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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 935


Chapter 935: The successor of Taiji Fist appears!

"How do you know Taiji Fist!?"

With those words, the entire venue fell silent!

Liu Yiquan blinked several times. "Taiji Fist?"

He Badao said in a daze, "What's Taiji Fist?"

A large sect's disciple said in confusion, "What fist?"

In the crowd, people were subconsciously repeating the same few words. Then, all of a sudden, everyone was so shocked that they nearly faceplanted. They only managed to react after a long while!

"Taiji Fist?"

"Holy f*k!"


"What is Grandmaster Chen saying?"

"The Taiji Fist that has been lost for over a hundred years?"

"That's not possible!"

"How could it be Taiji Fist?"

"Hasn't Taiji Fist been lost for over a hundred years already?!"

Everyone paled!

The Huashan Sect's Fan Wen was scared silly by the revelation. "This, this…"

Everyone was so shocked by the claim that their souls nearly flew out of their bodies!

When an eminent monk of the Shaolin Monastery heard Chen Xi shout those words, he also instantly recognized it and cried out, "It's really Taiji!"

A lot of people did not believe it!

They simply could not believe it!


"Taiji was lost long ago!"

"It's impossible for someone to know it!"

"Right, it's impossible!"

"It doesn't make sense for someone to know it!"

"Then why are those masters so sure?"

"Yeah, why are they so certain?"

A deputy leader of the Kongtong Sect said with a sunken expression, "Over a hundred years ago, a martial arts expert suddenly appeared out of nowhere and used Taiji Fist to defeat the top experts of the Eight Trigrams, Xingyi, Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Kongtong, Huashan, and 18 other martial sects that practiced external and internal martial arts styles. No one could stop him. But then the war started and the martial arts expert was never heard from again. Taiji Fist simply disappeared from this world. From then on, no other disciples or successors to Taiji Fist appeared. In the many books and records that we still have, only those words that were spoken by that Taiji Fist expert all those years were recorded. They're also the only clue our modern martial arts world has left of this legendary Chinese martial arts style. I believe that the records of many of the large sects would have this piece of history written in them!"

Quite a few of those from the large sects started asking questions.

"What words?"

"Yeah, what words exactly?"

The Huashan Sect's Fan Wen looked over!

The disciples from the Eight Trigrams School looked over!

Many of the experts from the large and small sects looked over in unison!

That Kongtong Sect deputy leader said pensively, "'Taiji Fist' says to 'use your mind to move energy. You must get the energy to sink. It is then able to collect in your bones. Use energy to move your body. You must get the energy to flow smoothly. Your body can then easily obey your mind. If you can raise your spirit, you will be without worry of being slow or weighed down. Thus it is said: "Your whole body will be nimble and your headtop will be pulled up as if suspended." Your mind must perform alternations nimbly, and then you will have the qualities of roundness and liveliness. Thus it is said that you are to "pay attention to the alternation of empty and full." When issuing power, you must sink and relax, concentrating it in one direction. Your posture must be straight and comfortable, bracing in all directions. Move energy as though through a winding-path pearl, penetrating even the smallest nook, meaning the energy is everywhere in the body. Wield power like tempered steel, so strong there is nothing tough enough to stand up against it. The shape is like a falcon capturing a rabbit. The dynamic is like a cat pouncing on a mouse. In stillness, be like a mountain, and in movement, be like a river. Store power like drawing a bow. Issue power like loosing an arrow. Within curving, seek to be straightening. Store and then issue. Power comes from your spine. Step according to your body's changes. To gather is to release and to release is to gather. Disconnect but stay connected. In the back and forth (of your arms), there must be folding. In the advance and retreat (of your feet), there must be variation. Extreme softness begets extreme hardness. Your ability to be nimble lies in your ability to breath.'"

The members of the Chinese martial arts world present were getting more and more astonished from hearing that!

Use your mind to move energy?

Use the energy to move your body?

To gather is to release?

To release is to gather?

W-Wasn't that the set of fighting techniques "Chen Zhen" had just employed!

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples were dumbfounded when they heard that!

Xu Fan was flabbergasted. "Did that Chen Zhen really use Taiji Fist?"

Zhao Yunlong let out a curse. "What the f*k!"

Song Jiao said, "How can he know!?"

Lu Yuhu, Yan Hui, and Chenchen were even more dumbstruck. They were the only people at the venue who knew of "Chen Zhen's" real identity, so it added even more disbelief!

Everyone was stunned at this revelation. This mental shock was even more shocking than when Chen Zhen had revealed that he could use concealed power!

Because this was not just any other martial art!

It was the Taiji Fist!

This was the legendary martial art that had disappeared for over a hundred years!

This was the martial arts that had beaten the entire Chinese martial arts world until no worthy opponents remained!

Even Zhou Tianpeng who was currently fighting in the ring got distracted. When Chen Xi and he heard the words "Taiji Fist," their confidence was visibly shaken!

Even Rao Aimin was so shocked that she gasped and shouted, "Rascal, is that the truth?"

Zhang Ye said calmly, "What do you think?"

Rao Aimin said, "How do you know Taiji Fist?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "I've always known it."

Rao Aimin replied, "Then why didn't you tell me, you rascal!"

"I've told you before!" Zhang Ye was rather speechless at her reaction. "When you asked me back then, I told you that I knew Taiji Fist, but you said that I was bullshitting!"

"Who the hell would know that you really meant it!" Rao Aimin countered.

Zhang Ye said, "Now you know."

When everyone heard "Chen Zhen" admitting this himself, they all gasped one after another. To them, and even to the entire Chinese martial arts world, this revelation was simply unbelievable. Just saying the Taiji Fist had reappeared in the martial arts community again was enough to send shockwaves throughout the entire community!

Why did Taiji Fist make a reappearance in this world?

Why did it have to be at this time of all times?

The Huashan Sect leader, Chen Xi, felt as though he had been slapped in the face. He had just made a speech at the National Martial Arts Conference using the story of Taiji Fist as an example to get his point across for not letting the Zhou Family Style follow in its footsteps. He said that they should not allow such precious intangible cultural assets to slip from their hands and be lost, thus using it as an excuse to attack Rao Aimin for the greater good of the Chinese martial arts world. But not soon after, just ten minutes later, a non-affiliate who knew Taiji Fist had appeared in the ring!

How face-smacking!

And it was really amazing!

So the legends of the Taiji Fist that had shocked the entire martial arts community before were not just legends!

It was no wonder Chen Xi could not do any harm to his opponent even though he was obviously more skilled than him. So it turned out that his opponent was a practitioner of this style of martial arts!

In the audience, Song Jiao could not longer hold it in. She seized Lu Yuhu. "Spit it out! Who on earth is that person?"

Xu Fan was also bursting with curiosity. "Little Junior Bro! Don't you know him? Hurry up and tell us!"

"A Taiji Fist master who has trained to use concealed power? This…" A slightly older disciple of the Eight Trigrams Palm said, "Are any opponents below the level of grandmaster worthy of him? Even if his opponent were a grandmaster, he might still stand a chance of defeating them! The theory of Taiji Fist in and of itself was already meant to be used to curb a stronger opponent, using only a small amount of effort to push away something much heavier!"

"Little Junior Bro!"

"Hurry up and tell us!"

Song Jiao said, "Because of Eldest Senior Sis's terrible social ties, her reputation in our martial arts world is in tatters. Who wouldn't avoid her if they could? So how did Eldest Senior Sis come to know such a powerful friend?"

Lu Yuhu was anxiously wiping sweat off himself. "Because…"

Xu Fan said, "Because of what?"

Lu Yuhu gave a wry smile. "Because that guy's social ties are even worse than our Eldest Senior Sis's!"

Yan Hui who was beside them couldn't agree more.

"Ah?" Song Jiao was stunned.

Zhao Yunlong was also stunned. "There's someone who has a worse reputation than Eldest Senior Sis?"

Around them, the disciples from the large and small sects, as well as the non-affiliates, could no longer hold it in either!

"Who is he!"

"Who the f*k can tell us who that is!"

"A non-affiliate?"

"How can such an expert not be affiliated with any of the martial sects!"

"After a lapse of more than a hundred years, the successor of Taiji is finally willing to show himself again?"

"I have a feeling that the martial arts community will be plunged into chaos soon!"

"Just who can he be?"

"Eh, hold up!"

"What's the matter?"

"He's familiar, he looks really familiar!"

"Ah, now that you mention it, I think so too!"

"Aiyo, why do I, too, find him quite familiar now? Like I've seen him somewhere before?"

Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, and the others who had been traveling together with Zhang Ye were startled. If no one had mentioned that he looked familiar, they wouldn't have thought along that line. Now that they looked at him, this person truly looked familiar to them as well!

They had definitely seen him before!

They had definitely seen him somewhere before!

Finally, Chen Xi said something in the ring!

"After more than a hundred years, I've finally had the honor to see for myself this generation's successor of the Taiji Fist." Chen Xi then made a slight fist and palm salute according to the Chinese martial arts world's traditions. "Chen Xi, of Huashan's Five Way Boxing." This was a form of respect to the opponent, as well as to the legendary martial art of the Taiji Fist.[1.]

Zhang Ye looked up at him and slowly lifted his hand to his sunglasses. He rested his hand on them for a moment before taking them off!

Instantly, the entire hilltop fell utterly silent!

Chen Xi was shocked!

Zhou Tianpeng was also shocked where he was standing!

Liu Yiquan was dumbfounded!

He Badao stunned!

Song Jiao was stunned!

Everyone was stunned!

They heard the young man standing in the ring say in a plain manner, "Zhang Ye, of the Taiji Fist."

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