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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 588


Chapter 588

Chapter 588, Evildoers are bound to be punished in the end



A burst of dazzling white light .

Shishu Bai had self-exploded .

The force of the explosion spread so widely that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect experts had to repeatedly draw back into a defensive stance .

The next moment, the black light that was destroyed by the force of the explosion had already disappeared .


Shishu Bai's last word resounded across the void, before her flesh ruptured, blood splattered and bones disintegrated .


Liu Ruxin yelled out, tears swelled up in her eyes .

On the beautiful face of Shen Menghua there were already two streams of clear tears hanging on her face .

She tightly gripped onto the golden hairpin that her Shishu gave her moments before her death .

Clenching the tip of the hairpin into her palm, a drop of blood seeped out through the gaps between her fingers and trickled into the soil .

Unfortunately, the chance for them to escape that Shishu Bai exchanged with her life was useless .

Because the remaining three people were too heavily wounded .

They could not escape .


In the distance .

Quietly observing in the distance, Ye Qingyu and the other people were also evidently shocked by Hundred Spirits Sect's Shishu Bai's behavior .

Everyone drew their brows together in a slight frown, a trace of murderous intent flickering in their eyes, as they fought back the anger inside .

Ye Qingyu looked at Xiao Yunlong, who was secretly laughing behind the elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, as unbearable hatred soared in this heart .

In the distance

Xiao Yunlong gazed at the scattering blood and flesh, revealing a hint of regret .

This Shishu Bai, although a little too old, was still very attractive and also occupied a high status . And to trample such a woman was extremely satisfying, but unfortunately she had died and became a pile of rotten flesh .

Ten days ago, when the Greater One Sect fell into chaos, Xiao Yunlong had also almost died .

If he hadn't suddenly realized that when all the sects were being destroyed, only the Heaven Desire Demon Sect was safe and able to smoothly escape, then he wouldn't have known that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect and the demon clan must have some sort of relationship . He then made a prompt decision to steal the Greater One Sect's secret manual of Tracking the Sky to curry favour with the sect master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect to be protected .

The greatest benefit of joining the Heaven Desire Demon Sect was not just to get temporary refuge .

He had long yearned for the Heaven Desire Demon Sect's secret cultivation technique of men and women .

Such a strange and mysterious technique that could steadily increase his yuan qi in such a short period of time was too attractive to him, a person that had not been able to receive much attention in the Greater One Sect .

Today he found the Hundred Spirit Sect's disciples that had been hiding for a long time through the escape method, but he didn't think that only five of them were left . He originally thought that he would be left with one of them, for him to experience the taste of the secret cultivation technique, but one of them had self-exploded .

Thinking of this, it was inevitable that there was a feeling of pity of wasted resources inside .

Opposite .

The golden hairpin in Shen Menghua's hand was at this time radiating with a poignant blood red glow, and her eyes also contained the colour of despair .

Watching the Heaven Desire Demon Sect approaching closer and closer, her body was uncontrollably quivering a little .

She held the golden hairpin tighter, and a few drops of blood quietly slipped through her fingers .

One drop suddenly fell to the thumb-sized jade pendant hanging at her waist .


Upon contact with the bead of blood, the jade pendant produced a buzzing sound, as though it had sensed danger and then emitted a mournful signal .

The sound attracted many people to look down to the jade .

The pattern on the jade pendant seemed to have suddenly absorbed the blood, the lines were filled with rapidly wandering blood and suddenly emitted a bright red light .

In the distance .

Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed .

Originally with their current state and situation, they should not be saving people .

But the jade was like a blow in his face that shook Ye Qingyu .

Jade pendant!

The pattern on the dress of the Mystery woman on the stone bed .

It was the only thing associated with the mysterious white-haired woman on the stone bed of the Underground Moon Palace .

It was the only thing that had something to do with someone who looked like his mother .

It was the only clue that can help him find the mystery person and even his mother .

No matter what .

These few people must not die!

He suddenly took a deep breath and seemed to have finally made up his mind .

He looked sideways at the three people around him .

When the three people saw Ye Qingyu's expression, they immediately understood his thoughts, their eyes containing trust, as they gave a smile in response .

Ye Qingyu turned to carry Old Fish who had dozed off .

Old Fish as before squinted his eyes, but still raised his rough bark-like hand, and the void was suddenly rippling like a solid substance .

Suddenly, a line of green light sped around .

A square shaped boundary appeared in the void .

The boundary was increasingly spreading as it enveloped below from the mid-air, surrounding the Heaven Desire Demon Sect and the Hundred Spirits Sect .

The eight eight eyes looked at one another, as the four people nodded lightly .




North, east, south and west, the four directions .

Four streams of flowing light were flickering .

Ye Qingyu and the others made a move .

In order not to cause great fluctuations of yuan qi and noise that would arouse the other top masters, they must deal the fatal blow at the fastest speed possible and not leave anyone alive .

Before the people could react, the strong boundary walls had surrounded them .

Before the several scholars of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had time to draw their sword or activate yuan qi, there was a layer of misty mass of chaos qi shrouding them that made them unable to budge an inch .

Ye Qingyu and the others attacked from all sides, and with full-strength, without holding back at all .

The one sword strike of the White Lotus Immortal sword .

The Thunder and Lighting Dragon Fist of the True Will of the Sky Dragon shattered all meridians and organs .

A green light flashed past and one of the scholars had split into two, like dead wood .


Hu Bugui threw out his fist, and the scholar in front spurted out blood as a fist-sized hole suddenly emerged on his abdominal area . His flesh burst, body ruptured and he finally died .

Without yuan qi to resist, the few experts that were half a step into the Immortal Step boundary, at this moment, were being trampled on like puppets, without the slightest power to counterattack .

The killing moves were all completed .

Hu Bugui's fingers lightly pinched together, the grey tile in mid-air descended slowly into his hand and the light faded .

The moment the rabbit had fallen, the eagles swooped down . The experts of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect were all killed in seconds .

The Hundred Spirits Sect disciples present were utterly stunned .

They never dreamed that something like this would happen .

’’It's you!’’

Shen Menghua was the first to see the figure in front .

Tears blurred her eyes, but with one glance she recognized it was Gongzi Tian Huang!


It was Ye Qingyu .

The so-called evil member of Heaven Wasteland .

The living coordinates that the whole Clear River Domain was trying to find .

’’Long time no see . ’’

Ye Qingyu looked at Shen Menghua whose face was crossed with shock, with a slight smile .

At this moment, Shen Menghua simply felt that this was the most beautiful voice she had heard, like the sounds of nature, and in her eyes, the Ye Qingyu who was silhouetted against the bright light and covered with light golden rays of sun, looked like a world-saviour god of war .

Liu Ruxin also fell into great shock and surprise .

On the other side .

And completely opposite was Xiao Yunlong . At this At this moment he still could not react to what was happening before his eyes .

Run .

Quickly run .

This was Xiao Yunlong's first reaction .

After recognizing Ye Qingyu, all his spirit and courage were melted in an instant .


He turned around and bolted, but 10 meters later was bounced back by the invisible boundary walls .

’’Hahahaha! Little kid, don't run, running is a waste of effort . ’’

Hu Bugui folded his arms on his chest with a smirk on his face .

’’Right, right you have not felt it before, how do you know that next it would be pain rather than the happiness of paradise?’’

Liu Shaji also came out of the shadows, sneering at him who had collapsed to the ground in panic .

Xiao Yunlong remembered these two people very clearly .

Ye Qingyu exchanged a look with Hu Bugui and Liu Shaji, and couldn't help smiling .

As expected they were like-minded people .

Opposite .

Xiao Yunlong had already turned crazy and unexpectedly wetted his pants .


Even the always serious Nan Tieyi could not help leaning back and laughing .

Making clear distinction between kindness and hatred, gratitude and revenge is indeed delightful!

Before he did have a bit of hesitation, but at this moment he had put all the teachings of his ancestors to the back of his head, his inner heart was clear and resolute .

Ye Qingyu went over and coldly looked down at Xiao Yunlong who was too frightened to even glance up .

Xiao Yunlong trembled, as though he had exhausted all the strength of his body to slightly raise his head a little, his eyes filled with fear and despair .

’’Gongzi Tian Huang, oh, no, Ye . . . Master Ye, you . . . let me go once!’’

Xiao Yunlong crawled over and held Ye Qingyu's leg with his mud-stained hands, crying in a shrill and trembling voice .

’’I . . . I . . . I will not reveal your whereabouts to anyone!’’

Xiao Yunlong, like an ant in the ocean had grabbed hold of a shred of straw, futilely begged for a chance to live in exchange .

Ye Qingyu lifted his leg and kicked Xiao Yunlong a few meters away .

Xiao Yunlong immediately rolled and crawled back over, raised his sleeve to rub to Ye Qingyu's trouser leg .

’’Master Ye Qingyu . . . I . . . I do not agree with Greater One Sect now, I . . . I can join the Thunder and Lightning Sect . . . I . . . I can make tea for you guys . . . right . . . yes! I can take you out of this mountain range!’’ In a state of a state of madness, Xiao Yunlong seemed to have found a faint light in the dark, suddenly screamed loudly, ’’Yes, I remember, I was a disciple of the Greater One Sect, I know how to leave these boundaries, I know the road of the Greater One mountains!’’

He was like a dying animal, wailing and screaming .

’’A scum that betrays his own sect, betrays the Master that brought him up, and commits any imaginable crime, do you think we will believe you?’’ Ye Qingyu looked away .

Evidently he didn't want to be entangled with this disgusting man anymore .

The next moment .

Purple lightning currents soared, as he repeatedly slammed his fist at the cowering Xiao Yunlong .


Xiao Yunlong screamed out tragically like a slaughtered pig .

’’Hahaha, Tian Huang, leave it to me . . . these days I have nowhere to vent my anger, let me also vent my feelings . ’’

Standing at the side with his arms folded, Hu Bugui suddenly showed a spark of interest, stepped forward, and shot out meteor-like fist lights one after another .


Xiao Yunlong screamed more miserably .

The rest of the people were watching with cold eyes .

Only in the eyes of the middle-aged woman and three disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect were filled with hatred against Xiao Yunlong and gratitude for Ye Qingyu .

When Xiao Yunlong had been beaten until he was vomiting out a mixture of blood and visceral impurities, and only the strength to whimper, Ye Qingyu finally felt that his anger almost dissipated .

He kicked Xiao Yunlong who was pretending to be dead and uttered a cold snort .

Then he turned towards the direction of the Hundred Spirits Sect .

’’I leave this man to you . ’’

Ye Qingyu looked at Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin .

He understood, for Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin whose sect had been destroyed, what sort of feeling they would have encountering such an evil bastard when they were wounded and fleeing for their lives .

He forced their Shishu to death and intended to defile them .

With this hatred, it was not wrong to hack him into pieces .

Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin who were already incredibly grateful, were unable to exhibit their feelings into words .

With their eyes glistening with tears, they nodded to Ye Qingyu .

Exchanging a glance, the two drew their sword, step by step headed toward the motionless Xiao Yunlong lying on the ground .

Beaten beyond recognition, Xiao Yunlong tried his best to open his swollen eyes .

The silvery light of the sword painfully pierced his eyes, he slightly moved his lips that had swollen into several layers to beg for something .


Two sword lights pierced straight through .

With one left and one right, the sword ran right through his heart and lungs .

Xiao Yunlong's face went stiff and his breathing stopped


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