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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 103


Chapter 103: Kindness Is Rewarded

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’’Pill Master Mo!’’ The person in charge at the Enforcement Hall saw Mo Wuji from afar and hurried to greet him.

A guest pill refiner was not a typical figure within the sect. Furthermore, as a cultivator, who could sure that they would not need to seek a pill refiner's help to concoct pills?

Moreover, after the Formless Blade Mountain incident, the sect had lesser pill refiners. Furthermore, this Pill Master Mo had the favor of Pill Master Yan, there was no harm from forming good relations with him. If not for the lack of proper reasons, many people would take the initiative to make friends with Mo Wuji.

’’May I know how I can address this deacon here?’’ Mo Wuji politely said. Even though he knew that the Enforcement Hall liked to show off their strength, it wasn't due to the Enforcement Hall itself, but the people from it.

This person in charge hurried to reply, ’’Pill Master Mo can just call me Gong Qian. I didn't know that Pill Master Mo is coming to the Enforcement Hall, please pardon my neglect.’’

From Gong Qian's attitude to Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji could tell that this person wasn't the Enforcement Hall Master;he wasn't even a deacon. If he was, he would not have treated Mo Wuji with such politeness. The Enforcement Hall Master was an elder, so Mo Wuji would have been the one who needed to bow and be polite.

’’Brother Gong, thanks for the courtesy. I've come to find the Enforcement Hall Master. This is because a distant relative of mine got brought in to the Enforcement Hall. I've come to request the Hall Master to make an exception for me. I hope Brother Gong can help me inform him of my visit,’’ Mo Wuji said warmly.

Mo Wuji was sure that the Enforcement Hall Master would not know of such a small matter, so he suggested meeting the Hall Master. Mo Wuji knew that this Gong Qian definitely wouldn't inform the Hall Master. He might not even want the Hall Master to know of this.

After Gong Qian heard that Mo Wuji was there to inquire about a prisoner, he hurried to ask, ’’I don't know who is Mo Wuji's distant relative...’’

’’Fei Bingzhu, he's the disciple at the spiritual herbs warehouse.’’ Mo Wuji said calmly.

Gong Qian was momentarily at a loss for words. He was the one who caught Fei Bingzhu, and the reason was because Fei Bingzhu had offended Pill Master Ju's ingredient boy. However, after he caught Fei Bingzhu, he heard that Pill Master had left the sect to attend a Pill Refiner's Exchange, so there weren't any follow-up instructions.

He did not expect that Fei Bingzhu actually had ties to Pill Master Mo. At this moment, he wasn't sure whether Pill Master Ju was even aware of this situation. If he was, then Gong Qian would rather offend Pill Master Mo instead of Pill Master Ju. However, if this was just the shenanigans of the ingredient boy, then he would have offended Pill Master Mo for nothing.

’’Why? Is it so hard to inform the Hall Master?’’ Mo Wuji's voice turned cold.

’’No, no...’’ Even though Gong Qian wasn't afraid of Mo Wuji, he knew that Mo Wuji was not your typical person.

I'm not going to care anymore. I will let Fei Bingzhu out first then talk about it in the future. If it was really the instructions of Pill Master Ju to grab Fei Bingzhu, then I will simply push all the blame to this Mo fella. If Pill Master Ju doesn't ask anything, I will just take as though nothing has happened.

As he thought of that, Gong Qian hurried to say, ’’Because Pill Master Ju's ingredient boy reported that Fei Bingzhu dispensed the wrong ingredients so I brought him in. Without the instructions from Pill Master Ju, I cannot casually let him go...’’

Mo Wuji said plainly, ’’If anyone asks you, you tell them that it was I, Mo Wuji, who took Fei Bingzhu away. If they have anything to say, they can find me, Mo Wuji.’’

This were the exact words that Gong Qian wanted to hear. Now that Mo Wuji had said them, he did not have any worries as he went to the prison room to bring Fei Bingzhu out.

Fei Bingzhu had bruises all over his body, and his hair was tussled;he had obviously suffered quite a bit. He did not know why he was suddenly being brought out, until he saw Mo Wuji.

He immediately made sense of the situation and he hurried forward to express his gratitude, but Mo Wuji stopped him. After clasping his fists towards Gong Qian, Mo Wuji quickly brought Fei Bingzhu away.


After an hour, Fei Bingzhu had regained much of his spirit after washing up and eating at the Lotus Sword Summit.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, if not for you, I would definitely have ended up dead. That Ju fella's ingredient boy is too much. I only said a simple sentence but he wanted to kill me. Luckily, that Ju fella went to the Pill Refiner's Exchange. If not, I would not have lasted till today,’’ After his body had recovered, Fei Bingzhu hurried to thank Mo Wuji.

After some simple inquiring, Mo Wuji found that Wu Rongzhi was not lying. Fei Bingzhu only helped to speak up for him, and did not belittle Pill Master Ju at all, but he was still sent to the Enforcement Hall.

’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, if you do not mind, you can just stay in my Lotus Sword Summit.’’ Mo Wuji knew that Fei Bingzhu no longer had anywhere he could go,

Fei Bingzhu had a good personality. Mo Wuji did not mind keeping him, or even help him out.

’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, thanks for letting me stay. I have been dispensing drugs for many years, and I have a basic understanding towards the various kinds of drugs. If you need an ingredient boy, I believe I could help.’’ Fei Bingzhu knew that Mo Wuji did not like unnecessary words of courtesy so he went straight to the point.

Mo Wuji laughed, ’’I really do need junior apprentice brother Fei's help. Do you know anything about the Treasured Blood Lotus or Guan Li?’’

Hearing Mo Wuji inquire about Guan Li and the Treasured Blood Lotus, Fei Bingzhu hurried to say, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, I'm not bragging when I say this, but in the entire Formless Blade Sect, I have the deepest understanding towards Elder Guan.’’

Seeing how Mo Wuji looked at him in doubt, Fei Bingzhu started blabbering, ’’It's because my grandfather was the one who helped Elder Li cultivate his Treasured Blood Lotus for over ten years. It was only after Elder Guan passed away that my grandfather got sent to the spiritual herbs warehouse. It was also because of my grandfather that I managed to work in the spiritual herbs warehouse as well.’’

Hearing Fei Bingzhu's words, Mo Wuji instantly got enlivened and asked, ’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, I'm in urgent need for the Treasured Blood Lotus, but I can't seem to find it at the various big merchant houses...’’

Fei Bingzhu did not wait for Mo Wuji to finish as he said, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, it is normal that you didn't manage to find it. It would be abnormal if you did. Even though the Treasured Blood Lotus is a Tier 3 spiritual ingredient, it's value is not less than Tier 4 spiritual ingredients. This is primarily because is needed to concoct many pills which are useful for spirit channels. Moreover, the Treasured Blood Lotus is a sort of delicacy. Not only is it tasty, it can strengthen your blood and improve your complexion. Many sects want it, and its price is getting higher. The moment one comes out, it gets instantly snatched away. You definitely wouldn't be able to find it out in the market.’’

Mo Wuji sighed. No wonder why he couldn't find the Treasured Blood Lotus. Not only was it used to concoct pills related to spirit channels, it was even coveted by wealthy people to eat as a dish.

To any cultivator, the spirit channels were the most important things. Just like spiritual roots, the more spirit channels they could open, the higher their potential. Since the Treasured Blood Lotus could help with spirit channels, its price would naturally be inflated.

The reason why he was finding the Treasured Blood Lotus, was also to open his meridians.

’’And these aren't the only reasons why Treasured Blood Lotuses are so rare. Besides the difficulty in cultivating it, it also absorbs insane amounts of spiritual energy. Places which were originally rich in spiritual energy would become scarce in it after planting the Treasured Blood Lotus. And this spiritual energy scarcity was hard to recover from.’’ Fei Bingzhu's understanding towards the Treasured Blood Lotus was clearly not shallow.

’’Junior apprentice brother Fei, I want to grow some Treasured Blood Lotus. Do you know where I can obtain some seeds?’’ Mo Wuji set his mind to ask.

Fei Bingzhu shook his head, ’’The Treasured Blood Lotus seeds cannot be purchased...’’

When Mo Wuji heard that sentence, it was as though a bucket of cold water had been poured over him, drenching him entirely.

Fei Bingzhu continued to say, ’’However, there is some ways to get the Treasured Blood Lotus seeds from Lotus Sword Summit...’’

’’Hurry and say..’’ Mo Wuji agitatedly stood up and grabbed Fei Bingzhu.

Fei Bingzhu hurriedly said, ’’Senior apprentice brother Mo, don't get too anxious. My grandfather had told me before, that after Elder Guan left, he did not dig up all the Treasured Blood Lotus on Lotus Sword Mountain. Instead, he left the lotus roots within the lake. The roots can only be found by people who are proficient with the Treasured Blood Lotus. Luckily, I am one such person. Even though I did not personally grow a Treasured Blood Lotus before, my grandfather passed to me all his knowledge regarding this matter.

If senior apprentice brother Mo trusts me, I can immediately go into the lake to find the abandoned lotus roots. However, the spiritual energy here is scarce, so you can't cultivate many Treasured Blood Lotus here.’’

Mo Wuji patted Fei Bingzhu, ’’Being able to cultivate it is enough. It doesn't matter how much. Bingzhu, I leave this matter to you then.’’

Mo Wuji was ecstatic. Good deeds really had compensations. If he did not save Fei Bingzhu, how could he learn about the Treasured Blood Lotus? Even if he couldn't find the Treasured Blood Lotus in Lotus Sword Summit, with Fei Bingzhu's proficiency in it, he would definitely be able to find it someone else.


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