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Immortal Mortal - Chapter 102


Chapter 102: Implicated

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Medicine King Summit.

This was the only summit in the Formless Blade Sect without 'sword'in it's name. It was also the summit that Yan Qianyin was staying in. It's said that the the Medicine King Summit used to be blossomed with spiritual ingredients. However, after time, it became like the other summits, where the spiritual ingredients were planted by the cultivators.

When Mo Wuji entered the foot of the Medicine King Mountain, he was immediately stopped. It was an ingredient girl who wasn't even 20 years old.

’’Greetings junior apprentice sister, I'm Mo Wuji from the Lotus Sword Summit. I've specially come to see senior apprentice sister Yan. Please help me inform here.’’ Mo Wuji knew that in the entire Formless Blade Sect, only his Lotus Sword Summit was without defences. It wasn't because he didn't need it, but because he didn't have the power to install any.

’’So it's Lotus Sword Summit's senior apprentice brother Mo. Before Pill Master Yan left, she told me that senior apprentice brother Mo can directly come in. Please feel free to bring Yan'Er back.’’ The ingredient girl hurried and bowed.

Mo Wuji could not help but be disappointed, as he quickly asked, ’’Senior apprentice sister is not here?’’

Besides coming to fetch Yan'Er, Mo Wuji also came to ask Yan Qianyin about the Lotus Sword Summit. Naturally, it was to ask about the Treasured Blood Lotus.

’’Senior apprentice sister has been invited to take part in the Pill Refiner's Exchange. Senior apprentice brother can follow me to the guest room to rest,’’ the ingredient girl said politely.

Since Yan Qianyin wasn't at the Medicine King Summit, Mo Wuji did not intend to waste time at the Medicine King Summit. He immediately said, ’’Many thanks junior apprentice sister. I will just be fetching Yan'Er. I will visit again when senior apprentice sister Yan returns.’’

’’Of course. Please wait for a moment.’’ Clearly, the ingredient girl had already received instructions from Yan Qianyin. With that sentence, she hurried in.

Mo Wuji only waited for a few minutes before the ingredient girl returned with Yan'Er and Xiong Xiuzhu. At the same time, she was carrying a huge package on her back.

’’Before she left, senior apprentice sister Yan instructed me to pass this to senior apprentice brother Mo,’’ The ingredient girl passed the package to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji did not need to open the package to smell the herbal aroma. He guessed that this should be the Tier 3 spiritual ingredients which Yan Qianyin promised him.

Since he could no longer open any meridians, these spiritual ingredients really came at the right time. He couldn't cultivate, so he could use these spiritual herbs to improve his pill refining level. Mo Wuji was extremely grateful towards Yan Qianyin.

In reality, even if he did not pass her the Revolving Star Passage Technique, he could not have kept it. To view this from another perspective, Yan Qianyin had helped him by protecting him from being questioned. Even still, she maintained her promise and passed him a batch of Tier 3 spiritual ingredients.


After he returned to the Lotus Sword Summit, Mo Wuji did not immediately pen to package to see his spiritual herbs. Instead, he immediately rushed to the sect's Scripture Library.

Mo Wuji did not come to see the cultivation manuals;his <Immortal Mortal Technique>was more than enough for him. Regarding skills, he wasn't even qualified to view them. Moreover, he also had this Invisible Sword skill in addition to his Revolving Star Passage Technique.

He came primarily to investigate about the Lotus Sword Summit. To concoct the upgraded channel opening solution, he needed higher graded ingredients. He had already gotten his hands on all of them, except the Treasured Blood Lotus. In the Formless Blade Sect, Guan Li was the one who cultivated Treasured Blood Lotuses. Naturally, Mo Wuji hoped that he could find out more about the Treasured Blood Lotus or Guan Li from the sect's manuals.

What disappointed Mo Wuji was that after spending an entire day and sweeping through countless of books, he only learnt that Elder Guan Li used to reside at the Lotus Sword Summit. He did not manage to find out about anything else.

However, Mo Wuji wasn't disheartened. He decided to ask Fei Bingzhu instead. Fei Bingzhu spent a much longer time than him in Formless Blade Sect;he should have a deeper understanding about the Lotus Sword Summit.

Once again, Mo Wuji made a trip to the Hall of Affairs. After seeing Mo Wuji, a few service disciples who recognised him rushed to bow and pay respects. Even a few outer disciples stopped and bowed.

A guest pill refiner was a respected figure in the sect.

When he arrived at the spiritual herbs warehouse, Mo Wuji found that Fei Bingzhu wasn't there. Instead, it was a disciple he had never seen before.

’’Pill Master Mo...’’ Ostensibly, this disciple recognised Mo Wuji. As he saw Mo Wuji walking over, he immediately bowed.

Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, ’’May I ask why Fei Bingzhu isn't here? Did he get transferred out?’’

After the disciple heard Mo Wuji ask about Fei Bingzhu, he seemed to have something stuck in his throat, and he did not seem like he was intending to talk.

Mo Wuji's expression turned serious and his tone went cold, ’’Where did Fei Bingzhu go? My patience has its limits’’.

Seeing Mo Wuji's rage, the disciple immediately startled, ’’Please quell your anger Pill Master Mo. When I came, senior apprentice brother Fei was already gone. I heard that he made a mistake when dispensing the herbs, and he was sentenced to death by Pill Master Ju...’’

’’That Ju again...’’ Mo Wuji was thoroughly furious in his heart. If the previous conflicts between him and Pill Master Ju were considered small, now that Fei Bingzhu was killed, they could no longer be small anymore.

However, he was currently being limited by his cultivation ability and his pill refining ability. He had no means of finding Pill Master Ju to help Fei Bingzhu seek revenge.

Mo Wuji did not continue to talk any nonsense;there was no point getting angry at this disciple.

’’Pill Master Mo, please wait...’’ As Mo Wuji was about to leave the Hall of Affairs, a soft voice called out to stop him. He turned to see a youth who was around the age of Fei Bingzhu. From his attire, he should be an outer disciple.

’’You are?’’ Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at the disciple who called him.

The outer disciple hurried to say, ’’I'm an outer disciple, Wu Rongzhi. Before junior apprentice brother Fei got taken away, he pleaded me to find you, but at that time, you weren't at the Lotus Sword Summit. Actually, junior apprentice brother did not get taken away for dispensing the wrong ingredients. He was taken away because he spoke up for you.’’

’’What exactly happened?’’ Mo Wuji's face turned cold. If Fei Bingzhu had been implicated by him, which resulted in him getting killed by that Ju fella, Mo Wuji definitely needed to seek revenge. If not now, then in the future.

Wu Rongzhi immediately replied, ’’The other day, the people in the Hall of Affairs were discussing about how Pill Master Ju was going to advance to be an Earth Pill Refiner. After Pill Master Yan, he would then be the next most talented pill refiner in the Formless Blade Sect. It was nothing at first, but that person started talking about Pill Master Mo. He said that Pill Master Ju had the skill, while you only relied on Pill Master Yan. If not for Pill Master Yan, you wouldn't have qualified to even clean Pill Master Ju's shoes.

At that point, junior apprentice brother Fei interrupted and defended you. He said, ’’Pill Master Ju is indeed a talented pill refiner. However, Pill Master Mo's success was not due to Pill Master Yan, but his knowledge on pill refinement. Pill Master Mo was a mere service disciple, with no access to teachings and resources. He had to work much harder than everyone else in order to become a Tier 2 Mortal Pill refiner.’’

That day, Pill Master Ju's ingredient boy was also in the Hall of Affairs, and junior apprentice Fei's words infuriated him. That ingredient boy is very sinister;he did not say anything, he only went to get junior apprentice brother Fei to dispense ingredients for him. It was only at night when the ingredient boy brought people from the Enforcement Hall. He said that junior apprentice brother Fei had made a mistake, which caused Pill Master Ju's pill refinement to fail. The people from the Enforcement Hall immediately took junior apprentice brother Fei away...’’

Mo Wuji's expression started to turn ugly. Pill Master Ju was a Tier 3 pill refiner. He couldn't even tell that he took the wrong ingredients? And his ingredient boy really had big balls. He dared to deliver wrong ingredients?

’’Pill Master Mo, I heard that Pill Master Ju is currently attending some Pill Refiner's Exchange with Pill Master Yan. Junior apprentice brother Fei should still be locked up in the Enforcement Hall, I think...’’ Wu Rongzhi spoke with a bit of hesitation.

Mo Wuji immediately understood the meaning behind Wu Rongzhi's words, and he did not hesitate to say, ’’I will go to the Enforcement Hall right now.’’

If Fei Bingzhu had already been killed, Mo Wuji could only help him take revenge in the future. But since Fei Bingzhu was still alive, Mo Wuji had to try all means to help save his life.


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