came straight to the Fringe City. He didn’t even bother changing his appearance so to Kang Huapei, he was simply just an ordinary looking middle-aged cultivator.

Kang Huapei naturally didn’t believe Mo Wuji when he said that he had exterminated the Yu Lin Lei Clan but he was afraid that he might lose his life in Mo Wuji’s hands. However, when Mo Wuji addressed himself as Rogue Cultivator 2705, he felt as though he fell into a ice cave. If other people claimed to have annihilated the entire Yu Lin Lei Clan, he would have thought that they were daydreaming but if Rogue Cultivator 2705 said he did it, then there was a high possibility that it was true.

Who is Rogue Cultivator 2705? He was someone ranked first in the Hundred Sects Alliance Contribution Board with over 100,000 points. Just how many alien cultivators must you kill to achieve that?

The next moment, he saw Mo Wuji’s jade token and confirmed that he truly was Rogue Cultivator 2705 and it was written clearly on the token that he had over a few hundred thousand points.

The rumours must be fake. This was Kang Huapei’s only thought in his mind was that Rogue Cultivator 2705 had never been brought away by the Zhen Mo Continent’s expert but managed to escape successfully.

"Let me start asking you now and do remember that I do not have the patience to ask things twice. Firstly, other than the Lei Clan who came here to get rid of Nine Moons Pill House, did He Jianting and Jade Net Sect get involved in this?"

Mo Wuji’s voice was very low and after hearing Mo Wuji, Kang Huapei could feel that his neck was slightly loosened up as he hurried to answer in a trembling voice, "Jade Net Sect did not do anything but the young master did."

"Second question, where did the Nine Moons Pill House move to and where is Zhen Shaoke of the Nine Moons Pill House?"

"Senior, I really don’t know about this. I had always have had full admiration for senior so I definitely would not lie about this…"

Kang Huapei stopped talking suddenly as Mo Wuji crushed his neck. Presently, he knew that he wasn’t strong enough to deal with Jade Net Sect and he also didn’t have time to settle He Jianting too. After he successfully rebuilt Tian Ji Sect, he would naturally find Jade Net Sect to settle some scores.

Just outside the Heaven’s Gate Town, Pu Qian and co. were confronted by hundreds of horse bandits.

If not for the fact that Pu Qian and the three others were all at least Transcending Mortality Stage cultivators, the hundreds of horse bandits would have rushed towards them. Similarly, if there wasn’t a Ming Han Empire prince in the opposition party, Pu Qian and co. would have rushed towards them. It wouldn’t matter much for them to kill the hundreds of horse bandits but could they casually kill the Ming Han Empire’s prince? Even the previous Tian Ji Sect was helpless in front of the prince of Ming Han Empire and even had to rent out their secondary summit to them.


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