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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 719


Chapter 719: An independent woman!

Translator: Legge Editor:

In the front yard of Old Wu's house.

Zhang Ye closed the browser.

Wu Zeqing's smiling eyes left the screen. ’’Those are the questions you gave?’’

’’Hah.’’ Zhang Ye looked at her. ’’They're not bad, right?’’

Old Wu nodded and said, ’’They're quite good.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I still have a whole lot of such questions. Maybe when I'm in a better mood someday, I might hold another session like this. Even if it doesn't contribute much to my popularity compared to me filming TV shows, or writing some essays and poems, it could still gain me some fans. Do not look down on the smaller things.’’

Old Wu laughed, ’’A thief does not leave empty-handed?’’

’’What are you saying, 'a thief does not leave empty-handed?'’’ Zhang Ye said, ’’I had nothing to do anyway, might as well use the opportunity to entertain everyone. If I didn't do things like that, would my popularity have risen so quickly? I'm already going quite far up the list of the B-list celebrity rankings, so my goal now is to aim for the A-list celebrity rankings. I'll just try to flex my muscles a little more to see if that would be a viable goal since The Voice has already given me quite a significant increase in my fame.’’

Old Wu smiled. ’’If there's anything you need help with, just let me know.’’

Zhang Ye gave a wave of his hands. ’’I won't trouble you.’’

’’Why are you still being so polite?’’ Old Wu glanced at him.

Zhang Ye sighed and explained, ’’It's not like that. You're now the Deputy Chief of the SARFT and overseeing the entire entertainment circle, so all the more I can't receive any help from you. It will be difficult for you to answer to administration. And if anyone finds out, they might start talking behind your back too. Besides, I'm not in any trouble now anyways. As long as no one is deliberately trying to pull me down or ban me, I'll definitely be fine in the entertainment circle. Who can stop me?’’

What he said was really reasonable. This guy was now famous for being a stubborn and unreasonable person in both the entertainment circle and education world.

Old Wu smiled and said, ’’I'm not afraid of people gossiping behind my back, nor will there be any gossips either. If there's anything you need help with, just tell me. Don't forget, you're my boyfriend now, right?’’

Zhang Ye corrected her, ’’Not only now, I still will be in the future.’’

Old Wu nodded. ’’Yes, in the future as well.’’

’’I like hearing that.’’ Zhang Ye smiled. ’’OK, don't worry that I'll be too courteous to you. If I feel that there's anything I need your help with, I will surely let you know. But most of the time, I should be able to handle any problems on my own. There won't be a need for such a high-ranking official to show her authority. Besides, if those foes of mine from the entertainment circle know that you're my girlfriend, who would still want to challenge me? I wouldn't have anyone to entertain me at that time. Without them looking for a fight, I would be bored as hell. Don't you know that my popularity so far was all because of duking it out with those people?’’

In the entertainment circle, the partners of the celebrities were always these few categories:

1. Business persons, tycoons, or wealthy women and affluent second generations.

2. Fellow celebrities of similar fame.

3. Industry outsiders, usually with some status or background.

A majority of the partners of celebrities fell in those three categories. Even if there are exceptions, they are only in the small minority. However, for Zhang Ye to have found someone who was the leader of the SARFT, and not just a low-level leader, but the Deputy Chief of the SARFT, that was basically an exception of exceptions in this case. If this news were leaked, probably no one would have believed it. Actually, even Zhang Ye found it unbelievable and felt like this was a dream when he gave it the occasional thought.

Old Wu gently laughed. ’’You're addicted to the fighting?’’

’’It's not like that. They're always going against me, so how can I not fight back? It's not my style to just stay quiet.’’ Zhang Ye said happily, ’’That's why, as time passes, I even begin to feel uneasy if no industry peers scold me. It's like I'm asking for it, don't you think? It's all because of those people that I've become this way.’’

’’It's common to have such ongoing feuds. It's also necessary. The show you came up with recently is very good.’’ Old Wu said, ’’I've watched The Voice and heard the staff at the SARFT talking about it privately too. Many of them are watching this show right now and have very good things to say about it.’’

Zhang Ye nodded in acknowledgment. ’’Including all those poems, songs, stories, novels, and TV shows, this is by far my best work, and is also the most popular.’’

Old Wu asked, ’’What will you do when The Voice ends?’’

Zhang Ye replied, ’’I've not thought of that yet. Maybe when the time comes I'll know better.’’

Old Wu said, ’’Will it go straight to the second season?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’That won't happen. The second season has to be at least a year later. If the time between the seasons is too short, the show's branding will be affected. That doesn't help its long-term development and sustainability.’’

The two of them spent quite a long time just talking about their job problems.

As Wu Zeqing was the head of the SARFT, she had insight into the most accurate news and data statistics of the entertainment industry. Naturally, Old Wu's general suggestions to Zhang Ye were also the most reliable. For example, the future policies'inclination for the variety show industry, or the current trend of the overall television show industry, all these information helped Zhang Ye gain a better understanding of this market. Even the information on some of the SARFT's major policies for the television industry which had not been implemented yet was not held back from Zhang Ye by Old Wu. In the entire television industry, the number of people who could get information on unimplemented policies was probably only Zhang Ye, and only he alone could get such favorable treatment. As they said, a great tree would provide the best shade.

The more he spent time with Old Wu, the more Zhang Ye realized he liked her. It was not because of the fact that Old Wu could help him, as Zhang Ye was never the type who liked receiving help. Whatever he did, he would usually only do whatever was within his means. Things he couldn't handle, he would just not take on. He hardly ever asked for help with problems. This was all down to his personality and habits. This was just the type of person he was.

The thing he liked most about Old Wu was that no matter what he did, she would support him 100% as long as it did not deviate from her principles. She would also encourage him and use her more mature and experienced viewpoint to analyze and suggest advice to him. Not only did she help Zhang Ye a lot in his decision-making process, the more important factor was actually the psychological one. With a girlfriend who spared no effort in supporting him from behind, what more could he ask for?

Old Wu might not know how to act spoiled, wasn't she the romantic type, and didn't play the little lady role. However, she was the kind of woman who would drag you back onto the correct path if you deviated from your original goals, lift you up when you were down, plant you back firmly on the ground should you get too proud, and encourage and support you on your way to success. She was someone you couldn't find anywhere else in the world even if you tried your hardest. Zhang Ye didn't know what he had done in his previous life to deserve such a woman who became his girlfriend.

When all was said and done, a woman's inner beauty was still the most important!

Does being beautiful make you any more useful?

Would long legs help?

What about large breasts?

Zhang Ye pondered over this for a moment.

...Alright, well, those are pretty important too.


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