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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 109


Chapter 109: 2nd Visit to the Lightning Tempering Room

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Only after entering the Lightning tempering room that Mo Wuji recalled about Bi Luo sect. Back on the boat from Rao Zhou to Chang Luo, wasn't Shao Feng, the guy who wanted to murder him, from Bi Luo sect too? Looks like everyone from the same sect had their eyes grown on their forehead.

Mo Wuji did not put such matters to heart. He had completely forgotten about this He Jianting fella very quickly.

After placing the package containing some spirit stones, pills and his clothing by the side, he went on to put some bottles of the Channel Opening Solutions around the epicentre of the lightning strikes. This was such that he could easily reach out for these solutions without leaving the epicentre. Mo Wuji then calmed himself down before walking over to the 'Begin Training' handle to pull it down.

A lightning bolt fell and Mo Wuji took the full impact directly without any hesitation.

Using the Spiritual Energy Circulation Technique found in the <Immortal Mortal Technique>, Mo Wuji redirected the lightning bolt that fell on his body into his new meridian.

After seven to eight lightning bolts, Mo Wuji could feel the 37th meridian opening up gradually. At the peak of the Spiritual Energy Circulation Technique, the sluggish clogging of the meridian disappeared promptly. This made his whole body felt at ease and overwhelmed with delight.

Mo Wuji clenched his fist as he confirmed that the 37th meridian was indeed of a much higher quality. After opening only a single meridian, Mo Wuji could feel as those he could break into Channel Opening Stage Level 5 easily.

Mo Wuji would naturally not continue cultivating now as he drank yet another bottle of the Channel Opening Solution. Before the fiery line of flame burned open a new meridian, he started using the Spiritual Energy Circulation Technique concurrently to redirect the lightning bolts to bombard that same meridian.

’’Pipi papa... Ka Ka...’’

Inside the Lightning tempering room which Mo Wuji was in, all that could be heard was the pipa sound when lightning bolt struck him, the sound of his bone cracking as well as the sound of relief as the solution worked its way in his body. The smell of burnt clothes and charred skin was also very evident.

If there was someone here, he would have thought Mo Wuji had to be dead after all these.

At the moment, Mo Wuji's skin was charred black and his whole body was filled with many lightning scars.

Even as more meridians were being opened up, Mo Wuji was already reaching his limits of physical exhaustion. Previously, Mo Wuji would find ways to take a short break. However, he had no thoughts of taking a break this time round. This was because he was constantly worried that the moment he stopped to rest, the solution might not work like the previous time again.

Even though the probability of this happening was very low, Mo Wuji was not willing to take such a risk.

Number 40,41,42...

Before he knew how many bottles of solutions he drank, Mo Wuji had already opened up 60 meridians. Previously, Mo Wuji had thoughts of opening up meridians and cultivate simultaneously. However, he only had eyes for opening meridians now. The most important thing to him presently was to open as many as he could as he could cultivate any other time.

’’Ka!’’ As Mo Wuji's 61st meridian was being opened, his whole body fell to the ground, paralysed. As he struggled to continue drinking the Channel Opening Solution, there was no more lightning bolts around.

10 hours just passed by like that? Mo Wuji rested in the epicentre of the lightning tempering room for 10 minutes before stumbling to his feet to swallow some pills he retrieved from his bag.

He had decided to go down to settle the payment first before coming up again to continue opening his meridians.

After getting changed and keeping the Channel Opening Solutions, Mo Wuji opened the door of the stone chamber. The fact that the first person Mo Wuji saw was He Jianting made Mo Wuji frown. This time round, he was alone.

He Jianting's face was a little gloomy when he saw Mo Wuji. As Mo Wuji took his jade slip and made his leave, He Jianting immediately slotted his jade slip into the groove before entering the lightning tempering room swiftly.

Mo Wuji did not bother about him at all as he did not have a good impression about this Bi Luo sect. It seemed like there are not many decent people from the Bi Luo sect.


’’You've exceeded by two hours, please hand over 22 more spirit stones,’’ After collecting Mo Wuji's jade slip, a cold voice sounded out from the payment counter in the Immortal Training Tower.

12 hours passed by just like that without me realising at all. Mo Wuji secretly whispered to himself.

’’Help me make up the 100 spirit stones, I will still be using the lightning tempering room later,’’ Mo Wuji said while he handed over the 122 spirit stones. 100 spirit stones would allow him to stay in the lightning tempering for 10 hours. Exceeding two hours will cost him another 22 spirit stones. His guess was that the extra two spirit stones was the price for overstaying. Mo Wuji believed that with the 19 bottles of Channel Opening Solution left, another 10 hours should suffice.

The 100 spirit stones were immediately returned through the window, ’’The lightning tempering room had been booked for the next 10 days. If you are still interested then come back in 10 days.’’ Mo Wuji knew even without asking that it was that He Jianting who booked it. That fella must be really wealthy. I had to work so hard to concoct these pills to exchange for some spirit stones yet he so casually booked the room for 10 days.

’’Wasn't there a lightning tempering room 2?’’ Mo Wuji hurried to ask since he guessed there might be a second one if there is a lightning tempering room 1.

The man behind the window answered coldly, ’’Lightning tempering room 2 cost 200 spirit stones for two hours. You are sure to die inside if you've not reached the Spirit Building Stage. Are you sure you want to book it?’’

’’No thank you,’’ Mo Wuji hurried to keep his spirit stones. What a joke, how can I possibly afford to pay 200 spirit stones for just two hours? More importantly, he was only in Channel Opening Stage Level 4 and hence, was definitely not suited to enter the second room.

Mo Wuji secretly regretted as he should have booked the lightning tempering room for 20 hours straight from the start. Now that the lightning tempering room had been booked for 10 days, he cannot possibly wait here for 10 days. Mo Wuji thought that it would be better to go back to study harder to improve his own ability before doing anything else.


Mo Wuji left the sect on the high and now he had to return on a low profile. However low profile he tried to be, he was still a pill refiner therefore it was nearly impossible for people not to notice him.

As he returned to the Lotus Sword Summit, he heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Tao Ao busy with Fei Bingzhu by the lake.

’’Young master has returned,’’ Tao Ao hurried to put everything on his hands down so he could greet Mo Wuji. Afterall, he owed his and his wife's lives to Mo Wuji. If not for Mo Wuji, Tao Ao's skeleton would have already been shattered and he would not be standing here anymore.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo,’’ Fei Bingzhu said with excitement.

Mo Wuji was feeling delighted as he laughed and said, ’’It's good to see both of you doing well. I am relieved. Bingzhu, come in with me.’’

Tao Ao knew Mo Wuji needed a word with Fei Bingzhu hence he greeted Mo Wuji and then left to do his work.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, there are no news spreading about it as Wu Kai covered the incident very well. Looks like this was not the first time he did such things,’’ Fei Bingzhu said enthusiastically.

Mo Wuji knew a little about Wu Kai. He knew that he was not a very clean person as so many service disciples who offended him have all been gotten rid of. Mo Wuji agreed with Fei Bingzhu's words wholeheartedly.

’’That's good. Anything else?’’ Even though he knew nothing leaked out, hearing Fei Bingzhu say it personally made his heart a lot lighter. It was important to know that the person he murdered was the sect's Tier 2 Pill Refiner. Once this has been leaked out, not even Yan Qianyin could help to save Mo Wuji's life.

’’Miss Yan'Er is doing very well at the Medicine King Summit. Sister Xiong always bring her back to visit as Pill master Yan is not back from the conference yet. The Treasured Blood Lotus that I'm growing are doing well too. I kept some of these pills that you gave and I exchanged the rest for a total of two thousand six hundred spirit stones...’’ Fei Bingzhu stood up in the middle of his sentence.

Mo Wuji knew that Fei Bingzhu was about to go retrieve the spirit stones thus he reached out his hand to stop him, ’’Bingzhu, keep these spirit stones with you. You will probably need these while you nurture these Treasured Blood Lotus.’’

Fei Bingzhu nodded his head as he felt it was necessary for the nurturing of the Treasured Blood Lotus.

’’I've collected two lotus nodes from the Treasured Blood Lotus. I will leave the other two as it is,’’ Fei Bingzhu said.

Mo Wuji looked curiously at Fei Bingzhu,’’Why did you not take the other two too ?’’ As the Treasured Blood Lotus can be grown again, Mo Wuji did not know why Fei Bingzhu did not take all four of the nodes at once.

Fei Bingzhu gave a dignified look before replying, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, it looks like there are still some characteristics of the Treasured Blood Lotus which you don't know about. Treasured Blood Lotus is something that absorbs extremely a lot of spiritual energy. The two thousand six hundred spirit stones might not be enough to nurture two of the lotus nodes. If we want to nurture all four nodes without amassing enough spirit stones, it is bound to fail.’’

’’What? Two thousand six hundred spirit stones are still not enough to nurture two lotus nodes?’’ Mo Wuji looked shockingly at Fei Bingzhu. He knew that the Treasured Blood Lotus would require a lot of spiritual energy but he never expected it to be this much.

Two thousand six hundred spirit stones can be used to purchase so many spiritual herbs. I could even purchase a few Tier 3 spiritual herbs with this amount of spirit stones but how is it not possible to even nurture two lotus nodes? Mo Wuji found this very unbelievable.

Fei Bingzhu nodded his head, ’’It is indeed the truth. I am already very conservative with my numbers. If we were to listen to my grandfather, then two thousand six hundred spirit stones will only be enough to nurture one lotus node. We would have to add in some more spirit stones while growing it too.’’ Mo Wuji calmed himself down as he believed Fei Bingzhu would never lie to him. If two thousand six hundred spirit stones were not enough for two lotus nodes then the only possible reasoning was that he underestimated the price of the Treasured Blood Lotus.

If the Treasured Blood Lotus needed so much spiritual energy, how can it be only a Tier 3 spiritual herb?

’’So is the Treasured Blood Lotus really a Tier 3 spiritual herb?’’ Mo Wuji could not help but ask at the thought of this.

Fei Bingzhu replied, ’’The Treasured Blood Lotus is indeed only a Tier 3 spiritual herb. The reason why it is so valuable is because it is medicinally useful, helpful for spiritual channels as well as it being a delicious and nutritious delicacy. These were the reasons why it was so loved by the immortal masters of the big sects. If not for the incredibly high usage of spiritual energy as well as it being difficult to get the spiritual energy back from he Treasured Blood Lotus, the sect would never have stopped cultivating it. As for the Lotus Sword Summit, its spiritual energy in its atmosphere is therefore much lower than any other summit. There is hence no need to further explain about the spiritual energy around the Blood Lotus Lake.’’

Mo Wuji patted Fei Bingzhu and said, ’’Now I know, please continue working hard to help me nurture this Treasured Blood Lotus. I will start cultivating for a while. I will think of other ways if you ran out of spirit stones when I come out. Also, please do not leak the fact that you're nurturing the Treasured Blood Lotus for me.’’

If the Treasured Blood Lotus was really that valuable, then this must never be spread out to the public.


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