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Immortal God Emperor - Chapter 251


Chapter 251 - It's Finally Come

Chapter 251

Ye Qingyu actually didn't know that there was a Medicine Pill genius in the Hundred Herb Hall, who was waiting for him like the wishing stars and the moon.

After Lu Zhaoge had come back with a group of people, he went back to his quiet room to carry out his cultivation.

It was a big and complicated work to use the Supreme ice flame to help Lu Zhaoge eliminate the curse and the dark flame power. It was not easy for Lu Zhaoge to dispose his own drop of fresh blood inside of those peculiar powers. Even though Lu Zhaoge's competency had increased significantly, dealing with those two peculiar powers required an extremely diverse experience as well as an uttermost precaution.

It was good to have Lu Zhaoge's help during this process.

After all, Lu Zhaoge was one of the top realm's powerhouse. Despite his heavy wounds, with his cultivation and experience, Ye Qingyu's abilities before could not have been compared to his. This was like a saying 'skinny camel was way better than a fat horse'. His adaptability had absolutely no problems.

However, this process required Lu Zhaoge to relax totally in spite of Ye Qingyu's control of the Supreme ice flame running through his meridians inside of his body.

Not to mention, this point was exceedingly dangerous for any martial arts masters.

It was like leaving their lives in other people's hands and let them freely do anything that they wished with it.

Therefore, there were only a few powerful martial arts masters, who had close relationships with each other. They could achieve this when performing the therapy.

More importantly...., after this process, Yu Qingyu would have known everything about Lu Zhaoge's cultivation secrets without missing a single point. He could also be able to estimate Lu Zhaoge's know-how about the cultivation techniques, which was a fatal point that could have caused a deadly wound to a top powerhouse.

Lu Zhaoge didn't have any objections. He completely coordinated with Yu Qingyu to implement the therapy.

The entire process lasted for six hours.

Yu Qingyu's inner yuan would have been exhausted after every other hour. Hence, he couldn't stop, he could have just utilized the Nameless Mantra Cultivation recovery, then continued performing the therapy.

In other words, Yu Qingyu's inner yuan was wholly used up after six times.

To a normal martial arts master, such a huge consuming intensity like this could have struck him down with deadly severe internal injuries on his body.

Fortunately, Yu Qingyu's body had way passed his peer-level powerhouses. Moreover, his inner yuan had been through the purifying refinement of the bronze ancient book the Titled Fiend God Chart, in addition to the lead of the Supreme ice flame, it therefore was fully supported.

Although being fully supported like this, when the last trace of that peculiar power was extracted out of Lu Zhaoge's body, Yu Qingyu had been completely drained out.

As a consequence, after helping Lu Zhaoge, Yu Qingyu immediately nursed his body as well as recovered his powers.

The recuperation this time had taken him one night time to complete.

Due to the occupation of the recuperation in his head, he totally forgot that today he had to inquire about the situation of the Mysterious Heaven Pill's delivery with Shopkeeper Sui.

One night had quickly passed by.

Early on the second day.

The sun was shining into the quiet room through a small crack on the window. Ye Qingyu finally slowly opened his eyes.

His body once again was overflowed with formidable power waves, which was like an intense tide. One by one it rushed inside of his meridians, his four limbs and five internal organs, nourishing Ye Qingyu's internal organs minute by minute and renovating his Houtian body.

’’Even though I have helped Lu Zhaoge treat his wounds, I still owe him a big favor.’’

Ye Qingyu slowly stood up, went to the window, warmed up his body and breathed in the fresh air.

To a martial arts master, a top powerhouse's body was a priceless treasure, which held an extremely precious cultivation path. Especially such a powerhouse like Lu Zhaoge, the formula of the cultivation techniques in his body, in the meridians and the acupuncture points, in his internal organs, even in his blood, all of these contained . . . superb secrets about cultivations.

There was a rumor that the Heaven Wasteland Domain used to have a kind of sect called the Corpse Sect. They had stolen tombs, which were mainly the powerhouse's tombs, to have built up their Sect. They studied the powerhouse's corpses to figure out things like cultivation methods and also know-how, as well as lost cultivation techniques and war techniques. Along the long history of many families, countless of the powerhouses had trained to the point that they could have fought back with the same way that the others had used to attack them. Even though the reputation of the Three Sect Schools in the Snow Country was sensational, they still couldn't have been compared to the Corpse Sect.

This kind of method of digging up people tombs had really violated the heaven morality. The Corpse Sect eventually offended the remaining descendants of these powerhouses as well as the other Sects, who later on joined forces to execute a big massacre and captured the Corpse Sect. Many powerhouses from this Sect were killed. Some ran away. There were just a very few talented ones left, who in the end went into hiding and lived a secluded life.

This had shown how valuable a powerhouse's corpse could be.

While coordinating with Ye Qingyu to cure the wounds, Lu Zhaoge had opened the treasure hidden within his body. Ye Qingyu had completely discovered the secrets under his sleeves.

To Ye Qingyu, this was not his intention. But it was an absolutely big harvest for him though.

Throughout this process, he was like an observer watching Lu Zhaoge's cultivations path, which made him personally experience a cultivation all over again.

Without any exaggerations, these past six hours were the most precious ones that Ye Qingyu had had so far since he had stepped into the cultivation path.

During these past six hours, he had turned into Lu Zhaoge, once again gone through a long and boring cultivation.

Many difficulties, which had given him hard times before, were easily completely solved.

This time had shockingly enlightened Ye Qingyu about the cultivation paths.

Ye Qingyu had obtained many discoveries which could be necessary for his cultivations in the future. He then slowly comprehended all of it.

’’Regardless of any aspects, I'd better thank Lu Zhaoge, he is truly a hero.’’

Ye Qingyu stretched out his body.

Certainly, what was more important was that Lu Zhaoge had agreed to help Ye Qingyu look for the one thing that he had wanted most.

But the fact that the Youyan army had decided to take Ye Congyun as a disciple was way out of Ye Qingyu's expectation. However, Ye Qingyu believed that the essence blood, which Ye Congyun had fused with, was just the tip of the iceberg. It definitely had other reasons behind it.

While he was deep in his thought, a silver light silently flew over from a distant direction.

It landed on the windowsill and turned into a small white dog.

It was the Stupid Dog Little Nine.

’’Woof, woof, master, you have come back.’’ The Stupid Dog Little Nine wagged its tail and jumped on Ye Qingyu's shoulder, rubbed his head against Ye Qingyu's cheek, then jumped back to the windowsill. It laid down facing its head to the sky, revealing its soft white belly.

Ye Qingyu smiled, at the same time scratched this little stupid dog while saying, ’’How are things going? Have you finished handling the issue?’’

’’Don't worry about my working style.’’ The Stupid Dog Little Nine satisfyingly groaned then said, ’’Woofy has found the hidden place of the little girl. I just needed to act cute a little bit then that sheep-horn braid haired girl immediately became my prisoner. . . ahh, to the left a little more, it's been itching, woof woof, yeah this point. I've tried to rub this point. . . don't worry, master. There is nothing happened to that little girl. Her injuries have recovered. . . woah, it is really comfortable.’’

While enjoying Ye Qingyu's massage, this gluttonous dog told everything in detail.

After returning to the White Horse Tower, Ye Qingyu had ordered the Stupid Dog Little Nine to find Song Xiaojun.

Regardless of any circumstances, Ye Qingyu still worried about her safety.

Little Nine was an expert in finding things and people. It had really found out the hiding place of Song Xiaojun and the others.

’’Did you say that they changed four hiding places in one night?’’ Ye Qingyu frowned and asked.

Stupid Dog Little Nine comfortably stretched out its legs, closed both eyes to enjoy, said, ’’That's right, Woofy followed them to four different places. . . they were like taking down some personal enemies.’’

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, remembering about that incident, then asked, ’’Right, didn't they chase you out?’’

’’Of course not....woofy is so cute like this. How could they have chased me out...’’ The Stupid Dog Little Nine scornfully said.

Ye Qingyu grabbed its neck, raised it up and said, ’’Tell me the truth.’’

The Little Nine's four paws were stepping crazily into the air, struggling to escape, then resentfully said, ’’From the beginning till the end, that sheep-horn braid haired girl had fiercely chased me out. In other words, she had wanted to skin me and cook me into soup. On the contrary, her master appeared to be cold and frigid. Actually, she has a very warm heart. She didn't chase me out and kept me by their sides!’’

’’Really?’’ Ye Qingye rejoiced inside.

The Stupid Dog Little Nine immediately pulled off an evil smile. ’’Master, your eyes are full of lust. Woof woof, I can really tell that you have a thing for that girl. Or else, you can give me 1500 gold. I'll go to the Hundred Herb Hall to buy some heroine and secretly put it into her food. Then you could. . .’’

’’Go away!’’ Ye Qingyu waved his hands to chase out the stupid dog whose head was full of dirty thoughts. ’’How can heroine be that expensive.’’

’’Wood-you are so unexpectedly clear about the heroin's price, woof woof, like master like dog. . . Master, I behave like this because of your influences. . .’’ The Stupid Dog turned into a white Flowing light and disappeared far away while his angry screams could still be heard.

Ye Qingyu didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

’’Continue watching the situation then come back and report to me.’’

Ye Qingyu loudly instructed him.

The Stupid Dog hastily ran away.

After prattling for a while, it was already time for breakfast.

Mother Wu had prepared the breakfast earlier.

Ye Qingyu used the breakfast time to direct Jin Ling'er, Bai Yuanxing, and the others to practice cultivation. He then remembered about the Mysterious Heaven Pill's matter.

There was only less than fifteen days left until the martial arts Congress between the Sects. They had to make the best use of their time to master their skills.

Ye Qingyu decided to go the Hundred Herb Hall to inquire about the Mysterious Heaven Pill's selling situation.

. . .

. . .

’’How can he not show up?’’

Lin Qingyi felt like he was sitting on fire.

He had never lost his temper like this in front of his apprentices. He turned to ask Shopkeeper Sui, who was anxious like him. ’’Do you think he would come?’’ Does he perhaps not care about such a precious medicine pill like the Mysterious Heaven Pill?’’

Shopkeeper Sui's heart had similarly been on fire. He could just comfort Lin Qingyi when he heard Lin Qingyi ask this question, ’’How can he not come. He will arrive in a minute. Something must have happened to him that made him late. . . Young master Lin, don't worry. I am sure he will come today. It is a Mysterious Heaven Pill anyway. . .’’

Lin Qingyi nodded his head in agreement. He actually couldn't help but be anxious.

He didn't sleep at all last night

He basically couldn't sleep.

He had been watching the entire remnant pieces of the Mysterious Heaven Pill. The more he saw, the more that he couldn't believe it. The existence of this pill had really shattered his awareness about the Medicine Pill, and had broken many of his general knowledge about the Pill Skills.

He used the newsflash to inform his own teacher.

He believed that his teacher would have showed up this afternoon at the latest.

While Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui were both extremely worried, in the main hall of the Hundred Herb Hall, Ye Qingyu, who was covered completely from head to toe in white clothes, diligently walked in.


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