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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 2


IMM 2 - Living is Difficult

Mo Wuji did not help Yan'Er up. He can feel that after Mo Xinghe went crazy, Yan'Er bore a lot of pressure and suffering. At the moment, he just watched the distant shadows of the high-rise buildings, secretly clenching his fist. ’’Even if I have to start from scratch, what's wrong with that?’’

Although it seems to be run under a monarchy here, the levels of science and technology are similar. There was a public transport system, electronic devices and equipment. How can he still be afraid that he cannot survive?

’’Yan'Er, let's go back first.’’ Mo Wuji said, watching the tall buildings as he pulled up Yan'Er who was still at a loss.

Even if he was reborn from Earth, he probably cannot recapture his Northern Qin Region.

He may not be able to dream of being a King, but Mo Wuji still has confidence that he can establish a foothold here. After all, he was a top biological and botanist in the past. And it was precisely because he was able to extract the essence from a number of plants, concocting a solution that can expand the meridians, which caused his lover to plot against him. And why he ultimately getting reborn in this place.

He was still unsure about the value of his solution which could expand the meridians in the body. The existence of meridians has always been in a gray area although meridians are often mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine. In actual fact, how many people can prove the existence of meridians and even write a research paper about it?

But, can you imagine? What if the meridians can be expanded to the point where they can actually be felt, how much more powerful will you be? You can participate in the Olympic long-distance running or weightlifting events and still have the hope of winning.

The only thing he did not expect, however, was that his lover, who he would spend his life and death with, would plot against him. Until now, he did not understand why his lover would, at the the moment of his success, stab him from his back with a dagger.

’’Yes, Master ... ’’ Yan'Er finally calmed down, her eyes containing a glimmer.

Mo Wuji said helplessly, ’’Yan'Er, do I look like a young master? From now on, call me by my name. The past is the past. Today is a new beginning. My name will no longer be Mo Xinghe, but Mo Wuji. ’’

’’Yes, Master.’’ Yan'Er quickly responded.

Mo Wuji did not continue to persuade her;some habits and the concept of hierarchy are hard to change. ’’The sky's going to be dark, let's go back. Tomorrow I will go find something to do.’’

Although Mo Wuji has not returned home, he already has rough ideas. With his parents' death and his family's wealth cleared, the Mo family had long gone bankrupt. Afterwards, Mo Xinghe went mad. In addition to work, Yan'Er also had to play this silly game with Mo Wuji. The fact that they could survive is already not bad.

’’Master, you don't have to go find things to do. From now on, don't come out every day. I can find another job. That's will be enough.’’ After hearing Mo Wuji say he wanted to go out to do things, Yan'Er hastened to stop him.

Mo Wuji looked at Yan'Er's faded dress, and the simple hair ornament on her blond hair, he did not say anything. Some things, cannot be said clearly using the mouth. Until his death, Mo Xinghe did not understand, the difficulty Yan'Er went through with him.


Although there are castle gates and walls at Raozhou City, there weren't any guards. Regardless of day and night, all are free to access.

In other words, the city gate and walls of Raozhou City are status symbols, rather than a form of defence for war.

Mo Xinghe was bent on restoring his country, and did not care about the prosperity of Raozhou City. Mo Wuji could only uncover from the faint memories of Mo Xinghe that Raozhou was very busy.

After following Yan'Er into the city, Mo Wuji immediately felt the wild, booming bustle of Raozhou. Spacious streets with a the dense flow of people, and brightly lit shops on both sides of the street, Mo Wuji even suspected that this was just a modern city from Earth.

This bustling area is naturally not where Mo Wuji could afford to live. After the two bypassed the busy streets, and walked for nearly an hour, they came to a messy residential area. Here, the lights look faint and dim.

Mo Wuji could see from afar the messy space that Yan'Er and him lived in. Even though the rent is almost equal to zero, it is not what he nor Yan'Er could afford. If not for the sympathy of the landlord, he and Yan'Er may not even have somewhere to sleep.

’’Aiyo, the king is back, this one better quickly make way.’’ An abrupt voice interrupted Mo Wuji's chain of thought.

’’Hu Fei, you get out of the way.’’ Yan'Er who was originally half a step behind Mo Wuji suddenly stepped forward, like an angry little leopard, pushed Mo Wuji to her back.

Under the dim light, Mo Wuji saw a youth with thickly gelled hair. Although he said to quickly to make way, he was standing in the middle of the road, without the slightest intention of doing so.

’’Little Yan'Er, Big Brother Hu specially bought half a catty of pig meat for you. You doing this to me makes me feel sad ah.’’ This youth called Hu Fei fiddled around with the Lotus leaf packet in his hands.

Mo Wuji's belly disappointingly rumbled loudly. Yan'Er, who originally wanted to get Hu Fei out of the way, hesitated, looking at the lotus leaf packet.

’’Isn't this better? You and Big Brother Hu aren't strangers ... ...’’ Hu Fei said, coming over, as he moved to put his hand around Yan'Er's shoulders. Although there is a scar on Yan'Er's face, and the poor nutrition which caused her body to be underdeveloped, Yan'Er still had a set of pretty facial features.

Yan'Er's eyes showed signs of hesitation. If she was alone, she would not be bothered about Hu Fei. But today, the young master did not eat all day, and his hungry belly just called. Furthermore, there isn't even a grain of rice at home, what can she do even if she goes back?

Mo Wuji did not know what Yan'Er was thinking. He did not wait for the hands of Hu Fei to reach the shoulders of Yan'Er, and he kicked out his foot.

Hu Fei did not think Mo Wuji would act at this time. Mo Wuji kicked him squarely is in the chest.

Mo Wuji felt like he kicked a piece of steel, feeling a strong rebound and took a series of steps back.

’’Master, are you all right ... ...’’ Yan'Er quickly ran over, supporting Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji looked at Hu Fei who was only kicked back by a single step, and could not help but be shocked. His current body is indeed very weak, but it wasn't even able to kick down Hu Fei. Is this guy called Hu Fei a martial artist?

’’You're courting death ... ...’’ Hu Fei did not expect the weak Mo Xinghe, who only dreams of being a king, to suddenly act against him. He went into a fury, moving his hand to his waist, pulling out a foot long knife and rushed towards Mo Wuji.

Several bystanders saw Hu Fei rushing towards Mo Wuji, but no one came forward to help. They did not even say a word.

’’Hu Fei, hurry up and stop! It's broad daylight and you dare to commit murder?’’ Yan'Er's face turned pale white, and she did not notice it is was already night.

’’Ha ha, I have long wanted to get rid of this idiot. Today, this idiot acted against me first, even if I kill him, I will only get a fine at the most. Yan'Er, I am doing this for you. If you follow me, you can have food to eat and clothes to wear...’’ Hu Fei apparently did not intend to stop.

Yan'Er turned anxious, there is no other way, she can only use her body to protect Mo Wuji.

At this moment, Mo Wuji completely calmed down. From his recollection, Cheng Yu State indeed has such a law. Whether you're right or wrong, if someone acts upon you first and you killed him, you would only get a small fine.

Knowing that it's too late for regrets, Mo Wuji quickly pulled Yan'Er to the side, calmly staring Hu Fei and said, ’’Hu Fei, if you dare to touch a single hair of mine, you will die a horrible death.’’


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