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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 434


Chapter 434

"Lord, please, I beg you, you must save my grandchild. He did not do it deliberately, he really did not do it deliberately..." an old woman with silver hair seemed as if she had just seen her saviour. She knelt in front of Gao Han, hugging his leg, as she bitterly begged.

This was someone from a normal, commoner family.

Four days ago, her family of six had lived in poverty. The grandfather and grandmother, although late in their years, but their body was hardy. And Zhou Xiong was a somewhat famous beast doctor out of the surrounding streets, and his eldest son was a little instructor in a martial dojo nearby, and was still unmarried. His youngest daughter was following another person learning medical arts, and was a somewhat famous beautiful female beast doctor around the area...

But nightmare descended.

When the little girl followed the old master out to practice their medical arts, they had encountered several Brute Race soldiers. She was ruined. The girl, with a passionate personality, did not even return home before she committed suicide by drowning herself in the river. By the time she was trawled out from the water, her corpse had already stiffened...

The old grandfather, after hearing this, died from anger.

The grandmother also died similarly a day after...

The eldest son of Zhou Xiong was also driven crazy by anger.

The whole family reported these Brute Race soldiers, but in the end, no minister was willing to receive their case. They were even beaten as they were thrown out, one of Zhou Xiong's leg being broken. His eldest son went to fight with his life against those Brute Race soldiers, but before he could even reach the Brute Race soldiers, he was stopped by the soldiers of the patrol camps. There was conflict, and in the end, he was captured by the people of the patrol camps.

A family like this, where several days ago they were still living in harmony, talking and laughing with each other. But right now, there was white hung all around their courtyard, with signs of filial garments everywhere. It was tragic and terrible, three icy corpses being placed in the main hall. The head of the family, Zhou Xiong, was fainted on the stretcher, and his wife had grown a head of white hair overnight like an old woman, being plunged into despair.

This was Gao Han following Ye Qingyu's orders, as he went to investigate the girls of the Human Race that had been ruined by those Brute Race soldiers. This was the situation that he saw when he visited the courtyard of the first family!

The housewife, in her despair, evidently regarded Gao Han as her last shred of hope. She hung with her life at the leg of Gao Han as she bitterly begged.

After all, Gao Han wore the armour of the empire.

"Madam, speak slowly. How is your son? Where is he?" Gao Han quickly knelt down, his tone gentle as he asked.

The wife of Zhou Xiong continued on slowly and brokenly.

Gao Han nodded his head, saying, "Leave this matter with me. Don't worry, I will bring your son back. Is your son called Zhou Daiming? Don't worry, nothing will happen to him..."

After reassuring the incomparably terrified woman, he looked at the little courtyard that was icy cold like a cemetary, looking at the paper money floating in the cold wind, looking at the three corpses lying in the main hall, the fury in Gao Han's heart nearly could not be suppressed anymore.

Those damn Brute Race, as well as those soft boned ministers of the empire!

As he left the courtyard of the Zhou family, he could not help but turn around and have a look. Seeing the icy cold despairing gaze of the woman that was like a dead person, his heart could not help but feel pain.

In a chaotic world, commoners were like ants.

With the weakness of the empire, the tragic situation of the Zhou family was only one of the troubles that would be encountered by countless pitiful families. The Zhou family that was situated within the capital would encounter such a disaster. Then what about those civilians who lived in territories that had been possessed by the Brute Race and the Demon Race ,just how terrible would their fates be?

This was something that Gao Han did not dare think about.

In such chaotic times, would there really be a true hero who truly had the power to reverse the tides?

Gao Han could not be sure.

The cowardly attitude displayed by the ministers of the Empire caused the hearts of countless martial experts to grow cold. Gao Han had humongous hope and expectations towards his own Lord. If, under such a situation, there was someone who was willing to stand out, then Lord Ye would definitely be one of such persons.

"If the person that is truly able to reverse the tides is the Lord, then..."

There were such extravagant thoughts in Gao Han's heart.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance in the street in front of them. A group of patrol camp soldiers on horses were madly rushing, and what followed behind them were fully armoured soldiers, their spears like a forest. They were currently searching for something...

There were also passerbys walking briskly by.

"What is this? What has happened?" Gao Han grabbed at a passerby that was currently frantically walking by.

The passerby struggled for a bit, but did not break free. He was about to curse, but then he saw the government attire on Gao Han. His complexion immediately changed, "Perhaps you do not know, but the [Matchless Blade King] Qin Zhishui has appeared. He has killed countless Brute Race soldiers in West city. right now, all parties has been disturbed, and the patrol camps and the military has sent out experts that are currently working to capture him."

[Matchless Blade King] Qin Zhishui?

Gao Han was taken aback. He had not heard that he had arrived in the capital

Why had he suddenly appeared?

And to think he would have killed Brute race soldiers...

Gao Han suddenly smiled, then loosened his hand. That person then ran off.

Haha, the successor of the Matchless Blade City was really iron blooded. It must be the Brute Race in the West city asking for their own deaths by setting up an arena. It was unknown how they had incited this reaper of death. The rumour said that Qin Zhishui hated the Brute Race the most. In these days, outside the capital, he had killed many Brutes in the three great provinces of the North East.

His gaze swept past the soldiers of the patrol camp, saying hiddenly in his heart: These people enjoyed the taxes of the commoners and the wages such provided, but they could not do their duty, and instead aided the enemy. To think that they would go kill such an iron blooded man for those Brute Race that deserved to die!

As he thought of this, he quickly came to the outside of the main patrol camp.

"Who is it? Stop!"

The soldiers on guard shouted.

Gao Han showed the badge that displayed his own military position, and indicated his intent. The soldier quickly rushed to notify.

In a while, another young leader of the soldiers came out.

The head of the patrol camp's gaze swept up and down Gao Han. sneeringly, "Someone from the [Light Palace]? Haha, it's been tens of years, but it's still my first time hearing someone from the [Light Palace] coming out to do something. Envoy of Light Gao, is it? Why have you come here, what do you want?"

Within his words, there was a heavy hint of mockery.

The [Light Palace] had gradually fallen for tens of years. It had long lost it's might and authority of the past. That was why even a tiny head of the patrolling soldiers would dare to be so rude and disrespectful towards the Envoy of Light.

Gao Han once again spoke of his intent in coming here.

"Oh? You want to bring someone away." The head of the soldiers had a fake smile. "That Zhou Daiming is a great criminal, he committed a grave crime. Right now, he is held in the prison of the great camp. Without the order of my lord, I'm afraid you cannot bring him away."

"Haha, you are really extremely arrogant. I am under the orders of the Lord of the Light Palace, Ye Qingyu, to bring a person away, even someone from the Imperial family would hand over a person," Gao Han said coldly. "You are only the leader of a tiny little patrol camp, but you dare to act big in front of me. Do you know that the [Light Palace] has the power to first execute then report? If you dare stop me, even if I kill you, you will have died in vain."

The heat of the leader of the patrol camp suddenly shivered.

Then he instantly began sneering, "You don't scare me, i want to see..."

Gao Han broke his words apart. "I'll count to three. If you don't go and bring him out, then don't blame me for being discourteous... one!

The complexion of the leader and the surrounding people greatly changed.

At this time---

"I want to see just how many guts do you have and how you are going to kill my people?"

An angry and authoritative voice resounded from within the camp. Qi shot out from all around, its might incomparable. This was namely the commander of the patrol camp, the voice of the [Purple Eye] Du Heng.

At the same time, an incomparably strong energy began exploding and spreading out.

The face of Gao Han changed.

It was not that he was afraid of Du Heng.

Such a level of energy was not enough to frighten [The Fisherman of Han River].

But if he really caused trouble, would it bring trouble to his Lord?

This was what Gao Han was worried about.

He was about to say something, when another voice sounded without warning above the air of the new recruit training camp. It was like a great bell that began resounding---

"The [Light Palace] has hidden itself for a hundred years, and there are already people who have forgotten the authority it had in the past... do you want to see? Gao Han, then let them see. Go take the person, whoever dares stop you, kill them without question!"

This voice suddenly appeared.

But Gao Han could instantly tell just whose voice this belonged to.

The Palace Lord.

What was this situation, that the Palace Lord was able to come out?

Different from Gao Han's mad joy, all the people of the patrol camp, including the commander felt shock in their hearts. They were able to sense a vast and invisible energy, appeared above the camp. It was as if there was a deity staring downwards from another realm, his might instantly enveloping the entire camp. Such a feeling was like if there was anyone who dared to make any move, there would instantly be heavenly fire and thunderbolts descending, destroying the entire camp!

[Purple Eye] Du Heng remained silent.

He of course could hear that voice.

That voice was something he could not be familiar with.

And the owner of that voice was something he could not be more familiar with.

An uncontrollable hatred and desire for vengeance began madly boiling within Du Heng's heart.

At that instant, he wanted to rush to the skies and strike.

But he ultimately held himself.

Because the pressuring aura he could sense from the air was enough to make him shiver. It was not something he could handle with his current strength.

He had investigated Ye Qingyu countless times.He had searched for his weakness countless times. This had caused Du Heng's knowledge of Ye Qingyu's actions ever since he came into the spotlight to reach an understanding a bystander could hardly understand.

This person was a madman.

This was Du Heng's judgement towards Ye Qingyu.

He was a madman that dared to do anything.

He had not imagined that the madman who was imprisoned within the [Light Palace] without any way of escaping, to think he would have been able to escape?

In this half a year's time, the power of this madman had grow too terrifying.

If today he really forcefully stopped them from taking the person away, then perhaps there really would be a killing that would descend upon the patrol camp of the Northern River. No matter what the end result of that would be, he would likely be in danger of being killed.

Furthermore, Zhou Daiming was only a character that did not matter. It did not account for much if he handed him over.

The attitude of the [Light Palace] right now, was it to help the worm like commoners to vent some of their frustration? Haha, very good, if such a burning problem was received by the [Light Palace], this was the best result.

Du Heng sat within the commander tent, but he ultimately did not appear.

But through the window of the great tent, he could still see Gao Han bring Zhou Daiming away.

Such a submissive stance towards Ye Qingyu, made him incomparably furious.

But there was nothing he could do

At that instant, Du Heng suddenly realized, that although he wished he could killed Ye Qingyu for vengeance for the battle that day, but right now, he could already pose absolutely no threat to Ye Qingyu at all. He did not have the right to be his opponent anymore.


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