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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 258


Chapter 258 - The Breach Army Slaughter Sutra

Ye Qingyu could feel the energy waves in the night sky, on the other hand, he also naturally responded to it.

In the Pass Lord residence.

Lu Zhaoge was watering the flowers in front of the log cabin.

Under his devoted care, these kaffir lilies became greener, grew taller, exposing a faint trace of happiness.

For these past few days, Lu Zhaoge had completely recovered. His complexion was looking well. His energy was like the Sea Abyss Eyes, totally recovered to its normal old state, which showed no further signs of being injured.

To such a powerhouse like him, he just needed to expel those two strange damaging forces out of his body. Recovering was just a matter that happened in a blink of an eye.

Under the dim light of the night, a rune lamp was set upright to illuminate the whole area of the back garden.

The grass was supple, the greenery was limp.

Lu Zhaoge was wearing an extreme outfit with a vulgar gown. His sleeves were rolled up. His gray hair was tied up by a cotton rope. His feet wore sandals, which made him look like a carefree and complacent flower farmer. There was a calm and peaceful energy around him, which had no sign of a military slaughtering energy.

On the other side.

In the back garden under the night sky, Ye Congyun was performing a strangle body-bulding cultivation technique, one move after another.

He was naked. His muscles were flaring red, which were as if they had been burned by boiling water. Each move, each gesture was stretched. There was an eccentric aesthetic perception emitting from them. These moves seemed like they were making every single muscle in his body flow rapidly as if there was a small mouse running underneath his skin.

He was really quickly covered in sweat.

A dense white fog was hovering around his body. His sweat evaporated and released a big heat power.

’’That is good enough, let stop for a while.’’ After he had finished watering, Lu Zhaoge put the watering can on a side, and waved toward sYe Congyun.

’’Yes, Teacher.’’

Ye Congyun straightened his posture,exhaled, then put on a cotton coat, respectfully walked over, and formally stood there.

It had been five days since the Youyan War God arrived at the Sect.

This young military officer still thought that everything was like a dream, which was so surreal. There were some times when he woke up from his dream and pinched himself to verify whether or not all of these were real. He was afraid this would have just been a beautiful dream. His fate had had a big transition, as if God had biased himself.

In these past few days, the cultivation technique that Lu Zhaoge had been passing to him was the nine principles body-building cultivation technique.

Due to the transformation of Lu Zhaoge's essence blood on Ye Congyun, his cultivation speed was increased to the max. As for Lu Zhaoge, that drop of essence blood contained an ultimate power. And with this blood being left in Ye Congyun's body, it was as if he was getting a new life again. His condition was alike a fetus in a mother's womb, which received heavenly energy. His cultivation could be able to progress extremely fast.

The reality had also proved Lu Zhaoge's words.

However, after five days of cultivating the Nine Principles, this young military officer has reached the ordinary martial arts level, put one foot onto the Spirit Spring Stage, and has planted a seed of the Spirit Spring's Yuan Qi into his body.

Lu Zhaoge slightly nodded his head while evaluating.

He became more and more satisfied with this disciple.

Especially these days when he with Ye Congyun, his determination made Lu Zhaoge greatly pleased. Ye Congyun was like having a young grandfather inside him to calm and remind him to behave. He was like an experienced and intellectual old man, which made other military officers vaguely see an undefeatable future general in him.

After being a disciple, Ye Congyu wasn't only taught martial arts but also military arts.

’’Does Teacher have anything to instruct me?’’ Ye Congyun respectfully said.

Lu Zhaoge was about to talk. Suddenly, a clear shake came up from the Crepe Myrtle sect transmitting here. He just laughed. But then in a blink of an eye, far away in the north west, a light pillar descended from the sky, and brightened an entirely big region of the sky and earth. The night sky was as if it was torn apart by a silver divine sword.

’’What a pity, there are way too many talents appearing in the Sect. . .’’ Lu Zhaoge let out a long sigh.

Having reached this realm, he naturally wasn't scared of a disciple, who had taken one or two steps onto the Bitter Sea stage. It was just that there were countless of talents appearing in the sect as of late. The Empire Army also began to have its glorious time. For the past few years, Lu Zhaoge hadn't been interested in these dazzling talents anymore.

’’Do you know why I let you be my disciple?’’

Lu Zhaoge took back that look, only smiled and inquired.

Ye Congyun thought for a while then said, ’’Teacher has once told me that one of the reasons was because of my characteristics, the other was because Marquis Ye had helped forge that drop of essence blood, which made me a perfect candidate to be your martial arts successor.’’

’’Correct, but it is also not correct.’’ Lu Zhaoge took the scissors, trimmed the tree in the flower garden, and smilingly said, ’’As the commanding general of the Youyan Army, who are ordered by the Empire Emperor to guard the northwest boundary. I haven't had any children or wife all these years. I am just alone in cultivating the Emotionless Sutra. I always put aside my personal interests and prioritize Empire's benefit whenever I make any decisions. Therefore, there are some things I don't know how or what to do but I still do it eventually. . .’’

Ye Congyun said sincerely, ’’A Great Saint with no strings attached, a carefree spirit.’’

Lu Zhaoge turned around to look at his disciple, and beamed a smile, ’’Ha ha, a Great Saint with no strings attached, a carefree spirit.’’ Obviously, these words from Ye Congyun had put him in a good mood however he then shook his head, and said, ’’Great Saints, who have reached the ultimate realm, are countless. I don't think I've reached that realm yet. Therefore, I received you as my disciple because I also have other reasons.’’

’’Teacher, please tell me more.’’ Ye Congyun fearlessly said.

’’The main reason is because of one person.’’ Lu Zhaoge's trimming gestures were skillful, which didn't show any angry energy.

’’Is it perhaps because of Marquis Ye?’’ Ye Congyun's eyes revealed a strange look.

Lu Zhaoge slightly nodded his head, and said, ’’What do you think of Ye Qingyu?’’

’’His kindness is like mountain, which is impossible to pay back.’’ Ye Congyun didn't hide anything, and said, ’’Marquis Ye is my savior, moreover... what Marquis Ye has done lately in the city has made people astonished. Disciples really admire Marquis Ye's unflinching attitude as well as his assertive slaughtering methods.’’

’’Well, I also can tell that you really admire him.’’ Lu Zhaoge swiped the sweats off of his forehead, and continued saying, ’’His methods are intense. This makes me remember about that year...being in the army is not certainly a good method. It is because of his innate talent. As compared to the bizarre talents that year, he has grown so much. I can see how important Ye Qingyu is to you.’’

’’Marquis Ye is very good.’’ Ye Congyun said with a deeply moved affection.

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head, ’’That's right, despite his common background, there are no hot-tempered noble disciples, or sect successors, or any freak sect disciples that can be compared to him. However, Ye Qingyu treats you differently from other people. He is a grateful person. Due to your big brother, you also have a special position in front of him.’’

Ye Congyu's eyes revealed a strange look. He suddenly understood why his honorable teacher said these words, and surprisingly said, ’’Did you perhaps, agree to take me as your disciple because of Marquis Ye?’’

Lu Zhaoge nodded his head, and replied, ’’Yes, that's right. Ye Qingyu's fortune is really strange. He is definitely not an ordinary man. I can't see through him. At that time when he cured me, there was a kind of divine Power inside of his body, which was like a unicorn in its pond. When the time comes, he will turn into a dragon, and take one step towards heaven. Even I look up to him. The army and the Empire still can't restrain him. Even though there is a supernatural character appearing in our Human Race, who becomes the luck of the Human Race. With his schemes as well as his killing style, he would create some deadly phenomenon if someone possibly irritates him in the future. An anger that leads to the shedding of blood is definitely not a good scenario. . .’’

Ye Congyun was frightened.

He was somehow choked.

Because he never thought that a Youyan Army Officer could give such high compliments like this to Marquis Ye.

Is there anyone who could reach such high level?

If these words come out from other person's mouth that one will be considered as insane.

’’The fact that I have taken you as my disciple is that I hope hope I can makeYe Qingyu angry. You can speak on the behalf of the Youyan Pass and the empire. The higher level you can reach the lesser losseswe may be able receive. I hope that through this relationship you can seek some protections from Ye Qingyu for the Empire.’’

Lu Zhaoge continued.

Ye Congyun could see some playfulness on his honorable teacher's face.

But Lu Zhaoge didn't pay any attention to that.

He was telling the truth.

Ye Congyun felt that the impact he received when he knew that he was chosen to be a Youyan Army officer's disciple couldn't be compared to these words'.

It had been a while since he had gradually recovered his mind, nodded his head courteously, and said. ’’Disciple will remember.’’

Lu Zhaoge also nodded his head then said back, ’’In twelve days, 'three sects three schools' martial arts sovereign meeting will be held. I will officially announce to everyone that you are my disciple. This is my first time accepting a disciple, but will also be my last. You should be well-prepared for that. Many young talents from 'three sects and three schools' will arrive. Some people in the army have also accepted the invitations to come, including Marquis Ye. Until that time, you have to accompany your teacher.’’

Ye Congyun bowed to him, and respectfully said, ’’I've remembered.’’

Lu Zhaoge opened his palm. A light flickered inside of it. A jet-black gem appeared in his hands.

’’Even though the military martial arts cannot be compared to the Sect martial arts, it still has its top cultivation technique. The Breach Army Slaughter Sutra alone is the top military martial arts in the Heaven Wasteland Domain. It is not any weaker than the 'Three Sects and Three Schools' martial arts. Your luck can be considered as unusual. Your fate is strange. Today, you have half-stepped into the Spirit Spring Stage. Starting from tomorrow, you are to immediately cultivate the Breach Army Slaughter Sutra. Your future achievements might even surpass mine.’’

Ye Congyun was somewhat surprised, receiving the black gem.

It was heavy, and should be probably weighed about several Jin's (0.5kg).

Everybody knew that the War God Lu's masterpiece was the Emotionless Sutra. Ye Congyun originally assumed that if he could inherit the Emotionless Sutra, he would definitely become the top military arts master.

’’My deepest gratitude to you, teacher.’’

. . .

. . .

At dawn.

Ye Qingyu had already been cultivating all night.

Spirit Spring Stage thirty-three.

Last night, two Mysterious Heaven Pills were consumed, which had helped him once again promote himself to another small Realm.

At midnight, the Stupid Dog Little Nine had come back to report to him about Song Xiaojun's whereabouts. There was nothing dangerous.

When he stepped out of the secret room to have breakfast, Lin Qingyi had been waiting outside the White Horse Tower. There was Shopkeeper Sui waiting with him. Their complexions showed a bit exhaustion. One could be able to tell right away that they didn't sleep at all. They couldn't hide their excitement.

Mother Wu took two people into the White Horse Tower.

According to Mother Wu's impressions, those two were the first lucky people to gain permission to meet Master Ye.

’’Marquis, the headquarter has sent the news. They have accepted your condition. The required amount of Origin Crystals will be delivered here this afternoon.’’ Shopkeeper Sui happily said.

All credits goes to John Fullmer, who has written this amazing piece.


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