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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 110


Chapter 110: Cultivation Soaring Madly

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Mo Wuji did not immediately look for Yan'Er, she would be safer at Medicine King Summit. Furthermore, she had Xiong Xiuzhu there to take care of her.

When he returned to his room, Mo Wuji immediately closed his doors and started cultivating.

With 61 open meridians, his standard could be considered above average among cultivators. Even if he wasn't able to open more meridians in the future, he would still be able to advance into the Spirit Building Stage, or even the Transcending Mortality Stage.

To increase his cultivation speed, Mo Wuji used his spirit stones without restraint.

Once he started cultivating, Mo Wuji immediately felt like he had become a huge whirlpool, drawing boundless amount of spiritual energy which then flowed within his meridians.

In a short span of time, a spirit stone was sucked dry. At this point, Mo Wuji was no longer frugal with his spirit stones. When a spirit stone was sucked dry, he would change to another one and continue cultivating madly.

Under the gushing of the spiritual energy, his open meridians constantly widened, and Mo Wuji's powers soared continuously. Whenever he got hungry, he would just eat an Inedia Pill and continued cultivating nonstop.

In ten days, all the joints in Mo Wuji's body cracked with a 'Bi Li, Pa La' sound, and a strong breath of air emerged from his dantian and seeped into his meridians.

Finally Channel Opening Stage Level 5.

Mo Wuji's eyes were filled with glee as he swallowed some Inedia Pills and continued to absorb spiritual energy using his circulation technique.

Channel Opening Stage Level 5 wasn't his target;to become a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner, he would need to at least be at Channel Opening Stage Level 6.

Time passed slowly;under the management of Tao Ao and Fei Bingzhu, life in Lotus Sword Summit flourished. The matter of Mo Wuji's closed door cultivation was only known by Fei Bingzhu and Tao Ao.

Another month passed. Mo Wuji suddenly stood up;due to the force from Mo Wuji standing up, the remnants of the used spirit stones were scattered all over the floor. He had already advanced to Channel Opening Stage Level 6.

During this period, he did not eat and solely depended on the Inedia Pill. However, his body emanated the energy of a tiger and a strong glowing spirit.

Seeing that he still had a little more than 200 spirit stones, Mo Wuji did some light body stretches before sitting down and continuing his circulation technique.


Lotus Sword Summit.

The already settled down Fei Bingzhu was sitting by the lake, observing the Treasured Blood Lotuses. At this moment, Wu Kai was running in hastily.

Seeing Wu Kai come without prior information, Fei Bingzhu had a foreboding premonition in his heart and he immediately went forward to greet Wu Kai, ’’Deacon Wu, long time no see. What brings you here today?’’

Wu Kai immediately cut to the chase and said, ’’Brother Fei, Pill Master Mo isn't here?’’

Fei Bingzhu hurriedly replied, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo is currently in closed doors cultivation. Is something the matter? If it's something typical, you can simply tell me.’’

In reality, all matters on Lotus Sword Summit were handled by Fei Bingzhu, even Mo Wuji's monthly salary was managed by him.

Mo Wuji had already been behind closed doors for close to three months. Before he went in, he specifically instructed that he was not to be disturbed until he comes out. So when it was nothing important, Fei Bingzhu and Tao Ao would never go and interrupt Mo Wuji's training.

Wu Kai pulled Fei Bingzhu to the side and anxiously said, ’’Brother Fei, the sect is investigating Pill Master Meng's disappearance and has already got clues about me.’’

Fei Bingzhu's heart went 'Gedong!';the thing that he was most worried of still happened. For this sort of matters, Fei Bingzhu definitely would not make his own private decisions;he decided to find Mo Wuji.

At this moment, Fei Bingzhu and Wu Kai both heard a loud roar.

’’It's senior apprentice brother Mo!’’

’’Pill Master Mo?’’

Fei Bingzhu and Wu Kai called out at the same time and turned to look.

Mo Wuji's loud roar caused the forceful stirrings of spiritual energy;clearly, he had just made a breakthrough.

Wu Kai and Fei Bingzhu rushed outside Mo Wuji's room, and as expected, after half an incense's time, the roar stopped and Mo Wuji stepped out.

Mo Wuji had just made a breakthrough and his energy surged in an unrestrained manner, emanating a heavy pressure which overwhelmed Fei Bingzhu and Wu Kai. Both their hearts trembled and they subconsciously took a step back.

However, Mo Wuji was quick to restrain his energy, and his entire person seemed to turn ordinary, even less eye-catching as he was before. Mo Wuji was satisfied;perhaps being obscurely plain and ordinary was the real essence of the Immortal Mortal Technique.

At this moment, Wu Kai did not dare treat Mo Wuji as an equal with trashy qualifications. He had personally seen Mo Wuji's sword sharp aura, and he was reminded about Mo Wuji killing Meng Boyu those months ago. Now that Mo Wuji's cultivation had risen, he had become even more terrifying.

’’Wu Kai greets Pill Master Mo. Congratulations on rising up another level!’’ Wu Kai rushed forward to bow towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji had just broke through to Channel Opening Stage Level 7, and his abilities improved by leaps and bounds. The reason why he was unable to keep his energy restrained during his breakthrough was because he had heard Wu Kai's voice from his room. With his higher cultivation, his hearing had become more acute. If it was someone else, he would have simply ignored it. However, if it was Wu Kai, it would mean that an old incident might have returned to bite him in the back, and he could not afford to be careless.

’’Congratulations senior apprentice brother Mo,’’ Fei Bingzhu was genuinely happy for Mo Wuji. The stronger Mo Wuji was, the more benefits he would reap.

After advancing to Channel Opening Stage Level 7, Mo Wuji felt like it's a whole different world. It wasn't simply the stronger circulations of spiritual energy within his body. More importantly, he felt his senses become more acute. Even his spiritual will which he had always been trying to forcefully activate, had become clearer.

’’Deacon Wu, why have you suddenly come to my Lotus Sword Summit?’’ Mo Wuji nodded to Fei Bingzhu before turning and smiling towards Wu Kai.

’’Pill Master Mo, the sect is investigating Pill Master Meng's disappearance, and they just sent people over to question me.’’ Wu Kai hurriedly explained.

Mo Wuji's brows furrowed momentarily and he immediately said, ’’This is just a mere investigation. You just need to remain firm and claim that you don't know anything. And as to why you came here today, just say that you're here to get some pills for cultivation.’’

With that, Mo Wuji took out a porcelain vase and stuffed two Energy Gathering Pills in.

’’Yes, yes... I know what to say now.’’ Wu Kai hastily accepted the porcelain vase and retreated out of Mo Wuji's room.

He had some regrets in coming to Lotus Sword Summit. He wasn't a fool;Mo Wuji was clearly dissatisfied that he immediately came to Lotus Sword Summit the moment he got investigated. He did not think about it before, but in retrospect, it was really a stupid act to come to Lotus Sword Summit straight away. Luckily, Mo Wuji was adaptable and gave him two pills, which was a good excuse for his visit.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, what do we do now?’’ As Wu Kai left, Fei Bingzhu immediately asked.

Mo Wuji had just advanced to Channel Opening Stage Level 7 and his balls got much bigger. Even if Wu Kai didn't come to Lotus Sword Summit, he would have guessed that Meng Boyu's incident would eventually come to light. The only thing he didn't expect was that it would come out so soon. If only it took one more month;one month later, he might have already left the Formless Blade Sect.

’’There's no need to worry. Even if they suspect me, it would take some time. And even when they investigate me, it would also take more time. After all, I'm a guest pill refiner for the sect. Even if they have their suspicions, they might not dare to do anything to me. By the time they complete their investigations, I would have already left the Formless Blade Sect,’’ Mo Wuji spoke confidently.

Fei Bingzhu did not question Mo Wuji about where he was going to go. Since Mo Wuji could go to the Enforcement Hall to save him, Mo Wuji wouldn't leave him behind.

’’How's the Treasured Blood Lotus?’’ To remove Fei Bingzhu's worries, Mo Wuji decided to change the topic to the Treasured Blood Lotus.

Fei Bingzhu immediately said excitedly, ’’The Treasured Blood Lotus Nodes have already sprouted and grown close to 15 centimetres. They should be mature within a year.’’

Mo Wuji sighed. He would be leaving the Formless Blade Sect within a month, he definitely couldn't wait for a whole year.

’’I can't wait for that long,’’ Mo Wuji lamented helplessly. If not for the Meng Boyu incident, he could leave Fei Bingzhu behind at Lotus Sword Summit to care for the Treasured Blood Lotuses. However, now with this issue, he did not dare leave Fei Bingzhu here to die. By that time, even if the Treasured Blood Lotuses have yet to mature, he would still dig them all out.

After passing the helm over Lotus Sword Summit affairs to Fei Bingzhu, Mo Wuji did not rest but headed towards Pharmacy 19. Now that he's at Channel Opening Stage Level 7, there's no longer an excuse as to why he couldn't advance to Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner.


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