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Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 116


Chapter 116: Sage Dao Comprehension Picture

However, this time the barrier Xiao Chen ran into was even stronger than the one at Gloomy Forest. Even after he shaped his Spiritual Sense into a golden spear, he was not able to pierce through it.

The fatty said in a somewhat terrified manner, ’’Why do I feel that this cave leads to a tomb? It is so strange.’’

Xiao Chen smiled indifferently, ’’Who knows? Maybe it really does lead to a tomb. The land where the ancient people died, isn't that very similar to a tomb? Actually, there is no difference at all.’’

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke, ’’There are people staring at us. They are experts.’’

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and checked using his Spiritual Sense, sending it out in all directions. After a short moment, he said, ’’It is the Hua Clan's people. There are a total of five peak Martial Grand Masters.’’

Just as he said that, five Martial Grand Masters jumped out from behind. They formed a semicircle and surrounded them. When the leader saw Xiao Chen together with Jin Dabao, he was surprised.

’’The two of you, please take a step back. Our Hua Clan...’’

’’Lightning Evasion!’’

Xiao Chen shouted lightly and appeared beside the Martial Grand Master who spoke. Electrical arcs were jumping on the Lunar Shadow Saber. He executed Drawing the Saber, causing that man's words to be interrupted.

The fatty cursed, ’’I realized if we hung out with this fellow, sooner or later, we would have offended all the noble clans.’’

’’Let's just kill them!’’ Su Xiaoxiao said indifferently. Her slender jade-like hands lightly strummed the zither strings.

The person who spoke did not expect Xiao Chen to be so emphatic. He did not even give him the opportunity to finish his words and came attacking directly.

’’Pu Ci!’’

He retreated backward but Xiao Chen still managed to wound him on the chest. The surging electricity on the Lunar Shadow Saber instantly penetrated his body, causing his movements to slow.

’’Arclight Chop!’’

The saber created an arclight. Everything three meters in front of Xiao Chen was caught in the arclight. As that Martial Grand Master was struck by the electricity, his speed became extremely slow. He was not able to react to it and was sliced in half by the arclight.

Because of his carelessness, a peak Martial Grand Master was killed by Xiao Chen in two moves. This was the might of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique. As long as he was able to successfully execute the first move, even a person of higher cultivation realm could be killed.

’’Inclined Body Strike!’’

Xiao Chen turned around and inclined his body before charging forward. The cultivator that rushed at him was struck by Xiao Chen's right shoulder immediately.

That person initially attempted to flank Xiao Chen, attacking him from the front and back. However, he did not expect Xiao Chen to kill a peak Martial Grand Master in two moves before turning around to attack him.

He was caught off guard and was knocked back by Xiao Chen. he took two steps back and did his best to resolve the horrifying force. He felt fear in his heart, What a horrifying physical body.

Xiao Che took two steps forward and sent his right fist smashing over. The wind whistled and the thunder roared;before that man could stably stand and calm the surging blood and Qi in his body, he was forced to defend.

There was a crackling sound. After being tempered by the Heavenly Thunders and seven petals of the Seven Leaf Flower, Xiao Chen was able to smash his hand into mush.


That man cried out painfully. When he saw his crippled hand, his face was filled with shock. The saber flashed, and in the time he was distracted, Xiao Chen used Drawing the Saber to split him into two halves.

Xiao Chen did not reveal any expression on his face. He took out the Soul Slayer Bow and nocked an Essence Light Arrow onto it. He gathered a large force on his right hand and drew the bow back till it resembles a full moon. He took aim at a Martial Grand Master currently fighting with Jin Dabao.

That Martial Grand Master felt a killing intent and quickly evaded Jin Dabao, leaping towards the side. Xiao Chen closed his eyes and locked on to his heart using his Spiritual Sense.

’’Pu Ci!’’

The Essence Light Arrow was released and became a beam of light;it pierced through his intended target. That Martial Grand Master vomited a mouthful of blood and fell on the ground.

’’Shua Shua!’’

Xiao Chen's hands moved continuously and fired out another two Essence Light Arrows. The remaining two Martial Grand Master were pierced by the arrow and died without any means to resist.

The fatty sighed, ’’This Soul Slayer Bow is ridiculously powerful. Anyone it shoots dies. This fellow is also ridiculously powerful too. Rumors say drawing the Soul Slayer Bow would require 500 kilograms of force. To think he could actually fire out three arrows continuously.’’

Su Xiaoxiao carried her zither once again and a look of shock flashed in her beautiful eyes, ’’The potential of the Soul Slayer Bow does not stop there. As long as the user's physical body is strong enough, it is not impossible to go beyond 5,000 kg of force.

’’Back then, the former Manor Lord of Heavenly Craft Manor invested all his efforts into making the Soul Slayer Bow. However, he discovered no one could draw it back because Essence could not be used and only physical strength could be relied on.’’

’’It was abandoned in the storage of the manor. When the former Manor Lord passed away, the new Manor Lord immediately sold it. I wonder what kind of expression they would have if they saw the situation today.

The fatty asked out of curiosity, ’’That old Manor Lord... Why did he forge a Spirit Bow that no one could draw back? Did he have nothing to do after eating?’’

[TL note: Nothing to do after eating is a Chinese saying for too much free time.]

Su Xiaoxiao let out an indistinct sigh. She said in a melancholic manner, ’’It was so he could return a debt of gratitude, thus he invested all his energy into it.’’

Xiao Chen put away the bow and picked up the Essence Light Arrows on the ground. The might of the Soul Slayer Bow combined with the Essence Light Arrows far exceed his imagination. Furthermore, he felt the Soul Slayer Bow's full potential was not realized yet.

After he picked up the Essence Light Arrows, he started collecting his spoils of war, patting down the bodies of these Martial Grand Masters. When the fatty saw this, he quickly started competing with Xiao Chen.

’’These fellows were really rich. Just searching two of them yielded 3,000 gold taels and a few bottles of quality pills,’’ the fatty smiled happily as he held the gold banknotes.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. He shot out a few streams of Purple Thunder True Fire at the corpses, burning them to ashes. He took a deep look at the pitch black hole in front of them and walked in without hesitation.

Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao quickly followed after him. The closer they got to the hole, the denser the penetrating cold air got. It caused people to feel fear as they shivered with cold. After the three of them circulated some Essence, they felt slightly better.

In the dark hole was a long paved pathway. It was eerily silent as they transverse down the path. The three of them did not say anything;even the talkative fatty kept his mouth shut.

The three of them walked for an unknown period of time before a spot of light appeared before them. Xiao Chen felt joy in his heart and he increased his speed. After a while, a vast underground palace appeared in front of everyone.

[TL note: An underground palace is usually part of an imperial tomb.]

’’Quick, run! The dead in the coffins are coming out. Many of the Duanmu Clan's cultivators died already.’’

’’There are actually Demonic Beasts here. Is this actually the Ancient Remnant? It's so horrifying.’’

’’Earlier, there was someone who got infected by Demonic Qi, he was demonized in an instant.’’

Before the three of them had the opportunity to rejoice, a large group of cultivator ran over from the front. They were clearly intending to flee. The group immediately became apprehensive.

Fatty Jin was slightly speechless before he said, ’’What's going on? Why is everyone running back?’’

Xiao Chen held a cultivator back to ask what was going on. That cultivator replied, saying the Duanmu Clan opened a black ancient coffin in the underground palace. The corpse in there actually came to life and start killing everyone it saw.

Furthermore, in a quiet river in the underground palace, many bat-like Demonic Beasts suddenly appeared. They were as strong as Rank 5 Demonic Beasts, and they came in large numbers.

Xiao Chen hesitated, Should I return or continue going forward? Suddenly he noticed a group of people inspecting something on the wall in front.

’’This is definitely an ancient Martial Technique. The predecessors carved it on the wall but we do not understand it!’’

’’Without a certain level of comprehension, there is no way to understand it. Earlier, I saw Ji Changkong came to this spot. After he took a look at it, he immediately destroyed the last three carvings.’’

’’He must have comprehended something, otherwise he would not have destroyed the last three carvings.’’

Xiao Chen's group quickly made their way over. They saw many carvings on the wall, carvings of people. Some were sword dancing, some were seated, and some were standing quietly.

Everyone's expression was different, but their actions all had a certain Dao. Each and every one of their movements seemed to contain the aura of heaven and earth.

Xiao Chen looked from carving to carving, using his Spiritual Sense to sweep through them. Just as his Spiritual Sense entered it, he felt as though he was immersed in a very realistic version.

He felt that he gained something with every carving. The Purple Thunder divine Incantation actually circulated automatically. He felt a strange sensation. When he reached the end, he discovered the final three carvings were destroyed by someone.

’’Seems like Ji Changkong had gained some comprehension here, and that's why he destroyed them,’’ Xiao Chen felt some regret as he said. The most crucial three cravings were destroyed. The circulation of the Purple Thunder divine Incantation also stopped. The mysterious feeling he had vanished as well.

Even so, Xiao Chen felt the Essence in his body to be more abundant. His cultivation realm as a Superior Grade Martial Master became even more sturdy.

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly opened her eyes. She said in astonishment, ’’These are Sage Dao Comprehension Pictures. The people in them are Sages that actually existed in the ancient era.’’

’’The final three Sage Dao Comprehension Pictures were destroyed by Ji Changkong. Otherwise, it would be easier to view them.’’

The fatty stared at it for a long time and he could not see any Dao in them. He said in a bad mood, ’’What's so nice about these Dao Comprehension Pictures. It is not a Martial Technique. The person who carved this is immoral. He could have just carved a Dao Bestowal Picture. Wouldn't that be better?’’

Right after the fatty spoke, a seated Sage in the carving seemed to have heard the fatty's insult. His eyelids seemed to have twitched.

’’What's going on, I just saw that person's eyelid twitch.’’

’’Am I seeing ghosts? I saw it too.’’


An energy which seemed to transcend space and time was sent out. Everyone felt dazzled;by the time they reacted, they saw the fatty falling over hundreds of meters away. He was even rolling over continuously, screaming in pain.

’’The Sage's spirit manifested. A gaze from tens of thousand years ago is actually so mighty. It is so horrifying.’’

’’Although the Sage is dead already, his Holy Might still exists. Even after ten thousand years, it has not faded away.’’

’’Indeed, look at that perverted fatty. In front of the Sage, he must be a scum-like existence.’’

Xiao Chen rushed over and helped the fatty up, ’’How are you feeling? Are you alright?’’

The fatty patted the dust on his clothes off and there was a lingering fear in his voice as he said, ’’I saw a pair of eyes. The eyes were full of chaos. Before I could react to it, I was knocked flying.’’


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