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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 583


Chapter 583

583 - Where did this dog come from

On the Storm Platform .

The skies were in complete chaos and confusion, but the heavily injured Liu Shaji, Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui, finally received a brief moment of time to recuperate .

They lifted their heads and looked towards the skies, looking at the figures that held divine tools in their hands, the people of the Greater One Sect and the Demon Race killing constantly . Their brows locked into a frown .

Since the situation had turned into this, it had already exceeded the boundaries of what they had initially expected .





In the south east skies .

The Ye Qingyu that was originally sealed within the space also had a change that occurred to him .

What was different from the others was that the appearance of the Demon Spider Race was something that he had originally expected .

It was only that he did not expect the Demon Spider Race to spend such great efforts, and mobilize such a terrifying army . It was not only the Demon Spider Race, but also the other great Demon Races . Evidently they had planned to conquer and strike against the Greater One Sect for a long time, and wanted to exterminate all the human sects all at once .

Seeing the chaotic battlefield, and the humans that constantly died, Ye Qingyu could not help but sigh in his heart .

Such a matter was utterly out of his control .

If he previously gave a warning to the Greater One Sect that the Demon Spider Race might invade, then his own fate would perhaps be even more tragic than what it would be right now -----and not only him, but the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain, would most likely be engulfed by the ambition of the Greater One Sect, and be buried along with the chaos of war of the Clear River Domain . This was a price that Ye Qingyu had no way of accepting .

Everything before him was after all only the internal struggles of Clear River Domain .

He did not need to hold responsibility for such killings .

The most important thing for him right now was to rescue Xing'er .

Since Ye Qingyu had decided, he was no longer distracted . He madly activated the Nether Ghost Body technique, and avoided against the attacks of the Guardian Elders . His hands constantly activated the True Will of the Sky Dragon as well as the power of lightning .

HIs fists struck on the walls of the sealed space, like a dragon striking upon cotton .

Everywhere the fists shadow passed by, there was a thin layer for formation golden glimmer of seals that was released on the walls of the sealed space that would shine . The next instant it would fade and disappear .

The eight great Guardian Elders did not dare act carelessly at all . The strength that this remnant of Heaven Wasteland had demonstrated had shocked them all utterly to the core . They could not help but fully activate the power of the formation, afraid that Ye Qingyu would really escape . If that happened, then it really would be troublesome .

Everyone's attention was attracted by this chaotic battle, the storm platform and on Ye Qingyu .

But at this time, an inexplicable change occurred .

The Greater One divine Lantern high up in the air was as if something had occurred to it . The Clear Lotus flame began to fade, and the translucent green light began to disappear also!

A two-person-tall, large white dog, had appeared within the interior of the Greater One divine Lantern, looking sneaky and furtive . On his big furry head, his black eyes were staring at the Yu Xiaoxing within the Greater One divine Lantern, a furtive expression that would only be associated with humans .

Evidently, this was the Little Nine that had disappeared without a trace since the beginning of the Storm Sword Meeting!

’’Not good! Just where did this big dog come from!’’

’’This . . . how is this possible?’’

A Guardian Elder discovered the existence of Little Nine .

There were several elders that were instantly dumbfounded .

This was absolutely unbelievable .

The Greater One divine Lantern was nearly connected to the hearts . Not to mention entering into inside, even if someone of the Immortal Step boundary neared a hundred metres to the Greater One divine Lantern, they would instantly be able to sense it . Therefore, that was the reason why the Greater One Sect could rest assured as they imprisoned Yu Xiaoxing within and the reason why they used an illusion of the Greater One divine Lantern to lay a trap .

But just what was this situation?

Why would there be such a great country bumpkin dog that would appear within the divine Lantern?

In the time of a spark, before Yu Xiaoxing could react, the silly dog Little Nine leapt to Yu Xiaoxing's side . Using his big furry head, he placed Yu Xiaoxing onto his own back, then ran away immediately . Like he was passing through an invisible water barrier, he easily came out from the Greater One divine Lantern .

’’Woof woof!’’ The dog intentionally stopped and let out two barks, attracting the attention of everyone .

Then this fellow intentionally turned around to regard the eight Guardian Elders . He let out a mischievous smile, his face filled with a human-like expression - completely filled with mockery and disdain .

It was like the eight Guardian Elders had been struck by lightning .

They had absolutely no way of comprehending the scene before them .

One could imagine, that they would absolutely not forget this scene for the rest of their lives . They would also not forget that sneaky and thief-like expression on that white dog's face .

’’Haha, old bastards, bye, woof!’’ The silly dog let out a mischievous smile, then turned into a stream of white light . Using a route and trajectory that seemed without pattern or reason, he carried Yu Xiaoxing away from the Greater One divine Lantern .

’’Quickly block it, don't allow it to bring the demon girl away!’’ A Guardian Elder exclaimed .

The eight Guardian Elders Elders were also in a panic at this time .

The other leaders of the various peaks that were currently engrossed in fighting with Liu Shaji and the others on the Storm Platform instantly went pale upon hearing this . They had no way of imagining just what had occurred . But they could not spare too much thought on this, and immediately disengaged from battle from the three people, turning into a stream of light that headed towards the direction of Little Nine and Yu Xiaoxing .

In the air high up .

The myriad of formations of the Greater One divine Lantern was like nothing in front of the silly dog Little Nine .

It was as if Little Nine was passing through layer after layer of ripples . He broke through the heavily warded seal formation space, and instantly departed from the radius of the Greater One divine Lantern . His speed even exceeded the Ye Qingyu who was utilizing the Nether Ghost Body technique .

’’Hahahahaha,’’ Seeing this, Ye Qingyu let out a loud laughter . His previously worried expression was completely swept away . He burst out laughing, ’’Do you think that only the Greater One Sect can plot and scheme? Laughable!’’

Ye Qingyu had long predicted the Greater One Sect would leave many traps for him to fail . For him to rely on his strength alone to save Yu Xiaoxing was an absolute dream .

When he had heard that during the Sword Storm Meeting, the Greater One Sect would show off Yu Xiaoxing to everyone, he knew his chance had arrived . Therefore when he killed Chen Shaohua, he had made his determination to completely cause chaos to the Sword Storm Meeting . But the power of Old Fish's consciousness had unexpectedly exploded, so it did not get completely stirred up . He did not imagine that there would later be a Liu Shaji that would stand out . Therefore, everything had proceeded along the route that Ye Qingyu had hoped for the most .

Before the Sword Storm Meeting, he had secretly placed explosive formations in the Spirit vein underneath the Greater One Sect . When he activated the formations in the Spirit veins, he had risked himself and attracted the attention of everyone . Since the situation had become so chaotic, then all the forces around the Clear River Domain would naturally come and interfere into the situation . Since the Demon Spider Race curse mark on his arm was burning like flames, then the Demon Spider Race was definitely hiding in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to attack!

The Sword Storm Meeting would have fish and dragons mixing together . The Greater One Sect would definitely place Yu Xiaoxing right beneath their eyelids . Therefore the Greater One divine Lantern they saw before them must be an illusion . What Ye Qingyu needed to do was to pretend that had fallen for the trap, then use that to make them reveal the true location of the Greater One divine Lantern . Using such a chaotic situation, Little Nine could then stealthily approach the Greater One divine Lantern to rescue Yu Xiaoxing!

In the air high up .

Ye Qingyu did not pay the slightest of attention to these Guardianlders that had faces the colour of pig's liver pig's liver .

He left out a shout, and headed towards the direction of Liu Shaji and the others on the storm platform: ’’Brothers, quickly, stop!’’

Before he had finished .

One could see that there was a faint silver light that flashed on Ye Qingyu's body, disappearing from the formation .

The next instant he appeared thousands of meters next to Little Nine!


’’How did he escape from there!’’

’’This is impossible!’’

’’Even if the Patriarch is in the formation, he has no way of escaping! Just how did he do so!’’

The eight guardian elders were completely confused .

These people did not know how to react at the first instant .

Everything they had witnessed today was far too unbelievable . Even if they have cultivated for hundreds of years, and had a rich and varied experience, they had no way of comprehending a monster-like existence like Ye Qingyu .

They had naturally not even imagined that Ye Qingyu would utilize the last card up his sleeve that was used to protect his life -------


Thousands of meters away, Ye Qingyu jumped to the back of Little Nine and then held Yu Xiaoxing into his embrace . He spoke lightly to the ear of Yu Xiaoxing, ’’Xing'er, don't worry, I'll bring you away now!’’

Yu Xiaoxing's five senses were sealed away, she could not sense anything that happened in the outside world . But as if their hearts were connected, on her pale wan face, there was a faint smile that appeared .

The silly dog Little Nine let out two barks, and jumped, turning into a stream of white light that brought Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing flying away .

’’Not good, quickly stop them!’’

’’We can't let them escape!’’

’’Quickly chase after them!’’

However, the speed of Little Nine was absolutely abnormal . The others could only stare at his back they could only hope that the thousands of layers of formation on the dome would be able to halt their progress .

The thousands of formations in front of the silly dog Little Nine was completely meaningless in front of him . The dog and the two he was carrying were able to shuttle through these multicoloured shining formations without any restrictions whatsoever, turning into a white little dot in the sky far off in the blink of an eye .

Everyone who witnessed such a scene was completely dumbfounded . At nearly the same time, every expert all had a reaction towards this .

The Greater One Spiritual Master was the very first . He did not have time to order people to take away the formations and restrictions . Forcefully, using his powerful yuan qi cultivation, he activated the Clear Sky Mirror , and continued to chase after through the thousands of layers of formations .

’’We can't let the remnants of the Heaven Wasteland Domain escape . As long as we can capture one of them, we will be able to obtain the domain marker of Heaven Wasteland Domain . ’’ There was a light that suddenly emitted from Nangong Jue's hands, the Life Map high up in the air transforming into a stream of light that struck light that struck towards the thousands of layers of formation . In a blink, there was a crevice that appeared in the formations, and Nangong Jue turned into a stream of violet light that chased after .

’’Hmph, how can we let you have this alone!’’ Hua Wulei's hand seals changed, an arc of lightning shooting out from the Eyes of the Demon God . It headed directly towards the formation sealed space and shot through it high up in the air, and Hua Wulei also chased after it .

’’Haha, I'll also go capture one or two remnants of Heaven Wasteland Domain . Break for me!’’ The Demon Spider Race prince saw this, and immediately called to the other experts of the Demon Race . The black demon qi surged and rumbled, and the divine tool that was hidden amongst the demonic qi broke open the formation in but an instant . A crowd of Demon Race experts turned into a black light line that shot towards the boundary of the sky .

However, the speed of Little Nine was really too fast . The moment that Greater One Spiritual Master broke open the formation, Little Nine had already disappeared in the sky, not even leaving a trace behind .

On the Storm Platform .

The Greater One Spiritual Master left to chase after Yu Xiaoxing and Ye Qingyu . The pressure on Hu Bugui, Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi was immediately lessened .

Hu Bugui, seeing that Ye Qingyu had already managed to escape, let out a breath of relief . With a great laughter:,’’Haha, that little kid can really run fast! Haha, we should retreat too!’’

Saying this, Hu Bugui slapped his stomach .

A grey ball of light came out from his dantian .

Hu Bugui grabbed this ball of light in his hand, and the grey light dispersed . It was a tile piece that had unknown history .

’’Can't let them escape!’’ The leader of the Bright Moon Peak shouted, his aura becoming even more fierce .

The killing intent of the other peak leaders were even greater .

Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi did their best to resist and block all their attacks, in order to create time for Hu Bugui .

Hu Bugui activated his yuan qi . In but a split second, a horrifying energy exploded from that grey tile . A terrifying aura like a mountain pressing down on their heads descended, the weapons in everyone'hands constantly shaking .

The peak leaders that were attacking Hu Bugui and the others were dumbfounded .

’’Just what is this!’’

’’For it's aura to be so powerful, even my weapons have been affected!’’

’’Just what sort of strange treasure is this!’’

One could see the hidden golden light in Hu Bugui's flashing tile piece . In the blink of an eye, the tile transformed into a dim gold flying ship that could carry three people . Hu Bugui, Liu Shaji as well as Nan Tieyi unhesitatingly jumped on it .

In the blink of an eye, the dim gold flying ship turned into a piercing light that broke through the thousands of formations .

The three also disappeared without any traces ----


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