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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 730


He was full of anticipation!

In addition to his anticipation, he also felt very nervous!

Zhang Ye did not even blink and just stared steadily at the slot machine, waiting for it to come to a stop. Whether it was a positive or negative outcome, he had already placed all of his bets on it. If he could get his ideal item's purchasing right from the Merchant Shop, it would be the greatest result that Zhang Ye had experienced since he received the game ring. But if he received the right to purchase an item that was basically useless to him, then it would be the worst result in the entire history of Zhang Ye's lottery draw experience!


Or Hell?

It all depended on this outcome!

Finally, after what seemed like more than an hour, the slot machine came to a stop after spinning for a long time. It stopped at one of the Special Category icons!


The item came out!

[Received purchasing rights at the merchant shop.]

[Invisibility (Upgraded)]


And it was even the upgraded version?

Zhang Ye heart was pumping much harder now. He quickly went to the Merchant Shop and deactivated the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) first before tapping on Invisibility (Upgraded) to check out what it was really about. The new item was represented by an icon that was a half-transparent, pudding-like symbol that could have been either hieroglyphic text or a pictograph. The instructive text was displayed below, but the introduction of the item did not talk much about the Invisibility item's function and effect in detail. All it mentioned was how it would help the player achieve a state of invisibility. As for its activation, it was the same as the Lucky Halo!

It would start when it got activated, and stop when it got deactivated.

It was again an item whose usage was counted by the second. Every second that it was used, it would cost 100,000 Reputation Points!

Zhang Ye cried out. It was yet another item that would "suck up" all his reputation points!

When he had first received the game ring last year, he received an Invisibility Potion during a lottery draw once. Back then, he used it up at the landlady auntie's house and was nearly discovered by Rao Aimin as well. Luckily, he managed to escape at that time. This was why he was not unfamiliar with becoming invisible since he had done it once before. At that time, the effect of the Invisibility Potion could be said to be quite powerful, but the only disadvantage was that the user had to get naked for it to work, since if the clothing was not removed, it would give the whole thing away. But for this Invisibility (Upgraded) that he had just received from the lottery draw, what difference would there be from the unupgraded version of invisibility? Zhang Ye was not sure. He needed to test it out, and luckily for him, there were still some reputation points left over. Although it wasn't a lot, it should at least be enough for him to test out the item.

There was a full-length mirror in the wardrobe of his bedroom. Zhang Ye went over and opened it and stood in front of the mirror. Then, he activated the Invisibility (Upgraded)!

Invisibility was activated!



His reputation points were being deducted!

At the same time, Zhang Ye saw himself enveloped in a flash of light, and in that second, in his shocked gaze his reflection in the mirror suddenly disappeared!

His hair was invisible!

His face could not be seen!

His legs disappeared as well!

This upgraded version could even make his clothes invisible? It masked the entire body?

Just when Zhang Ye thought that this was how it was, he discovered that there was a part of his him that could still be seen. His shoes. He took a few steps and observed the pair of shoes seemingly floating around in the air, an image that looked strange and out of place. Zhang Ye frowned at this. Why was it that his clothes could turn invisible but not his shoes?


It looked like his socks also turned invisible? Could it be?

Zhang Ye analyzed it and came down to one possible reason for this to happen. He immediately took action and bent down, putting his hands into the shoes to push down his socks a little. The reason for this was to simply push his socks further down so that his ankles could come into contact with his shoes. As expected, the moment when his ankles came into direct contact with his shoes, the shoes also instantaneously become invisible. They couldn't be seen anymore. Zhang Ye had achieved perfect invisibility without any problems!

So it seemed like the condition for clothing to turn invisible along with him was that it has to be in direct contact with his skin. The reason his shoes did not turn invisible earlier was due to him wearing socks and that those came between his feet and shoes. With this understanding, even in the event he had to wear layers of clothing during the spring weather, as long as Zhang Ye allowed those additional layers' sleeves or collars to come in contact with his skin, he could still turn invisible at any time!

This was way too easy to use!

Just this item alone made the entire lottery draw worthwhile! This function of this item had greatly exceeded Zhang Ye's expectations and imagination. Turning invisible whenever he wanted? Having the ability to disappear if he wanted to disappear? Zhang Ye felt that this was basically a godly technique. The only disadvantage it had was that it cost too much to use, at a rate of 100,000 Reputation Points per second!

Oh right, Invisibility is still on. I should quickly try out other things as well!

Zhang Ye did not wish to be wasteful, so he quickly walked over to the desk and picked up a pen. Suddenly, the pen disappeared into thin air. Then he used his other hand to touch the desk's surface and the rather large desk also became invisible, leaving the computer, books, and stationery looking like they were suspended in midair!

As expected!

Anything he touched would turn invisible as long as the item he touched was in general a complete item. Even though the computer and some books were placed on the desk, but since they were not a part of the whole, the invisibility effect did not transfer over. As for what could be considered a "complete item," Zhang Ye didn't know how the game ring would determine it. Zhang Ye could only guess at it. But for now, this was all he needed to know.

Seeing that his overall reputation points were getting smaller and smaller, Zhang Ye immediately put a stop to his experimentation and deactivated Invisibility. Then he sat on his bed, trying to calm his excitement!

This was great! What a grand prize he had gotten!

The Heavens had not forsaken me after all! This 100 million worth of reputation points was at least not spent for nothing!

Thinking about it, all of the reputation points he had gathered over many days were used up. In exchange, he received 100 of each of the Basics of Directing and Camera Techniques Skill Experience Books, as well as a godly technique that was Invisibility. All of this left Zhang Ye feeling extremely satisfied.

Opening up the game ring's Inventory interface, Zhang Ye started taking stock of the items he had in it.

[Difficulty Adjustment Die] × 1.

[X-ray Vision Eye Drops] × 1.

[Pause Game] × 1.

[Strength Potion] × 10+

[1-Up] × 1.

Purchasable Items in Merchant Shop: Memory Search Capsule, Taiji Fist Skill Experience Book, Lucky Halo (Upgraded), Invisibility (Upgraded).

He also had Lock Picking, Calligraphy, Higher Mathematics, Computer Programming, Network Technology, Basic Directing, and other directing skills.

The current Zhang Ye was no longer the same person he was a year ago when he had nothing at all. Right now, he was equipped with many skills and items, though not fully armed to the teeth yet. But at least it was still incrementally being added to. His cards were increasingly getting stronger every day and he was getting closer and closer to his goal of becoming an S-list celebrity!

When he laid down on his bed, Zhang Ye was full of an unprecedented confidence. He fell asleep contented.

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