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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 265


Chapter 265 - Heaven and Earth's Abnormal Phenomenon

Wen Wan couldn't help but burst out laughing when he saw Dugu Brothers flustering.

’’Alright alright, just call me older brother Wen. As Ye Qingyu has become friends with your grandfather, we are friends as well.’’ Wen Wan finally spoke up these sincere words.

’’Sincerely thanks Uncle Wen.’’ DuGu TianXin, who was still being courteous, calling him uncle.

In any case, 'uncle' could be at least considered as a senior.

This was one kind of courtesy.

However, Wen Wan's face immediately darkened as soon as he heard that word, ’’Call me Older Brother...., uncle what, do I look that old?’’

Bai Yuanxing sneakily went outside. He also remembered that Marquis Ye didn't like people calling him uncle but older brother. At the first look, they were indeed teacher and disciple. Maybe Marquis Ye's occasionally wicked interests were influenced by General Wen.

Dugu Brothers instantly beamed out a smile.

At this moment, these two brothers had also figured out that this man with side-whiskers has a hobby of creating troubles. But his personality is not bad though. Moreover, judging from his tone, he obviously knew our grandfathers. He mustn't be an ordinary person. Luckily, our behaviors have always been courteous, and didn't do anything rude or extravagant.

Song Zhi 's pack of scoundrels didn't have any escape routes. One by one were all beaten to death.

’’I'll definitely teach these lowly bastards a lesson. They almost made a huge mistake this time. Miss Song, please forgive us.’’ DuGu DiXiu respectfully bowed to Song Qingluo to apologize. After hearing his servant's description, DuGu DiXiu was entirely covered in cold sweats. If this damn Song Zhi were really to implement his evil intentions, grandfather might have broken off his legs. After all, he was the one who took this doggy Song Zhi.

Among two Dugu brothers, DuGu DiXiu had a talent in business. He really had an ambition for this field. His working style was also proper. DuGu DiXiu was quick-witted. He liked to dress up more than his brother, tease birds and trick dogs. Normal days, he usually indulged in play, but didn't have any wicked ambitions. He just enjoyed playing. However, this Song Zhi and his scoundrels, the hunting dogs that he was raising, had almost caused a big trouble this time.

’’No, no. . . Young master Dugu, don't be ceremonious. I am fine.’’ Song Qingluo hastily said.

She was well aware of the status of the opposite party. This also added up to her luck, which was way beyond her imagination. In a short amount of time, this could be considered as her lucky star. The mind of this bright young girl was entirely in chaos.

’’Stop saying these nonsensical things.’’ Wen Wan said dignifiedly and seriously. ’’Miss Song wants to get a qualification to get into the Genius Garden. Tell me if you guys, Dugu Brothers, can help her or not.’’

Song Qingluo was startled when she heard this. Her heart throbbed. She was afraid that her opponent might not be willing to help.

DuGu TianXin chuckled then said, ’’This small matter is absolutely no problem. How many people do Miss Song want to bring in? Let's do like it this. I will directly prepare a merchant group to take over a golden post and directly give Miss Song a second-class stall. You can bring in 30 people. May this possibly satisfy Miss Song?’’

’’Ah, really?’’ Song Qingluo couldn't believe her ears.

Before, her father had experienced countless cold and sarcastic treatments, been through numerous hardships and difficulties, when it actually only just took half an hour, at the most, to get the qualifications to enter the Genius Garden. She didn't imagine DuGu TianXin would have also offered them a golden post, let alone a second-class stall. . .

’’Absolutely yes.’’ DuGu DiXiu hurriedly added up, ’’Even if it is a first-class stall, we, Dugu Clique can also help Miss Song get it. However, in this business area, it requires at least a Spirit Weapon as a protection of the booth. Not to mention, there will be many generations with unusual backgrounds, Miss Song will have hard times adapting to such environments. Therefore, my older brother has chosen the second-class stall. If Miss Song isn't satisfied, please tell us. . .’’

’’Ah, no no no, I am very pleased, thank you, thank you young master Dugu.’’

Song Qingluo was indeed happy to the point of almost crying.

This was really like you could wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet by a lucky chance you might have found the lost thing without even looking for it.

She was originally desperate. She didn't think that she would have a turning point amidst her search for a new road in mountain. Everything was immediately solved, not to mention that it was beyond her expectations.

’’Miss Song, please don't be too ceremonious. It just happens to be in my reach.’’ DuGu DiXiu said with a respectful attitude, ’’You are Senior Ye's lover. It is our brothers' pleasures to help you. . .’’

Song Qingluo's face instantly got red. Her face was like on fire. She was too embarrassed till the point she wanted to hide in the ground.

However, for no reason, this young girl's heart got some sweet feelings.

When she was about fourteen or fifteen years old, which was the age of having first love. At the White Deer Academy, Ye Qingyu had shown his unbeatable demeanor, elegantly beat up other White Deer Academy's geniuses. Due to his common background, not to mention the fact that Ye Qinyu always came and went alone, other people were barely able to approach him. He had a quite close relationship with Song Xiaojun. Song Qingluo somewhat had a good impression on Ye Qingyu. But she didn't get a chance to express her gratefulness.

Who knew in less than a year, the young man back in her old days, who she had a crush on, had been way out of her league regardless of her noble position in the White Deer Academy. . .

Song Qingluo suddenly felt that her own bewildering little sister - Song Xiaojun, instead, was the soberest one among those disciples.

’’No. . . We are just. . .’’

Song Qingluo lowered her head. Her voice was as small as a mosquito's sound. She was about to explain something but still couldn't speak out in the end.

Her words hadn't been finished yet, when suddenly


An eccentric energy was erupting without any sign from the northwest direction.

This was an extremely eccentric kind of feeling.

There was as if an extremely majestic intimidating power, which bare eyes couldn't see. It was erupting intensely into the void. Song Qingluo somehow felt that her heart had collided with some kind of formidable spiritual power. In a blink of an eye, she almost screamed out.

Then she saw clouds were rolling in the sky.

Then in a blink of an eye, all the masses of clouds disappeared completely.

There seemed to be an Angle's hand, which was carrying an invisible broom swiping across the sky. A clear azure sky came up, which had never happened before.

This mind-blowing beauty left behind an indescribable fluttering feeling inside Song Qingluo's heart.

’’What is happening?’’

She turned her head to look at the other people around.

Dugu Brothers were also frightened. Each one of them wore a puzzled look on their faces.

’’There is a powerhouse that has succeeded in breaking through.’’ The middle-aged man with a fair face and long side-whiskers, who was standing beside the two brothers, also pulled off a bewildering face. His face was full of shock, which happened when someone met a God. He opened his mouth wide, looking towards the Northwest direction.

’’That is. . .’’

The teasing face of Wen Wan was immediately replaced by a frightening one with a faint trace of doubt.

This time, another explosive sound came up again from a distant place.


Dust were transmitted here from the Northwest and a giant stone shot up to the sky.

A streak of flowing light flew across toward the sky.

This sight looked like the one with a giant stone going into a vast ocean. The extremely blue sky was suddenly in a stir with layer upon layers of air ripples. An invisible rolling air wave surged out the originally calm deep blue void. The tranquil sight was abruptly in chaos. Everything in the sky seemed to be shattered into pieces.


A strong wind came up in the heaven and earth.

In a split of a second, Sun and Moon had lost their lights. A freezing-to-the-bones cold radiated several hundred li's (0.5km).

In the flowing-cloud sky, a layer of white clouds suddenly covered the entire sky. Strong winds swiped across the layers of clouds. White clouds were like endless insane waves raging on. The meteorology was changing nonstop. After that, numerous dazzling snowflakes fluttered down from the sky.

’’Snow falls?’’

There was a person yelling.

This was the end of spring. Even though the Youyan is located in an icy-cold area, it was still very rare to see snowfall.

Snowflakes were scattering everywhere in the Youyan Pass.

Then an unfathomable sight appeared. Each layer of the cloud sea in the sky suddenly contracted, which was as if there was a giant whale sucking up all the water in three-breaths at a time, condense then changed into a glaring halo. Inside the halo, there was a figure appearing vaguely then immediately disappeared. The sky became blue again, which looked like a radiantly clear gem.

A bright sun came up.

The sun shone warmly.

In the sunny weather.

Snowflakes were fluttering everywhere.

The dazzling snowflakes reflected sunlight, emitted five-color halos, which made them look like a bunch of five-color elves dancing in the air, extremely magnificently. Everyone, who had witnessed this scene, was put in awe by this enchanting sight.

’’This kind of phenomenon was the sign of a powerhouse breakthrough. Don't know which genius has stepped into the Sea of Bitterness Stage?’’

The middle-aged man with a fair face and long beard surprisingly asked.

He, himself, was also an extremely well-known martial arts powerhouse. But this was the first time he had witnessed this sight. The previous shaking energy was clearly the energy from a person who had just stepped into the Sea of Bitterness Stage. The place where such a divine phenomenon happened was truly sensational, definitely not like a mortal's place.

It was not only him.

Countless powerhouses inside the Youyan Pass were all suddenly panic-stricken.

The Crepe Myrtle sect, Deer Cauldron sect, Violet Seven Stars sect, Dragon Tiger sect...

These places were the bases of the top sects. The arrogant and young disciples from these Sects were all frightened looking up to the sky. They were guessing which sect this genius belonged to, that who could make such a critical move at this moment.

In the Pass Lord residences.

Lu Zhaoge's expression was complicated.

Liu YuQing was standing in front of the window of the military council pavilion, stroking his beard and smiling.

Behind him, Xing'er was puzzlingly looking at the sky full of snowflakes, reaching out his hands. A single snowflake fell into his palm. It was a little cold, but quickly melted into a drop of water, which was like a pure crystal reflecting countless colors under the sunlight.

On the highest level of the Hundred Herb Hall

There was a strange group of lotus fires emitting from Du Gu Quan's palm.

’’Ha ha ha this kind of energy. . . That's right. It is him. I haven't mistaken him indeed.’’

. . .

At the Genius Garden's entrance.

Song Qingluo was dazzled all of a sudden.

A young man in jade-like white clothes with black hair appeared.

The young man had a slim and long body. His face was handsome. His eyes were profound like an ocean of stars. His brows slanted upwards. His dark hair was dark and thick. There were flowing lights between strands of his hair. He wore a long white gown, which was like a thousand-year snow mountain, completely white. There was a silvery dragon hair pinned on the bunch of his long black hair, which added up to his indescribably natural self-confidence.

It is him!

Song Qingluo's heart suddenly beat faster.


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