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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 142


Chapter 142: The Storage Ring And The Copper Key

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This question alarmed everyone;Mo Wuji also heard it. Mo Wuji was secretly anxious;if someone takes out an illumination stone and throws it down, they would clearly see that this place was only 100 meters deep. Furthermore, there were even some places in midair which could be stepped on, there was clearly no danger in coming down.

Mo Wuji treaded on those lantern like objects and soon reached the ground. The ground was very hard and was built using some unknown material. Even as Mo Wuji landed heavily on it, there were no sounds.

Airflow within the palace wasn't very smooth, and it was rather suffocating. In the shortest time possible, Mo Wuji scanned through the surroundings;there were more than 20 passages which led to some unknown destination. In the center of the hall, there was a stone cauldron. At the side of the stone cauldron hung a corpse. With his spiritual will, Mo Wuji could see that the corpse was grasping a copper key in its hand. The key was around 30 centimeters long.

Mo Wuji immediately rushed over and threw the key into his storage bag. Perhaps his speed was too fast, as the corpse's robes were ruffled by his wind.

Mo Wuji used his fastest possible speed to leave the corpse. At this moment, multiple illumination stones dropped in, illuminating the surroundings as though it was daytime.

’’Friends, it's very safe down here. You all can come on down,’’ Mo Wuji lifted his head and shouted.

In actuality, after the illumination stones were activated, there was no need for Mo Wuji to call out. Everyone could see that it was extremely safe.

40 shadows descended down, and soon, everyone was standing in this moldy, stuffy hall.

No one bothered to care about Mo Wuji as they scanned the hall with eyes like an eagle's, searching around for clues.

The corpse by the stone cauldron was the first to be discovered;the bearded man had the highest cultivation, so he was the fastest to arrive by the corpse's side.

At this moment, the people discovered that there were also approximately 20 passages, and some simple drawings on the wall. The location which was most likely to have treasures would be the corpse on the stone cauldron. So as the bearded man landed by the corpse's side, everyone rushed to surround him.

As everyone came over, they brought over some mild wind. With a 'huala', the corpse fell onto the ground and crumbled. Even its bones disintegrated to ashes.

’’Ding’’, a seemingly imperceptible sound was particularly obvious in this silent hall. This light drew the attention attracted the gaze of everyone there. A mottled ring landed and rolled on the ground.

This ring coincidentally rolled to the side of a yellow robed cultivator and he immediately rushed to grab it.

Storage ring?

Everyone's eyes concentrated on this yellow robed cultivator. Everyone was clear on the immense value of a storage ring.

Let's not talk about storage rings, even storage bags were items not anyone could obtain. There were more than 40 people present, and not more than half of them possessed a storage bag. One must know that anyone who could enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain was definitely a sect's genius disciple. Even so, not everyone here had their own storage bags. Since that's the case, a storage ring which was much handier to carry, much more storage space and had much tighter defenses was far more valuable.

’’Hand the ring over,’’ The bearded man glared at the yellow robed cultivator and spoke in an unkind manner.

The yellow robed cultivator was frightened. However, he was truly unwilling to give up this storage ring which belonged to him. In his eyes, this was his luck ah.

’’Why? I'm the one who obtained it. You can't just unreasonably take...’’ The yellow robed cultivator gritted his teeth and spoke in a slightly quivering tone.

Perhaps he knew deep down that he was definitely unable to keep the storage ring. Now, he simply wanted to ask for some benefits.

Mo Wuji shook his head in his mind. If it was him, he would not hesitate to throw the storage ring away. Even if he wanted some benefits, he wouldn't speak in such a manner. Instead, he would be direct and say: I don't want this ring. Exchange it with something else.

The bearded man laughed menacingly, and the fine-scale awl in his hand began to be wrapped in countless phosphorescence. Elemental energy surged wildly, and even Mo Wuji who was the furthest away felt suffocated. A pressure of death came bounding down, making it difficult to breathe. The cultivators all parted ways and avoided the bearded man. The yellow robed cultivator never expected that the bearded man wouldn't even negotiate and act immediately. At this moment, he couldn't even dodge.

’’Pssh!’’ Blood sprayed in all directions. The yellow robed cultivator was killed with a single stab of the awl.

The bearded man walked over and picked up the storage ring and wore it on his own hand, his eyes darting around the crowd.

No one dared to speak;he was the only Yuan Dan Stage cultivator here. The yellow robed cultivator was roughly in the initial levels of the Transcending Mortality Stage, he had no means of resistance against the bearded man. The crowd which originally surrounded the bearded man subconsciously moved to the side. After seeing firsthand the bearded man's prowess, no one dared to look for their own deaths.

Mo Wuji could feel the killing intent in the bearded man's eyes and his heart instantly sunk. The bearded man was so powerful, if he put his mind to it, it would not be impossible for him to slaughter everyone here.

I must go. Just as Mo Wuji was thinking of an excuse to enter a passage, he heard Hou Yucheng chuckle, ’’Since there isn't any more treasures here, then I will first enter a passage. Junior Wan'Er, Brother Mo, let's go together.’’

As he was speaking, Hou Yucheng had already rushed into a passage. Qu Wan'Er followed behind him closely.

Mo Wuji did not follow behind Hou Yucheng. Instead, he chose the passage closest to him and charged in.

The other cultivators also reacted and they each left the hall through the passages.

The killing intent in the bearded man's eyes dispersed. At the instant he killed the yellow robed cultivator, the intention to massacre everyone here ran through his mind. However, he was still worried. There were a few cultivators half a step into the Yuan Dan Stage. If all 40 of them cooperated and surrounded him, he might not be able to kill them all. If that happens, things would get miserable for him.

Hou Yucheng spoke up before he made his decision, causing him to give up on his idea. There were so many passages, who knew where each passage led?

Mo Wuji used his fastest speed to rush within the passage. After madly running for a few minutes, Mo Wuji almost felt that he was actually in a hallucination. He was clearly beneath an ice mountain, but he actually felt an extreme, searing heat. And the further he went, his body felt hotter.

In another few minutes, Mo Wuji stopped. In front of him was a huge stone room. In the center of the stone room, he saw an earth fire crater the size of washbasin. The earth fire was constantly spurting ember, if the ember was more like magma, Mo Wuji might have thought that he was in front of a volcano.

The rich spiritual energy tempted Mo Wuji to simply sit down straight to cultivate. What agitated him even more was the red, fist sized crystal at the mouth of the crater. The red crystal was floating above the earth fire, as though it was being blown up by the air below.

On the floor, Mo Wuji also saw many fire crystals. The purity of these crystals were far higher than those he had before.

Mo Wuji took a leap forward and swung the Tian Ji Pole, slapping the red crystal at the crater. Mo Wuji immediately placed that fist sized crystal inside his storage bag.

Thereafter, Mo Wuji did not immediately retrieve the fire crystals on the floor. His spiritual will sensed the rapid approach of two cultivators.

’’Ai, so many fire crystals, and of such purity!’’ One of the two immediately cried out in surprise.

The other's eyes landed on Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was standing by the side, seeming as though he had just arrived. Seeing the positions of the fire crystals on the floor, it seemed like Mo Wuji had yet to pick any.

’’There's nothing here for you. You can leave now.’’ The person at the back, who was staring at Mo Wuji said coldly.

Mo Wuji snickered, ’’Two sirs, please. I was only here to scout for the two of you. Since there aren't any obstacles, I will leave first. Goodbye.’’

He had to leave. Even though Mo Wuji knew that he had obtained the most valuable item here, seeing how the two fellas got him to leave in such an arrogant manner, without even offering him scraps, infuriated him. If they met again, he would find some way to pay them back. Trying to deal with these two fellas with his current cultivation was simply throwing an egg against a rock.

’’That person sure is interesting,’’ Seeing Mo Wuji took his leave, the person in front chuckled and said.

The person who got Mo Wuji to leave snorted disdainfully, ’’Just a mere bug. If he didn't know his place, I would have swatted him with a single palm. Seeing how he worked so hard for free, and even risked his life to scout for us, I gave him a living opportunity.’’

Mo Wuji had already rapidly left that passage. By the time he returned to the hall, there was already no one there.

Mo Wuji took a look at the surroundings and started to decide which passage he should enter. He knew that most of these passages were already occupied, so he would go all the way to the passage's end. Instead, he used his spiritual will to scan ahead for him. If there was already someone there, he would retreat from that passage. With his ability, even if he found something good, he would not be able to snatch it away.

Besides the first passage where he found the fire crystals, he saw two cultivators fighting in the second passage. They seemed to be fighting for something. In the third passage, Mo Wuji saw a huge pool of water, and there were three cultivators staring by the side of the pool.

In the fourth passage, Mo Wuji saw a huge round wood. By its side, there was a person analysing it.

Mo Wuji saw the bearded man in the fifth passage. Besides him, there were also two dead bodies.

Mo Wuji did not dare enter any of these passages, especially the one with the bearded fella.

Mo Wuji hurried to enter the sixth passage. Finally, there weren't any other cultivators in this passage. This was because this passage was blocked by a massive stone gate. From the conditions of this gate, it looked like it had been attacked by some cultivators. Seeing that their attacks had no effect on the stone gate, they retreated.

Mo Wuji's eyes landed on the stone gate and he immediately got excited. On the stone gate, there was a huge key hole, and he just happened to have a 30 centimeters long copper key.


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