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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Entering the Depths

’’Damn it! I don't believe it that a group of dead ghost is still so powerful. All of you, scram aside!’’ The fatty's temper suddenly flared up. He parted the crowd and headed to the stone wall.

’’Celestial Pierce!’’

Jin Dabao opened up the golden folding fan in his hand. A golden scholar appeared behind him. A righteous Qi was instantly spread throughout the surroundings.

’’This is also the aura of a Sage. Ancient Holy Weapon! This fatty actually has a Holy Weapon!’’

’’However, the Dao it contained seemed to not be complete. This Holy Weapon is badly damaged.’’

’’Even so, it is still very powerful. It should be sufficient to fight with the ancient Sage.’’

’’Boom! Boom!’’

In the instant the righteous Qi extended out, the Sage on the wall seemed to come to life. A small world seemed to come out of it. When everyone discovered the change in the surrounding scenery, it seems to become the world depicted in the carvings.

The Sages in the carving all appeared into the surrounds of everyone. The overflowing aura created a pressure that made everyone kneel. Everyone found it difficult to even speak.

Someone asked in horror, ’’Did the Sage come back to life?’’

The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit rushed forth;a powerful and mighty aura erupted out from Xiao Chen's body. Xiao Chen stood straight with his hand behind his back. He closed his eyes feeling the Dao contained in this world.

Everyone vanished from Xiao Chen's vision and a vast land that was overgrown appeared. There were countless black figures standing tall. These people emitted a black gas from their bodies.

There were also countless human-shaped figures standing in the sky. They covered the sky and blocked the sun. It was very shocking, as though it was the Armageddon. In the even more distant skies, there were 18 Azure Dragons swimming in the sky. Their Dragon roars resounded everywhere.

In the middle of the spiral of the Azure Dragons stood a man holding a saber. The instant he appeared, the boundless aura vanished. Even the 18 Azure Dragons trembled.

This scene flashed by in an instant;before Xiao Chen could see the man's appearance clearly, the scene vanished. The scene of the small world reappeared.

A Sage sat on the ground in the small world. He suddenly opened his eyes, they seemed to be filled with chaos. The world seemed to have opened up and a boundless power was emitted.

The fatty stood proudly and a golden light appeared in the eyes of the image of the Sage. He looked on without any fear. Suddenly there was an explosive sound in the small world.

Everyone felt dazzled;the scene in their eyes returned back to reality. However, they were shocked to discover the Dao Bestowal Pictures on the wall had all disappeared.

What was even more strange was a figure of a fatty holding a folding fan with a sinister smile appearing. Behind him was a golden figure it seemed like he was his protector.

’’Did I see wrong? The person on the wall... Why is he exactly like the fatty?’’

’’Damn it, this is illogical. Even the Sage was beaten till he was nowhere to be found, not even a single hair.’’

’’Ridiculous, this is very ridiculous, to think the Sage was unable to deal with him.’’

The fatty stared blankly not knowing what to do. He saw his figure on the wall and did not know what was going on. Is that really me, the Fat Lord?

Xiao Chen slowly walked over and smiled, ’’Stop doubting it. Aside from you, is there another person as coquettish as you? Just looking at the smile, you know it's definitely you.’’

Su Xiaoxiao walked over slowly and smiled faintly, ’’There is no need to worry. The ancient Holy Weapon in your hand is likely to be a King's Weapon. When a stronger Sage appears, it is normal for it to blot out the other auras.’’

’’Furthermore, the Daos of these people were all absorbed by the Holy Weapon in your hand. There is a chance this severely damaged King's Weapon could be fully restored one day.’’

The fatty felt the golden folding fan in his hand. After a long time, he looked at the wall and laughed loudly, ’’This picture is not too bad. It managed to bring out the magnificence of this Fat Lord. Sorry, Brother Xiao.’’

Afterwards, he muttered, ’’If Miss Xiaoxiao and Princess Yingyue were drawn beside me, that would be perfect.’’


There was a black line on Su Xiaoxiao's face;the heavy zither smashed on Fatty Jin's head. Fatty Jin quickly explained, ’’Miss Xiaoxiao, please don't be angry. This is just brother fatty's noble dream. I do not have any intention of profaning you.’’

The more he explained, the worst it got;Su Xiaoxiao got even angrier. The fatty quickly evaded to the side. When the people around the fatty heard that the folding fan was actually a King's Weapon, a greedy gleam appeared in all their eyes.

When the fatty noticed the situation, he shouted angrily, ’’What are you looking at? Do you believe this Fat Lord will slice your flesh off while you are alive?’’

’’Quick! Run! The fatty is going to pull hairs out again. Damn pervert!’’ The crowd thought of the fatty's reputation and also heard the threat in his words. They immediately forwent their greed for the King's Weapon and fled.

When the fatty heard that, he was so angry, he trembled. He shouted loudly, ’’Who said that! Stand still! If you dare, then don't run. Damn it! This Fat Lord is not that kind of person!’’

Xiao Chen resisted the urge to laugh and patted the fatty's shoulder, ’’Stop shouting, everyone has been frightened off by you already. Let's go!’’

’’I'm really not that kind of person. Xiao Chen, you must believe me!’’ the fatty explained loudly.

’’It's fine, brother understands you. These people are not intelligent enough;they can't understand you.’’


The three of them continued to head forward. Although a significant number of cultivators left, they discovered there were plenty of cultivators who chose to stay. Before long, they met the Duanmu Clan's people.

The Duanmu Clan was a very special noble clan. The Inherited Martial Spirit only appeared in women. Thus, in their clan, the women reigned over the men. Every clan head was female. In the Great Qin Nation, even within the Tianwu Continent, they stood out.

Just like the earlier cultivator said, the Duanmu Clan's Martial Saints were fighting a figure that stank like a corpse. The area where they fought was covered in cold wind, the temperature was lowered to an extreme.

The surround cultivators all stood afar. They could feel the cold wind affecting them, entering into their bodies. They all circulated their Essence to defend against the cold.

This fight was already near its end. Just as Xiao Chen arrived, the black figure fell. The surrounding Duanmu Clan's female Martial Saints sent streams of ice and struck the corpse.

After a long time, the ice shattered. A purple skeleton was revealed, as well as a golden battle armor flicking with radiance.

’’This is the corpse of an ancient Martial Monarch! Its skeleton had already turned purple;it was just a step shy of becoming a Sage!’’

’’That Battle Armor is also an ancient object. Its defense must be very shocking. Although the Duanmu Clan lost two martial Saints, it was worth it.’’

Duanmu Qing walked over and placed the purple skeleton and golden Battle Armor into her Spatial Ring. Then she expressionlessly led the Duanmu Clan over to a coffin at the side.

Duanmu Qing picked up a golden book from the black coffin. She patted the dust off and gently flipped it open. When the book was opened, it gave off a faint glow.

Countless golden words floated out from the book;they were densely packed, like scriptures. Unfortunately, no one here understood the ancient text. However, the Dao that fluctuated on it informed people that this was not an ordinary object.

’’The Duanmu Clan has earned big this time. They actually obtained an ancient Martial Technique. We just do not know what kind of Martial Technique it is.’’

’’Regardless of the type, the Martial Technique that is buried with an ancient Martial Monarch is not ordinary.’’

’’These are ancient words. I actually can't understand any of them. Damn!’’

Xiao Chen thought, These ancient words floating in the air were actually the traditional Chinese characters of Earth. He quickly took a careful look and remembered all the words floating in the air.

[TL note: China now uses the simplified Chinese characters. There are some countries that still use the Traditional Characters, like Hong Kong or Taiwan. If one can understand the simple characters, the traditional ones are not too difficult;they look similar, albeit more complicated.]

Duanmu Qing looked at the ancient words floating in the air. She frowned slightly, muttering to herself, They are all ancient words. I wonder if the elders in the clan are able to translate it completely?


Just as Duanmu Qing was about to place the ancient Martial Technique into her Spatial Ring. A blue clothed Martial Saint hidden in the crowd suddenly leaped out and launched himself at Duanmu Qing.

The blue clothed Martial Saint had chosen his timing well. He did not target the moment she first obtained the ancient Martial Technique, nor anytime after that. He chose the time she was about to place in into her Spatial Ring.

That was the time the Duanmu Clan was the most relaxed. Aside from taking a look, Duanmu Qing opened up the ancient Martial Technique for a long time in order to lure out people with bad intentions.

Originally, they thought no one would dare snatch it. Who knew, a peak Martial Saint would suddenly appear at the end.

The blue clothed Martial Saint was extremely fast. He appeared before Duanmu Qing in an instant and snatched the ancient Martial Technique manual from her hand. Then he dashed forward frantically.

The cultivators around were shocked. They never expected someone to target the Duanmu Clan. Although two Duanmu Clan Martial Saints died, there were still six Martial Saints and ten Martial Grand Masters. That was not a force which one person could deal with alone.

Duanmu Qing was stunned for a while, and then her pretty face turned cold. The surrounding temperature seemed to drop by a hundred degrees. A boundless cold Qi extended out in the air. That Martial Saint's speed instantly slowed.

The six Martia Saints behind her also reacted. With a 'chi' sound, six pillars of ice extended from the ground and turned into a cage, locking that blue clothed Martial Saint in.


The blue clothed Martial Saint shouted loudly. An energy wave fired out from his body and the six ice pillars shattered into countless pieces. The blue clothed man escaped his prison.

However, he could not relax yet. Just as he took a step out, another six pillar rose up again, trapping him once more.

’’Break!’’ the blue clothed Martial Saint shouted once more, firing another energy wave. The cage broke again and he escaped once more.

’’Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’’

Every step the martial Saint took, he would be trapped once more. He would fire an energy wave to break out every time. However, he used a lot of Essence in the process. Finally, the time he took to escape each time increased.

From just requiring an instant at the beginning, he now took several breaths of time to barely break the ice pillars. His forehead was filled with sweat. It was evident his Essence was already exhausted.

Xiao Chen extended out his Spiritual Sense. He saw the six Duanmu Clan's Martial Saints had an invisible ice thread under their feet. There was a crystalline radiance flowing on the thread, forming into a strange formation.


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