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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 919


Chapter 919: The appearance of Rao Aimin!

At the holiday resort.

The sky was gradually getting darker. Various non-affiliates and others from the small sects were supporting each other as they made their way back to the inns. Some of them had injuries to their legs, some had injuries on their hands, and some also had their hair pulled out. But at this moment, everyone was very friendly and helping each other, propping one another up in support. After all, they were now compatriots who had fought side by side. Moreover, speaking of the injuries that they had suffered, they definitely got off much lighter than those from the large sects. With two or three people against one, their opponents were definitely much more seriously injured than them!

"What a good release it was!"

"Right! It felt great!"

"Having lived for so long, I've never felt as satisfied as I felt today!"

"That's right. Although my nose was punched and my ass was kicked twice, I still feel really wonderful. That bunch of people from the large sects have already bullied us for too many years! I finally vented all my pent-up anger on them!"

"Same here!"

"I've been wanting to beat up that Kongtong Sect bastard for a long time too!"

"The Zhou Family's Fourth Bro Zhou has always been a dishonorable character, so I took advantage of the chaos just now and kicked him. It felt so good!"

"Hahaha, after beating up those large sects' people, not only did we get a waiver for our meals, we even earned a thousand yuan's compensation for nothing. It would be great if such a good thing happens at every conference! I don't mind even if I have to get beaten up every year! So even we non-affiliates can turn the tide! And we didn't have to act in accordance with the will of the large sects for once!"

Everyone was very excited.


Liu Yiquan took two steps forward and gave a fist and palm salute, saying, "Bro Chen Zhen, if not for you rushing to help me in time back there, I truly could not have handled that person. Thank you so much!"

Zhang Ye also gave a fist and palm salute. "Don't mention it, there's no need."

He Badao laughed heartily. "It's all thanks to Bro Chen Zhen stepping forward!"

Li Quanneng said, "Yeah, if not for Bro Chen, we would definitely have been scammed by them today! Once the grandmaster and those large sect leaders appeared, the rest of us would definitely not have dared to say anything, but just look at how Bro Chen Zhen showed no fear at all! Admirable, admirable!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Thank you, thank you."

"Bro, your name is Chen Zhen?"

"Thank you!"

"Good one, Bro Chen!"

"Thank you so much!"

"If you go to Shandong in the future, come and look for me!"

"If you ever go to Northeast China, I will buy you some wine!"

"Considering Bro Chen's martial arts style, uh, uh, it is really…very unique!"

"Haha, it doesn't matter whether Bro Chen used a brick or a wine jar, as long as he can win with it, it is a good weapon!"

"That's right, that's right. Bro Chen's skills, no, brick skills were truly godly!"

Everyone gave their praise!

Yan Hui and a few of his friends also stepped forward at this moment to give their fist and palm salutes. "Bro Chen Zhen, words can't express our gratitude!" Then he turned around and said to all the non-affiliates and disciples of the small sects, "And to all the other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for today. If not for everyone helping us to seek justice, we would really have been scammed by them!"

"Happy to help, happy to help!"

"We're all on the same side!"

"After they scam you, they would scam us next!"

"Right, helping others is equivalent to helping ourselves!"

"Everyone has been injured, so let's disperse for now."

"Go back and rest. We'll meet again at the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference tomorrow!"

The non-affiliates gradually dispersed and left.

When Yan Hui was about to leave, he turned around and doubtfully glanced over in Zhang Ye's direction.

A friend beside tugged at him. "Let's go-oh. What are you looking at?"

Yan Hui blinked and said baffled, "Somehow, I find that person to be quite familiar."

"That's enough, hurry back to the inn. Aiyo, my arms! Help me to apply some medicated red flower oil on my arms in a while. Those bunch of bastards from the large sects were really aggressive in their attacks!"[1.]

In the end, Yan Hui still did not manage to recall anything.

Or rather, he never even suspected that it might be that person!


Over at the restaurant.

The moment these people left, Fan Wen's face turned green with anger!

The others from the large sects embroiled in the battle earlier were also unable to accept this outcome!


"Why should we compensate them?!"

"We are the ones who were seriously injured!"

"No, we can't just let the matter rest like this!"

The disciples of the large sects started to make a scene.

Fan Wen said, "I'll go and stop them!"

However, he was held back by the Huashan Sect leader, Chen Xi, who was beside him. "Forget it."

Fan Wen said dejected, "Senior Bro, what the heck is this!"

Chen Xi sighed and said, "Isn't it only 1,000 yuan per person? The National Martial Arts Association will fork out this sum of money. It's definitely better that we appease everyone's anger first."

The Kongtong Sect deputy leader said, stifling his anger, "But—"

Chen Xi declared, "Has everyone forgotten what the purpose is of organizing the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference this year? Before the conference takes place, there mustn't be any screw ups. It's more important to resolve the matter of Rao Aimin before anything else! That is what matters the most!"

"Yes, Senior Bro."

"That's true."


The sect leaders and elders all looked at one another but did not speak further. Yet they somehow were left a certain feeling—it was as though they had been scammed by someone!


At night.

In the Tianshan region.

At a certain location.

"Senior Sis!"

"Eldest Senior Sis!"

"You've finally appeared!"

"How is your condition right now?"

Rao Aimin walked into the room languidly as she yawned. "My condition is quite good. Little Fifth, Little Sixth, Little Lu, what are the bunch of you here for?"

Though they hadn't not seen her in quite some time now, Rao Aimin was still the same as before. She neither put on weight nor slimmed down, and didn't grow taller or became shorter;she was just the same old her.

Lu Yuhu said anxiously, "How can we possibly not come when you are in trouble!"

His fifth senior sister said, "Eldest Senior Sis, you are in great danger this time!"

His sixth senior brother said, "That's right. The purpose of organizing the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference was to deal with you, how could you not understand that? We are here to give you our support and a helping hand!"

His thirteenth junior brother said, "It's a pity that Eldest Senior Bro and Second Senior Bro couldn't come! Master locked—"

Lu Yuhu's fifth senior sister glared at him to stop him from saying any more.

Rao Aimin glanced at him. "That old man is still alive?"

Everyone from the Eight Trigrams School: "…"

Rao Aimin waved it off and said, "Alright, that doesn't matter, but it's useless even though you guys came here. You guys didn't train properly, so what can you help me with? It's pretty good if you don't drag me back. Hurry up and get lost."

"Eldest Senior Sis!"

"Wherever you go, we go too!"

"Right, if you're going to the Martial Arts Conference tomorrow, then we'll go together as well!"

"Let's fight it out with those people from the large sects!"

"Fight them!"

Rao Aimin glanced at them and said, "They have hundreds of people, how are you guys going to fight them?"

Suddenly, Lu Yuhu received a call right after he turned on his cell phone. He walked away to answer it. But when he returned, his expression had turned into one of bewilderment!

His fifth senior sister looked at him and asked, "Little Lu, what's the matter?"

His sixth senior brother kicked his foot and said, "Say it!"

His seventh senior brother asked anxiously, "Little Junior Bro, you have the best network amongst us, so what news did you just receive? Hurry up and tell us, what are you staring at?"

Lu Yuhu said, "Shit, the people at the venue of the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference got into a fight!"

When they heard that, everyone from the Eight Trigrams School was shocked!


"They got into a fight?"

"Who dueled with who?"

Lu Yuhu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It's not about who dueled with who, it was more of a civil war! The people from the large sects fought with the small sects and non-affiliates. They were locked into a battle so fierce that they almost destroyed a three-story restaurant at the resort! Hundreds of people were injured! Even the National Martial Arts Association was alerted and had to step in to prevent the brawl from getting out of control!"

His fifth senior sister laughed heartily. "Great fight! They deserve it!"

His sixth senior brother was tickled. "To think they were even intending to deal with our Eldest Senior Sis together! Look at what's happening now, they've gotten into infighting first!"

"Man, surely that couldn't have happened, right?"

"How did the conference turn into such chaos when it has not even started yet?"

"What was the cause of it?"

"How can there be so many people fighting each other?"

Lu Yuhu also found it difficult to accept this news because it sounded inconceivable to him. "It seems that the cause of the incident was due to the organizers selling overpriced wine and the Zhou Family turning out to be part owners of that restaurant as well. As a result, someone named 'Chen Zhen' represented the non-affiliates and small sects by stepping forward to resist the large sects. That was how they ended up fighting!" Then he smiled and went on, "No matter what, the Heavens are really helping us!"

His fifth senior sister laughed. "Right, even the Heavens can't bear to watch any further!"

His sixth senior brother said, "Chen Zhen? He sounds like he is not bad!"

His fifth senior sister nodded. "Yeah, what that Chen fellow did was beautiful!"

Lu Yuhu couldn't help but laugh. "The National Martial Arts Association wanted to band everyone together to deal with Eldest Senior Sis in order to exert pressure on her and even stood on the moral high ground to criticize her, but what happened in the end? The Martial Arts Conference has not even started yet and they are already fighting amongst themselves! Those people are really unlucky!"


"Well done!"

"Which sect is this Chen Zhen from? How can he be so bold? He even dared to stand firm against the large sects?"

"I'm not sure. My friend there did not say which sect he was from either."

"What style does he practice?"

"Uh, he said it was Swimming Body…Eight Trigrams Brick!"


"Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Brick?"

"What kind of a weapon did he use?"

"—A brick."

"Pfft! What the hell?"

"Don't tell me it's closely related to our Eight Trigrams School’s Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Palm?"

"Closely related, my ass! This two styles definitely have nothing at all to do with each other!"

"This Chen Zhen sounds like a really interesting person. He must be talented!"

"Where did this person come from? I must be on the lookout for him tomorrow!"

Everyone from the Eight Trigrams School chimed in one after the other and started chattering away. Regarding the infighting over at the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference, they expressed that their present mood could only be described with one phrase: Let's have another round of drinks!


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