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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 242


Ceng Houyi turned back and discovered that there was a slightly hunched old man near him. The old man had a fishing rod in his hand, and the fishing line in front of him was from the old man’s fishing rod.

When did this white moustached elder appear? He actually had no clue to the answer of that question. How could Ceng Houyi still care about Mo Wuji? He immediately retreated away from the old man. He just got to the 10 meter mark when a terrifying force appeared on his neck.

Ceng Houyi hastily stopped. He saw the fishing line in front of his neck just now, but now, it had already wrapped around his neck. This was a fishing line without a fishing hook.

"Senior is a Worldly Immortal King?" Ceng Houyi's back dripped with cold sweat. He was in the Great Circle of the True God Stage but he wasn't even able to escape a thin fishing line. What else could his opponent be if not a Worldly Immortal King?

The Lost Continent had a Worldly Immortal King? If there was a Worldly Immortal King, why didn't he stop the alien cultivators?

"None of your sh*tty business." The white moustached old man tugged his line. Ceng Houyi immediately jumped towards the direction of the fishing line. If he didn't, his neck would follow the fishing line back to the old man.

Mo Wuji looked over, this old man was like playing with a big fish he just caught.

"Greetings senior." Mo Wuji hurriedly bowed. He recognised this old man;previously when he was looking for Granny Linglong, this old man was fishing at the cliff in front of the Pill Pagoda.

The white moustached old man sized Mo Wuji up. After some time, he seemed to recall something and he suddenly asked, "Oh right, why did you quit the Heaven Seeking Palace?

Mo Wuji knew that this white moustached old man clearly knew his identity, so he bowed and said, "Junior is merely an outer disciple at the Heaven Seeking Palace. The Heaven Seeking Palace can easily do without me."

The elder ruminated for a while before nodding, "You’re right, this broken Heaven Seeking Palace isn't suitable for you. Let me think…"

As he spoke, the old man fiddled with his moustache. He lowered his head and went deep in thought. After some time, he raised his head and asked, "Let me see the thing you took from the top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase."

Mo Wuji did not hesitate to retrieve that Immortal Seeking Token and offered it to the old man. The white moustached old man grabbed the Immortal Seeking Token and examined. It was only after a few minutes that he asked, "Do you want this thing?"

Mo Wuji did not mind and said, "If senior likes it, you can take it. This thing is useless to me."

Mo Wuji's heart was pounding heavily. It's true that the best way for people not to know of your actions was to not do it in the first place.

Mo Wuji thought that no one else knew that he had reached the top of the Heaven Seeking Staircase, but this old man seemed as though he had seen it with his very own eyes. This old man was even cognizant that Mo Wuji had taken something from the top.

"Good, then give it to me…" Halfway through his sentence, the old man seemed to recall something. "Something's wrong. You want to harm me. Don't think I will fall for your trick."

The old man hastily threw the Immortal Seeking Token back to Mo Wuji.

"Senior, please let junior down. Junior came from the Zhen Mo Continent and had come here to help defend the Lost Continent from the invasion of the alien cultivators." Due to the fishing line around his neck, Ceng Houyi had to slowly force his words out. He was worried that this fishing line would suddenly jerk and his neck would be sliced off. Just now, he had tried probing the line with his elemental energy and found that removing the fishing line was completely out of his means.

The white moustached old man frowned, "How in fart's business has that got to do with me? You didn't come here to defend the Heaven Seeking Palace from those alien cultivators."

"Senior, if we didn't come, there would be more Heaven Seeking Palace disciples who would have died under the alien cultivators’ hands. Even the first dean would have lost her life." Ceng Houyi hastily explained.

The white moustached old man snorted and pulled his fishing line, causing Ceng Houyi to go a huge circle in mid air before landing next to his feet, "If the Heaven Seeking Palace disciples die then so be it. It's not the Heaven Seeking Palace which gets destroyed. How is that my problem?"

"But senior is a Worldly Immortal King. Aren't you bullying the weak by dealing with a True God ant like me?" Ceng Houyi really couldn’t show the slightest temper towards this white moustached old man.

"Ah, now this sounds more reasonable," The old man acknowledged.

Mo Wuji could not hold it in, he took a step forward and said, "A True God like you ambushed me. Why aren't you ashamed?"

Between his words, the Tian Ji Pole in his hands had soundlessly pounded against Ceng Houyi’s chest.

Ceng Houyi had been restrained by the white moustached old man and had no means of resistance. With this simple strike, Mo Wuji had destroyed all his spirit channels. Mo Wuji’s elemental energy pervaded upwards and also tore apart his dantian and Mind Palace.

He coughed out a mouth full of fresh blood. Ceng Houyi was filled with grievances;this was worse than killing him.

The white moustached old man acted as though he didn't see Mo Wuji's actions, he turned towards Cen Shuyin and said, "This little girl is dead?"

Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes. She died due to this person's ambush, just to save me."

The old man sighed and said, "This little girl is not bad. Why don't you let me take a look."

"Senior can save her?" Mo Wuji ecstatically offered Cen Shuyin over to the white moustached old man.

"Don't know." The old man replied with two simple words but he didn't immediately receive Cen Shuyin. Instead, he bent down and picked up the red faced cultivator's storage ring. He then fiddled around with the red faced cultivator's clothes and it seemed like the clothes didn't catch his eye. Thereafter, he pulled something off the red faced cultivator's neck.

Only after all that did the white moustached old man receive Cen Shuyin, "I'm returning back to the Heaven Seeking Palace. If I can save her I will. If I can't save her, then I'll throw her back to the Sword Lake. She was from the Sword Lake anyway."

With that, the white moustached old man disappeared.

Mo Wuji's eyes and mouth were wide agape. This was a Worldly Immortal King? Wasn't it more appropriate to call him a robber king?

Mo Wuji was speechless as he looked at the paralysed, bloodied, red faced cultivator. Everything valuable on this fella had been snatched away by that white moustached old man. That old man didn't even leave him any scraps.

"Heaven Seeking Palace will be razed to the ground by the Star King Mountain…" Ceng Houyi glared at Mo Wuji and said seriously. His neck had been wrapped by the old man's fishing line for so long but not a single scar could be seen.

"Oh, who knows?" Mo Wuji lifted up his Tian Ji Pole.

Ceng Houyi went blank, Oh ya, who would know about what happened?

Gu Shaoyin knew that he had blocked Mo Wuji and Cen Shuyin but Gu Shaoyin wouldn't know about the Heaven Seeking Palace's hidden expert who attacked him, much less the fact that this hidden expert was a Worldly Immortal King.

"Smash!" The Tian Ji Pole descended, turning the red faced cultivator's brains into meat juice.

The moment the primordial spirit emerged, Mo Wuji did not wait for it to fly far away and immediately blasted it with a lightning bolt. He definitely wouldn't leave this red faced cultivator with a chance of surviving.

"Crackle!" Under this lightning bolt, the red faced cultivator's spirit directly evaporated into nothingness.

Then, Mo Wuji climbed down the cliff, dug a small immortal cave by the side of the cliff, and threw some spirit stone dregs over the place, making it seem as though someone had stayed there for long. Thereafter, he packed up the red faced cultivator’s corpse, fetched his flying ship, and hurriedly left that place.

One day later, Mo Wuji cremated the red faced cultivator in some deserted valley. Even though Mo Wuji felt that he had nicely cleaned things up well, he didn't just stop there. Another day later, Mo Wuji went to an ordinary cultivator city and spread a rumor. Only then did he depart for Yu Lin.

If there was something that the Zhen Mo Continent looked forward to the most, it would be the Mortal Board, Earth Board and Heaven Board. Even though these three ranking boards could not compare to the Universal Board, almost every expert on the Universal Board had been listed on these three boards.

If it was a decently sized cultivator city, or a guild entrance, these four boards would definitely be erected. And at this very moment, almost every place with a Mortal Board was buzzing with discussion and activity. All this arose when the number one on the Mortal Board changed. The Star King Mountain's Gu Shaoyin had dropped to number two, and now a Rogue Cultivator 2705 had occupied the number one spot."

"Rogue Cultivator 2705? What a weird name? Is he a new member of the Star King Mountain?"

"Does anyone know where Senior Gu is? Don't tell me this Rogue Cultivator 2705 used some despicable method to win Gu Shaoyin?"

"Might Senior Gu have taken part in the Star Wars?"

"Don’t talk nonsense, Senior Gu might be number one on the Mortal Board, but he has yet to enter the Earth Realm. How could he go to Star Wars battlefields?"

Mo Wuji had yet to go to the Zhen Mo Continent but discussions about him had spread to every corner of the continent. Even some supreme sects had heard of Rogue Cultivator 2705. A Mortal Realm cultivator that could trump over Gu Shaoyin, only an idiot wouldn’t know that his prospects were boundless.

Only a few in Star King Mountain knew that this Rogue Cultivator 2705 might not be a cultivator from the Zhen Mo Continent, but from the cultivation lagging Lost Continent.

At the same time, the competition on the Yan City Plaza had concluded. 100 of the best cultivators had been selected and were ready to head to the Zhen Mo Continent.

Within the Yan City Royal Palace, Xia Mu was currently frowning towards Gu Shaoyin.

"You said that when you left, Elder Ceng had already captured that Rogue Cultivator 2705, but why isn’t he back yet?" Xia Mu’s tone was icy cold.

Gu Shaoyin was clueless on the matter so he didn’t answer Xia Mu’s question.

Xia Mu clenched his fist tightly;if it was someone else, Xia Mu would have long called for him to be dragged out and skinned. But Gu Shaoyin was not someone that Xia Mu could casually touched. Gu Shaoyin might seem to follow his instructions, but he was still the Mortal Board number one. Even if Xia Mu became the master of the Star King Mountain, he still couldn’t casually kill Gu Shaoyin.

At this moment, a tiny man hastily entered.

"Rhodes, did you discover anything?" Seeing this tiny man, Xia Mu immediately stood up and asked urgently.

The tiny man named Rhodes nodded, "I went to a cultivator city near where Rogue Cultivator 2705 and Shaoyin battled and heard some rumours. The rumors said that after the battle between Rogue Cultivator 2705 and Gu Shaoyin, an expert with the surname ‘Ceng’ ambushed Rogue Cultivator 2705. Thereafter, Gu Shaoyin left and that ‘Ceng’ expert questioned Rogue Cultivator 2705 for the reason for his strength despite his average spiritual roots. He forced Rogue Cultivator to hand over some treasure but Rogue Cultivator 2705 was unwilling. Eventually, the ‘Ceng’ expert forcefully brought Rogue Cultivator 2705 away."

"Who spread this rumor?" Xia Mu’s face had turned ugly.

"It was also a rogue cultivator. He was cultivating in a cliff nearby and chanced upon to this situation. I went to the cliff by the battlefield and found that there was truly a immortal cave by the cliff. Inside, there were even remnants of used spirit stones," Rhodes answered.


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