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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: Nine Moons Pill House

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Yan Qianyin also stood up;she also understood Mo Wuji's predicament. Once she leaves Formless Blade Sect, Mo Wuji was definitely going to die. And she also knew that she would be leaving the sect very soon.

’’Elder Xu, the sect head is right;without evidence, Pill Master Mo will have his freedom,’’ Yan Qianyin spoke with a heavier tone. The Second Elder did not even restrain the killing intent in his eyes as he simply said, ’’I'm not depriving Pill Master Mo of his freedom. But it's against the principles to let him represent the sect to Five Elements Desolate Domain. As long as Pill Master Mo doesn't go to the Five Elements Desolate Domain, I will not obstruct him from going anywhere else. After all, the competition represents our sect's prestige and dignity, we definitely cannot let someone with an unclean background to go.’’

Yan Qianyin's expression changed. This Second Elder is bent on killing Mo Wuji ah.

Even though the Second Elder claimed that Pill Master Mo could go anywhere else he wanted, in reality, if she couldn't bring him to Five Elements Desolate Domain, the only place he would be going is his grave.

As Yan Qianyin was about to say something, Sect Head Gu Ran spoke out, ’’We'll do as what the Second Elder says. Pill Master Mo will temporarily stay in the sect. Pill Master Mo, please return first.’’

’’Yes, sect head.’’ Mo Wuji could only clasped his fists and retreat out of the hall.

He was really helpless. Even though the sect head might have had a little appreciation towards him, between the Second Elder and him, the sect head would not hesitate to choose the Second Elder. Yan Qianyin's apologetic gaze landed on Mo Wuji. After all, she promised to bring him to the Five Elements Desolate Domain. But now that that the sect head had expressed his intentions, there would be something wrong if she was overly vehement in bringing Mo Wuji. Not only couldn't she bring Mo Wuji away, she was leaving him in a dangerous situation. Furthermore, she couldn't forcefully do anything. After all, the Second Elder's status was not much lower than hers and his cultivation was above hers.

She could only wait for this meeting to end before heading off to the Lotus Sword Summit and helping Mo Wuji think of a plan.


’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, it's good that you returned safely. I have already packed everything nicely.’’ Seeing Mo Wuji return, Fei Bingzhu heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Wuji waved it away, ’’Bingzhu, now that the things are packed, we'll leave right now.’’

As Fei Bingzhu saw the expression on Mo Wuji's face, he knew that things weren't that simple. He did not say another word as he and Tao Ao hurried to each carry a simple backpack.

Mo Wuji brought Yan'Er, the Tao Ao couple and Fei Bingzhu, this group of five left Lotus Sword Summit out of the Formless Blade Sect.

Yan Qianyin was not able to help him, besides leaving the sect, he had no other choice. Luckily, he wasn't confined within the Formless Blade Sect, or else he would really be dead.

’’How many spirit stones do we have left?’’ Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

’’We still have a total of 1600 spirit stones,’’ Fei Bingzhu quickly said. ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, are we in danger now?’’

Mo Wuji nodded, ’’Meng Boyu's backer is the Second Elder, Xu Feibo. I don't know what exactly is their relationship but that old thing wants me dead. Senior apprentice sister Yan already tried to smooth things over, but if we don't leave the Formless Blade Sect now, then we will never be able to.’’

’’Then where are we going?’’ Fei Bingzhu hurriedly said.

’’Fringe City,’’ Mo Wuji said without hesitation. He heard that there were some ways to get to Five Elements Desolate Domain from Fringe City. Even though he did not have enough spirit stones to pay for five people's passage to Five Elements Desolate Domain, he did have his Spirit Strengthening Pill. Now when he was at dire's end, he could only take that pill out.

Now, the Second Elder was still at the meeting. He needed to make use of this opportunity to reach Fringe City, or he might just get eliminated on his way.

From Formless Blade Sect to Fringe City, he would take two to four hours with a flying beast carriage.

Naturally, Mo Wuji would not be unwilling to spend his spirit stones. Now, he directly rented a flying beast carriage and left Formless Blade Sect for Fringe City.

The Second Elder would not have thought of this;he could never have imagined that Mo Wuji would be so decisive to immediately leave the Formless Blade Sect. Even if he did think of it, he would not have mind. Even if Mo Wuji reaches Fringe City, the result would still be the same. He would still be able to chase Mo Wuji and eliminate him. A service disciple who simply depended on someone else actually dared touch his man? That's simply looking for death.


Fringe City's North Water Inn.

The moment Mo Wuji entered, the attendant immediately recognised him and rushed to greet him with a face full of smiles, ’’Friend, I was anxiously awaiting your arrival.’’

Mo Wuji looked at the attendant doubtfully. I've only come here twice, I'm not some VIP, why is this attendant waiting for me?

The reason why Mo Wuji came was simply because he was familiar with this place, and he wanted to inquire about the nearest transfer array.

’’Have you been looking for me?’’ Mo Wuji asked.

The attendant hurriedly replied, ’’I'm not the one looking for you, it's Nine Moons Pill House's Young House Master who's looking for you...’’

Nine Moons Pill House? Mo Wuji slowly contemplated before he finally remembered. Wasn't this pill house the pill house he sold pills to those months ago? That shopkeeper was rather stingy, if not for his urgent need for spirit stones, he would not have sold those pills to Nine Moons.

’’Friend, please wait. I will immediately help you call the Young House Master...’’

’’Haha, what a coincidence...’’ A mild laughter could be heard. It belonged to a handsome, fair young man. He was dressed in linen robes, and looked very simple.

’’Young House Master,’’ Seeing the young man walk over, the attendant rushed to greet him before moving off to the side. He was about to inform this Young House Master about the arrival of Mo Wuji, but since the house master had come personally, he naturally didn't need to inform the house master.

’’Let me introduce myself, I am Nine House Pill House's Zhen Shaoke,’’ The handsome man warmly clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji did not think that this was a coincidence at all. From the attendant's words, and the sudden appearance of this Young House Master, he could tell that this Young House Master must have frequently visited North Water Inn to inquire about him.

’’I'm Mo Wuji, a rogue cultivator. May I know what Young House Master is looking for me for?’’ Mo Wuji replied with his fists clasped.

His only interaction with Nine Moons Pill House was that he sold them some pills, and there definitely wasn't anything wrong with those pills. Furthermore, he was the one at the losing end of the sale, so he wasn't worried about Zhen Shaoke causing trouble for him.

Zhen Shaoke said apologetically, ’’Actually, I have frequently come here to wait for Brother Mo, mainly because of the pills that Brother Mo sold to my Nine Moons Pill House. During that time, my treasurer and I both weren't in the shop;the person who you dealt with was one of our stewards. He used a low price to purchase Brother Mo's amazing pills, which left me apologetic and unsettled. Now that I've met Brother Mo, I would like to reimburse you.’’

So that's the case. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He did not expect for Zhen Shaoke to abide to these business principles. Previously, Fei Bingzhu could also have taken advantage of him, but did not do so as he was not a businessman. For a businessman to also be like that, was really a commendable thing. If Nine Moons Pill House had always been staunched in these principles, then it definitely wasn't a small force.

However, Mo Wuji believed that Zhen Shaoke definitely had another reason besides his pills. He did not dare boast but the pills he concocted definitely wouldn't be inferior to others of the same tier.

’’Then I will have to thank the Young House Master,’’ Mo Wuji hurriedly clasped his fists to express his gratitude. He could not act magnanimous and forgo these spirit stones. Now, he was going to leave Fringe City, and was the time when he needed spirit stones the most.

Zhen Shaoke waved his hand and said, ’’Brother Mo can just call Shaoke, calling me Young House Master is acting far too distant. Brother Mo, this is not a good place to take, what do you think about coming to my Nine Moons Pill House?’’

We're not that close right? While he thought of that in his head, Mo Wuji did not object as he said, ’’Since that's case, I would have to request the Young House Master to lead the way.’’

Zhen Shaoke came in a beast carriage, which was very spacious. With Mo Wuji's group of five, the total of six people sat within the carriage compartment, and it still wasn't squeezy.

The beast carriage moved very fast, and along the way, Zhen Shaoke did not talk about the pills. Instead, he introduced Fringe City's important figures and beautiful sceneries. When he spoke, he addressed all five of them, making them feel welcomed.

In half an incense's time, the beast carriage stopped outside Nine Moons Pill House. Zhen Shaoke got people to receive Yan'Er and Co., while he brought Mo Wuji into a conference room.

’’Brother Mo, if I'm not wrong, you should be a pill refiner, right? Did you concoct the pills you sold previously?’’ After entering the conference room, Zhen Shaoke did not beat around the bush, but got straight to the point.

Mo Wuji also did not intend to hide anything;his status as a pill refiner was the only bargaining chip he had.

’’Mr Zhen did not guess wrong. I am in fact a pill refiner.’’ Since Zhen Shaoke wanted to make use of his status as a pill refiner, Mo Wuji directly called him Mr Zhen. He was not familiar with Zhen Shaoke, so it was too awkward to call him Shaoke. Calling him Mr Zhen could help pull their relationship closer, and not make it too awkward.

Hearing that Mo Wuji was truly a pill refiner, Zhen Shaoke immediately got enlivened and did not mind Mo Wuji's address, but asked, ’’Brother Mo is a Tier 2 Mortal Pill Refiner, or?’’

Mo Wuji calmly said, ’’I'm a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner.’’

Zhen Shaoke clapped and said with a face full of smiles, ’’I was right, Pill Master Mo is really a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner. May I know whether Pill Master Mo has ever heard of my Nine Moons Pill House?’’

Mo Wuji said apologetically, ’’I have always been researching pill theories behind doors, so I'm not very familiar with other sects. I hope that you can forgive me.’’

’’It's okay, it's okay.’’ Zhen Shaoke waved it off and continued to say with a smile, ’’Let me introduce Nine Moons Pill House. My Nine Moons Pill House can be considered an Earth level power, with some clout within the five empires. Even though we are not as powerful as Quasi-Heaven sects like Heavenly Temple, our position is still a little higher than average Earth sects.’’

Now that he was trying to win Mo Wuji over, Zhen Shaoke did not try to be modest.

Mo Wuji did not make a sound, but waited for Zhen Shaoke to finish speaking before he asked, ’’Then Mr Zhen brought me over, isn't just to reimburse me, right?’’


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