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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Five Elements Desolate Domain's Bracelets Sale

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When things finally quietened down, Mo Wuji took out his storage bag once again. He had longed for a storage bag for a really long time and his wish finally came through today.

As for how to refine the storage bag, Mo Wuji did not have the chance to ask Zhen Shaoke so he could only figure it out himself. Zhen Shaoke said that he would be able to use the storage bag only after he reached the Spirit Building Stage. However, Mo Wuji thought otherwise, as he had the power of spiritual will even in the Channel Opening Stage.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will penetrated through. Even though he had never refined such an item before, he was met with a mark the moment his spiritual will came in contact with the storage bag. Without any consideration, he immediately started refining this mark. After just half an hour, Mo Wuji managed to make it his own mark.

At this moment, Mo Wuji could clearly feel that the storage bag truly belonged to him now. If anyone else's spiritual will was to penetrate through, he would be able to detect it. Concurrently, Mo Wuji was also able to understand why Zhen Shaoke said that the storage bag could only be controlled using one's will. This storage bag was a botched trick used by low level cultivators.

Different people possessed different level of will power in which some were stronger than the others. Those with stronger will power would be able to control the things inside the storage bag. Those cultivators with weaker will had to make use of their Yuan force to use the storage bag. And as for a space object like the storage bag, the longer one used his Yuan force to control, the shorter one's life would be.

If one was to reach the Spirit Building Stage and had not cultivated his spiritual will, it was still possible to refine the storage bag. Once the storage bag was refined, it would be much easier to control the items inside.

Mo Wuji could not help but sigh. Spiritual will is such a great thing. Without his spiritual will, he would never have become a Tier 3 pill refiner, been able to purify the Iron Core Bodhi Fruit as well as use the storage bag properly.

After keeping the storage bag, Mo Wuji took out the golden silk bag containing the Five Elements Desolate Domain bracelets. He had a total of 51 bracelets at the start. Zhen Shaoke took 25, Yan Qianyin took 4, Qu Wan'Er took 1 and after keeping 1 for himself, there were still 20 bracelets left.

Having participated in the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition, Mo Wuji saw that there were a lot of people who longed for the bracelet. There were at least a few hundred thousand people who came over and there was still a steady stream of people flooding in. The total number of bracelets given out was only a few thousand;there was clearly more demand than supply of the bracelets.

The 20 bracelets in his hand would surely amount to a fortune. As for how to turn these bracelets into things that he needed, Mo Wuji decided to listen to Zhen Shaoke's advice. After all, Zhen Shaoke had so many more years of experience doing business here than himself.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, Young House Master brought a person over and he's asking if you're free,’’ Just as Mo Wuji was about to find Zhen Shaoke, Fei Bingzhu reported that Zhen Shaoke was here.

’’Bingzhu, you've worked hard. Please go and rest while Shaoke and I talk,’’ Mo Wuji guessed that Zhen Shaoke was here because of the bracelets.

Fei Bingzhu laughed and said spiritedly, ’’I am not tired at all. To be honest, I never thought I would ever have a day as spectacular as today. Young House Master gave me a treasured mortal technique which I will begin making use of now. Spirit Building Stage shall be my ultimate goal.’’

Mo Wuji laughed and said, ’’You are not ambitious at all. Don't worry, after I return from the Five Elements Desolate Domain, our targets will be further than what they are now.’’

Mo Wuji knew that Zhen Shaoke gave Fei Bingzhu the treasured mortal technique because he wanted to show some face. A person who knew how to give and take was a person worthy of befriending.

’’I do believe,’’ Fei Bingzhu nodded his head in determination and then stood to the side.

When he was escaping from the Formless Blade Sect with Mo Wuji, he did not consider what the future would be like. However, he was all the more sure that Mo Wuji was a man with high aspirations and as long as he followed behind senior apprentice brother Mo, he would have a great future too. How many people were able to compete and get into the top 100 of the Five Elements Pill Competition? No, how many sects were even able to get into the top 100? Furthermore, senior apprentice brother Mo came in the top 50.

To think that half a year ago, he was still discussing with the many other service disciples about the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition and now he was standing on the competition square itself. If his cultivation level was a little higher, he could easily get into the Five Elements Desolate Domain too. One had to know that these placings were not something a heavenly disciple could easily get and here he could just greet senior apprentice brother Mo to get this opportunity.

It was a pity that his cultivation level was really way too low such that entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain meant seeking death.

’’Wuji, I hope I did not disturb you,’’ Zhen Shaoke was all smiling away and even though they only separated for a while, Mo Wuji could feel the difference in his feelings from the smile on his face. It seemed as though in just an hour, Zhen Shaoke managed to reap good rewards.

’’No worries, I was just preparing to go out...’’ Mo Wuji originally decided to find Zhen Shaoke but after seeing the people beside Zhen Shaoke, he quickly changed his words. From his experience, Mo Wuji could tell that the people beside Zhen Shaoke had the wits and capabilities of a businessman.

It was highly likely that Zhen Shaoke brought these people here for the Five Elements Desolate Domain's bracelets. He would be able to fetch higher prices if people were to find him instead of the other way round.

’’Wuji, let me introduce them to you. This is the person in charge of the five big empire's biggest chamber of commerce One Dao House. His name is Deacon Lu Peng,’’ Zhen Shaoke introduced as he pointed to the middle-aged man beside him.

Before waiting for Mo Wuji to say anything, the middle-aged man cupped his fist and said, ’’Pill Master Mo, I've admired you for a long time. Even though you are not placed first or even the top 10 in the pill competition, you left the deepest impression on me. I, Lu Peng, visited suddenly. I hope Pill Master Mo does not mind.’’

Lu Peng had an average built and other than being witty and capable, he had a crowd-pleasing face.

The way businessmen spoke really enlightened people, Mo Wuji laughed and said, ’’I am very happy to meet deacon Lu. I just happen to be very fortunate, that's all. Shaoke and Deacon Lu, please take a seat.’’

After the three of them settled down, Lu Peng started laughing and initiated the conversation, ’’Pill Master Mo, I believe you know the purpose of my visit. There are three days before the opening of the Five Elements Desolate Domain and these three days will be the most intense in terms of fighting for the placings to enter the domain. Most sects will not even have enough placings for themselves, hence there will be very little sects that will have extra placings to give out. I was very excited when I heard that you get to choose who you want to give the placings to. Pill Master Mo, if you hand these placings to One Dao House, we will make sure these placings fetch a satisfying price for you.’’

’’Wuji, Deacon Lu is a very trustworthy person,’’ Zhen Shaoke added.

Mo Wuji did trust Zhen Shaoke's words as he immediately replied, ’’Deacon Lu's right. I was intending on selling these 20 bracelets away...’’

’’There are still 20 bracelets? Don't worry, I have an auction sale here before the opening of the Five Elements Desolate Domain. If you were to hand these bracelets to me, I am confident I can help you sell at the highest possible price,’’ After hearing Mo Wuji had another 20 bracelets, Lu Peng could not be any more ecstatic.

Zhen Shaoke said, ’’Wuji, I suggest you follow down to the auction sale. Even though the Five Elements Desolate Domain is huge, and about a thousand over people can go in at once, you have to watch out for the demonic beast and poison fog. You even have to be careful of some underhanded tactics by some cultivators. You could choose some self protection tactics and gadgets like some talisman, magic treasures, etc.’’

Mo Wuji had no prior experience on such things so he did not consider all of these possibilities. Now that Zhen Shaoke reminded him, with so many people entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain at once, there were bound to be robbers. Moreover, his cultivation level was low, so all the more he had to be careful.

’’All right, I will hand these over to you and I will head towards the auction sale too. When exactly will this auction be held?’’ Mo Wuji handed the golden silk bag to Lu Peng and tagged along for the auction sale.

Lu Peng took out and handed a jade slip to Mo Wuji, ’’Pill Master Mo, this jade slip allows you to enter any of my One Dao House's auction sale for free. Thank you Pill Master Mo for your trust and this jade slip is for you. The auction sale will be held tomorrow night at One Dao House's auction place.’’

After sending Lu Peng off, Zhen Shaoke took out yet another bag to pass to Mo Wuji, ’’Wuji, I sold the extra bracelets on behalf of my friendship to my friends. These are 1000 earth graded spirit stones which you could use in the auction sale. Furthermore, the slip that Lu Peng gave you is quite something. Not only can it get you into any auction sale, you can also use it to overdraw some credits. You must not lose it.’’

’’That much?’’ Mo Wuji knew that a thousand earth graded spirit stones were equivalent toten thousand xuan graded spirit stones or ten thousand huang graded spirit stones. This was a fortune he never had. Furthermore, people usually used earth graded spirit stones to exchange for the xuan graded spirit stones and not the other way round.

’’This is nothing much. Because I wanted to make some friends, I used the lowest possible price to sell these bracelets to them. At the auction sale, you will realise that these bracelets will be able to fetch prices up to even a few hundred fold. I told you before, the Flower of the True Gods is not the most valuable item in the domain. After entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain, there wouldn't be anyone who returns alive with nothing in their hands,’’ Zhen Shaoke said in a cautious tone.

’’All right, I will accept it then,’’ Mo Wuji knew that without any spirit stones on his body, it would be tough for him to buy the things that he was interested in. He had to prepare himself before entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain.


The whole Five Element Desolate Domain square became a crowded and noisy market with people asking for bracelets everywhere. After someone found out that number 632 belonged to Nine Moons Pill House, there was a crowd that surrounded the Nine Moons Pill House. Afterwards, Zhen Shaoke needed to step out and said that all 51 bracelets were distributed before the crowd decided to disperse.

After hearing that all bracelets were distributed, nobody bothered to find out who pill master number 632 was. He was at best a pill refiner representing Nine Moons Pill House.

Mo Wuji was not aware of such things because after he handed the bracelets to Lu Peng, he went to have a chat with Yan'Er. Afterwards, he stayed at his house to research on the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill because this was very important to him. Similar to the Spirit Strengthening Pill, he could concoct this so concocting Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills should be easy for him.

However, the only drawback was that the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill itself was a Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pill. To be able to concoct this, he had to advance to a Tier 4 Earth pill refiner.

There were three main spiritual herbs for the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill: Dynasty Wood Jaded Bud, Glowing Fruit and Icy Radish Grass. The value of these three spiritual herbs were definitely not low at all. The rest of the Tier 4 and 3 spiritual herbs could all be bought easily.

Mo Wuji thought for a while before writing a clear list of herbs for Zhen Shaoke to buy.


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