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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 497


Chapter 497: Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Fighting Qin Yu with All of One’s Might

Qin Yu saw an opportunity in Bai Lixi’s leaving Xiao Chen’s side. So he made his move at lightning speed. A pale white flame appeared above his palm, and the surrounding air instantly turned cold.

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. Unexpectedly, this person has the Extreme Yin Flame as well. If I can snatch it away, my Lunar True Flame could become stronger.

Even though Xiao Chen was thinking, the speed of his hands did not slow down. He continued to send a palm strike forward. This palm strike was infused with purple, pure Yang-attributed flames.


Yin and Yang opposed each other. The instant the attacks collided, a huge explosion generated a surge of shock waves;half the side hall disappeared.

The shock waves struck Bai Lixi and Leng Yun, who were fighting, knocking them back by several steps. Leng Yun was in worse condition;his complexion was pale and blood leaked out the corner of his mouth.

Old Qin did not seem too bothered. He stabilized his footing and rushed at Xiao Chen again, intending to deal with him in the shortest amount of time possible.

Xiao Chen responded calmly;he did not panic at all. After exchanging several dozen moves, he was only forced back by almost a hundred meters. However, he did not suffer from any major injuries.

Qin Yu felt very depressed. He remembered that just a few months ago, he could squish Xiao Chen like an ant. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen managed to grow to such an extent in the meantime.

After ten moves, Xiao Chen had not lost yet.

Xiao Chen glanced over and saw that Bai Lixi and Leng Yun’s battle was close to the end. His expression relaxed and he stopped clashing head-on with Qin Yu. All he had to do now was drag things out and prevent him from leaving.

After a while, there was a miserable cry. It was Leng Yun dying at Bai Lixi’s hands.

This was within Xiao Chen’s expectations. Given Bai Lixi’s strength as a half-step Martial Monarch, Leng Yun had already done very well by lasting this long.


After Leng Yun’s death, Qin Yu pushed Xiao Chen back with an attack. Then, he retreated decisively, intending to leave this place.

“Thinking of leaving? It’s not that easy!”

If Xiao Chen allowed this person to leave and inform the headquarters of the Holy Fire Manor, it would be bad for him. If the two Martial Monarchs made a move, they would be a great threat to Bai Lixi and him.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber hanging at his waist. A sharp saber intent surged out and a resplendent purple saber Qi blocked Qin Yu’s path of escape.


Bai Lixi’s attack followed closely. With the two working together, Qin Yu’s path of escape was sealed.

The rest of the battle was not very suspenseful. Qin Yu was significantly weaker than Gao Yangyu;how could he be a match for the two of them?

After another hour, Xiao Chen slashed Qin Yu’s throat before extracting the Extreme Yin Origin Flame. Then, he and Bai Lixi quickly left the scene.

As per Xiao Chen’s plan, the two left Desolate City by nightfall. They traveled for five kilometers before they stopped.

Above the Heavenly Extermination Lake, Xiao Chen said gratefully to Bai Lixi, “Thank you for helping me. If it were not for you, this operation would not be that successful.”

Without Bai Lixi’s help, Xiao Chen would definitely not have been able to easily deal with these two potential dangers, be it Gao Yangyu or Qin Yu.

Even if Xiao Chen used his trump card and obtained the final victory, he would still have suffered significant internal injuries. It would not have turned out the way it did where they only exhausted some Essence and did not suffer from any significant injuries.

Bai Lixi chuckled and said, “I found it rather exciting. You also gave me all the spoils from the two half-step Martial Monarchs. We are now even.

“That’s right, what are your future plans?” Bai Lixi asked Xiao Chen after a pause.

Xiao Chen said honestly, “I intend to go to the Deep Sea Battlefield, to temper myself there and make my killing Qi denser.”

Xiao Chen obtained his state of massacre from the scarlet throne. In the end, it did not belong to him. It felt off when he used it. So, this Deep Sea Battlefield was a place that he had to go to.

Bai Lixi laughed and said, “What a coincidence, I am going to the Deep Sea Battlefield too. The East Shallow Sea’s third grade Battlefield is about to start. I was planning to go with some friends. If you do not mind, you can come with us.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned. “Such a coincidence?”

Bai Lixi smiled as he said, “If not for the Deep Sea Battlefield, why do you think I bought so many Secret Treasures?”

Xiao Chen thought about it for a while before accepting the invitation. He did not know a lot about the place;if he went with Bai Lixi, he would be able to save himself a lot of trouble.


Easternmost Harbor City of the Great Great Chu Nation:

Many merchant ships moved in and out of the busy harbor. Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi stood at the harbor, but they were in no rush to board a ship.

The East Shallow Sea naturally lay to the east of the continent. If they wanted to save themselves some time, they could only go to the Great Chu Nation, which was in the eastern region of the continent.

After leaving Desolate City, Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi traveled at full speed for seven days and nights to reach this harbor.

“Bai Lixi, speaking of which, who exactly is your friend? You have not been willing to tell me who he is. Is there a need to be so mysterious?”

After leaving the Ancient Desolate Land, the two relaxed. No matter how strong the Holy Fire Manor was, they would not be able to extend their reach to the Great Chu Nation.

As they chatted, they did not have any worries.

Bai Lixi smiled and said, “You will know when he arrives, and it will be a pleasant surprise.”

Despite asking Bai Lixi a few times, Xiao Chen always received the same answer. So Xiao Chen could only leave it be.

However, Bai Lixi had whetted Xiao Chen’s curiosity. What kind of person could give him a pleasant surprise?

“Last time, ten of us went to the Battlefield but only two of us survived,” Bai Lixi said after a long sigh.

Xiao Chen asked, “What exactly is the Deep Sea Battlefield like? Can you tell me more in detail?”

Bai Lixi muttered, “I suppose it is time to tell you. Demons continuously come out of the Boundless Sea’s spatial crack at every moment.

“Demons are separated by ranks. Like humans, those with similar strengths gather together, in the same way that Martial Monarchs normally do not mix with Martial Saints.

“The powers of the Boundless Sea categorized the zones where the Demons are active into six grades, based on the different strengths of the demons. Once the number of Demons in a certain zone reaches a certain level, they gather the cultivators of the world to deal with it.”

Xiao Chen thought about it for a while and understood what he meant. Then, Xiao Chen asked, “Has the sixth grade Battlefield ever been started?”

Bai Lixi smiled and replied, “It is best that it does not start. Once this peak grade Battlefield starts, all the Martial Sages of the world will have to rush over. Furthermore, based on historical experience, once a sixth grade Battlefield starts, we would not be far from a Demonic Calamity.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Just at this moment, this moment, soft footsteps came from behind the two. Bai Lixi did not even turn around to look before smiling and saying, “The person we are waiting for is here.”

Xiao Chen turned his head and saw a figure in green with fluttering long hair. He had exquisite facial features and gave off a certain sharpness.

“The Bloody Bladesman Sun Guangquan!”

When Xiao Chen saw who it was, he exclaimed in surprise. Sun Guangquan was one of the Ancient Desolate Land’s ten great bladesmen;he had comprehended saber intent many years ago.

As for how strong he was, rumors said that no one under Martial Monarch could defeat him.

Back on Qianren Island, Xiao Chen had not seen Sun Guangquan fight but he could sense Sun Guangquan’s strength. His instinct as a bladesman said that Sun Guangquan was much stronger than other people.

Xiao Chen had not expected the friend that Bai Lixi talked about to be Sun Guangquan. Indeed, it was a pleasant surprise for him.

The other party had comprehended saber intent many years ago. As for Xiao Chen, he had only recently comprehended saber intent. If this person gave him some pointers, he would definitely improve rapidly.

Sun Guangquan measured up Xiao Chen with a glance and immediately sensed the buzzing saber intent in Xiao Chen’s body. He was slightly stunned when he guessed Xiao Chen’s identity.

Bai Lixi smiled and said, “Old Sun, you must have heard of the name Xiao Chen before right. He will be coming with us to the Deep Sea Battlefield this time.”

Sun Guangquan nodded and said softly, “In the world of bladesmen, who does not know of the White Robed Bladesman?”

Xiao Chen smiled in embarrassment. “How could I dare call myself a bladesman before Senior Sun?”

When Sun Guangquan heard what Xiao Chen said, he waved it off with a smile. “Don’t call me senior;I’m not worthy of that. Our strengths are quite close to each other’s. Let’s just treat each other as equals. If you do not mind, just call me like Old Sun, like Old Bai does.”

The Bloody Bladesman Sun Guangquan was a true bladesman yet he was so humble about it.

This humility increased Xiao Chen’s already favorable impression of Sun Guangquan. So he no longer restrained himself, saying, “Elder Brother Sun, you are too polite.”

When Bai Lixi saw the exchange between the two, he smiled and said, “I say, the two of you, stop being so polite with each other. Quickly get on the ship, or else we will have to wait another day.”

The merchant ship set out on its journey to the distant to the distant ocean, to the true depths of the Boundless Sea. The three now started on their long journey.

Even if the sea currents were helping them, they would take at least a month to reach the true East Shallow Sea.

Naturally, Xiao Chen could not waste so much time. Aside from his regular cultivation, he would go to Sun Guangquan to get some pointers on the saber from him every day.

As a senior, Sun Guangquan did not withhold any information;he answered all of Xiao Chen’s questions in detail.

As for some things that Sun Guangquan was not very sure on, he would discuss them thoroughly with Xiao Chen before they came to a conclusion together.

When the two had nothing to do, they would exchange moves together. With such a senior, Xiao Chen benefited a lot from this.

Using this opportunity, Xiao Chen started to practice the Four Season Saber Technique that Bai Shuihe passed down to him.

Back in the Ancient Desolate Tower, the spot of light Bai Shuihe sent into Xiao Chen’s forehead was the Four Season Saber Technique.

The Four Season Saber Technique was a peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Saber Technique, like the Wukui Saber Technique. However, it placed more focus on states rather than form. It was much harder to comprehend than the Wukui Saber Technique.

While Xiao Chen exchanged moves with Sun Guangquan, he continuously polished his Four Season Saber Technique. As a bladesman himself, Sun Guangquan could keenly sense the deficiencies of Xiao Chen’s Saber Technique.

After traveling for many days, they were now quite close to the East Shallow Sea.

On this particular day, the three had gathered together and started chatting with each other. Xiao Chen asked, “Elder Brother Sun, I have some questions. Why do people call you the Bloody Bladesman, and what’s with the ten great bladesmen of the Ancient Desolate Land? Why had I not heard anyone mention that in Desolate City?”

Sun Guangquan could not help smiling. “The ten great bladesmen of the Ancient Desolate Land was a name from many years ago. Everyone knew themselves very well, so now that we are seeing so many geniuses and are ushering in the era of geniuses, we are all keeping a very low profile. We are afraid that if we are not careful, we will become stepping stones.”

Bai Lixi followed up, “This is true. The experts of the older generation who are famous have mostly entered into closed-door cultivation. Those famous people from the past, like the four great swordsmen or the four great spearmen, no one mentions them anymore.”


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