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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 133


Chapter 133: The Deadly Seven Style Lightning Sky Skill

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’’This is a spiritual armour crafted using the Heaven Crow's Natural Silk. This only drawback is that this armour is a low grade spiritual equipment.’’ With that, he shook his hand and a thin outer upper garment appeared within it.

The reason why he said it was a pity was because the Heaven Crow's Natural Silk was an exceptional smithing material, and it was extremely hard to obtain. Typically, even the worse of smiths would result in intermediate grade spiritual equipment, the better ones would always be high grade. To actually craft this low grade spiritual equipment, would mean that this was a failed product.

Mo Wuji immediately got tempted;this piece of garment could cover the entire region above the waist and below the neck. Clearly, this was no simple armour.

Furthermore, in Mo Wuji's heart, there was another use for this armour. When he's making use of lightning to force open his meridians, this armour would lessen his pain. And this wasn't the main point, if he were opening his meridians in the lightning lake, he might encounter sudden huge bursts of lightning. If he was unable to react in time, he would be screwed.

After all, would the lightning bolts within the lightning lakes be like those in the lightning tempering room? Would it always remain in the same intensity?

With this armour, even the most sudden of deadly lightning bolts would not immediately kill him.

He had to have this armour, regardless of the price.

’’The starting price of this Heaven Crow's Natural Silk Armour is 300,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, increments are no less than 10,000 spirit stones. Let the bids begin.’’

’’310,000 spirit stones!’’

’’330,000 spirit stones!’’


After Bin Shiqi announced the start of the bid, the price listed on the bidding screen rose endlessly without stop. Ostensibly, Mo Wuji was not the only one who had his eyes on this Heaven Crow's Natural Silk Armour, many others were the same.

’’500,000 spirit stones!’’ When this bid appeared, the jumping prices slowed down significantly. 500,000 was a threshold, not anyone could casually produce that many spirit stones.

’’550,000 spirit stones!’’ Mo Wuji bidded, increasing the price by 50,000 spirit stones in a single go. However, he was very clear that this definitely wouldn't be it's final price. If he did not have enough spirit stones, then this would have been a very painful bidding process. Fortunately, he was not short of spirit stones.

’’600,000 spirit stones.’’ Before Mo Wuji's bid could fully form on the screen, it was immediately replaced with a new bid.

Mo Wuji did not hesitate to write ’’650,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.’’

With each increment at 50,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, this was no longer a playing field for ordinary people.

Everyone in the auction venue knew that there were only two people left on this playing field.

’’1,000,000 spirit stones.’’ Seemingly enraged by Mo Wuji's unceasing raise of bids, the other competitor directly raised the price to one million.

Mo Wuji remained unflustered and wrote 1,050,000 Xuan grade spirit stones on his bidding slip. His decision was already firm;even if the price got to 5,000,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, he would not give up.

This Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour definitely wasn't worth that much spirit stones. However, Mo Wuji did not buy things by just looking at the prices, but by how they could be of value to him.

An attire which could readily protect his life, how could Mo Wuji still be stingy with his spirit stones? Naturally, spirit stones were valuable, but no matter how valuable they are, it won't be as important as his life.

The other party seemed to feel Mo Wuji's determination to continue bidding for a long time. Furthermore, Mo Wuji raised 50,000 spirit stones at each bid, clearly, he's not lacking money. More importantly, this price had already exceeded the value of the armour by huge margins. The moment Mo Wuji raised to 1,050,000 spirit stones, he stopped bidding.

’’Is there anybody else? 1,050,000 Xuan grade spirit stones going once, 1,050,000 Xuan grade spirit stones going twice... 1,050,000 Xuan grade spirit stones going thrice, deal!’’ Bin Shiqi emotionally slammed his wooden gavel. The fact that the price of Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour could exceed 850,000 spirit stones was already out of his expectations. He never thought that it would even end up at 1,050,000 spirit stones. How could he not be emotional?

The auction continued;there were several things that Mo Wuji wanted, but not vehemently. After a few failed bids, he would directly give up on them.

Mo Wuji did not purchase anything else for the rest of the auction. When Bin Shiqi brought up the second mystical treasure, a high grade spiritual longsword, Mo Wuji still felt that it wasn't as valuable as his Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour.


When Mo Wuji finally returned to the Nine Moons Pill House encampment, it was already the afternoon on the next day. Mo Wuji, who only had a few pieces of low grade spirit stones, now had more than 10,000 Earth grade spirit stones and a spirit stone card on him. Subtracting the One Dao House auction fees and the prices of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky and the Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour, his card still had 780,000 Earth grade spirit stones. This was equivalent to 7,800,000 Xuan grade spirit stones! This spirit stone card could be used at the various One Dao House branches to withdraw spirit stones, it was very convenient.

If not for his storage bag being too small, he definitely would have kept all the spirit stones on himself.

Back at his living quarters, Mo Wuji first spent an hour to equip the black Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour on himself before retrieving the incomplete Seven Styles Lightning Sky.

The first few words on the leather scroll were still clear, but as you continued reading, the words started getting illegible. Mo Wuji could barely read the name of the first style: Electric Storm. Then, there was only one spiritual energy circulation diagram. Thereafter, the rest of the scroll was ripped off. The words of explanation couldn't even be read at all.

Mo Wuji shook his head. How was this the first style of an incomplete manual? There's only two names ah. Oh, and that obscure circulation diagram.

Still, this thing was purchased for an exorbitant price. Naturally, he wouldn't simply throw it away. Clenching an Earth grade spirit stone in his hand, he started to circulate spiritual energy according to the diagram.

Spiritual energy flowed smoothly within his meridian network. The spiritual energy brought a faint warmth as they perforated in his meridians.

Mo Wuji celebrated. It looks like he was really suited to cultivate lightning affinity techniques and skills. This was just an incomplete lightning skill, but he seemed to be doing well in it.

Mo Wuji's glee did not last till three seconds;a terrifying pain burnt within his meridians. Yes, burnt. It felt like his meridians had been lit on fire by a red firestone. The tearing pain caused him to despair.

’’Putong!’’ Mo Wuji landed heavily onto the ground. Even though he had been using lightning to open his meridians, and had experienced various kinds of pain and torture, none could compare to what he was feeling now. At this moment, he felt like a fire was burning within his meridians, and this fire wanted to burn his body to ashes from the inside.

Trails of lightning seeped out from his body, it was as though they were forced out by the fire in his meridians. They bombarded against the ground, ravaging and wrecking it.

At this moment, Mo Wuji would pay to jump into a cave of ice and let the icy coldness permeate into his body.

The impending sense of death shrouded Mo Wuji's heart, and he dared not faint despite his pain. He clawed the hard soil on the ground and tried to maintain his consciousness. He suspected that if he were to fall unconscious, his life would just end there.

After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji managed to forcefully circulate using the Immortal Mortal Technique. The moment the technique was activated, the internal fire seemed to subside by a little.

Mo Wuji finally had some space to breath, and started to madly circulate with the Immortal Mortal Technique. He found that the Immortal Mortal Technique had some ways to control the internal fire.

After an incense's time, the fire within his body had been completely extinguished and disappeared without a trace.

Mo Wuji slowly staggered his way up. On the ground, besides the scars formed from the lightning expelled by his body, the rest were clawed by him. A pair of slender white hands was now riddled with scars. Even his nails had been completely peeled off.

As he walked to the front of a mirror, Mo Wuji saw an extremely pale white face, and a completely wrecked attire. His heart was beating strongly, if not for the Immortal Mortal Technique, he would have been dead.

With his bloodied hand, Mo Wuji grabbed the incomplete Seven Styles Lightning Sky and he had this unquenchable urge to rip it to pieces. If he knew that this thing would play with his life like that, he would have given it to the guy who threatened him.

But this was bought with hundreds of thousands of Xuan grade spirit stones ah. In terms of the low grade spirit stones which he used previously, it would be in the millions. Mo Wuji ultimately did not bear to tear it apart and throw it away. Instead, he dumped it within his storage bag.

Thereafter, Mo Wuji felt that there was something strange. This would be been a lightning skill;why did it feel like there was a fire burning when he started practising it? After contemplating for half a day, Mo Wuji still could not understand what was going on. Perhaps it was because this technique was not complete, which led to his spiritual energy corruption.

’’Wuji is not in?’’ Just as Mo Wuji sat down and poured himself a cup of water, Zhen Shaoke's voice sounded from outside.

Mo Wuji opened the door and saw Zhen Shaoke lugging a big bag. His emotions took a turn for the better. Zhen Shaoke should be here to deliver spiritual herbs. Before he left for the auction, he asked for a favour from Zhen Shaoke, he requested Zhen Shaoke to help him purchase the spiritual herbs required for the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill.

’’Wuji, this is?’’ Seeing Mo Wuji's appearance, Zhen Shaoke momentarily got a shock. Mo Wuji looked like he had just climbed out from hell.

Mo Wuji limply waved his hand, ’’I'm okay, I just met with some problems in cultivation. Shaoke, this must be the spiritual herbs?’’

’’Senior apprentice sister Mu, he's the Pill Master Mo you were speaking of?’’ A clear crisp voice could be heard. Mo Wuji noticed that there were two people standing not too far away. He recognized one of them, Mu Ying. By her side, was a young teenage girl with an oval face. The one speaking should have been her.


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