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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 435


Chapter 435

By the time Gao Han brought Zhou Daiming back, his wife nearly could not believe her own eyes.

Her entire family did not know Gao Han. They had only seen that Gao Han had worn official garments, so she had bitterly begged him as a desperate measure. After, Gao Han had left, and the wife of Zhou Daiming was completely heartbroken. She felt more and more that there was no hope, so her heart had died.

But she did not imagine that this person would really be able to bring her son back.

"Ming'er, Ming'er, you've returned. Did they hit you..." The wife shot forwards.

"Mother, I'm fine, I'm not even harmed." Zhou Daiming's face was swollen and bruised, but he did not suffer serious injuries. As he placated his mother, he constantly wiped his tears.

The two gave their heartfelt and sincere thanks and gratitude towards Gao Han.

"Lord, are you currently investigating the beast-like actions of the Brute Race? I'm willing to risk it all, I am willing to be witness. I am willing to do anything you say..." Zhou Daiming came in front of Zhou Daiming, his attitude one that of completely sacrificing himself.

He was after all an instructor of a martial dojo. Normally, he conversed with others, and therefore knew a little bit about how the empire currently was, and his thinking was also nimble.

Therefore, Zhou Daiming went out. The Gao Han who he had never seen before was willing to save himself, perhaps there was only one possible reason for this. And that was something to do with the Brute Race, and it was possibly related to the conflicts of the higher echelons of the different factions in the capital. If such a civilian like him was swept up into such a battle, then he would instantly be crushed into powder.

But seeing the three corpses lying in the main hall of his family, Zhou Daiming did not care about anything. Even if he was utterly crushed, as long as he was able to obtain justice for his grandfather, his grandmother, and his pitiful younger sister, then what did it matter if he died?

Gao Han smiled.

With his experience and insight, just how would he not be able to see through the true thinking of this young man.

Patting Zhou Daiming's shoulder, Gao Han smiled, "The way the [Light Palace] does things is only the right thing. As long as we are clear on this, we do not need to waste our breath on the opposing parties. Take care of your parents, don't go and fight any pointless and meaningless battles. My Lord will give you justice."

Zhou Daiming was taken aback.


Coming out from the Zhou family, Gao Han once again investigated the families of the girls that were ruined according to the information he had received beforehand.

There were girls that had been ruined by the Brute Race envoy group.

As he investigated family after family, the rage in Gao Han's heart was nearly on the boundary of explosion.

Out of the five girls, three had died. The girl of the Zhou family had killed herself by drowning in the river, while the other two were killed on the spot by the Brute Race. Of the other two, one was still currently unconscious and comatose and the other was the only girl of her family. She was carefully watched by her family, and had already attempted to take her own life tens of times, but was just saved by her family...

These five families were all originally complete and happy commoner families. Although they could not be said to lack for nothing, but they were like many citizens of the empire. They lived on strongly, and had the little happiness that belonged to them. But such a little happiness was brutally and mercilessly destroyed just like that in an instant.

Gao Han carefully investigated the details of such a matter. With fury in his chest, he returned to the [Light Palace].

On the way, he once again encountered many experts of the military as well as the leaders of many of the patrols camps responsible for different districts. They were currently investigating the whereabouts of the [Matchless Blade King] Qin Zhishui everywhere. Some of the gangs and sects within the capital had already been completely chased to a mess. A secret location that belonged to the Matchless Blade City within the capital was already broken apart by the military. But they were not able to capture the successor of the Matchless Blade City…

Within the capital, there was a strange aura of complete chaos and unrest.

Returning to the City of Light, Gao Han asked to see Ye Qingyu at the first instant.

Sitting at the edge of the stone palace, Ye Qingyu finished hearing Gao Han's description. The rage in his heart also could barely be suppressed.

After carefully thinking it over, Ye Qingyu made his decision. "It's nearly been a year. It's time for us to show our fangs. Otherwise people might really think that our [Light Palace] is really useful for nothing. Those people of the Brute Race are ruthless and unreasonable, and they come here after winning a war against the capital. This is the time when their sense of self will inflate the most. Even if we want to discuss peace, no good result will come with discussing peace with the Brute Race such an attitude. This time, I want all seven of the Envoys of Light to act. I want you to kill all those Brute Race soldiers who commited a crime, to break the arrogance of those Brutes. Make them know that this is the capital of the Human Race and not the den of the Brutes. We will absolutely not allow those Brutes to do as they please."

Gao Han was delighted as heard this. "I will carry out your orders."

After carrying out the investigation on the girls who had been ruined, the thing that he was worried about was that Ye Qingyu would care about the overall situation, and choose to sacrifice these girls without doing anything. If it was like this, he would be helpless. But he had not imagined he would take such a hard stance.

Such a decision unquestionably suited Gao Han's heart the most.

Gao Han increasingly felt that answering Ye Qingyu's summons and coming to the [Light Palace] was an incomparably right decision.

As for angering the group of Brute Race envoys, as well as some officials that were backing the peace negotiations, and his safety afterwards?

Gao Han did not consider too much.

Shedding his passionate blood, advancing forward, this was the temperament of a martial expert.

Those who humiliated the Human Race must die.

Balancing the situation was something that the higher ups should do. But shedding blood because of righteous anger was something that a martial expert should do.

After receiving the order, Gao Han quickly turned around and left. Suddenly thinking of something ,he turned around to regard Ye Qingyu. With hesitation, "Lord, you can already..."

Ye Qingyu knew what he was going to ask. "It's good that you know."

Gao Han became increasingly excited, turning to leave.




A ray of light shot out from the direction of the [Light Palace]. Like a comet in the daytime, it pass through the sky, attracting the gazes of countless people.


The air exploded.

The Brute Race of the envoy group, was also startled.

"What happened?"

Tens of Brute Race crowded over, coming to the center of the courtyard. An ice sword was stabbed into the stone tiles, constantly vibrating. And on the body of this ice sword, there were three seals---

Order of Light!

In a flash.

The ice sword was respectfully handed to their superiors.

The great tent of the commander.

A tall figure, a young man with a perfectly proportioned body was sitting behind the huge dragon chair.

He seemed to be around twenty of years age, wearing a dragon headband, his hair the colour of scarlet fire, that draped down from behind his ears like that of a waterfall. It was as if he was burning in flames, having a natural air of authority around him. He had a warrior's overcoat cloaked over him. Even when just casually sitting there, he emitted a noble aura that belonged solely to an expert with high status.

This person was Jin San, the leader of the envoy group of the White Mountain Black Water.

But what made people be taken aback was that this famed leader of the [Berserk Horned army] Jin San, was that his body was much smaller than a normal Brute Race warrior. He was around two meters tall, and was somewhat similar to a strong human martial expert. His muscles were not as exaggerated as a normal Brute Race soldier, and he did not possess the rampant wild and rough aura of his Brute Race. Instead, he seemed somewhat elegant and gentle.

""Order of Light? That should be the legendary Palace of Light. Haha, is someone about to take action?"

Jin San faintly smiled, a strange light flickering in his eyes.

The other Brute Race officers in the great tent did not understand the meaning of their commander. A tiny little ice sword, to think it dared to pierce towards the area of the envoys so obviously? Those little bastards of the Human Race, were they looking to die again?

"Commander, those humans are pretending again. I think that we'll have to show them how amazing we are. I'll break this tiny little ice sword..."

A Brute Race expert that was like a small giant suddenly stood up with a roar.

Jin San smiled, "You go try."

"Haha, I'll try, I'll try..." The little giant took large strides forward. He grabbed the silver ice sword from the hands of the soldiers, a power exploding from his palm, wanting to crush the ice sword into pieces.

But he was perplexed to discover that in the hands of a normal soldier, this ice sword did not seem extraordinary. But as soon as this Brute Race expert held it in his hands and wanted to expend strength to destroy it, a faint silver light as well as a terrifying cold qi, exploded.

In the great tent, the temperature rapidly dropped.

"Ah..." The Brute Race soldier who was holding the ice sword let out a scream of shock .The power of the Brute Race magic power exploded, and tattoos like armour appeared on the surface of his body. It turned into light that surrounding his body, wanting to crush the ice sword.

But the next instant, white frost covered around his body, wrapping around his entire person. It surrounded his tattoos in light, freezing it also. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into an ice sculpture!

Through the thin layer of light, one could still see the conflict of fear and anger on the expression of this little giant.

The little ice sword held in his huge hands still emitted a faint silver radiance.

Within the great tent, the complexion of the Brute Race experts all changed drastically.

An increasingly piercing cold qi began to emit from the silver little word. They could clearly see, on the ground, that the ice patterns were like beautiful and fatal silver snakes. It seemed slow, but they crawled extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, there was silver frost covering the entire ground of the tent, as well as the table, the chairs, and the canvas of the tent behind them.

Such a terrifying ice cold qi was enough to make their hands and legs feel numb and stiff.

The silver frost on the ground had nearly constricted their hands and legs. Any movements of the Brute Race experts, would be many times slower than normal.


"Heavens, is this... an ice realm?"

The Brute Race experts all fluctuated the brute magic power, but it seemed they could not entirely block the cold qi.

In less than three breaths of time, the entire great camp had turned into an ice case. Icicles that were like blades and swords, grew from the ground, piercing towards everyone.

The Brute Race experts were plunged into chaos.

Only the expression of Jin San behind the huge dragon table did not change.

"I heard the [Light Palace] of the Human Race was given to an inexperienced little kid, and was not a worry. From the current situation, it seems that we have underestimated the new Palace Lord. This Order of Light is him showing off his fangs!"

He faintly smiled.

And blew lightly with his mouth.

A tiny little kindling flew out from his mouth.

Instantly, warm aura spread out, pushing away and dispersing the cold qi in the tent. All the ice patterns and frost instantly disappeared from the ground, the walls, and the bodies of the people. The Brute Race experts all shivered, it was as if everything they had just experienced was just an illusion.

On the ground, there was no signs of the ice that had melted left behind.

There was only the Brute Race soldier who held the ice sword. He was still in the center of the tent, in the form of a sculpture.

The kindling that blew from Jin San's mouth slowly and steadily headed towards the direction of the ice sculpture.


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