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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 685


Chapter 685: 685

Chapter 685: Forcefully Suppressed

Seeing Xiao Chen completely suppressing the Golden Savage Ox, Hu Hai and the others, who finally got a chance to catch their breath, heaved a sigh of relief.

Hu Hai waved his hand, and the huge ax returned to his grip. He quickly circulated his Quintessence to regulate the surging force in his body.

Chen Xiao, who fractured some bones, endured the pain and forcibly circulated his Quintessence, reconnecting his broken ribs. For this period of time, he would not lose his combat prowess.

The four people gathered, and Hu Hai asked, “Chen Xiao, are you alright?”

Chen Xiao nodded gently and said, “Fortunately, I had a Superior Grade inner vest. Otherwise, that tailwhip would be enough to slice me in half.”

Wang Cheng and Jun Si, who had escaped unharmed, celebrated in their hearts. Jun Si looked at Xiao Chen and said, “This Xiao Chen cannot be underestimated. The punch he sent at the critical moment saved us.”

The earlier scene happened in one breath. During that time, the Golden Savage Ox had struck two people. If Xiao Chen had not launched that timely punch, it would be easy to imagine the outcome;just the thought of it made them tremble.

Chen Xiao nodded and said, “When the Golden Savage Ox goes berserk, it is really horrifying. With Xiao Chen here, our chances are greatly increased.”

Wang Cheng pointed out the crux of the problem. “There is nothing to be happy about. Xiao Chen should have burned all his Vital Qi to launch that punch earlier. He will not be able to send out a second one. We have only one chance left. If we fail, we’ll have no choice but to retreat in failure again.”

Hu Hai said sullenly, “This time, it is my error in judgment. Aside from the area above its spine, its critical weakness can only be the neck now.”

Actually, Hu Hai could not be blamed for this. The world did not have much information on such high-ranked Spirit Beasts like the Golden Savage Ox.

Hu Hai had to rely on himself to figure out its weakness. It would be impossible to figure out the critical weakness without making any mistakes. Otherwise, this Golden Savage Ox would not have lived so long and become the tyrant of this place.

Chen Xiao said, “It’s fine. We have not used our Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques yet. We still have a pretty good chance.”

The four quickly analyzed the earlier fight, then fell silent. They returned to staring at Xiao Chen, whom the Golden Savage Ox was chasing everywhere.

The situation now was dangerous and intense. With the glow of the sunlight, the Golden Savage Ox’s fur glistened. Its aura was berserk and frightening.

This was especially so for the four hooves wreathed with golden fire. Their might was even more startling. When they moved around, they gave off many explosions in the air and ripples in space.

What was worse was that even though the Golden Savage Ox was massive, it was swift. Xiao Chen was in danger of losing his life at any moment.

The longer Hu Hai and the others watched, the more amazed they were. Despite the danger, Xiao Chen always managed to avoid disaster.

When Xiao Chen rode the Azure Dragon, he occasionally burst forth with astonishing speed, dodging all the deadly attacks time after time.

Two Azure Dragon images danced around Xiao Chen, circling him continuously together with clouds. Occasionally, he would send out an attack, pulling back the focus of the Golden Savage Ox.

“Attack now. Use your Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques straightaway. Make sure that we kill it this time!”

Hu Hai gripped his huge ax tightly, and his expression turned grave as he led the three to attack again. This was their last chance. They had to succeed.

Xiao Chen noticed the four flying over. Knowing that the Golden Savage Ox would go berserk again soon, he raised his guard.

“Plum Blossom Swordplay!”

Jun Si held a sword in her hand, executing her Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique first. As her sword light flashed, it turned into countless seven-petal plum blossoms.

Plum blossoms were refreshing and elegant. They looked magnificent. When the flowers bloomed, they were pleasing to the eye.

However, these plum blossoms were made of pure sword Qi. They even carried an invincible state of metal, turning into a sharp killing weapon.

As the petals flew, sword Qi spread throughout the place, reducing all the tiny dust particles in the air to nothing.

Then, Jun Si gently shook the sword in her hand, and all the petals gathered back together. They turned into a large plum blossom that chopped at the Golden Savage Ox.

Chen Xiao arrived that the left side of the Golden Savage Ox. Compared to Jun Si’s elegant Heaven Ranked Martial Technique, his had astonishing momentum. Lights flew everywhere chaotically.

Seven glistering sword Qi hovered above Chen Xiao’s head. The seven sword Qi connected with each other from tip to hilt, forming a bright ring of swords.

This move was called Seven Stars Surrounding the Moon. Unfortunately, Chen Xiao had not comprehended it entirely. He had never been able able to bring out the moon. Otherwise, the move would be significantly mightier.

On the other side, Wang Cheng also executed his own Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. Countless sword Qi shot out from the ground of the valley, gathering by him.

“Heaven and Earth Sword Heart!”

Then he pointed to the sky. A simple sword light flew over from the eastern sky. The heaven sword and the earth sword merged into one. The sword looked ferocious with two winding dragons intertwined on it.

The three of them executed their Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques at the same time. In that instant, heaven and earth changed colors. Dark clouds filled the sky, covering up the blazing sun.

The Golden Savage Ox chasing Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. It wanted to react to the danger, but the Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques had already been executed. They were not easy to dodge.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The plum blossom sword Qi landed first, striking the Golden Savage Ox’s back deeply. Then, it scattered and turned into countless sword Qi attacking every part of the Golden Savage Ox.

Jun Si’s expression turned cold, and she pressed forward. Her sword quickly stabbed into the Golden Savage Ox’s wound, causing it to bellow in pain.

Without giving the Golden Savage Ox time to react, Chen Xiao’s Seven Stars Surrounding the Moon and Wang Cheng’s Heaven and Earth Sword Heart struck simultaneously, tearing horrifying wounds on both sides of the Golden Savage Ox.

Blood spurted as swords flew;three swords stabbed deeply into the Golden Savage Ox’s wounds.

The three held their swords with both hands, pouring their Quintessence into their blades without holding back. No matter how intensely the Golden Savage Ox struggled, they held it firmly in midair.

The three paled. Waves of strong force came through their swords. The Golden Savage Ox could fling them off at any moment.

Hu Hai, who was in the air, knew that the three could not hold on for much longer. He stared at the place where the Golden Savage Ox’s head and body connected. After he took aim, he quickly executed his own Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique.

A gigantic azure image of an ax appeared above the ax head. The gigantic ax chopped down, and the sky seemed to be split in half as if it were a mountain.

Two gusts of strong wind blew from there, forming twenty-meter-tall hurricanes in the valley and moving to both sides.

“Rumble…!” The hurricanes struck the valley walls and exploded forth with astonishing destructive power. Rocks shot out in all directions, and the walls crumbled. Countless crumbled. Countless stones flew into the hurricane, soaring even higher.

Xiao Chen retreated to a side. He knew there was nothing more for him to do. With such a powerful strike, as long as it struck the fatal weakness, the Golden Savage Ox would definitely die.

Before the ax arrived, the azure image tore apart the tough skin of the Golden Savage Ox. Blood spurted out like a fountain.

Hu Hai rejoiced. He knew he found the right spot this time. He immediately poured out more Quintessence and prepared to chop off this ox’s head with one blow.


However, just at this moment, something strange happened. A sharp sword light flew over from the valley entrance.

This sword Qi was very resplendent and dazzling. The sword intent was like the wind, its killing Qi startling.

This sword strike that moved as fast as lightning flew towards Hu Hai’s chest. As long as he insisted on continuing the attack on the Golden Savage Ox, he would not be able to dodge this attack. Even if he managed to kill the Golden Savage Ox, he would definitely die.

The expressions of Jun Si and the other two completely changed. If Hu Hai’s attack did not land and kill the Golden Savage Ox, after it freed itself, its counterattack would be terrifying.

The three of them had exhausted a significant amount of Quintessence. As they were in front, they would have to face the rage of the Golden Savage Ox. This was a situation where they were likely to die.

However, if Hu Hai continued the attack, he would definitely die. The person who attacked was definitely no weaker than them;Hu Hai would not get lucky and survive.

The sudden appearance of this attack had ruined the happy ending. A crisis could happen at any moment.

Either Hu Hai died for the other three, or he blocked and the other three ended up in great danger.

Hu Hai felt conflicted in his heart. His expression filled with rage. However, no matter how angry he got, that lightning-fast sword light was already before him. He had to make a decision.

No matter which decision he made, Hu Hai would not able to accept the results. This dilemma made it hard for him to decide. The attacker was very vicious for choosing such timing.

As the sword light flew, Hu Hai still did not know what to do.

Xiao Chen’s face sank. It seemed that Hu Hai was not the kind of person to abandon his friends. However, if he did not make a decision, he would harm both himself and others.

himself and others.

The lips of the person who attacked curled up. He revealed a pleased smile. He had not expected the effects of this attack to be this good.

As long as Hu Hai keep hesitating, this attack would finish off all the people of their faction.


In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen, who was standing in midair, rode the Azure Dragon image and arrived beside Hu Hai.

Then, Xiao Chen circulated his Quintessence and did something that no one expected him to do—he sent out a palm strike and pushed Hu Hai with a surging force.

After Xiao Chen knocked Hu Hai away, that sword light flashed by, missing him and saving his life.

Jun Si and the other two opened their mouths slightly, wanting to say something. However, they did not dare to. At this moment, the Golden Savage Ox was struggling intensely. If they were careless, they would be flung off immediately. Then, they would have to face the rage of the Golden Savage Ox.

Seeing the wound on the Golden Savage Ox’s neck, Xiao Chen’s expression turned serious. He knew that he had to make a move. Otherwise, Jun Si and the others would die, as they had exhausted their Quintessence.

Xiao Chen stretched his left hand to the sky and summoned out the Lunar Shadow Saber from his Universe Ring. Then, he grabbed the saber hilt tightly with his right hand.

Xiao Chen’s Quintessence surged, and a vast sea appeared behind him. The bluish-green sea swelled with waves, vast and boundless. Then, 9,999 pillars of water shot into the sky as he drew his Lunar Shadow Saber at lightning speed.

An Azure Dragon leaped out, mountains and rivers broke, the water flowed in reverse.

The Azure Dragon appeared and entered the saber, turning into a three-kilometer-long saber light. However, this was not enough;it would not be able to chop off this ox’s head in one strike. Xiao Chen clearly knew the difference between his and Hu Hai’s Quintessence.

Xiao Chen infused his perfect sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent into the saber light and shrank it down to only three hundred meters. Now, it became a denser and purer dragon-shaped saber light.

The Golden Savage Ox below felt the threat of death and struggled even more intensely. With the wild thrashing, Jun Si was flung off and vomited a mouthful of blood.

With the balance broken, Wang Cheng and Chen Xiao could not withstand the force any longer. They vomited large mouthfuls of blood;then the force coming from their weapons flung them off violently.


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