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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 580


Chapter 580

Chapter 580, Trap

The next moment, a sudden strange change took place .

A strange wave pervaded the area and the ground suddenly began to quake, as if something was about to emerge underground . A force that made all experts present shudder was faintly detectable .

But very soon, the slight tremor soon became frantic and violent .

It was as if the whole world was shaking .


A sharp explosion followed .

With the Greater One Sect as the starting point, like a detonator was ignited, innumerable rumbles sounded . It was as though a string of firecrackers had been lit under the ground of the Greater One Sect .

Bright rays of light erupted along the path of the spirit veins beneath the Greater One Sect .

Ye Qingyu actually incited the spirit veins underground!

The location of Greater One Sect Monastery was precisely where the dragon's vein of the spiritual veins was within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles . No one knew how many years it had been converging here, but after nurturing from the successive generations of Greater One Sect Masters, it contained unimaginably horrifying power . At this moment the majestic spiritual qi that had been accumulating for tens of thousands of years swept up like a tsunami, taking the form of a turbulent current to strike the sky above .


A scene like the collapse of the sky appeared .

The turbulent current of spiritual qi caused by the explosion of spiritual veins underground tore apart space and disturbed force fields .

The countless floating peaks that in the sky that depended on the strength of the spiritual veins to float suddenly lost support and collapsed like a meteor!

Numerous formation airships in the sky were also impacted by the turbulent current . They instantaneously lost control and thier formation was disrupted, becoming like a little leaf floating in a hurricane . On the airship, Greater One Sect disciples cried out for help and experts attempted to forcibly stabilize the ship;however, airships were one after another struck in the air, exploding in flames like fireworks blooming in the night sky .

’’Abandon the ship!’’

’’It can't be protected . . . ’’

Countless Greater One Sect disciples had no choice but to abandon the ship to save their lives .

The scene had become extremely chaotic within a flash .

The Greater One Sect disciples on the ship were immediately thrown into confusion;the scene before them had made them lose the will to fight . In their mind was only the thought to escape the life-millstone-like force field!

On the Storm Platform .

The headmasters who were still fighting fiercely were both shocked and furious .

’’How could that be?’’ a headmaster roared .

’’The underground dragon's vein . . . how could this little bastard possibly trigger the underground dragon's vein?’’ another headmaster roared, his eyes cracking .

’’Quick, quick rescue . . . heavens, the monstery is going to be ruined . ’’

’’No . . . ’’ a Greater One Sect disciple roared hopelessly .

This scene, for the entire Greater One Sect, was an absolutely unbearable disaster . The monastery had been operating for thousands of years . Watching the chaos before them, they did not know how many floating peaks had fallen . However, it was most likely more than half of the floating peaks within the Greater One Sect had collapsed to the ground from the explosion of the spirit veins .

In the midst of the violent rumble, smoke and dust rose into the air . Gravel shot in all directions, like a sandstorm, shrouding the space within a radius of tens of thousands of meters .

The entire Greater One Sect was in utter chaos .

While Ye Qingyu, who had caused all this chaos, had already taken the chance to launch an attack .

He took this opportunity to quietly approach the space where the divine lantern that imprisoned Yu Xiaoxing was!

’’How dare you, you madman! Die!’’

A guardian elder noticed someone approaching, immediately howled, and stopped him in his path .

Ye Qingyu had been discovered .

But he was well prepared .

’’The Ghost Shadows of Hell!’’ With a low yell, Ye Qingyu's already swift figure suddenly unbelievably increased speed, transforming into a number of ghost-like shadows, so fast that even Immortal Step experts could not capture his movements .

Almost instantaneously, he easily avoided the guardian elders' attacks .

’’What?’’ a guardian elder exclaimed .

His eyes blurred for a moment, and everywhere seemed to be Ye Qingyu's shadow . His mind went blank, whether it was his consciousness, yuan energy, or eyesight, he failed to capture the presence of Ye Qingyu in the slightest .

’’How could this be?’’

Another guardian elder was also about to attack, but failed to find the target .

Ye Qingyu's figure was like a ghost, transforming transforming into a stream of flowing light that was constantly switching locations in the high altitude with a strange trajectory and rapid speed . Wherever he flashed past, a wisp of his residual shadow was left behind .

’’What sort of speed is this?’’

’’Could it be that . . . an expert of the Immortal Step stage?’’

The eight supreme guardian elders of the Greater One Sect were incredibly powerful, their strength comparable to the several headmasters . They were similarly Immortal Step experts, but they could not even capture the movements of their opponent .

’’Break it!’’

Ye Qingyu's voice simultaneously sounded from hundreds of different directions .


A blue chain was cut off during the light noise .

This blue chain was constructed from an unknown material . It extended across from the talisman markings at the foot of the eight guardian elders to the Greater One divine Lantern . The mysterious formations covered the entire chain and exuded a dangerous aura .

It was through this chain that the eight guardian elders were able to control the Greater One divine Lantern, able to control Yu Xiaoxing . If the situation turned critical, they can even reduce Yu Xiaoxing to ashes with one thought .

So in order to save Yu Xiaoxing, Ye Qingyu must first break these eight chains .

But to simultaneously break these eight chains at the same time, so that the eight guardian elders cannot react in time, was too difficult, unless he possess speed that defied nature .

Fortunately, Ye Qingyu was able to .

This was thanks to a fast body technique called the [Ghost Shadow of Hell] from the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] .

The technique of the [ Ghost Shadow of Hell] was from the same origins as the secret formation [Flash] . It was also one of the Fiendgod formation seals of the ancient bronze book . So long as he instilled yuan qi energy, Ye Qingyu could instantly possess ghost-like speed like a Fiendgod, surpassing the limit, and almost walk in the air Of course, like the talisman seal [Flash], there were certain time-restraining limits, and it was not possible to use it again in a short period of time .

Ever since Ye Qingyu had been preparing to rescue Yu Xiaoxing, he had started cultivating numerous techniques of the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] . He had almost read the entire ancient book in order to select a few of them for cultivation . cultivation . And one of them was the [Ghost Shadow of Hell] .

And this technique, which claimed that not even the ancient demons could cultivate, had indeed met the requirements of Ye Qingyu .

In a flash, before the eight guardian elders could react, the eight blue chains had all been severed by Ye Qingyu .

’’This is bad! We lost control of the divine lantern!’’

The guardian elders screamed out when they discovered the chains were cut off .

’’Protect the divine lantern!’’

The next moment, the eight elders, at the same time, performed hand seals, shooting out golden seals in the direction of the Greater One divine Lantern, and the surroundings of the Greater One divine Lantern was covered by a faint golden light canopy .

The Greater One divine Lantern was revealed before him again .


Overjoyed, Ye Qingyu reached out to grasp the Greater One divine Lantern .

In a moment he will have grabbed hold of the edge of the lantern and rescued Yu Xiaoxing from the inside .

However, when his hands caught the edge of the divine lantern, a strange change occurred


Like a small bubble had suddenly been popped and disappeared in the void, the lotus-shaped lantern that was exuding a faint blue light suddenly dimmed and vanished in the air!

Together with Yu Xiaoxing .

As if everything was a mirage .

Ye Qingyu was startled for a moment .

The next second, he understood everything .

’’This is bad! It's an illusion, a trap!’’

Ye Qingyu knew he had been fooled .

On the faces of the eight guardian elders, the panic expression suddenly faded, turning into a sneer . As Ye Qingyu reached out to grasp the Greater One divine Llantern, they did not advance closer, instead flew back to a distance of a hundred meters away from the Greater One divine Lantern . Their figures flickered and changed . The eight people once again stood in formation .

A new formation that was already planned was appearing again .

The silver formation markings underfoot were shining with a dangerous aura, like silver snakes winding around their feet, and in the void within a hundred meters was a cobweb-like bizarre formation emerging .

Ye Qingyu stretched out from the center of this strange formation!

At the same time, the space within a hundred meters was suddenly distorting .

Like ripples, tens of Greater One Sect experts exuding dangerous auras were beginning to appear .

These people had>These people had long been hiding in the void, and after appearing, each person's body was faintly flashing with silver formation markings, which linked together with the formation seals of the eight elders .

The surrounding space was instantly completely isolated .

Even if he was faster, there was no way he could escape from such a confined space .

Trapped in the formation, Ye Qingyu was trembling with fear . He attempted to operate the [Ghost Shadow of Hell] body technique to escape;however, it seemed as if the space within the formation had solidified . He activated the body technique to its peak state, transforming into a virtual shadow that flickered and constantly changed in the formation, but simply could not break out, as though time and space had both been frozen .

’’It's a trap . . . Bad!’’

Ye Qingyu gritted his teeth . . .

’’Hahaha, you fell into our trap!’’

’’Who are you? How dare you save the evil member of Heaven Wasteland?’’

’’Hey? It's Tian Huang . . . When did the Thunder and Lightning Sect collude with the evil members of Heaven Wasteland?’’ A guardian elder recognized Ye Qingyu .

Ye Qingyu, who had lost his speed concealment, was instantly recognized in such a space .

’’Why ask him so many questions, kill him!’’

Someone yelled out .

The Greater One Sect hated the Thunder and Lightning Sect to the bone, and naturally did not have any good opinions of Tian Huang .

The eight guardian elders were incessantly activating yuan qi outside of the formation, and the dozens of masters within the formation were erupting with qi, constantly attacking different locations of the formation with a strange rhythm .

Ye Qingyu's figure flickered as he depended on the technique [Ghost Shadow of Hell] to evade the constant onslaughts .

But the effect of the [Ghost Shadow of Hell] was also weakened within this formation, and he was almost struck by the seemingly disorderly and chaotic attacks several times .

While constantly dodging the attacks, Ye Qingyu sensed the aura of the Greater One divine Lantern again .

At a high altitude of beyond a thousand meters .

The Greater One divine Lantern appeared once again!

’’That's is the real Greater One divine Lantern!’’ Ye Qingyu finally understood .

Within the divine lantern, Yu Xiaoxing, who have had her five senses sealed, wore a calm expression on her face, sitting quietly like a weak white flower, drawing pity from others


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