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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 275


What shattered in the pieces along with the cauldron, were the hearts of the numerous Sect disciples next to the Bright Moon Lake.

The [Desolate Heaven Cauldron] was extremely famous in Jianghu. Wang Ping's authority and status was also extremely high within the top sects. In the eyes of many normal Jianghu disciples, Wang Ping was an existence akin to an immortal. His [Desolate Heaven Cauldron] had defeated many famed experts.

But for such a person, controlling such a cauldron, when he struck Ye Qingyu's cauldron, it was like egg hitting a rock. It had shattered immediately.

Could it be that they were mistaken?

Countless people had the same thought at the same time, that they had witnessed something incorrectly. They could not help but rub their own eyes, continuing to look again.

However, even when they looked again, it was still the scene of the [Desolate Heaven Cauldron] breaking into pieces like wooden logs. Seeing countless pieces of the cauldron falling to the ground, seeing the look of shock and fear on Wang Ping's expression, seeking his body shaking and falling, his mouth opened wide, his face hideous and despairing as he retreated.......

An instant of collision was enough to determine victory in an instant.

Wang Ping's defeat, came even faster than Zhao Chuan's.

This entire process seemed to happen in the spark of a flint. Before everyone around them could even react, a white frost like rage of the death god, had already covered Wang Ping's entire body. For a person who just lost their linked Treasured tool, the rebound effect from this was enough to make him heavily injured. Not being able to stop Ye Qingyu's continued offence, was normal.....


Wang Ping opened his mouth wide. The moment the reaper arrived, his originally confident and mocking face, had a look of plea when he turned towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu looked towards him.

There was not the slightest hint that he would show mercy.

’’Cough, cough.....Marquis, I.....’’ Wang Ping struggled to say an entire phrase.

But Ye Qingyu's remained as merciless as he was at the start.

’’In these tens of years, you should have been able to reach the Bitter Sea stage long ago, but you couldn't. Do you know why this is?’’ Ye Qingyu looked at him. ’’You've done so many immoral things, that your conscience is unsettled. Your martial heart cannot be complete, so naturally your strength cannot advance futher. You call yourself the righteous sects, but the things you did, will it cause you nightmares in your dream? On the bed, filled with cold sweat?’’

Wang Ping had a fair of despair and hatred.

’’You should have long died. The world is filled with tragedy, filled with injustice and rage, because there are too many people like you.’’ Ye Qingyu came to Wang Ping's ear, saying lightly: ’’Go in peace, you won't be alone. Those who are plotting and scheming in Youyan pass, those who turned civilians into demons for their own use, those whose conscience has already turned bad, I will not let even one of them off. Soon, very soon, I will send them to meet with you down beneath.’’

The sounds stopped.


The corpse shattered.

The revered elder of the Deer cauldron sect, perished just like that.

The [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] above Ye Qingyu's, automatically absorbed the pieces of the Desolate Heaven Cauldron inside it. Like eating something, in an instant, all the pieces were swallowed by the cauldron.


Ye Qingyu was shocked.

This time he had utilised the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] because when Wang Ping had brought out the Desolate Heaven Cauldron, the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] who had always been slumbering in his Spirit springs, emitted a faint shred of consciousness. As if it was seeking to do battle.

Could it be that the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] had always had the intention to absorb the Desolate Heaven Cauldron?

There seemed to be some strange connection between the two.

As Ye Qingyu pondered, he activated the [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth cauldron] and absorbed the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] back into his body as it transformed into a ray of light. It once again slumbered in his Spirit springs, being nourished by the clear Spirit water as it floated.

There was a contented feeling, like a child that had just eaten its fill, that emitted from the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron]. This was detected by Ye Qingyu.

Tool Spirit?

Could it be that there was a Tool Spirit that was not completely grown yet hidden within the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron]?

Ye Qingyu was stunned.

But everything could not be confirmed yet, he would have to slowly observe and see.

At this time, there were countless people speechless at the suroundings of the Bright Moonlake. This included the people of the Xian Pavilion, there were shock in al their faces. There were people who stood up, staring disbelieving at the Water Ray arena.

Zhao Chuan's death, was within reason.

Gao Han's defeat was outside their expectations but it would not make them feel pained.

But Wang Ping's death, truly and utterly shocked them.

The central experts of the top sects knew clearly just what kind of Treasured tool the Desolate Heaven Cauldron was, this was a famed destructive weapon even before the Snow Empire had even been truly founded, when Heaven Wasteland domain was still in the age of sects. In the top fifty rankings of the Heaven Wasteland domain, it was a treasure enough to enter into the top twenty.

Wang Ping's fame, had partly belonged to the Desolate Heaven Cauldron.

For such a treasure, to be completely broken by Ye Qingyu's cauldron that was like a wooden toy.

The small cauldron that he produced, just what is it?

This was especially so for the experts of the Deer Cauldron sect. Seeing the small little cauldron, their eyes all glowed. They all used a cauldron as their tied cultivation tool, so they knew clearly the important of a good cauldron. If they were able to obtain the cauldron in Ye Qingyu's hands.....

In truth, this thought occured to not only the people of the Deer cauldron sect. Other experts of different sects also wanted to possess it.

To be able to destroy and crush a treasured tool like the Desolate Heaven Cauldron, just who would not want to obtain it?

Ever since the martial path of the human race had prospered, the competition for treasures of the world were cruel. There would always be a rule that never fell into disuse. As long as a reverent treasure was born, what followed soon after were bloody rivers and cruel killings.

There were some people who already had such intentions.

But Ye Qingyu still continued, still challenging people.

’’Luo Sansheng of the Crepe Myrtle, come up and die.’’

The cold voice sounded out everywhere throughout the Bright Moon Lake. The hearts of the surrounding Jianghu people could not help but jump.。

It was unknown just when it occurred, what battle is was. But the bright and beautiful Bright Moon Lake seemed to have became dark and sinister. The golden coloured Water Ray was the same as a icy and cold executioners platform. What was illuminated by the sunlight was a graveyard. From the beginning, the cold and emotionless voice, was like the voice of a reaper announcing the next person.

Whoever was challenged, would die.

On the seating area of the Crepe Myrtle sect, the Luo Sansheng who was named stood up.

He had a sinister face on his face, but he was not surprised. He did not have anything to say to Ye Qingyu challengeging him, or any other expressions. He slowly walked out the seating area, walking above water, step by step to the Water Ray arena.

Countless gazes once again focused on the arena.

Song Qingluo also began nervously paying attention to the battle that was about to begin.

She looked towards the arena. The expert of the Crepe Myrtle said something to Ye Qingyu, holding a white coloured cloth in front of him. There was a strange faint smile that appeared on his face, then you could see Ye Qingyu's face that suddenly grew as red as a volcano erupting. It was the first time that she had seen such an incomparably angry expression from Ye Qingyu....

An incomparably terrifying power, began to exploded from the arena.

This violent and berserk power was like the rage of an avalanche or tsunami.

This elder of the Crepe Myrtle called Luo Sansheng, was like a status of sand in front of a explosive snowstorm. He instantly became a speck of snow. Under such an explosive power he disappeared like a wisp of smoke....

Song Qingluo's eyes opened wide.

The Dugu Dixiu by her side also had wides eyes.

As well as the leading expert of the Dugu financial organisation.

As well as the people of the sects surrounding Bright Moon Lake.

As well as the top level existences sitting in the main seating area of the Xian Pavilion.

Dugu Tianxin had his mouth gaping wide open as he looked towards the Water Ray arena.

He was from a merchant family, but he had practiced martial arts since he was small. Although he could not be said to be any martial prodigy, but under the nourishment of all sorts of Spirit herbs and pills, his cultivation speed was extremely quick. All those who had a grandfather called [The Pill God of Snow country], would eat many pills that aided one's cultivation. The reason he was not famed in the Jianghu was because he acted rarely, he had always relied on the guards of the family to solve matters.

But even so, he ws able to tell, just how terrifying the power that exploded from Ye Qingyu's body was.

Behind Dugu Tianxin, Dugu Quan squinted his eyes. His eyes beneath his snowy white eyebrows, had a strange light flickering in it.

Within the number one Xian Pavilion.

The successor of the War God, Ye Congyun's eyebrows raised. What he wanted to find out even more, was just what the elder of the Crepe Myrtle sect Luo Sansheng had said to Marquis Ye. Why would he become so violent and enraged? Even from afar, Ye Congyun could sense such emotions clearly and distinctly.

Such a feeling, was like the instant of rage a divine dragon emitted the instant it's inverted dragon scale was touched.

It was only that Ye Congyun did not see, at that instant, a little silver little dragon that sneakily left without any noise whatsoever through the water. It followed along the ground, and finally came to the shoulder of the [Painting Saint], Liu Yuqing without anyone noticing.

Everyone's gaze, was still attracted to that berserk and enraged figure on the Water Ray.

’’Zhao Shanhe, Li Qiushui, scram up the arena.’’

Ye Qingyu's voice, held a killing intent that was filled with rage and fury.

This time the people he named, was the most excellent and prodigious successors of the Three Schools and Sects. They were the geniuses that sat in the Xian Pavillions. They were the names that younger generation of the Jianghu revered as deities in the last thirty years.

And he had named two of them at once.

Li Qiushui.

Zhao Shanhe.

These two, both of them was an unshakeable existence.

Had Ye Qingyu gone crazy?

Or could it be...

He really had a method, that could be used to defeat the two martial god like existence among the Jianghu's younger generation?

Such a possibility, was extremely low.

Within the Xian Pavilion.

Li Qiushui and Zhao Shanhe, stood up immediately at the same time.

With their status and position among the sects, to be named and challenged directly at the same time, was a huge humiliation. This was no different to slapping them directly in front of them on both sides of their face.

Li Qiushui eyebrows rose, a hand holding the bannister.

Within his body, there was the vibration of blades sounding out that sounded throughout the heavens. It caused the surrounding people to cover their ears, it was terrifying like the voice of a demon.

There was tiger stripes appearing on Zhao Shanhe's face, his face seeming like it was transforming into the head of a gigantic tiger.

Two great experts, were enraged.


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