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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 286


286 - Eye can't be saved.

After Ye Qingyu and the others left, the Proud Sky Center gradually became more and more alive.

The martial alliance meeting, according to what was first advertized, was estimated to be held for three days.

Apart from the challenges of the arena, there were still large amounts of mercantile activities still to be concluded. Li Qiushui, Zhao Shanhe and the others wanted to completely demonstrate the authority of the sects in the challenges of the arena. Afterwards, the sects would become the leader and control the whole alliance. But before the first afternoon of the day had even finished, all the dreams of the sects were completely crushed.

Right now, there wasnearly complete numbness in the minds of everyone from the sects.

The power that Ye Qingyu exhibited had fiercely broken the belief the sects had towards their own power.

In the past hundred years, although the Snow Empire had founded their own dynasty and the power of the army were throughout the lands, but the people of the sects were still immersed in the dreams of their personal martial strength. In the hearts of everyone in the Jianghu, the existence of the rule, ’’The matters of Jianghu should be settled in the Jianghu' created a sense of superiority and formed a belief that they were separated from the control of the Empire's laws. They thought they were not bounded by the rules whatsoever and they were completely immersed in such a lofty position.

The Snow Empire was powerful, but the people of the Jianghu were not under their control.

Perhaps this was the truest and most honest thought of many people from the Jianghu.

But the battles on the Arena of Life and Death today had completely crushed their sense of superiority.

This happened especially during Ye Qingyu's merciless and piercing tirade. Like a razor blade, it had cut apart all the defences in the hearts of the Jianghu people. The most straightforward and brutal way was used to destroy their sense of superiority. They originally wanted to refute such accusations, but they increasingly discovered their words were so useless and powerless in front of Ye Qingyu.

’’So Gao Han and the others did not die...’’

’’Marquis Ye really showed mercy...’’

’’In truth... when comparing the two parties, this Ye Qingyu really can't be counted as a butcher. At least he is open and upright, and acts truly to his emotions. If the matters are true about Zhao Shanhe and Li Qiushui, then their methods may really be too underhanded!’’

’’The matters today, really... are out of our expectations.’’

’’So this was the truth behind the recent chaos in Youyan Pass.’’’’

’’To inject demonic poison into the bodies of innocent people and turn them into demons. And then to capture them and force them onto the Beheading Demon Platforms to scam the bounties of the Empire. Such actions, are really despicable.’’

’’The Three Sects and Three Schools? Haha, such a way of doing things is really too sinister.’’

After remaining silent, the crowd began discussing events.

There were many matters that you would only believe as the truth if you see it with your own eyes and begin to think for yourself.

The people of the Jianghu who were able to survive until now were not idiots. At the beginning, they were from the opposing party so they would obviously be somewhat biased. But after they saw these matters, they began to realize that the people and forces on their own side were that kind of people. They could not help but reflect on such matters.

This was especially so when they discovered that Gao Han and the others had not died. Such a scene was too shocking for them.

Ye Qingyu was not as bloodthirsty as the rumours say. At least he would show mercy to those truly righteous heroes. There were many people of the Jianghu who suddenly felt that perhaps they should not really become enemies of [The Leaf of Youyan] and the entire Youyan army.

If they were really like Gao Han and the others and did things according to morality and the rules, perhaps they would be accepted by the Youyan army?

There were many people that became hesitant.

The Water Ray Arena on the Bright Moon Lake was quickly repaired.

The battles would still continue.

Grudges still had to be settled.

But there was not too great of an interest on this anymore.

The mercantile transactions between the surrounding organizations had begun. The large merchant companies and financial organization could finally participate in their long awaited event.

There was no longer anyone in the number one Xian Pavilion.

The successor of the War God, Ye Congyun had departed.

The [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing, the little scholar boy Xing'er and that mysterious and unfathomable white dressed scholar had left.

And in the other Xian Pavilions, the young leaders and old elders of the tops sects evidently did not have the face to stay in Proud Sky Center after experiencing such matters. They all departed.

For them, such financial transactions already had no meaning.

For such a genius like Ye Qingyu to be born from the Empire;his wings were fully formed and he soared in the heavens. In one battle, he had completely transformed the situation that the sects had painstakingly cultivated for the last fifty years into a popped bubble. This was the most important matter. Especially the disdain and amenity that Ye Qingyu had displayed towards the sects. For all the sects of Jianghu, this was an exceedingly important information that needed to be passed on.

If such a peerless person forever held such an attitude towards the sects of the Jianghu, even the top sects needed to find a way to deal with him.

The strategists within the sects would definitely evaluate and consider the information exhibited within this battle.

Whether Ye Qingyu's forcefulness also represented the attitude of the Empire was also something they needed to consider.

That mysterious scholar who had scared away the old ancestor of the Crepe Myrtle Sect with a sentence, evidently was someone from the Empire.

The information contained from all their actions was enough to make many sects troubled.

The [Pill God of Snow Country], Dugu Quan situated in the number nine Xian Pavilion was in an exceedingly good mood. He walked out of the pavilion with a wide grin, bringing alongside him his two grandsons as well as Song Jiannan and Song Qingluo. He casually walked around the merchant areas of the Proud Sky Center and would often exchange a few words with some familiar people.

Dugu Quan's status was exceedingly high and his official position was also greatly respected. He became the focal point anywhere he went. There were many people who felt greatly honoured to even exchange a few words with the Pill God. After the higher ups of the great sects and Ye Qingyu left, the [Pill God of Snow Country] became the center of the crowd.

The Dugu Tianxin who was raised as the next successor for the Dugu Organization, under the introduction of the old Pill God, was able to make friends with the leaders and managers of the large organizations. He performed very well and was very eye-catching. His demeanor was both elegant and well-mannered, and obtained many people's approval.

As for the hedonistic Dugu Dixiu, he willingly blended in the background to exhibit his brother's excellence even more. He would just occasionally have a word or two of discussion with Song Qingluo, worried that they would neglect this young girl.

The others who saw this thought that she was Dugu Dixiu's female companion, so they were also respectful towards her.

The Song Qingluo right now had a feeling where she was within the clouds and mists. She felt the same as if she was stepping on the clouds;there was a sensation that the ground she was stepping on was not real at all.

When Ye Qingyu's sword broke through the heavens and sliced apart the arena, Song Qingluo had already lost the ability of the thought.

The white-clothed figure in the skies had never seemed as far away as he did before.

In that instant, this beautiful girl suddenly understood, that her previous fellow student was no longer someone of the same world as her.

He was high up and above, mysterious and excellent. He was so prodigious that one could not regard him directly.

And herself?

Apart from a good looking outer shell, there was nothing at all that she had that could compare to that youth.

She remembered the time at White Deer Academy, when she had intentionally wanted to distance herself from Ye Qingyu. And how she had forcefully requested Ye Qingyu to stay away from Song Xiaojun. Just how laughable was she?

And thinking of the evaluation of Han Shuangfu, Bai Yuqing, and the others, and how they had made things difficult for Ye Qingyu, just how childish were they?

And that young girl called Jiang Xiaohan. She was once the childhood playmate of Ye Qingyu, but she had no eye for quality at all. Because of short term gain, she made things extremely difficult for Ye Qingyu in secret. For such an ambitious girl, if she knew everything that had happened in Proud Sky Center today, would she be crying with regret?

By the side, Song Jiannan was smilingly interacting with the people from all sorts of large organisations.

The Song Jiannan who was from a merchant background was exceedingly well-equipped to handle such situations. Borrowing the status of the Dugu Organization, others also gave him face. He laughed and smiled, and the Song Jiannan who recently had always been worried and haggard seemed as if he was in his prime.

Song Qingluo bitterly smiled in her heart.

Without Ye Qingyu, perhaps the Song family would already have been over?

Ye Qingyu had never overtly said anything about such a matter. Because she was once Ye Qingyu's classmate, they had ascended to the heavens in one step. Her father's current glory, when compared to the authority of Ye Qingyu, was so illusionary that it was not real. Without basis at all, it was so far away from reality.

The events of the past kept flashing constantly in Song Qingluo's head.

Her entire person seemed somewhat distracted.



’’What happened?’’

Ye Qingyu's face was ugly to behold.

Bai Yuanxing lay on the bed, his eyes covered with a white cloth. Li Shizen had already made some preliminary treatments, but the injuries caused by the space thunder was something a normal doctor could not heal. There would constantly be blood seeping out. The White Horse youth was currently in a deep state of unconsciousness.

Jin Ling'er was sleeping by the bedside.

Wen Wan's face was also ugly to look at, somewhat embarrassed and guilty, ’’I was too careless.’’

The [South West Robber King] had switched to a clean pair of clothing. He would occasionally curiously evaluate Ye Qingyu. At this time, he already understood that the handsome young man that seemed exceedingly young was a truly important person. And that bearded and muscular man that was so strong it was ridiculous, was the subordinate of that white-clothed youth.

So this was the rumoured Marquis Ye.

He was somewhat different from his imagination.

Outside the tent, [The Fisherman of Han River] and the others waited patiently.

’’The wound has already been treated. But the injury is greater than imagined. Normal medicine has no effect. The eyes of this child most likely can't be saved, in the future...’’ Li Shizen let out a sigh, feeling sympathetic for Bai Yuanxing's situation. He was under twenty and followed beside Ye Qingyu. He originally had an unlimited future, but his eyesight was ruined.

His eyes can't be saved?

As Ye Qingyu heard this, apart from feeling stunned, there was sadness uncontrollably welling up within him.

Why was it like this?

Did Little Silver not say everything went well?

Then why would Bai Yuanxing suffer such heavy injuries.

But seeing the state of Jin Ling'er and Wen Wan, Ye Qingyu knew that he could not blame them.

’’Grandfather Li, are there any other ways?’’ Ye Qingyu asked, recovering.

Li Shizen shook his head with a sigh.

Ye Qingyu fell silent. He suddenly thought of something, a hope rising in his heart. Turning around, ’’Old Wen, quickly invite brother Dugu to come here. Perhaps he will have a way.’’

Wen Wan eyes brightened.

That's right.

Dugu Quan was the [Pill God of Snow Country]. Perhaps there was some kind of medicine that could help.

Answering, Wen Wan quickly departed.

Ye Qingyu held Bai Yuanxing's wrist in his hands, his yuan qi entering into the body of the youth to detect the state of his injuries.


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