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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 141


Chapter 141: I'm A Good Person

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’’You're actually alright?’’ The big bearded man stared at Mo Wuji in shock;there were only a little than 60 people, and now more than 10 of them were gone. Mo Wuji was at the extreme edge of the group, and his cultivation was also the lowest. Logically, Mo Wuji should have been the first one to be carried away by the tempest. However, in reality, among the people carried away, Mo Wuji precisely wasn't one of them.

Mo Wuji snickered, ’’I came to serve everyone, and help everyone reach the peak. But we're not even there yet, so how could anything happen to me?’’

’’Not only is he alright, the guy beside him was saved by him,’’ A tall and lanky man said as he sized Mo Wuji up.

Qu Wan'Er finally started to believe Hou Yucheng's words;Mo Wuji was truly a little peculiar. To remain unscathed after that situation, was it something possible for a simple Channel Opening Stage cultivator?

Only Cheng Qiyu understood what happened, he was extremely impressed as he praised, ’’Big brother Mo, I finally understand why you would first dig a hole in the ice. So it's a life saving measure.’’

Mo Wuji was just about to say something when he suddenly thought of something, he immediately bent down and picked up a piece of ice dregs. As he felt the ice dregs in his hand, Mo Wuji was sure of one thing: the thing in his hands weren't ice dregs but some sort of jade stone similar to ice.

This was already the halfway point of the mountain;an ice-like jade stone would not appear here out of coincidence. There was only one possibility: someone placed it here.

Why would someone place this ice-like object at the halfway point of the ice mountain? Unless...

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji sat on the step and placed his hand into the ice hole. Mo Wuji's conjunctions were immediately confirmed The thing at the the bottom of the ice hole wasn't ice, but the same sort of material which felt like ice.

’’Being able to protect your own little life with your cultivation is already impressive. I never expected that you would even think of saving others under that dangerous situation,’’ The big bearded man looked at Mo Wuji and chortled. In his heart, he felt that a guy like Mo Wuji had long been extinct.

Mo Wuji stood up and chuckled, ’’Because I'm a good person, I want to help everyone. Everyone's happiness is the true happiness, mine doesn't really matter.’’

Qu Wan'Er looked at Mo Wuji speechlessly. If she did not personally witness Mo Wuji borrowing the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile's lightning to kill Huo Zhenghu, she might have believed his words.

Initially, she did think that Mo Wuji was truly helpless in that situation, and was unable to save Huo Zhenghu. However, as she recollected on what happened, it wasn't that Mo Wuji chose not to save Huo Zhenghu, he even intentionally led the lightning crocodile to attack Huo Zhenghu.

After knowing that Mo Wuji was a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner who even managed to obtain placings within the Five Elements Pill Competition, Qu Wan'Er was definite that Mo Wuji wasn't the good person who helps others unconditionally as he had described himself to be. However, she did not feel disgust towards towards Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji formed a deeper and firmer impression in her heart. She admired a person like Mo Wuji. On the other hand, the death of a trash like Huo Zhenghu was simply just another death.

Hou Yucheng was also sure that he was not wrong, Mo Wuji was not simple.

He also clapped his hands and said, ’’Everyone let's continue to push hard. Please be more alert for the wind, after all, there aren't any warning signs.’’

Mo Wuji had some apprehensions in his heart;he already lost his interest in digging upwards. He had a feeling that within this ice mountain, there might be an entire structure built entirely with this ice-like material. He was still contemplating whether it was possible for him to dig downwards alone.

’’Everyone wait... there's something here, it seems to be ice jadestone...’’ A surprised voice called out, and a girl raised a piece of crushed ice dregs.

Mo Wuji lamented, it seems like he wasn't the only who discovered it. Just now, everyone threw their bodies to the ground to avoid the wind, it was expected that someone else discovered it.

The big bearded man grabbed the ice dregs from the girl's hand, and after a short examination, he confirmed, ’’This friend is not wrong, we are not standing on ice.’’

Hou Yucheng also took a step forward and accepted the ice dregs. After a few breaths time, Hou Yucheng passed it over to another cultivator and nodded, ’’If I'm not wrong, there should be a huge palace below us. This palace should be built using the ice jadestone, but I wonder who would spend such effort and resources.’’

After they heard Hou Yucheng's words, everyone exhaled a breath of cold air.

An ice jadestone palace as massive as this ice mountain? How much ice jadestone would that require? And of all these ice jadestone were brought out, how many gold coins could they exchange it for?

’’I suggest that everyone start digging downwards,’’ After a brief moment of silence, another cultivator stood up and said.

Compared to the unreliable Flower of the True Gods at the summit, the huge palace below them was much more tempting.

No one objected to that idea as everyone stared at the ground beneath them with a glimmer in their eyes. Perhaps what awaited them below was a palace full of treasures.

Cheng Qiyu saw Mo Wuji casually throwing away the ice dregs in his hand, and his heart thumped strongly. Even if he didn't examine that piece of ice, he could guess that it should be ice jadestone. That would mean that Mo Wuji had already discovered the ice jadestone, it was just that he chose not to say anything.

He was reminded that Mo Wuji was just in the Channel Opening Stage, but his true abilities were no lower than his. Furthermore, Mo Wuji was even able to maintain his own life during that blustering wind. That wasn't the only thing, Mo Wuji was even able to save him. One must know that Mo Wuji's position was actually the most susceptible to being blown away.

Cheng Qiyu decided firmly in his heart, that had to form good relations with Mo Wuji. Not only was Mo Wuji his benefactor, Mo Wuji was a clever person who would definitely have a promising future.

Tens of magic treasures no longer carved upwards but started attacking downwards instead. Huge chunks of ice flew into the air and the round hole enlarged.

’’There really is an ice jadestone structure down there.’’ The big bearded man grabbed a handful of shredded ice and chortled. The shredded ice in his hand was truly ice jadestone.

’’It might still be possible that this is an ice jade mountain,’’ A slightly cold voice broke the bearded man's celebration.

The big bearded man's smile immediately disappeared;he snorted and did not say another word, instead, he swung his fine-scale awl and struck it forcefully downwards.

It wasn't because he didn't want to say anything, but he knew that the other party was right. It might really be an ice jade mountain. Even though such a huge ice jade mountain had never been heard of before, it didn't mean that it didn't exist.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji was especially clear that this wasn't an ice jade mountain and it definitely was a huge palace. Even if it was an ice jade mountain, the center of it had been cleared to form a huge palace.

From the moment he set foot on this mountain, and as he slowly dug the steps up, he could discern that the sounds were completely different. Moreover, even though the hole they were digging was not even 3 meters deep, there was already a hollow sound, indicating that it was empty below.

’’It doesn't matter whether this is an ice jade mountain, but there definitely is a huge palace below. I can already hear the difference in sounds. Everyone, keep pushing,’’ At this moment, Hou Yucheng stood forward and said.

Hou Yucheng did not have the highest cultivation, but he was from the Heaven Demon Sect. Under the circumstances where there weren't any Heaven Seeking Palace cultivators, the status of the Heaven Demon Sect was definitely one of the top. Additionally, he had his own capabilities, his suggestions had not failed them so far. Thus, no one had any dissentment towards his call to continue digging.

The ’’Hong Hong’’ sound of magic treasures striking the ground sounded endlessly. No one skived and put in all their efforts to attack the mountainside.

As they were digging, another strong tempest swept by, but no one was blown away. Everyone were already deep within the hole, and 90% of the wind's force did not manage to get to them.

’’We've already dug for so long, but there's still nothing. How long more do we have to dig?’’ A cultivator asked, his confidence wavering.

At the same time this cultivator opened his mouth, a 'Huala' sound could be heard;Mo Wuji's metal pole had struck open a swarthy black hole.

’’We got through!’’ The incomparably excited bearded man was the first to reach Mo Wuji's side. The awl in his hand also struck towards the hole which Mo Wuji made. The hole got bigger, but it was pitch black below and nothing could be seen. Even as the crushed ice fell, no echoes could be heard.

’’This lad's not bad, he's actually the first person to blast open this place, Ha Ha Ha Ha...’’ The big bearded man roared in laughter.

At the moment, everyone stopped their attacks. The big hole bored by Mo Wuji and the bearded man was already big enough for multiple people to enter at the same time. There wasn't even a need to enlarge it any further. Moreover, it might even cause the palace to collapse, and that would be irreparable.

’’Brother Mo, many thanks. This time, we benefited from your efforts.’’ Hou Yucheng also walked to Mo Wuji's side and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

Hou Yucheng had always been acting as the leader and even he thanked Mo Wuji. Among the rest of the cultivators, many followed him to nod towards Mo Wuji or clasped their fists to express their appreciation.

’’How do we get down? Anyone knows how deep it is?’’ The bearded man frowned as he stared at the

pitch black and unfathomably deep hole.

No one was able to see the bottom of the hole, they weren't even able to hear the echoes from the falling ice. More accurately, except Mo Wuji, no one was able to see what was down below.

Mo Wuji did not reveal any expression but he was madly celebrating in his heart. He did not know that spiritual will could be used on such a manner. Like the others, his vision wasn't able to see what was below. However, his spiritual will was actually able to sweep and clearly discern what was through the hole.

There was indeed a colossal palace below. It was roughly 100 meters from the hole to the ground. For an ordinary mortal, falling from 100 meters would definitely result in their death. However, no one here was an ordinary mortal. Mo Wuji estimated that if anyone here fell from that height, they would probably only receive light injuries at the most.

The four corners of the palace seemed to have ten huge gates. There was some unverifiable objects floating in mid air within the palace, they looked like some sort of lantern.

’’I will jump down first to help everyone find a path.’’ As everyone was still contemplating over whether they should use a rope to abseil down, Mo Wuji suddenly said.

’’You're jumping down?’’ Not just the bearded man, everyone on the scene looked at Mo Wuji in shock. Was this fella mad? Did he really come to sacrifice his life for everyone else?

Mo Wuji said with a straight face, ’’I've said it before. I'm a good guy who always liked helping others. Everyone, wait for my good news.’’

With that, Mo Wuji unhesitatingly jumped into the hole.

’’Who has an illumination stone?’’ At that instant, someone remembered of the illumination stone.


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