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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 582


Chapter 582

582 - Advent of a chaotic age

On the Storm Platform .

Liu Shaji, Nan Tieyi, and Hu Bugui were currently entangled in battles with the other Patriarch's of the sect . Their situation was precarious and not positive . At this period in time, they had absolutely no way of breaking free and saving Ye Qingyu .

The situation was extremely negative towards Ye Qingyu and the others . They were in a completely defensive state .

At this time---

’’Haha, brother Wuhen, let me lend you a hand . ’’

From the south west skies, there was suddenly a sound that carried with it the aura of an endless ocean .

Nangong Jue's body was completely covered in golden light, like he was a deity armoured in gold . Transforming into a stream of light, he broke through the light barrier and headed towards the direction of Ye Qingyu .


As he acted, a gigantic golden hand covered tightly with formations grabbed towards Ye Qingyu, like it was the claws of a Fiendgod .

At the same time----

’’Haha, Sky Demon Palace is also willing to do it's part . ’’

In the skies, there was a clear male voice that sounded .

The Hua Wulei of Sky Demon Palace also acted at the same time .

The Sky Demon qi was tyrannic . Five or six dark air currents whistled through the air . Like five gigantic snakes that could swallow demons, it swept towards the direction of Ye Qingyu .

The two giant figures, both decided to act at the same time .

They had first coldly observed the battle, and waited for the opportune moment before deciding to act . Evidently, they were not here to aid the Greater One Sect, but mainly wanted to take control of Ye Qingyu .

Right not everyone present knew cleary in their own hearts . As long as they could obtain Ye Qingyu, they would be able to obtain the space market of Heaven Wasteland Domain .

At this time, every major sect would act for their own benefit . They would no longer care about Greater One Sect's face, and to maintain the beneficial relationship between these parties .

The scene became even more chaotic at this time .

In the sky .

’’Hmph, you have stepped over the line . . . . The Greater One Sect can solve this problem on it's own, we don't need anyone to help . ’’

The Greater One Spiritual Master's gaze was sharp, killing intent being aroused inside .

’’Clear Sky Mirror...!’’

As he shouted loudly, his hands lifted the Clear Sky Mirror high up . He activated that divine light, and arranged layers of light barriers . He wanted to keep Nangong Jue and Hua Wulei away .

The hazy bronze divine light from the Clear Sky Mirror immediately enveloped them from all directions .

’’Haha, brother Wulei you don't need to be too courteous . Our Nangong family should help . . . Life Map!’’’’

Nangong family laughed loudly .

With a thought, the fan in his hand swiped around in the air . The map on the fan swirled, ultimately transforming into a pitch black ink-coloured ancient divine map .

This map had white jade as the roller for the calligraphy scroll, and on the roller there were two dragons intertwined and coiled together, with two sparkling red rubies for eyes .

The dragon eyes were currently exploding with two exceptional red light, like fresh blood .

The scroll was slightly yellow, and the contents of the scroll were the landscape of the mountains and rivers of ancient times .

On the landscape of mountains and rivers, there were ancient beasts of all forms and shapes scattered and spread all over the place .

At this time, it was as if the ancient beasts had come alive on this ancient landscape .

The woods of the forest began growing, the water of the rivers began fluctuating . On it, there were countless ancients beasts that began moving, howling and roaring .

Everytime one of the ancient divine beasts roared in the scroll . The reverberations were a sound wave that spread out from within the scroll . The sound was enough to completely shroud the wild beasts and birds deep within the forests and mountains within the Greater One Sect .

The sound wave spread . Those people that were spectating far away covered their ears and fled, but those slower disciples immediately had blood leaking out from their seven apertures, falling to the floor and twitching .

It was as if the stone and mountains on the scroll had come alive . They all left the scroll and shot out . Everyone present felt their conscious being firmly pressed and held down .

Under such a pressing force, the earth quaked . There were many fractures and crevices that appeared on the ground .

This was namely the most precious divine weapon of the Nangong family ---Life Map .

The Palace Master of Sky Demon Palace, Hua Wulei was also within the range of attack . In a blink, he dodged, flashing and heading towards a mountain peak .

’’The Eye of the Demon God!’’

Hua Wulei let out a loud shout .

A golden ball appeared from his right hand that was slowly unfolding .

This golden ball's outer shape was like a resplendent sun in the night sky .

The bright and perfectly round sphere unendingly let out golden rays of light, layer after layer in a continuous halo reverberating out . The air shook, trembling as if it had become became granules of solid form .

Suddenly there was a golden pillar that exploded from within the golden-coloured eyeball to the skies . The huge pillar pierced through the clouds, going straight to the Ninth Heavens .

Above the clouds, anything that touched this pillar of light ,would instantly be annihilated . There was mist floating amidst the dust that was like needles, countless of them, like after an explosion .

This Eye of the Demon God, was once an eyeball of an ancient Quasi Emperor from the ancient times . After the Quasi Emperor perished, they had taken it's eye from its body, refined it, and created a sacred tool . In these thousands of years, it had became the most precious divine tool of Sky Demon Palace .



The terrifying noise of yuan qi clashing against each other sounded .

The bronze divine light of the Clear Sky Mirror was struck by the golden pillar of the Eye of the Demon God . It was immediately like the surface of a lake in the rain, endlessly surging . It extended continuously towards the ground, sparks flying everywhere, rocks turning into magma .

The sound waves emitting from the Life Map as well as the mountain illusion from the bronze divine light and the golden pillar collided . There was immediately an explosion that caused the sealed space as well as entire sky to and earth to unceasingly shake . The formation on the sealed space began rapidly moving and shaking .

Clear Sky Mirror, Life Map, Eye of the Demon God . These three saintly weapons struck at the same time . The light and aura from the collision was enough to cause life on the earth to perish, grass, wood, mountains and stone instantly turning into ashes .

The deep and vast aura from the saintly tools emanated throughout the entire Greater One Sect . The clouds and wind rapidly changed, lighting intersecting each other, the rumble of thunder deafening .

The areas that were within thousands of meters of the clash from the divine tools instantly began collapsing and turning into ashes . In the air, there were unexpectedly crevices and cracks that appeared, and lightning sparks that appeared from friction .

The sects that originally surrounded outside the dome all began escaping and fleeing .

With such forces clashing, if they were not careful and was hit with one of the fluctuations, then even an expert at the Immortal Step boundary would be heavily injured .

Those Bitter Sea and Heaven Ascension stage elders and disciples who were slightly too slow were as if they were sealed and could not moved . The next instant they exploded and turned into ashes .

The air was filled with a mountain of dust and a bloody stench, the situation completely chaotic .


On the Storm Platform .

The scales of victory began tipping towards the direction of the Greater One Sect .

Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi after all had cultivated for less years . Within the younger generation, they were the top level experts, but to contend against the older generation was after all too much . Their yuan qi was expended heavily, and they were at a disadvantage .

Liu Shaji, who used the White Lotus sword to defend, also began to show signs of weakness . His defense was no longer as impenetrable as it was initially .

In this period of time, the three people on the Storm Platform were all in danger .

And it was at this time that a change which no one had expected at all also appeared .




Three massive sound waves exploded, like an explosion echoing in a valley . The entire Storm Platform also began shaking minutely .

The entire heavens were shaking .

What was happening?

Everyone that was participating in the chaotic battle on the Storm Platform or up above in the air did not lessen their attacks in the slightest . Their killing moves still struck out, but a questioning look appeared in their eyes .

’’Hahahaha . ’’

Mad laughter

On the west skies, a gigantic black cloud appeared from out of nowhere . With rapid speed it swept over, the fierce qi like mad raging waves . It instantly enshrouded half the skies, as if night had suddenly descended . Within it, there were some shrill and piercing sinister laughter------

’’Who would have thought those people who would normally declare themselves righteous and honourable would have internal conflicts . . . haha, this is Heaven's will . It was fated that your corpses will be scattered in the while . Hahaha, Feng Wuhen, today is the day that your Greater One Sect will perish . ’’

There was a voice that that sounded out from the cloud that Ye Qingyu and the Greater One Spiritual Master was incomparably familiar with .

Within the black cloud and mist, there were shreds of demonic qi .

The demonic qi was like it had solid form, infecting the surrounding clouds around it . The originally pure and white clouds were completely dyed black by the invasion of the demonic qi . In the blink of an eye, the entire Heavens were shrouded by that black demonic qi . There was no sunlight, and the world was immediately dimmed into a piece of darkness . It was like everyone was being plunged into a long night . Amidst the dark clouds that were as dim as ink, there was a gigantic spider-like figure faintly discernible .

’’It's the Demon Spider Race!’’

There were people that began shouting with fear .

The Demon Spider Race .

The Demon Spider Race had appeared .

There was an evil demonic voice sounding out from the black cloud . It was like a bomb had gone off in the battlefield that was busy chaotically fighting and killing .

Everyone was able feel a surging demonic qi at the same time within the clouds and wind .

Those people that were currently in battle suddenly stopped their movements . They lifted their heads to look at the black cloud in the west .

In the skies .

It was as if in this moment, the black cloud at the sky's edge was constantly sucking in the white cloud . It rapidly expanded and spread .

The next moment, the black cloud was like a tsunami soaring through the heavens amidst a hurricane, overturning the seas and earth . it arrived in an instant .

The cloud constantly began to consolidate, curling and boiling, becoming larger and larger, shrouding the heavens and the sun .

The originally blue sky that was so clear like it had been washed was abruptly filled with black clouds everywhere . A vicious aura surged in the world, turning everything into night .

The vast aura in the air was like an avalanche or the raging sea . Under this, everyone was able to sense an unprecedented pressure .

This sort of darkness did not let through any wind whatsoever . People even felt it difficult to breath, as if the apocalypse had arrived .

The golden light that emitted from the dome that the Greater One Sect had created slowly faded .

The formations on the light barrier was slowly devoured by the black mist . It invaded bit by bit, slowly turning lifeless and colourless .

’’Hahaha, to think that there would be such chaos within the Greater One Sect . The Heavens are really helping me . . . to eradicate the Greater One Sect . Hahaha!’’’’

Amidst the sharp piercing shrill laughter that was like a night's owl cry, a gigantic black demonic spider's claw that was as dark as ink extended from the black demonic cloud . There was tight clusters of red hair that was like blood red steel blades, sharp and bloody . One look was enough to cause one's soul to quiver, as if a demonic killing being from the ancient times had appeared once again .

The huge claw extended towards several formation warships in the skies, and lightly clenched together .


An explosion occurred that was enough to shake the mountains and rivers .

These Greater One Sect formation airships that had been reinforced by top level formations shattered as soon as it was touched by this gigantic claw .

The air was suddenly filled with millions of pieces the remnants of the formation airships . There were some Greater One Sect disciples that did not manage to escape in time and turned into bloody pieces of meat .


An abnormal and tragic strange laughter sounded out from within the black cloud .

There was a layer of blood red that suddenly emitted from the edges of the cloud . The red colour slowly devoured the black cloud bit by bit, the scene in the skies becoming even more abnormal .

The cloud layers that were interlaced with red gradually began to thin . A Demon Spider figure that was enough to encompass all the eight Lotus Peak's appeared in front of everyone .

’’Not good, its the Demon Spider army!’’

The complexion of the Greater One Spiritual Master rapidly changed . The Clear Sky Mirror in his hands shined over .

The Demon Spider beast was surrounded by an endless black cloud of demonic qi, as if the divine light could not affect it at all .

There were millions of soldiers from the Demon Spider army on the back of this demonic beast . There were hundreds of battle drums that beat at the same time, shaking the entire mountains, it's force frightening .

’’Greater One hypocrite, we meet again . ’’

There was a slightly chubby young man that was on the back of the Demon Spider wearing a pure black outer robe . He was laughingly looking at the Greater One Spiritual Master whose expression had greatly altered .

This was namely the young Prince that Ye Qingyu had encountered when he had just arrived to arrived to the Clear River Domain .

He laughingly evaluated his surroundings . Ultimately, his gaze fell on the Ye Qingyu that was imprisoned within that small space .


The strength of this little kid had advanced compared to when he had previously just met him .

Without knowing why, the chubby-faced Prince had a deep impression of Ye Qingyu .

’’Hahaha, Feng Wuhen, today is the day that your Greater One Sect is eradicated . ’’ Another tall and slender youth, both his eyes narrow and thin, hi skin emitting a luster, a Demon Spider prince stared at the Greater One Spiritual Master . He let out a strange ghost-like laughter: ’’Children, kill them for me . Kekekeke, kill all these lowly and scum-like humans . Today we are going to kill!’’

As he spoke .

There were the roars and howls of demon spiders filling the sky .

On the Demon Spider beast that was like a mountain range, there were countless soldiers of the Demon Spider army . They charged forward, transforming into streams of black light advancing forward to sweep the Greater One Sect .

There was also other several giant demon beast behind the demon spider beast . On these giant demon beasts, there was respectively the demon bull race, the demon rhino race as well as the demon scorepion race leaders, elders and their army . They followed behind the Demon Spider race princes and charged in the direction of the Greater One Sect .

There was a mad roar of rage that suddenly emitted a black cloud that was just a hundred meters above the ground . Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, the sound deafening . Hundreds of warships fanned out .

The black warships looked somewhat old, releasing a blood red light and advancing forward uniformly . They passed through the light dome barrier and went above the air of the Storm Platform .

On the warships ,there were figures that wore black armour that did not seem to show any signs of life . It was like they were an illusion, like it was a spirit . There were only two rays of light that shone out from their eyes .


There was layer after layer of a black halos that shot out from the warships to all the surroundings . It was like a ripple that sent out wave after wave of fluctuations .

These myriad of warships completely surrounded the warships of the Greater One Sect . Under the invasion of the black mist, the Greater One Sect warships at the edge was immediately infected by this demonic qi, dissolving .

There were countless flying demonic beats that suddenly surged out from below these warships, fiercely roaring and howling . Their large and blood mouths had drool that was like glue splattering everywhere, as if they wanted to devour the entire world .

The Demon Spider Race army that Demon Spider Prince led had the momentum of an army that would sweep everything away .

A killing battle began just like that, at a time that no one expected .

The surroundings around the Storm Platform was like a fearsomely hot blood prison .

The blood spread everywhere in the Greater One Sect . Howls filled the entire area .

It was not only the disciples of the Greater One Sect . There were countless other disciples from other sects in the Clear River Domain that began to be attacked without any discrimination .

Those humans that had been killed by the army of the Demon Race were thrown casually in the air, then devoured by those somewhat impatient demon beasts as they opened their mouths wide .

A beast that did not catch a corpse in time, it's sharp teeth bit into half the body, the other half of the body falling to the ground . The beast devoured half the corpse into its stomach .

Some demon beasts could not even wait for them to be tossed human corpses . After a brief while, they roared and charged towards the direction the humans were fleeing .

From far off .

The Greater One Spiritual Master, upon seeing this scene, had scarlet eyes of rage . In his eyes was a berserk killing intent .

’’Monster, die!’’

Before he had finished .


The Greater One Spiritual Master activated the Clear Sky Mirror, it's bronze light piercing through the sky . Everywhere it shown, countless Demon Spiders began screaming tragically like they were being burned with fire . They turned into ashes .

But there were far too many Demon Spiders . Even with the Greater One Spiritual Master's strength, even if he activated the Clear Sky Mirror, he had no way of killing it .


’’Protect the sect!’’ The expert disciples of the Greater One Sect, at this time, also all rose to the air and charged towards the Demon Race .

The scene had gotten extremely chaotic .

’’Even the Demon Spider Race has arrived? They've evidently planned this long in advance . ’’

Nangong Jue stabilized the Life Map, his complexion becoming sharp . ’’Brother Wuhen, today I will first fight the Demon Spider Race . I'll settle the grievances with you later in the future . ’’

As> As the family head of the Nangong family, he instantly made such a decision . He no longer entangled himself with the Greater One Spiritual Master, and activated the Life Map and struck towards the Demon Spider army in the air .

The little boy carrying a jade flute, as well as an elder of the Nangong family that was originally waiting outside the domed formation, saw Nangong Jue's action and instantly realized what the family head meant . Without any hesitation whatsoever, they turned into a multicoloured light and followed him . They entered into the battlefield resisting against the Demon Spider Race .

After all, the Nangong family was also a force of the Human Race .

But the Sky Demon Palace did not choose to do such a thing .

’’Hehe, this has become even more interesting . ’’

The Sky Demon Palace Master had a smile that was not a smile . His handsome lips curled up .

He pointed and drew in the air, a strange power activating, and took back the Eye of the Demon God . Stepping on the green flames . In a moment he appeared in the sealed space the people of Sky Demon Palace were in .

Also at the same time, there was suddenly a sword will rumbling in the skies .

Two solo figures appeared in the battlefield .

It was the master and disciple of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect .

The sect leader of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect did not have any expression on his face after his mask was removed . But there was a killing intent aroused in his eyes . His black hair was flying, his clothes flapping in the wind . An invisible sword will power was powerfully dominating in the air, sharp and vicious . His entire person was like a devastating demon sword, his aura so cold it could not help but make one shiver .

’’Old Heaven Devastator, bring your precious disciple and run far off . Perhaps then I will spare your two useless lifes . ’’

In the chaotic battle, a Demon Spider Prince let out an extremely horrifying voice . He gave a warning to the sect leader of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect . His voice was like thunder echoing in an empty valley, unceasing .

’’Hmph, just when did the Demon Spider Race dare to speak to me . ’’

the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect leader let out a snort .


His hands formed seals, and the divine demon Supine Moon Sword behind his back was awakened and flew out .

The next instant, he held the sword in his hands .

The sword light was like the sun, suddenly increasing rapidly . Then he moved casually, his sword striking out from top to bottom .

An inexplicable scene appeared .

Everywhere the sword light passed, the air was like it was a piece of fabric being torn and sliced apart into two . The pitch black cloud in the air suddenly let out a tragic scream . The black cloud was torn and shattered by this sword qi, and there were suddenly clouds in the world that rapidly moved, switching forms mysteriously . There was a massive sword illusion that seemed to be at the peak of the clouds that was born, like it was real, it's silver luster like the apocalypse was about to arrive .

This huge sword glimmer sliced apart everything within the world in the air .

The black clouds that was originally able to enshroud the skies and sun suddenly had a fracture that opened within it that stretched to the boundaries of the skies .

A saintly white light was born from this fracture .

The light was bright and resplendent . Through the crevice in the black clouds, it shined onto the bloody and chaotic battlefield . It was as if this moment the gates of hell had been opened .

The sword shadow did not fade in the air . The incomparably sharp sword will ran rampant . Everywhere it passed, no matter how strong or weak the Demon Race life form was, they transformed into ashes and dust at nearly an instant

Everywhere in the area near the sword qi, the experts of the Demon Race were completely annihilated .

’’Old Heaven Devastator, you really dare to strike against me . . . The Demon Spider Race cannot exist together with you!’’ The Demon Spider Race prince that had previously spoken let out a shrill roar of rage, his face turning vicious and berserk . With his finger as a blade, he cut apart his wrist ,and there was suddenly an extremely slender silver strand that appeared from within his blood vessels .

This strand constantly emitted from the wound, and formed a gigantic silver net in the air .

The gigantic net was like it was as light as a cicada, floating in the air . It instantly enshrouded and wrapped around that gigantic white sword qi .

’’Demon Net of the Heavenly Realm . . . hmph, petty tricks!’’

There was a shred of disdain that appeared in the eyes of the leader of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect .

The great battle of absolute experts, began just like so ------


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