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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 722


Chapter 722: Rage smash!

Translator: Legge Editor:

Zhang Ye had arrived!

At once, the Peking University student recruitment teams'morale immediately shot up. All of them knew that Zhang Ye had been suspended long ago due to the scolding incident involving the foreign dignitaries, but a suspension did not mean that he was fired. Speaking of which, Peking University had still kept Zhang Ye's role active all this while during his suspension. His concurrent posting as a lecturer in both the Math and Chinese Departments did not change, and except for a few teachers in Peking University he had clashed with before, all of the Peking University teachers and students still regarded him as one of their own!

Even Han Henian from Peking University's Math Department, who had clashed with Zhang Ye before and did not like him much, had dropped all his biases against him at this moment. Since one of the examinees he had his eye on and whom he wanted to take as his student was stolen by Tsinghua University, he knew that they needed to stand united against the common enemy!

The Peking University student recruitment teachers were inspired.

In contrast, the Tsinghua University student recruitment teachers'expressions changed.

Around them, all the reporters immediately had glints shining in their eyes. Zhang Ye had arrived, and wherever he appeared, there would surely be news. Everyone knew of his short temper, so if he was here, then there was no need to even ask. There would surely be trouble today!

Xin Ya stared at him.

Zhang Ye arrived at the center of the commotion. He looked at Xin Ya. ’’Professor Xin, I seem to have heard you saying that Tsinghua University wanted to compete in the field of math and physics with Peking University?’’

Xin Ya: ’’...’’

Everyone from Peking University immediately echoed this.

’’That's right!’’

’’Who's afraid of whom?’’

’’Whomever wants to compete with us, come!’’

Just half a minute ago, it was the Tsinghua University student recruitment teachers who were creating the commotion. However, in the blink of an eye, it was now time for the Peking University student recruitment teachers to fight back!

Xin Ya nearly died of anger there and then!

The people of Tsinghua University also looked worse than the next!

Compete in the field of math and physics? You even solved a world-class mathematical conjecture, so who the f**k could compete with you!

A student recruitment teacher from Tsinghua University said, ’’You perform exceptionally well in math, but that's your personal achievement and has nothing to do with the standard of Peking University's Math Department!’’

Su Na said, ’’This is the first time I've heard of such twisted logic. Teacher Zhang is a teacher of Peking University, so his ability in math would of course be integrated into our Peking University's math standard as well. How can you say it has nothing to do with Peking University?’’

Another Peking University female recruitment teacher echoed, ’’If we're talking about having no relation to the school, then it must be Professor Xin whose work has nothing to do with Tsinghua University. Her work is not with Tsinghua University, so what are you all showing off for!’’

A Tsinghua University teacher rebutted, ’’Professor Xin was a student of Tsinghua University!’’

The teachers of Peking University: ’’And Teacher Zhang is an associate professor of Peking University!’’

Both groups of people started arguing even spiritedly, but Peking University had clearly gained the momentum and was outarguing those people from Tsinghua University. Meanwhile, the student recruitment teachers from Tsinghua University could only muster random retorts against them. In the field of mathematics education, when faced with Zhang Ye, they clearly did not have enough backing them for an argument.

Xin Ya was in low spirits. She stared at Zhang Ye and said, ’’Professor Zhang, what's the meaning of this hostility?’’

Zhang Ye threw his hands into the air. ’’I don't mean anything, but I did hear someone claim that our Peking University's Math Department doesn't compare with Tsinghua University's, so I can't take that lying down. The Math Department in Peking University has always been in the top two in the country, and the quality of our teachers is as real as it gets. Why is it that when the claims came out of your mouth, it sounded like our Peking University Math Department was inferior to yours?’’ Because of Wu Zeqing, Zhang Ye's relationship with Xin Ya was still considered alright. However, what was private should remain private and Zhang Ye understood this very well. ’’Besides, can you tell me what's happening here?’’ He pointed to those cars with the top scorers from the college entrance exam.

When enemies met, old wounds would be opened. Liao Qi from Tsinghua University's Chinese Department came forward. ’’What's the matter? Do we owe you an explanation?! Get your cars that are blocking our school's entrance out of here! Immediately!’’

Xin Ya added, ’’When the examinees leave Tsinghua University's campus, you guys can do whatever you want, but for now, they have chosen Tsinghua University and are here to talk to our school about their preferences. What right do you have to interfere with that?’’

A Tsinghua University personnel said, ’’Move! Otherwise I will call the police!’’

Han Henian said with annoyance, ’’You guys resorted to dirty tricks to snatch the examinees away and you still want to report us to the police?’’

’’Teacher Han, you better watch what you say in front of all these students!’’ A youth from the Tsinghua University group said, ’’Who resorted to dirty tricks? Huh?’’

Su Na thundered, ’’Did the students really come along with you willingly?’’

Liao Qi said coldly, ’’How was it not willing?!’’

At this time, they could see that in one of the Tsinghua University cars, Huang Lingling was desperately thumping on the rear windshield. She had obviously spotted Zhang Ye and wanted to get out from the car.

Han Henian pointed to Huang Lingling and said, ’’Is that what willing looks like to you?’’

Zhang Ye did not bother with this nonsensical conversation any longer. He stared straight at Xin Ya. ’’Professor Xin, I'll make it short. Open the car doors and I will take those students who applied for Peking University as their first choice institution with me!’’

Liao Qi flatly refused, ’’Impossible!’’

Su Na was infuriated. ’’Those are the students who applied for Peking University! You people are taking this too far!’’

Zhang Ye's proposed actions were not overboard whatsoever, and were even said in consideration of Xin Ya's position. He had put it this way because the examinees who had filled in Peking University as their first choice institution belonged to them in the first place. But no one could have expected that the Tsinghua University student recruitment team would not agree to it, straining the situation even further. Not only did they not intend to leave any students for Peking University, they also intended to ruthlessly end Peking University's chances of recruiting them!

Huang Lingling was still thumping on the rear windshield, saying something that could not be heard due to her being locked inside the car and the street noise on the outside.

Tsinghua University's student recruitment team also knew that the exam's top scorers in the cars would likely end up choosing Peking University, especially those who filled in Peking University as their first choice institution. But for every one they could convince to join them, it was one more student for Tsinghua University. It would still be a net gain for them if they could get just one student to join them, therefore they did not want to bother listening to what the Peking University student recruitment team had to say right now. If we don't let the students go with you people, what can you all do about it?!

However at the next moment, an unexpected event happened. No one could have imagined it!

Zhang Ye asked for the final time, ’’So you won't let them out, right?’’

Liao Qi sneered.

The teachers of the Tsinghua University student recruitment team ignored him as well.

Zhang Ye nodded, and then strode over with large strides, walking past Liao Qi and headed towards the car Huang Lingling was in. He was taking very large strides and many of those around could not react in time.

When Liao Qi realized this, he immediately grabbed Zhang Ye by the shoulders. ’’What are you doing! Go away!’’

Then an amazing sight occurred. Zhang Ye did not even move his arm, just slightly adjusted his shoulders before straightening them again. It was just a slight movement of his shoulders but Liao Qi who had his hand on Zhang Ye's shoulder suddenly felt something in his arms. In that moment, Liao Qi's expression turned to shock as his whole body backpedaled and he tumbled backwards dramatically. Finally, he lost his balance and crashed down near the curb!

The Tsinghua University people reacted instantaneously!

’’Professor Liao!’’

’’Zhang Ye! How dare you hit our people?’’

’’What the hell!’’

’’Zhang! You...’’

The Peking University student recruitment teachers were also dumbfounded!

But this was just the beginning. Zhang Ye did not even look at Liao Qi who was lying on the ground and went straight to the front of the car Huang Lingling was in. He pulled at the handle to open it but realized it was locked. The Tsinghua University driver stared callously at Zhang Ye, not intending to unlock the doors at all.

Zhang Ye turned around and checked the roadside. Then he walked slowly to the side of the road where he bent down and picked up half a slab of brick which just happened to be there. He turned around again. Surrounded by the audible gasps of all gathered, he smashed the brick on the driver side window of the car!


The loud sound left everyone there stunned!

The Tsinghua University driver in the car was scared out of his wits. ’’Ahhhh!’’


Another smash!


A third smash!

Zhang Ye smashed down on the window three times in quick succession. The cracks became larger and larger in the glass-reinforced plastic. With that final hit, the window cracked open and the window pieces flew into the car onto the face of the stunned driver. Zhang Ye was still looking indifferent to it all as he put his hand in to unlock the car doors from the inside!

This scene happened too quickly. No one was expecting it at all!

The reporters were stunned!

Tsinghua University's student recruitment teachers were dumbfounded!

Peking University's student recruitment teachers were also at a loss for words!

Everyone present at the scene simply did not expect Zhang Ye to resort to such a violent and unreasonable smashing the car that belonged to Tsinghua University!

Liao Qi nearly vomited blood. ’’Zhang Ye!’’

The Tsinghua University student recruitment teachers were all shouting!


’’Zhang, do you want to die!?’’

’’Smashing our car? How dare you smash our car!??’’

’’Call the police! Quickly call the police!’’

’’Zhang Ye, you better stop right there! Do you still have any regard for the law!?’’

Suddenly, several of the Tsinghua University male recruitment teachers who were standing close to him rushed forward. But at the same time, Zhang Ye who was still holding onto the half a slab of brick turned his head to them, causing them to stop in their tracks. They did not risk getting any closer to him!

A lot of them knew about the rumors concerning Zhang Ye and had seen him on the news more than once. When he was working at Beijing Television, he had beaten up his leader. More recently, a more notorious scandal everyone knew about happened after the Spring Festival Gala ended. Zhang Ye sent a Korean celebrity, Lee Anson, flying with a kick. That incident brought Zhang Ye much criticism and trouble, and he had been brought to the police station three times over this affair. As such, it might be impossible that any other university professor would smash cars, but with Zhang Ye, nothing was impossible. He had done everything before, and even did it more than once! With this deterrence, the Tsinghua University student recruitment teachers did not risk making any unnecessary moves. Even though they kept scolding with their mouths, none of them tried to go up to stop him. After all, Zhang Ye's reputation was so infamous that he might really hit them!

Huang Lingling ran out of the car. The other two No. 8 High School students in there with her also came out together with her.

’’Teacher!’’ Huang Lingling said panic-stricken.

Zhang Ye nodded at her. ’’Go to the where the Peking University teachers are and wait for me there.’’

’’OK, I understand!’’ Huang Lingling immediately walked over to the Peking University student recruitment teachers, looking back every now and then as she made her way to them.

Seeing this, the other two students of No.8 High School followed along close behind.

Realizing what was happening, Su Na and seven or eight other student recruitment teachers went over and brought the students back to their side. Su Na looked at Zhang Ye and nodded. ’’Then, Teacher Zhang ’’

Right as those words came out, she saw Zhang Ye take another large stride toward the second car. With the sound of even more screams, Zhang Ye held up the half a slab of brick and smashed it at the car's window again. The window of this car shattered more easily than the previous one. Though the driver's seat was empty, there were two students from No. 4 High School inside. After Zhang Ye had smashed open the window, he put his hand into the car and unlocked it, releasing the two No. 4 High School students!

A second car was smashed!

Many of the people who saw this could only gasp from shock!


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