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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 587


Chapter 587

Chapter 587, Betraying one's master

At this moment, both their bodies were stained with blood and their injuries did not seem light at all . They were supporting a beautiful middle-aged woman who looked like an elder of the Hundred Spirits Sect .

The middle-aged woman's hair was tied in a loose bun with a golden hairpin diagonally inserted through that was almost falling off, and the blood red plum blossoms on her lapel were unusually dazzling .

At their side were another beautiful middle-aged woman and a young woman, who were also supporting each other .

The several people's clothes were stained with mud, their breathing was disorderly, and their yuan qi was very weak, suggesting that they had been seriously wounded .

There was a hint of anger within their panicked expressions and they were seemingly to be hiding from something . They looked to be in an extremely difficult situation . Without attending to their injuries they darted into the distant forest .

But before these women had gone far, in the distant sky came a cold, ridiculing voice

’’Haha . . . the lowly slaves of Hundred Spirits Sect, let's see where you can escape to . . . Hey, don't run again, you're wasting your energy . . . ’’

A mass of ink-black cloud in the sky howled shrilly .

The black cloud slowly descended and four scholarly men walked down from the cloud .

It was the people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect .

Ye Qingyu recognized the young men at a glance .

That day they were all standing next to their sect Master, and appear to be important elder-like figures of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect .

Behind them was a person in a black robe who had his head low .

Who was that?

Looking at the style of dress, it did not seem to be the clothing style that the disciples of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect adopted, and looked rather strange .

Ye Qingyu, without giving much thought about the several people opposite, turned to Nan Tieyi and immediately nodded his head .

Wait and see what happens .


In the distance .

Another voice sounded .

’’Hey, lowly slaves, you want it the hard way, let's see where you can escape to . ’’ A peculiar voice filled with mockery came from one of the elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect .

The several other experts of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect also broke into loud laughter .

’’Haha, where can a few little larks run off to?’’

’’Obediently come with us to Heaven Desire Demon Sect to be a furnace, then you can have a taste of the wonderful feeling of paradise . Maybe in the future you won't even want to leave and remain in my Heaven Desire Demon Sect, hahaha!’’

’’Yes, now that you mentioned it, all the disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect are delicately beautiful, all of them are natural furnaces, perfect for my practice . Haha, they are prepared for us by the heavens . ’’

’’Exactly, little girls since you cannot escape, why don't you obediently come with us, your Hundred Spirits Sect is doomed anyway . ’’

As they were speaking, a few people had already left their positions, surrounding Shen Menghua and the other girls of the Hundred Spirits Sect .

Beams of formations flashed, sealing the air .

They each stood in formation, blocking the escape routes, afraid that the women of the Hundred Spirits Sect would run away again .


A gaunt, beautiful middle-aged woman in a long blue dress and wielding a half spiritual sword glowered .

’’Haha, lowly slave, you have a temper . ’’ A Heaven Desire Demon Sect elder grinned sinisterly . ’’But I like violent-tempered horse like you, haha, let's see how long you can last . ’’

’’My Hundred Spirits Sect cannot coexist with your Heaven Desire Demon Sect . ’’ Shen Menghua's eyes flashed fury . ’’I'd rather die today, than let you group of demons succeed, our sisters will sooner or later avenge us, you group of demons will sooner or later go to hell . ’’

’’Haha, avenge you? My Heaven Desire Demon Sect will get our hands on the entire Hundred Spirits Sect, in less than a few months' time, all your Hundred Spirits Sect disciples will be crying for mercy in the Heaven Desire shrine . ’’ Another elder's eyes gleamed with an undisguised perverted glint as he approached step by step .

The several women trembled all over and no longer said anything else . But soon the look of despair on their faces gradually faded and turned to an expression of hatred and fearlessness of death .

Since they could not escape, then they might as well fight to death .

The fate of a martial artist has always been like that .

Even women were no exception .

They came to participate in the Greater One Sect's Storm Sword Duel gathering with the purpose of asking for help, hoping that the Greater One Sect would lend a helping hand based on their past friendship .

Who would have known that the situation would go out of hand . . .

Several days ago, the Storm Sword Duel Duel gathering was invaded by the Demon Spider Race and thrown into chaos . It was too late for the people of the Hundred Spirits Sect to escape the Greater One mountain, and then they were chased by the Heaven Desire Demon Sect and had lost many disciples along the way . Now there were only Shen Menghua and three other disciples . All other disciples who had come to participate in the Storm Sword Duel had been killed or died in an accident .

And now, the four of them were stuck in a desperate situation .

’’Haha, die? It's not that easy . ’’ A Heaven Desire Demon Sect elder gave a sinister smile, raising a finger to point at Liu Ruxin . ’’Master has issued an order that we must capture this little girl alive . Haha, a rare [Jade Constitution], a peerless furnace, haha!’’

When he said this, the several other Heaven Desire Demon Sect experts also cast their lustful gazes at Liu Ruxin .

Their gazes were not just lustful, but more like examining a rare item .

The Heaven Desire Demon Sect cultivated lust martial arts, a kind of martial arts that can be achieved in a short period of time, and a companion or a furnace is particularly important for those that cultivate this type of martial arts .

Only the people who have the best furnace can really cultivate the demonic martial arts to its ultimate highest level and step into the path of experts .

So the importance of a furnace was self-evident .

It was during the Storm Sword Duel gathering that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect discovered that Liu Ruxin possessed one of the legendary six best furnace constitutions [Jade Constitution] .

The sect master himself had issued an order that no matter what the cost, they must capture this Liu Ruxin .

This even more decided the fate of Shen Menghua and the others . Under such circumstances, the Heaven Desire Demon Sect will absolutely not let the people of the Hundreds Spirits Sect return alive .

Opposite .

Liu Ruxin, upon hearing their words, jolted up, and then took a step forward . ’’So you came for me . I'll come with you, let my Master and senior sisters go . ’’

’’Ruxin . . . ’’ Shen Menghua exclaimed .

The elder opposite burst out laughing, ’’Childish, you are already birds in a cage, none of you can run off . ’’

The black-robed figure that had been following behind slowly came to the front, slightly bowed his head at the people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect and said, ’’Elders, why waste why waste time talking to those lowly slaves, directly capture them . Besides Liu Ruxin, the others you don't care, let us take care of them for you . . . Haha, I Xiao Yunlong, am willing to help out . ’’

As he was speaking, he pulled down his hat, revealing a pale, white face .

It was one of the elite disciples of Greater One Sect, Xiao Yunlong .

He had colluded with the people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect?

In the distance, when Ye Qingyu and the others saw this scene, they were all shocked .

And looking at the tone and attitude that Xiao Yunlong spoke in, he was just like a lackey, could it be . . .

At this moment, on the site .

’’Pah, Xiao Yunlong, you are a Greater One Sect disciple, yet you take refuge with the people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, you . . . ’’ An older woman of the Hundred Spirits Sect thundered .

’’Hahaha . . . Greater One Sect? What, Greater One Sect? I am not part of the Greater One Sect anymore, after the battle, the Greater One Sect had closed their gate and sealed off the sect, their strength now is just a second-rate sect, you think there will be disciples willing to protect that group of old things?’’

Xiao Yunlong grabbed his robe and flung his hands backwards, taking two steps forward and closing in on the people of the Hundred Spirits Sect, his eyes full of ruthlessness and undisguised desire .

’’You . . . bastard, you think no one can deal with you? You betrayed your master and sect, sooner or later you will receive retribution . ’’

Shen Menghua's beautiful eyes flashed with strong resentment as she glowered at Xiao Yunlong .

’’Hahahaha! I know what you're thinking . You think there will be someone coming out to save you like that day at the Enlightened Tea Garden? I advise you to stop your wishful thinking, how many fools like Ye Qingyu are there in this world . Moreover, Ye Qingyu that nosy person is also unable to fend for himself now, perhaps he has already become food for one of the demon beasts, stop dreaming . ’’

Xiao Yunlong seemed to have remembered something .

Although he was still wearing a perverted and wicked smile on his face, his heart suddenly pounded uncontrollably .

It seemed that he was still haunted by Ye Qingyu's terrifying power .

’’If you obediently surrender today, maybe Elder Wu and the others will let you live, let you have a few more days few more days . . . ’’

Xiao Yunlong instantly restored the evil look on his face, a perverted smile curving his lips, and was impatiently moving closer . ’’Also, hahaha . . . you women have not felt it before, how do you know that it would be pain rather than the happiness of paradise . . . ’’

’’The people of the Hundred Spirits Sect would rather die with honour than live with disgrace!’’

The middle-aged beautiful woman looked resolute, suddenly raising her hand with a look of despair in her eyes, stretched out her long fingers and hooked them around the golden hairpin hanging in her hair .

’’Flowing Cloud sword!’’

The gold hairpin suddenly emitted a golden glow between her fingers .


The golden light suddenly turned into a soft ribbon that glided forward .

The soft golden ribbon wrapped around the several people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect as though it was dancing in the hand of a dancer, swirling up and down .

A thin layer of mist swirled around, giving a graceful beauty to the ribbon .

’’Well, besides this move, do you know anything else?’’

An elder of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect shook his wrist .

The silver spiritual snake sword in his hand suddenly spat out a beam of black light from its tip like a snake .


The black light circled around once with the elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect as the center and suddenly swept away everything else .

The ribbon abruptly shuddered upon contact with the black light, before dropping to the ground and losing its liveliness .

There was blood streaming down the middle-aged beautiful woman's mouth and nose .

Her body shook violently, evidently having suffered a great counterattack, and her injury had reached an irreversible state . She clasped the gold hairpin tight in her hands, casting a resolute glance to the left where Shen Menghua and the other disciples were, a hint of a wry smile and unwillingness emerged on a face as she sighed, ’’Menghua, Shishu cannot protect you today, I also cannot bear to see you humiliated . Shishu, I . . . will leave first . ’’


Shen Menghua's and Liu Ruxin's expression turned frantic as they suddenly noticed their hands were grabbing onto nothing .

They wanted to lend an arm to support her, but the yuan qi of the weak Shishu Bai was suddenly rising dramatically and an extremely frightening strength surged within her body . She charged over in the direction of where the several people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect stood


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