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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 138


Chapter 138: Heaven Demon Sect's Hou Yucheng

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The tens of lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji's body and formed trails of flashing lightning. Except for a trail of lightning which landed on Mo Wuji's arm, the rest of the lightning bolts burnt holes on his outer wear.

Except for a slight burning sensation on his arm, the lightning bolts which landed on his body did not affect him at all.

The Heaven Crow's natural silk armour is truly a good item, Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart. Even without the Heaven Crow's natural silk armour, these lightning bolts would not have affected him. With it, the pain he suffered lessened by quite a bit.

The Lightning Leopard saw that it's electro ball had no effect on Mo Wuji and immediately knew that Mo Wuji was much stronger than it. As a demonic beast who could cultivate to class 2, it had a bit of intelligence;the Lightning Leopard turned its tails and ran away, stopping its assault.

The Lightning Leopard's attack power could not be considered its strongest feature;its main survival feature was its speed.

Mo Wuji had been awaiting the Lightning Leopard's escape, now that the Lightning Leopard had started fleeing, he immediately started chasing after it. He did not mean to eliminate the Lightning Leopard, but he intended to find the lightning environment it was living in. As for the matter of the ice mountain, it had long been chucked away by Mo Wuji.

Even if the ice mountain had a Flower of the True Gods, it would have to wait till he found his lightning.

Chasing behind the Lightning Leopard made Mo Wuji realise how wrong he was. The Lightning Leopard's speed was multiple times faster than his. In half an incense's time, he could only see the Lightning Leopard's disappearing shadow. Some time later, even the shadow was completely gone.

Mo Wuji helplessly stopped in his tracks. He had failed.

’’Ka ka! Peng!’’ Consecutive blasts broke the silence, followed by Mo Wuji's glee. The Lightning Leopard might have vanished but he actually found a lightning lake.

The Lightning Leopard had disappeared within the lightning lake. The lightning bolts within the lightning lake shot out unceasingly, barraging the pool of water below, causing a constant pattering sound.

Why would Mo Wuji still care about the Lightning Leopard? He immediately ran towards the lightning lake. Luckily, the lightning lake wasn't very far away.

Standing at the periphery of the lightning lake, he could feel the intensity of the lightning bolts. It was multiple times stronger than the lightning lake back in Thunder Fog Forest. Even the lightning tempering room's lightning bolt wasn't as impressive as this.

However, Mo Wuji did not hesitate for long;he was now in the peak of Channel Opening Stage Level 8, and he had a set of Heaven Crow's natural silk armour. He would definitely be able to persevere under this high intensity.

Mo Wuji landed within the lightning lake in a few steps. Just as he consumed a bottle of channel opening solution, two bolts of lightning descended. Without waiting for the lightning to land on him, Mo Wuji took the initiative to raise his hands against the lightning bolts.

With the help of his spiritual will, and Mo Wuji's improved cultivation, this lightning was easily drawn into his meridians.

Ka ka! With just these two lightning bolts, Mo Wuji's 62nd meridian opened by more than half.

A few more lightning bolts landed. Under Mo Wuji's constant use of his spiritual will and cultivation technique, his 62nd meridian was blasted open.

Too easy. Mo Wuji laughed and fetched a bottle of channel opening solution and downed it.

This was the first time Mo Wuji it was so easy for Mo Wuji to use lightning to open his meridians. Previously, he had always been struck near the doors of death. This time, he had the Heaven Crow's natural silk armour. With the exception of a few lightning bolts, the lightning would directly be blocked by the armour. Only his two arms would feel the pain.

63rd... 64th...

’’Ka ka ka...’’ This time, Mo Wuji directly conducted seven bolts of lightning into his two arms. The seven lightning bolts ripped apart his entire robes and a bone tearing force entered Mo Wuji's 72nd meridian. An intense pain struck him, causing him to lose his stability.

That was too much. Luckily, Mo Wuji had experienced a much more devastating pain before, and he managed to guide the entire lightning into his 72nd meridian. In just this single strike, his 72nd meridian was directly struck open.

The instant his 72nd meridian opened, Mo Wuji felt a qualitative change in his body, and his entire body felt lighter.

Mo Wuji exhaled strongly and downed another bottle of channel opening solution. He still had another five bottles of channel opening solution on him, according to the current pace, he could at least open his 75th or even 76th meridian.

As he swallowed the solution, he could feel a minor heat spreading down his throat before disappearing completely.

Mo Wuji's heart sunk;he had been prepared for this situation but when it really happened, he could not help but feel a little disappointed. This was already the second time this had happened, this first was after his 36th meridian opened. He had thought of ways to upgrade the channel opening solution but the situation happened again after his 72nd meridian opened.

It seems like he would need to upgrade his channel opening solution again. Mo Wuji turned disappointedly. This was the best place to temper and open his meridians but unfortunately, he did not have any channel opening solution.

’’Hong! Kacha...’’ At the instant Mo Wuji turned, a lightning bolt ten times thicker than the previous one descended and struck Mo Wuji's back.

’’Ah...’’ Mo Wuji coughed out a spurt of blood and his entire body was sent flying back into the lightning lake.

The familiar tearing pain could be felt;it was difficult for Mo Wuji to even struggle. He knew that at least 7 to 8 bones of his spine and ribs had been broken with that strike, and his internal organs had suffered heavy damage.

Luckily there was only one of that lightning. If another one were to come, he would definitely die.

Mo Wuji painstakingly fetched a few healing pills and swallowed them as he struggled to leave the lightning lake. If not for the Heaven Crow's natural silk armour, he would have directly been struck to death by that thick bolt of lightning.

He truly had good foresight when he purchased it. However, Mo Wuji would rather not have that foresight if he could avoid suffering like this.

’’Friend, do you need help?’’ An unhurriedly voice could be heard. Mo Wuji struggled to lift his head.

Mo Wuji saw a handsome, young man standing outside the lightning lake. He had dashing eyebrows and a straight nose, his mouth wore a gentle and warm smile. The man did not look at Mo Wuji like he would view someone struggling to survive. Instead, he seemed to admiring the scenery of a full moon by a beautiful lake.

Mo Wuji saw this and could not help but sigh deeply, if this was Earth, this fella would definitely be superstar material. Not only was his figure perfect, he was handsome, and his voice and behave was perfect. All of this was extremely natural, and he did not seem to have a hint of pretence.

’’Pill Master Mo?’’ An astonished voice could be heard, this time from a lady. It belonged to someone Mo Wuji was familiar with, Qu Wan'Er.

Ostensibly, Qu Wan'Er was here together with the handsome, young man.

The effects of the healing pills had kicked in. With a strong pull, Mo Wuji climbed out of the lightning lake.

’’Thank you friend. I don't need any help for now.’’ After climbing out of the lightning lake, Mo Wuji leaned against a huge rock, swallowed a few pills and replied laughingly.

The handsome youth seemed to know Mo Wuji's thoughts;he smiled faintly and did not say anything much.

Qu Wan'Er had already taken a step forward and asked urgently, ’’Pill Master Mo, are you okay? How did you end up in a lightning lake?’’

Mo Wuji inhaled a few mouthful of airs before replying, ’’I saw a spiritual herb within the lightning lake, so I wanted to dig it up. I didn't expect the lightning bolts to be so powerful, I almost didn't manage to climb out.’’

’’Ai, there's really a Lightning Splitting Grass...’’ The handsome youth's figure flashed and his shadow charged into the lightning lake. When he emerged, he held a blue grass within his hand.

Lightning Splitting Grass? Mo Wuji got a shock. He was just blindly lying, but this youth actually managed to retrieve a Lightning Splitting Grass.

The Lightning Splitting Grass's price was astronomical as it was an incomparably rare herb. This grass could only grow within lightning lakes. It absorbed the essence of lightning to grow, but it could also avoid lightning. Within a lightning lake, except for a few demonic beasts, it was extremely difficult for spiritual herbs to survive. This Lightning Splitting Grass was one of these few herbs. When lightning strikes, this grass would be able to divert it. Of course, a low grade Lightning Splitting Grass would not be able to divert the thick lightning bolt which struck Mo Wuji.

Even so, the Lightning Splitting Grass was invaluable. It was an especially peerless treasure for lightning affinity cultivators.

At the same time, Mo Wuji was astounded by this fella's cultivation. From the speed he displayed, Mo Wuji could tell that this fella was much, much stronger than him.

The handsome youth brought the grass in front of Mo Wuji, ’’You discovered this first, so I helped you take it.’’

Mo Wuji looked at this fella doubtfully. The Lightning Splitting Grass had such a high price, it was at least a Tier 6 spiritual herb but he's just giving it away? Unless he's trying to show his generosity in front of Qu Wan'Er? But that's not right. With his figure and temperament, he would not need to give this Lightning Splitting Grass to gain Qu Wan'Er's favour.

’’You are the one you dug it, so it's not mine. Furthermore, this wasn't the herb I discovered.’’ Mo Wuji shook his head and did not hesitate to reject this fella's good intentions.

He was only blindly speaking previously. He had no part to play from the discovery to the harvesting of the Lightning Splitting Grass. He did not wish to take advantage of others.

By the side, Qu Wan'Er eagerly said, ’’Pill Master Mo, this is the Heaven Demon Sect's Senior Hou Yucheng. Senior Hou doesn't like to take advantage of others. Since you discovered it, you should keep it. There's nothing to be ashamed about.’’

Mo Wuji lightly smiled. Hou Yucheng doesn't like to take advantage of others, but did that mean that I would like to leech off others? Of course, that would depend on what I'm leeching off. This is merely a Lightning Splitting Grass, and not the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal.

’’This doesn't belong to me, and Brother Hou doesn't owe me anything. So I won't be taking this Lightning Splitting Grass.’’ Mo Wuji spoke plainly but he spoke with an unquestionable tone.

Hou Yucheng was slightly shocked before turning to Qu Wan'Er and asking, ’’Junior Wan'Er, this should be the Pill Master Mo you mentioned previously?’’


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