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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 723


Chapter 723: Smash! Smash! Smash!

Translator: Legge Editor:

’’Zhang Ye!’’

’’Stop right there!’’

’’Do you have any regard for the law! Do you have any regard for the law!’’

’’Doing something like this in broad daylight! Does nobody care about this?!’’

’’Where are the security guards?! Come quickly!’’

The teachers of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team repeatedly screamed. Some were calling the police, some were calling for their own security guards from Tsinghua University, and some were flying into a rage. Smashing Tsinghua University's cars right at the entrance of Tsinghua University was a total provocation! This was the same as smacking their faces repeatedly. Did they even know what kind of place Tsinghua University was? This was a top institution in the country and a globally renowned university. When had they ever had to encounter a situation like this? When had they ever had to encounter such an unreasonable person like this bastard? Never before!

When they learned of the commotion happening outside, some students of Tsinghua University who still weren't on break gradually showed up at the scene. They cautiously peeked at the outside of the campus. What they saw dumbfounded them!

’’What...what the hell!’’

’’What's happening?!’’

’’Isn't...isn't that Zhang Ye?’’

’’Why did he come all the way to Tsinghua University to pick a fight this time?!’’

Back when Zhang Ye caused a ruckus at Peking University's Centennial Hall, it had created an international repercussion. Who could have thought that so soon after that incident, this fellow was now showing up at Tsinghua University's doorstep today and creating yet another scandal. Many of the Tsinghua University students were feeling a little dizzy due to his antics. It's not like they had never encountered a person with a bad temper, but this was the first time that they had come across such a f**king bad-tempered fellow! Was Teacher Zhang Ye born under the star of the gunpowder keg? Why did he always explode into anger so easily?! How was he so fearless?!

Everyone was shaken!

Xin Ya shouted at him, ’’Zhang Ye!’’

Han Henian kept wiping his sweat away as he felt that this matter was getting way too far out of hand!

When Zhang Ye smashed the first car, the teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team felt shocked but relieved, and got a kick out of watching his actions. But when Zhang Ye followed up with smashing the second car, the Peking University teachers could only look at each other in dismay and didn't know what to do! Professor Zhang was overreacting!

Yet that still was not the end of it!

In the midst of the chaos, Zhang Ye was seen turning his head around to look at Tsinghua University's third car that was holding the other exam's top scorers. He then walked calmly over to the car!

Everyone was dumbfounded!



’’This is...’’

’’Zhang Ye is...’’

A few seconds later, the loud crash of something being smashed traveled through the air!

Zhang Ye brandished his arm, holding the half a slab of brick and smashed it on the third car of Tsinghua University without any hesitation!




After three smashes, the glass window shattered into many tiny fragments!

The driver inside was also on the Tsinghua University student recruitment team. At this moment, he had been shocked into a daze and was too scared to move. He allowed Zhang Ye to unlock the car door without any resistance, which set free the students from Beijing Normal University Affiliated High School and No. 15 High School!

Upon seeing that, the top scorers inside the car also didn't know how to react and just hurriedly got out. One of the examinees who indicated Peking University as his first choice institution rubbed his eyes with confusion and quickly went in the direction of the Peking University student recruitment teachers. As for the other two examinees, they had initially applied for Tsinghua University, but when they saw the situation, they did not behave stupidly. Right now, Teacher Zhang was standing there like a one-man army, so it would definitely be dangerous if they stood on the side of the Tsinghua University teachers. They certainly had to get away as far as possible from there. If they were able to become top scorers, how dumb could they be? The two of them exchanged a look and then quickly ran far away from there. They eventually ended up standing at a spot that was obviously closer to the Peking University student recruitment teachers.

Zhang Ye was already looking towards the fourth car of Tsinghua University's student recruitment team. He walked toward it at once without any hesitation or pause.

When the staff member of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team in the fourth car saw him walking over, he nearly pissed his pants as he shouted, ’’Aiyo, my goodness!’’ Without waiting for Zhang Ye to smash his car, he unlocked the car door himself and ran out from the car frantically, like he was avoiding the god of plague!

Then Zhang Ye looked at the fifth car.

The fifth car's driver trembled with fear and also ran away, abandoning the car!

Without even waiting for Zhang Ye to look over, the driver of Tsinghua University's sixth car had already disappeared without a trace, lightning fast!

Some of the drivers thought to themselves, it's not that we are timid, rather we're only paid for helping out in the student recruitment, not to f**king risk our lives!

All at once, the drivers of those cars scattered away in panic!

The examinees held in the cars were all set free and gradually came out from the cars. Some of them were surprised at the sight of Zhang Ye, some had excitement shining in their eyes and some were sweating profusely from anxiety. There were all kinds of expressions!

How ferocious!

This was what you'd f**king call a fierce person! Just a stare alone would be able to shock anyone!

Several seconds went by as the huge area at the main entrance of Tsinghua University fell silent without a single movement!

At this moment, Liao Qi shouted, ’’Stop him!’’

A female teacher of Tsinghua University's student recruitment team also shouted, ’’Stop him! What are you doing standing there and looking on for?!’’

Over at Tsinghua University's side, shouts rang out all around, but it was just pure shouting. No one rushed up to stop Zhang Ye. These people were all university teachers, and if you talked about teaching or passing on knowledge, each of them was more knowledgeable than the last. If you talked about writing with a flowery style, each of them was stronger than the last, but when you talked about fighting? Then they really couldn't do it! But Zhang Ye? He had fought with his leaders, his leader's kin, a celebrity, security guards, aircraft hijackers, and according to the rumors online, he even seemed to have fought with some monks at a certain temple in Beijing during filming. He did things here and there regardless of age or industry. This guy had done all sorts of things and was already battle f**king hardened. Even those armed hijackers who were notoriously vicious criminals were not a match for Zhang Ye, so for a bunch of teachers like them from the Tsinghua University student recruitment team...who could possibly take him on?! Whoever went against him would surely end up sacrificing themselves for nothing! Only an idiot would go up against him!

Zhang Ye looked around. When he saw that all of the examinees had been released, he threw away the brick in his hand and dusted off his dirty hands. Even though the ’’weapon’’ had been dropped, as he stood there, still no one risked approaching within ten meters of him!

The teachers of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team began to scold him with loud voices from a distance!

’’This isn't over yet!’’

’’I've called the police! The police will be here soon!’’

’’Zhang Ye, you go too far! You do things without making any allowances!’’

’’To think that you're still a teacher of the people? You-you're more like a rotten scoundrel!’’

’’Even a scoundrel is more civilized than you! Who are you to smash our cars like that?! Who are you to hit Professor Liao?!’’

When Su Na heard they called the police, she hurriedly yelled to Zhang Ye, ’’Teacher Zhang.’’

However, Zhang Ye's expression did not change whatsoever. Instead, he said to Su Na and the teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team, ’’Take those examinees who are willing, and make your way back to Peking University for a talk about admissions and the terms of enrollment. I will handle the issue here. None of you have to worry!’’

When the teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team saw that the situation was already in this state, they could only clench their teeth and immediately go over to the examinees. They did not force it on anyone but welcomed those who were willing to go with them back to Peking University and learn more about the admissions process. They didn't say anything to those who did not want to go as it was their personal freedom.

Upon seeing this, the Tsinghua University teachers became anxious!

’’Don't you dare!’’

’’Who allowed you to touch our students?!’’

Many of the teachers of Tsinghua University's student recruitment team wanted to rush forward to grab the examinees back!

But when Zhang Ye took a step forward, those staff members of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team stopped in their tracks immediately. They could only stare angrily and began scolding loudly once again!

’’To think that you are a teacher of the people!’’

’’Zhang Ye, you are a bastard!’’

’’I'm so pissed off!’’

With the persuasion of the teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team and the influence of the current atmosphere, almost all of the top scorers followed the Peking University teachers into the cars. Among them were some of examinees like Huang Lingling whose first choice preference was Peking University and some others who were unsure of which institution to apply for. Only four of the examinees who were probably determined to apply for Tsinghua University chose to remain behind. The rest of the examinees all got into the cars!

When the teachers of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team saw this, they fumed with rage and felt their hearts bleeding. Those were the examinees among the top 30 scorers in the Beijing college entrance exam. Every one of them was like a treasure! But with Zhang Ye blocking them, they could not get past him and could only watch helplessly as the top scorers they had almost gotten a hold of were now being taken away by the teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team!

Su Na knew a rivalry had now formed between Zhang Ye and Tsinghua University. So after arranging for the top scorers to leave, she stayed behind as somebody definitely had to be there. Han Henian and five teachers of the Peking University student recruitment team also stayed behind. In a while, when the police came, they would definitely need to help with explaining their side of things.

’’Zhang Ye, just wait and see!’’

’’Our score is not yet settled!’’

’’When the police comes, I'll see what you can do!’’

The people of Tsinghua University hated Zhang Ye to the core!

The people from Peking University were getting quite worried as they did not know how to handle this matter when the police arrived.

But who could have guessed? When Zhang Ye heard what they said, he leisurely took out his cell phone from his pocket, then looked at the screen and lightly pressed 3 times on the keypad!! Although everyone was too far away to clearly see what number Zhang Ye dialed, there were just several agencies that could be reached with only three numbers. Moreover, the pressed positions on the keypad made it very easy to guess!

Zhang Ye had dialed 110.

Everyone was stunned for a while!

Call the police?

You still want to call the police?

Liao Qi sneered incessantly!

Several of the teachers from the Tsinghua University student recruitment team also laughed!

However, when the call connected, Zhang Ye's first lines left everyone dumbfounded!

Zhang Ye said: ’’Hello, is this the police station? I would like to report an incident...That's right....There are some kidnapped hostages at the main entrance of Tsinghua University....Yes....Don't worry, I've already successfully rescued the hostages. Who am I? There's no need to ask who I am, just call me Lei Feng!’’

Liao Qi was stunned by this. ’’Kidnapped??’’

Xin Ya stared eyes wide. ’’Hostages?’’

All of the teachers of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team: ’’...*&^;&^;((%$##@! ! !’’

Zhang Ye, why are you so shameless? What did you mean by kidnapped?! No one can slander the way you do! Kidnapped? Kidnapped your sister! You're so wicked! Weren't you first at fault? Yet you're complaining?!

And who the heck is Lei Feng??[1.]

[1. Léi Fēng (18 December 1940 - 15 August 1962) was a soldier in the People's Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China. After his death, Lei was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and the people of China.]


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