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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 136


Chapter 136: Enemies Meet

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor:

The wet and soaked Mo Wuji climbed out of the pool and found that more than half of the floating lotus flowers had disappeared;they had long been stuffed into his storage bag as though he had been picking weeds.

Hurry and go, this was not a place to stay for long.

Mo Wuji continued his crazed roaming. It seemed like since the start of the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he had been running unceasingly. This time, he ran for a whole three days and three nights before stopping. It wasn't because he wanted to stop running, but because he truly couldn't run any further. Over these past few days, he didn't even know exactly how many Energy Restoring Pills he had eaten.

Taking large, deep breathes, and swallowing an Inedia Pill, Mo Wuji started to examine and scan his surroundings.

Over in front, there were some uneven hills. These hills seemed to extend boundlessly, with seemingly no end in sight. On his left was a patch of desert;on the desert, there were some dilapidated stone carvings and some staggered, slanting columns. On his right was were some wetlands. Except for the occasional bubbles which formed at the centre of the marshes, there were no other forms of life.

Mo Wuji found that there was also the shadow of some abandoned buildings on the desert. No one could tell how many tens of thousands of years had passed for these buildings, only their sandy outline could still be discerned.

Mo Wuji walked into the desert and found a relatively empty space before digging a huge cave. After entering, his fatigue finally kicked in. He had ran tirelessly without rest for three days and three nights. Furthermore, he had experienced that forceful struggle with the mud back in the pool, his entire body was fully drenched in dirt and sludge.

Even though he was already at Channel Opening Stage Level 8, Mo Wuji had no inkling of any form of magic. He could only use some clear water to wipe his body and change his clothes.

As for such matters, Mo Wuji didn't really care about them. After cleaning up, the first thing he did was to retrieve the six lotuses from his storage bag.

He had grabbed these lotuses and dumped them in his storage bag;he didn't even get to properly handle the lotus flowers.

The fragrance of the lotus flowers reassured Mo Wuji that the past few days had not been for waste. The carefully plucked the six flowers and stored them in six jade boxes. Thereafter, he neatly packaged the lotus stems and leaves. Even though Mo Wuji had no idea what lotus it was, he could guess that it was nothing simple. If not, it would not have such a refreshing and pleasant fragrance.

The most important thing of the lotus was still its lotus roots. He didn't know the grade of the lotus, but if it was something guarded by a strong demonic beast, it would be absurd to think that it was simple.

The first lotus had been washed clean and a purple lotus body was revealed. Mo Wuji lightly cut open the lotus node and a refreshing fragrance pounced towards his nose. Mo Wuji gleefully saw five to six lotus roots which were incomparably clear. Unlike the Treasured Blood Lotuses, these lotus roots were green and clear like the highest grades of green jade. The roots seemed to have a life of their own as they brimmed with vitality.

Ordinary lotus roots were connected, thin and fragile. On the other hand, Treasured Blood Lotus Roots were formed individually and had an extremely conspicuous structure and colour. The lotus roots which he just obtained also had distinct structures, and it even had its own fragrance.

This lotus truly wasn't something simple. Mo Wuji stored the lotus roots into a jade box, before taking a bite at the lotus itself.

A trial of icy cold, yet fiery hot life energy gushed into his throat;this life energy seemed to bring his entire body to its most optimal and peak conditions.

Mo Wuji's heart jumped in glee and he immediately clenched a few Earth grade spirit stones in his hands and started circulating spiritual energy. In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji could feel the resounding, and unending rise in his cultivation.

Not too long ago, he had just broken into the Channel Opening Stage Level 8, but now he was suddenly on the verge of advancing into Channel Opening Stage Level 9.

The pieces of Earth grade spirit stones crumbled into dust, and Mo Wuji retrieved additional pieces of spirit stones. Passed passed in a flash in the midst of cultivation;Mo Wuji, himself, did not know exactly how much spiritual energy he had absorbed. At this moment, the elemental energy within his body stirred and seemed to overflow and shatter his dantian. His cultivation could not rise any further, it was like a bottle which was filled to the brim, it could no longer store any more water.

Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of turbid air and stopped cultivating.

He was far too familiar with this situation;he had met with a bottleneck, and he would need to find some lightning to open his meridians in order to continue advancing his cultivation.

Mo Wuji sighed;if he wanted to make use of the rich resources here to advance into the Spirit Building Stage, he would need to find a source of lightning to open his meridians.

’’Dong Lun, I've already surrendered the place to you. Must you be bent on killing me?’’ An aggrieved voice could be heard, causing Mo Wuji, who wanted to go out, stop in his track. The stone in his hand was forcefully crushed into pieces.

If there was another name like 'Xia Ruoyin', which Mo Wuji would never forget till his death, it would be 'Dong Lun'.

After hearing this name, Mo Wuji's hands trembled;it wasn't just his hands, his entire body was shaking. This was an extreme display of rage. At this moment, he desperately wanted to immediately rush out and simply swallow this Dong Lun whole.

After some time, Mo Wuji managed to forcefully calm himself down. He could not confirm that this Dong Lun was the same young city lord as the one from Supreme Sword City.

’’Only the dead are the dependable.’’ A cold, indifferent voice replied.

Mo Wuji cautiously peeked out from his cave;two men were standing face to face. One of them was in grey robes and his entire body emitted a strong, self confident and vigorous aura. The other was in a robe which had been torn into a hideous mess, and there were blood stains dotted throughout his robes. On his chest, there seemed to be a hole of blood.

It was just that Mo Wuji was relatively far away, and at the same time, he did not dare reveal his hiding spot, thus, he could not clearly discern the situation.

’’The Supreme Sword City is a big, esteemed sect. Your father, City Lord Luohua, is an expert with a wide, illustrious reputation...’’ Even though the heavily injured man was guarding against the grey robed man, his mouth was constantly dissuading the other party.

The grey robed man didn't even bother waiting for him to finish as he intersected both his hands and shot out ten beams of light. These ten beams of light wrapped around the speaking man.

Under the blinding brilliance of ten beams of light, Mo Wuji was momentarily unable to see the dire situation of the injured man.

It seems like he was right, this grey robed man was indeed the Supreme Sword City young city lord, Dong Lun.

Mo Wuji stealthily fetched the Tian Ji Pole from his storage bag, and at the same time, he took in a deep breath. From Dong Lun's actions, he could tell that he was as malicious as the Dong Lun he knew. Now that his enemy was right in front of him, he was extremely unwilling to simply give up on avenging this blood feud for Yan'Er.

’’Bang Bang Bang...’’ The two started battling. Mo Wuji could only a flash of white, and could not make out the exact battle process.

Mo Wuji helplessly clenched his fists;if his cultivation was a little higher, he would definitely charge out and join that person to deal with Dong Lun. However, with his current cultivation, going out was akin to sending himself to death. Even if they managed to kill Dong Lun together, Mo Wuji would not be able to survive.

The other guy will definitely eliminate him, and not let him leave with this information.

Something's not right. Mo Wuji soon discovered that there was something peculiar about the situation. As the two fought, they were also moving towards him.

Mo Wuji immediately understood what was going on. Even though he was hiding in a corner, he had been discovered by these two. It should be because of his over agitation when he heard Dong Lun's name.

As it turned out, the man pursued by Dong Lun called out breathlessly, ’’Friend, if I'm killed by Dong Lun, do you think you would survive? Dong Lun is already in the Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1. After killing me, he will definitely come after you. Since that's the case, join me and deal with him.’’

What a scheming fella, Mo Wuji cursed in his heart and did not respond. Instead, he cautiously prepared the Ice Burst Talisman in his hand. The Ice Burst Talisman could deal with a True Lake Stage cultivator, so there should be no problems with a Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1 Dong Lun.

However, Mo Wuji was worried about how to make it such that Dong Lun would be unable to avoid his Ice Burst Talisman.

’’Idiot, this old man here is already in Transcending Mortality Stage Level 3 but I'm not an opponent for this Dong fella. You're still not acting... Ah...’’ As the man pursued by Dong Lun was aggravated by Mo Wuji's inaction, a beam of light had pierced through his chest.

Mo Wuji emerged and said with a voice full of fear, ’’Two seniors, I'm merely in the Channel Opening Stage, this is none of my business ah. I don't know anything...’’

The reason why Mo Wuji stood up was because he wanted to let the two know that his cultivation was low, and that there was no need for them to be concerned about him. If Dong Lun was on his guard against him, he would lose his opportunity.

’’Dong Lun, even if this old man here dies, I will not make things easy for you...’’ The man received a huge shock;when he discovered that Mo Wuji wasn't someone who was able to help him, he knew that he would definitely die. If he had to die, he would make things hard for Dong Lun. With that, he opened his mouth wide and spit out a blood arrow.

The blood arrow flew towards Dong Lun's throat;even though Mo Wuji was standing relatively far away, he could smell the stomach-curling stench of the blood.

Dong Lun's faced changed, clearly he could tell the impressiveness of the blood arrow. He did not dare come into contact with the blood arrow as he threw his entire body forward. Almost at the same instant, another red light shot out from the heavily injured man, flying towards the direction Dong Lun jumped towards.

’’Pu...’’ The red light flashed;Dong Lun staggered tens of steps back, coincidentally in the direction of Mo Wuji.

Initially, Mo Wuji was intending to offer his lotus flowers to Dong Lun and surprise him with the Ice Burst Talisman. However, he had apprehensions towards that plan;a ruthless person like Dong Lun might not even wait for him to talk and simply end him. Mo Wuji was sure that he had no form of resistance towards an expert of Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1. Now that Dong Lun was staggering towards his direction, he was clearly threatened by the other party's final, dying moves. Mo Wuji did not hesitate and immediately concentrated his spiritual will and elemental energy onto his Ice Burst Talisman.

In a short time, the Ice Burst Talisman formed a dazzling white cloud which wrapped around the retreating Dong Lun. Mo Wuji was overjoyed;his scheme of exposing himself as someone weak had worked. Dong Lun dared to retreat in his direction because he simply didn't put Mo Wuji in his eyes.

I was only afraid you wouldn't come. After activating the talisman, Mo Wuji furiously raised the Tian Ji Pole and charged forward with the white cloud.


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