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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 598


Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Four Season Saber Technique versus Four Season Saber Technique

A startling roar of thunder resounded. In that instant, the saber Qi created a long fissure that extended continuously on the resilient Wind Cloud Platform. In the blink of an eye, the Wind Cloud Platform was split into two.

This attack directly knocked Bai Qi back like a cannonball. Cracks appeared on his Quintessence shield, spreading as time passed. After enduring the intense barrage of wild lightning for three breaths, the shield shattered.

However, during these three breaths, the might of the divine Lightning Tribulation diminished significantly. Bai Qi crashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier and vomited a large mouthful of blood. Then, he fell to the floor with a loud 'smack.'

The lightning vanished and the wind stopped blowing. After Xiao Chen executed the divine Lightning Tribulation, the momentum from the wind and cloud was all consumed.

Silence descended on the Wind Cloud Platform once more. Just by looking at the Dragon Qi released from the fissure, one could tell how strong that previous attack was.

’’Ha ha ha! The Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique does indeed live up to its reputation. However, in the end, I, Bai Qi, have not been struck down!’’

Bai Qi's hair was frazzled and his clothes messy as he climbed back to his feet. However, he laughed maniacally, venting all the tension he had been feeling since the start of this match.

A strong and vigorous spirit lit Bai Qi's eyes. An intense fighting spirit flooded his heart. He did not show any fear as he said, ’’Xiao Chen, I have never been in such a sorry state as this ever since I became famous. You have thoroughly angered me. Now that you are drained of momentum, prepare to feel my wrath!’’

The momentum from the initial spurt of energy would fade with the second spurt and be exhausted by the third. This was the result that Bai Qi was aiming for. He waited until Xiao Chen's momentum reached this peak. As long as Xiao Chen failed to defeat him when his momentum was at its peak, then when Xiao Chen's momentum plummeted, Bai Qi would quickly attack using the Four Season Saber Technique.

At that moment, everything would come to an end. Xiao Chen would have a taste of falling from heaven and landing in hell.

This was one of the best ways to bring down somebody. Not only could they defeat their opponent, it would cause their opponent to suffer a great loss in confidence and develop a heart demon, resulting in them being unable to progress further in their Saber Techniques.

’’It's over. Bai Qi is going to execute the Four Season Saber Technique.’’ Someone in the spectator stands could not help but sigh. The outcome could be easily imagined.

The elders of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had extremely anxious expressions. Jiang Chi said helplessly, ’’Our Heavenly Saber Pavilion has wronged him. If we had a Martial Technique that could rival the Four Season Saber Technique, Bai Qi would not be able to be so arrogant.’’

Xiao Bai's pure and lovable face filled with worry. A hint of tears appeared in her bright eyes. Anxiety could be clearly seen from the wrinkling of her eyebrows.

Jin Dabao kept fanning himself with his gold fan. He sighed and held his fan up, blocking his sight. ’’Hai! Never mind, this Fat Lord shall not continue watching. Old Brother Xiao Chen still does not know conduct himself properly. If it was this Fat Lord, I would not fight. I will simply concede defeat in a confident and mocking manner, frustrating my opponent to death.’’

’’Long Lasting Spring Water, Growing Warm Then Cold!’’ Bai Qi shouted, suddenly executing the first move of the Four Season Saber Technique. Immediately, the sound of gushing water was heard, coming from a surging river that seemed both warm and cold. Bai Qi's clothes fluttered as his Essence fluctuated.

The attack carried the surging power of the seasons, rallying its might as the strike headed for Xiao Chen, whose momentum was exhausted.

Perhaps because the earlier exchange, where Bai Qi was beaten up to the point of helplessness, left him very sullen, this originally gentle attack was filled with resentment.

The power of the seasons was hard to resist. When Bai Qi launched his attack, it carried a boundless wind as it surged ferociously towards Xiao Chen.

Wind and cloud appeared once again in the platform.

Xiao Chen's gaze remained calm. He did not feel any joy or fear when facing this Four Season Saber Technique's first move. His heart was calm like the water in an ancient well, without any ripples whatsoever.

When Bai Qi's saber was only one meter away from Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen casually took a step forward. One step only one step and Xiao Chen, whose momentum was exhausted, burst forth with even more intense might than when he struck with the divine Lightning Tribulation.


Thunder rumbled in the sky, and in that instant, thousands of creatures awakened. Cries of all sort of birds and beasts resounded. As Xiao Chen swung his saber, he executed the Four Season Saber Technique's Spring Thunder Chop as well.

’’Pu ci! Pu ci!’’

The splashing of a gushing river resounded. When the two two sabers clashed, a strong power of seasons carrying a more perfect state of spring promptly blasted Bai Qi back again.

Bai Qi might have charged forward with a surging momentum, but his momentum when he was knocked back was much stronger. The crowd did not even have time to react.

Bai Qi crashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier. The impact was so strong that cracks materialized from behind him in the resilient Wind Cloud Barrier.

’’What's going on? What just happened? Did I see wrong? How could the one sent flying be Bai Qi?’’

’’After the execution of the Four Season Saber Technique, shouldn't Xiao Chen be the unfortunate one? Why is it that Bai Qi is the one sent flying?’’

Everything happened too fast, the crowd in the spectator stands could not understand what happened.

The audience was not the only people who did not understand what happened. Even the Martial Monarchs of the City Lord's Residence exchanged glances;they were not sure what happened, either.

However, the expressions of the elders of the Bai Clan changed drastically. The clan's First Elder, who led the delegation, had a lifeless look in his eyes. He muttered to himself, ’’Four Season Saber Technique? How is this possible?’’

Bai Qi vomited a mouthful of blood and stared at Xiao Chen. He muttered, ’’That is impossible! How did you learn our Bai Clan's Four Season Saber Technique?! Furthermore, it is stronger than mine. I don't believe it!’’

Spring is gone and summer has arrived. The flowing flames burn the land emotionlessly. My heart is greater than the blazing sun!

Bai Qi executed the Four Season Saber Technique's second move. Bai Qi became like a blazing sun, swallowing up the desolate land. He shone brighter than the sun as he surged over with a boundless momentum.

The spring winds have come to an end. Summer has arrived. A bright sun soars high in the sky, burning the land and sea to desolation!

Xiao Chen took another step forward and turned into the blazing sun, burning the land to desolation;he was several times brighter than Bai Qi.


The two blazing suns competed with each other with the power of the seasons. A saber Qi soared out from each side and instantly, another fissure opened on the Wind Cloud Platform, crossing the earlier one. The Wind Cloud Platform was now split into four.

The blazing sun that belonged to Bai Qi endured for a moment before shattering. Xiao Chen's Burning to Desolation exploded, knocking Bai Qi back once again.

The Wind Cloud Barrier was now completely covered with cracks, as if it would shatter at any moment.

Likewise, Bai Qi's Bai Qi's body was now riddled with injuries. Disbelief filled his eyes. ’’I don't believe it! I don't believe it!’’

Originally, Bai Qi thought that execution of the Four Season Saber Technique would immediately turn the situation around. He had not expected that doing so would reduce him to an even more miserable state than before.

With such a big difference, it was like falling from heaven into hell. How could Bai Qi feel satisfied at this?

The wind is emotionless. Summer has passed. The world is full of emotions, holding on to them even to the point of death. The autumn wind rustles endlessly, sweeping away all emotions.

The autumn wind rustles. The Heavenly Dao is emotionless. Putting his severely injured body at risk, Bai Qi executed the Four Season Saber Technique's third move.

The wind rustles and rain drizzles. A cool breeze blows and autumn waters wash down. My fated person smiles faintly. I will give you a gentle saber strike. Do you dare accept?

Xiao Chen executed the third move almost at the same time as Bai Qi did. Two loud sounds reverberated as the attacks shook the Wind Cloud Platform. They layered upon each other, evoking a hazy poetic atmosphere.


Before Bai Qi could get close to Xiao Chen, he was blasted back by a white saber Qi that came from the Lunar Shadow Saber;this time he ended up in an even sorrier state.

The seemingly soft saber Qi had a boundless toughness hidden within it. When it faced the firm and strong, emotionless autumn wind, it broke the firmness with gentleness. It shattered Bai Qi's Saber Technique and struck his body. The force that exploded forth from the gentle wind sent him flying once more.

This time, Bai Qi broke through the Wind Cloud Barrier. His flashing figure crashed into a spectator stand with great force. The cultivators there failed to react in time and suffered heavy injuries.

When the several hundred thousand cultivators saw this scene, they were dumbfounded.

This was Bai Qi, a strong genius bladesman. He was ranked second in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. With the strongest Saber Technique the Four Season Saber Technique he could compete against Sima Lingxuan.

However, this person was knocked out of the Wind Cloud Platform at this moment, his life or death unknown, completely defeated.

However, when the crowd looked at the white-robed bladesman on the platform, his clothes were fluttering and his expression calm. He did not reveal any excitement, as if he had not worried about Bai Qi at all from the very start.

’’It is as he said;he did not overestimate himself. Bai Qi is indeed not is indeed not a match for him. The distance is too great.’’

’’Yes, from start to end, Bai Qi never held the advantage. He did not even get the chance to execute the final two moves of the Four Season Saber Technique.’’

’’With such strength, he is qualified to challenge Sima Lingxuan. Now, aside from Chu Chaoyun, there is yet another person who can fight against Sima Lingxuan. Indeed, I did not come to this Five Nation Youth Competition for nothing.’’

In hindsight, the spectators now realized that what Xiao Chen had said before the match began, that he was not overestimating himself, was not arrogance but just plain indifference.

No one then expected such a scene now. Sima Lingxuan, who had been maintaining a relaxed expression from the start, could not help but stand up.

He looked at Xiao Chen, finding this person unfathomable. A small fluctuation appeared in his previously unshakable self-confidence. Instantly, strong winds swirled around him.

In the middle of the surging winds, the Sima Clan's First Elder's face sank. He flung his hand out and drew all the berserk wind into his sleeve. Then, he said impassively, ’’Lingxuan, your heart is in disarray.’’

Sima Lingxuan recovered his wits and calmed himself down. He said, ’’Many thanks to First Elder for helping out. However, it is good that my heart was thrown into disarray. If I alway remain calm, my mental state will never improve. This Xiao Chen is a good grindstone for me.’’

The First Elder smiled faintly and said, ’’It is good that you think that way.’’

Chu Chaoyun looked at Xiao Chen. A barely perceptible golden flame flashed in his eyes. He had a grave expression that did not reveal what he was thinking.

’’The victor is Xiao Chen. You obtain another two points!’’ The referred unhurriedly announced the result of the match.

At this moment, Xiao Chen's golden dragon finished taking a bite out of Bai Qi's golden dragon. His golden dragon flickered with golden light and grew larger, burgeoning to twenty-nine meters the same as Sima Lingxuan's golden dragon.

When the people of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion saw this scene, they gaped, wondering if they were dreaming. Jiang Chi muttered, ’’Unfathomable, he is truly unfathomable.’’

Excited tears flowed out of Xiao Bai's eyes. Her pure face looked like she was both crying and smiling. She hugged Mu Xinya, who was beside her, and exclaimed, ’’Elder Sister Xinya, Elder Brother Xiao Chen won! He won!’’

Mu Xinya shook her head slightly and revealed a bitter smile. Her feelings were very complicated at the moment. The youth from many years ago had actually grown to such a level.


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