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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 321


Chapter 321

Chapter 321, Great opportunity

’’These are some scribbles of Luo So when he was bored. Before his Dao was truly complete, he lived here in seclusion for a period of time. Once he reached the pinnacle of his Dao, this place was abandoned so of course this is not his real palace.’’

The mysterious person explained and then as if he thought of something, he shook his head and smiled.

’’But these books...’’ Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that in each book there was boundless power surging within, like a legendary level martial arts book.

The mysterious man nodded. ’’These books are the works of Luo So when he was at his most confused and lost time of his life. The content is incomplete and some of the things recorded in the books possess demonic attributes. If these were to circulate around or fall into a sinister person's hand, not only would it not benefit the Human Race, but would bring disaster to the people and endless terrible, consequences.’’

So this was it.

Ye Qingyu vaguely understood something.

’’This palace is actually a land of death. After Luo So reached the peak, he planned to destroy these books, but they books are the fruits of his blood, sweat and tears. Unable to part with them, he set up a formation, stashed away these books and hoped that one day the formation martial path of the Human Race would flourish and the future generations would not need to rely on his research's success to dominate the world. At that time, these books can finally see the world and can be regarded as a stage of exploration and understanding. But now it seems that after Luo So, nobody of the future generations can reach his former glory. It seems that these books will have to be permanently stored here.’’

The mysteriously man did not hide anything from Ye Qingyu, answering his questions one after another very patiently.

’’The land of the death? But along the way, we had not come across any killing formations, the plaza and...’’ Ye Qingyu was puzzled again.

The mysterious man smiled. ’’If I had not come, let alone the sea of blood, you would not have even passed the 18 fog zones,’’ the mysterious man said, ’’On this road, there are death traps everywhere. Ordinary people would be left at the door and if someone forced their way in, they would be instantly crushed to pieces. There had been strong people from other tribes that followed the clues and forced their way in, but were ultimately left to disintegrate into bones in the sea of blood. I took a look at the hub mirror of the imperial palace. Ever since Luo So closed the palace, there has only been one person who has been able to enter so far and remain at the entrance to the divine palace.’’

Ye Qingyu listened intently, breaking into a cold sweat.

It turns out that there are such things behind the so-called gate opening of the [Base of the Formation Sovereign].

’’The person that elder talked about had managed to enter the shrine?’’ Ye Qingyu asked curiously.

’’On the entrance of the shrine, did you see two scarlet formation markings on the stone gate?’’ the mysterious man asked in response.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

’’The person of a different tribe that broke into here was considered a brilliant genius, especially in the formation martial path. His talent and skills were not inferior to Luo So, but unfortunately when he attempted to enter into here, he had not yet reached his pinnacle. The death traps along the way had erased many of his skills and so when he finally arrived at the entrance to the palace, he could not break in and his path back was sealed. In despair, he engraved two blood demonic markings on the stone gate of the shrine, that could produce an endless stream of demonic beasts, but also with his own energy and blood as source, he reversed the order of [Fog of Annihilation] to constantly send out demonic beasts. He eventually died at the entrance of the shrine gate. ’’

The mysterious man explained.

Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something.

Although he had seen various runes markings along the way, he always felt that the two blood coloured rune markings on the stone gate exhibited a different strength and aura to the blue rune formation light markings on the public square. No wonder this was the case. They contained a strong stench of blood and decay. It turns out that they were not left behind by the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So himself.

That strong person of a different tribe is indeed a genius;he could combine his own blood with rune formations, engraving a rune formation marking that could produce an endless stream of demonic beasts. This method is like nature creating life from out of thin air, a skill only a supreme deity or genius demon possesses. It could be imagined what level of strength and cultivation this person had reached.

A genius like that was ultimately destroyed by the formation that the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So set up, which is enough to show how magnificent Luo So's skills were.

No wonder that the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, a total of eight existences, could support the existence of the Human Race in the huge world over thousands of races.

Thinking about the past, the ancestors of the Human Race were so accomplished and domineering.

But now?

Not matter how Ye Qingyu considered, there was another issue.

If this was the origin of the demonic beast horde, then why would they madly attack Deer City after leaving the 18 fog zones? Could it be that, hiding in Deer City, there is something related to the genius of the different tribe that the elder mentioned?

Moreover, that day when he was defending the city, the attack of the silver dagger from the demonic beast horde, what did it represent?

Ye Qingyu did not hide anything and spoke out all the confusions on his mind.

’’Oh? That happened?’’ The mysterious person was also a little surprised to hear about this. ’’The dagger you talked about, do you have it? Let me take a look.’’

Ye Qingyu took out the small silver sword and handed it over.

The little sword was suspended in front of the mysterious man.

In his eyes, there was a strange light roaming around, before falling on the body of the little sword.

Very quickly, the mysterious man shook his head and said, ’’It's just an ordinary spiritual weapon, the casting technique is peculiar, but it should be the works of a modern casting master. The several rune formations on the inside are the most suitable to launch a surprise attack. It's not an ancient object, and should have nothing to do with the demonic beast horde. It's possible that someone is using the demonic beast horde as cover to do something secretly.’’

He finished speaking, then the small silver sword slowly floated over to in front of Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu withdrew the dagger, nodding, ’’Thank you for elder's guidance.’’

The insight and judgment of the mysterious man would not be wrong.

Then that meant the origin of the silver sword was not related to the demonic beast horde. It was just that someone used the demonic beast horde as a cover to do some dirty things, but to be able to use the berserk demonic beasts as a cover and to silently do something like this, then the strength of this person must be strong. He should not be underestimated.

As for the battle when his parents died defending the city, the trail seemed to have been broken at this point.

He thought that he would be able to discover the truth regarding the death of his parents from the [Base of the Formation Sovereign], but it seems that Ye Qingyu was misled from the very beginning. This place and the death of his parents were not related at all.

Knowing this, Ye Qingyu did not know whether he was disappointed or relieved.

’’Little friend, time is almost up, there is one last opportunity. I protected you and obtained this opportunity. This place is about to once again escape into another time and space,’’ the mysterious man stated.

Ye Qingyu looked puzzled. ’’Last opportunity? Elder means...’’

The mysterious man gave a slight smile, pointing to behind Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu turned around, but could only see Little Nine and Little Silver floating silently in the space of the shrine, two of the most noisy fellows looked to be in a deep sleep, calm and peaceful, eyes closed and breathing steadily. But what was the most surprising was that strands of light yellow vapour that were visible to the naked eye were flowing out from the books on the forest-like bookcases and silently penetrating into their bodies.

Ever since entering the palace, Ye Qingyu had repeatedly encountered unexpected things and was frequently astonished, especially after seeing the mysterious person he was too excited that he was unaware of the two little guys' unusual condition.

’’These books, although they are the works of Luo So before he reached mastery, but Luo So's strength at that time was already at the level of a miracle. Even if he left just a scrap behind, it would hold the essence of the Dao. It has drifted in the waves of time and space for countless years. It has passed countless places of densely concentrated natural yuan qi, and obtained the natural Spirit qi from that domain. For a martial cultivator, such a power is perfect. It was the thing most suited and was known as the Origin Crystal of the books. If you were able to absorb just a tiny bit of it's power, you were sure to benefit,’’he mysterious person said.

Ye Qingyu's heart was suddenly pounding with excitement.

This was indeed a great opportunity.

The books in the shrine, which had existed for at least millions of years, had almost become spiritual beings. The spiritual energy inside, whether in force or thickness, is far beyond the power of ordinary crystals. If you can absorb this energy, it is basically equal to obtaining the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So's inheritance. It is absolutely the dream of countless people, but...

Ye Qingyu took a deep breath and said, ’’Elder, if I can further the level of yuan qi another step that would be the best, but my inner yuan cultivation is already not stable, it is as though I had taken a shortcut to arrive at this level. Previously, I already felt that the strength of my body could not match the inner yuan. If I take another shortcut at this time, most likely... most likely my foundation would be unstable, and will inevitably, inevitably...’’

’’Hahaha.’’ The mysterious man laughed. ’’Good, to be able to keep your true heart when facing this opportunity, it is rare, but had you forgotten that at the beginning of entering the shrine, you had endured the wrath of the deity punishment of thunder and lightning? What do you think that is for? Test your physical strength now.’’

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

It was only now that he had realized the changes within his body. He slightly moved his limbs and immediately there were the crackling and booming sounds of thunder coming from his bones and muscles, as though there was a steady flow of thunder and lightning roaming around his body. A kind of weak and numb feeling emerged, but immediately faded away. Moving his fists and feet, there was a feeling that he only felt before when he transformed into the sky dragon.

But this time, he did not transform into a dragon.

It turns out that the deity punishment of thunder and lightning was to enhance his physical strength.

He suddenly realized why the mysterious man said that there was one main reason for him to come to this moving imperial palace this time. It was for him. Indeed, this time was the same as the last time in the cemetery of the Snow Dragon when he obtained the [Supreme Ice Flame], that if not for the help of this mysterious elder, he would have been reduced to ashes by the deity punishment of thunder and lightning, and it would not have been so easy for him to strengthen his body.


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