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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 718


Chapter 718: A hardworking comic!

Translator: Legge Editor:

Faced with such an answer from Zhang Ye, the netizens could only react with a ’’f*ck’’ to express their feelings!

’’I'm in the process of being dumbfounded!’’

’’He actually solved it!’’

’’Wow, you really had the answer!’’

’’Awesome! I'm totally convinced!’’

’’Pfft, me too, I'm convinced as well!’’

’’I faceplanted onto my keyboard because of laughing too much. Teacher Zhang is indeed Teacher Zhang. Even his way of teaching is unlike others. He is always so interesting and funny, even to the point of being wondrous. I thought he had invented those questions on the spot at the spur of the moment, but who knew that there were really answers to them!’’

’’Just how bored did Teacher Zhang get? He must have been really bored to have been able to come up with questions like that! On top of that, he could even come up with such a goddamn logical answer to such a far-fetched question!’’

’’I'm kneeling!’’

’’Zhang Ye, I'm also kneeling to you!’’

’’Teacher Zhang, you're too strong! No one in the world can stop that comedic march of yours! The netizen with post #679 is right, just how bored were you!?’’

The netizens fainted one by one!

A few Peking University teachers had also appeared because of these questions.

Dean Pan from the School of Mathematical Sciences on his Weibo: ’’...’’

Su Na from the Chinese Department on her Weibo: ’’...’’

The Chinese Department's Director Chang Kaige's Weibo: ’’...’’

These questions were typed out by Zhang Ye spontaneously without the need to use the Memory Search Capsules. It wasn't because his memory was so good that he had them all memorized from his time in the previous world. Rather, during his time at the online television station, while working on his show Zhang Ye's Talk Show, Zhang Ye had made use of the Memory Search Capsules to retrieve all the memories in regards to Tonight 80s Talk Show, Mr. Zhou Live Show, Bao Zou Big News Events, and other similar talk shows. He had already locked down that batch of memories, therefore he could pull up all those questions without needing to think. The questions he threw out here today were all questions from his previous world's Bao Zou Big News Events.

If he had used them as the college entrance exam questions, there would definitely be some problems due to the impreciseness of the questions. But at the very least, it was enough for a good laugh that everyone could enjoy. On this matter, Zhang Ye's objective had been met. He only needed to be rigorous with regards to the college entrance exam questions, but now that the college entrance exam was over, if he still maintained that rigorous façade, then he was just going to bring more contempt upon himself. If he instead clowned around in an impromptu fashion, occasionally teasing others, it would help him improve his image a little and bring him back to being loved by the people.

From the looks of it, it was working rather well.

’’Teacher Zhang is still just as funny!’’

’’Yeah, you're presenting a geography/physics question just like how you'd perform a crosstalk!’’

’’I was one of those examinees tortured by Zhang Ye this year. The thing I hate most about him is that no matter how hard I try to hate him, I can't do it. Zhang Ye keeps adapting and keeps us laughing, so even if I want to scold him, I would be scolding him while laughing. Hai, I guess this is what Zhang Ye's individual style is a hardworking comic! He includes his jokes in everything he says, in his shows, in his poems, and now even in his questions!’’

’’I find myself liking Zhang Ye more and more!’’

’’A comedic associate professor!’’

’’Where there is Zhang Ye, there will not be a lack of doubt and scoldings, yet at the same time, there is also a lot of joy. He is truly the ideal entertainer of my heart!’’

At this moment, some of the netizens started another commotion.

’’What about the other questions?’’

’’The answers to the other questions!’’

’’That question with the flinging of feces, how do you solve that?’’

However, just when Zhang Ye was about to announce the next question's answer, someone suddenly posted their own version of the answer in the comment section of Weibo. This answer immediately left everyone stunned, not because it was an exceptional answer but because most of them couldn't understand what was written. X-axis, y-axis, differentials, and functions were all squeezed into the formulas, leaving people baffled but impressed by how amazing it looked!

’’Damn, who is this person?’’

’’Could someone really have solved it?’’


’’Hahaha, how awesome!’’

’’Has it been solved? Is the answer correct?’’

When Zhang Ye saw it, he was also stunned for a moment, but then immediately gave it a Like afterwards. Then, when he noticed the Weibo handle, he was stunned for another moment but recovered with a smile on his face as he came to a realization. That person's Weibo username was LinglingPO. Intuitively, Zhang Ye guessed that this person was probably Huang Lingling, the young girl he had met at Summer Palace during the International Math Olympiad.

Then, LinglingPO sent Zhang Ye a private message: ’’Teacher, did I get it correct?’’

Zhang Ye immediately replied: ’’Student Huang, you did well.’’

Student Huang? LinglingPO immediately replied with a horrified emoticon: ’’How, how did you know that it was me? Teacher, you...still remember me?’’

Zhang Ye sent her a smiley face: ’’I guessed. As for whether I remember you...I am not that forgetful yet. Has your brother also taken his college entrance exam?’’

Huang Lingling: ’’He's taking it next year.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’I've seen your Math exam. You got a perfect score. You did great. You were the only examinee to get a perfect score in Math. No one else managed to.’’

Huang Lingling: ’’Hehe, thanks Teacher, I will work even harder.’’

Zhang Ye asked: ’’Where did you apply for your first choice?’’

Huang Lingling replied without even thinking: ’’Peking University, of course! My greatest goal is to become your student, but I don't know if I will qualify for the school since I didn't do too well on my other subjects.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’It's not going to be a problem. If you don't meet the admission cutoff score, come look for me. I will help arrange something for you.’’

Huang Lingling replied surprised: ’’Ah, really? Thank you, thank you, Teacher!’’

The tier 1 scores had already been released, but the cutoff scores for Peking and Tsinghua University still didn't have clear distinctions. Sometimes, even if your score was very high, you might not be admitted into Peking or Tsinghua University. In other words, this meant that even if your score was not high, you might still be able to get admitted into Peking or Tsinghua University.

For the other higher institutes of education, the cutoff score boundaries were very straightforward. For example, if a specific score qualified you for Beijing Normal University, or a range between one score and another allowed you to qualify for Renmin University, then as long as the application for your intended university was within the top two choices, there would be an automated ranking to assign you to the institution you applied for. However, for institutions like Peking or Tsinghua University, they had greater freedom, fewer restrictions, and the authority to conduct their own admissions exercises. They even had special recruitment spots with more space to maneuver and overwrite the processes. For instance, in the case of an examinee qualifying with enough points for their first choice of Beijing Normal University, the second choice university couldn't steal this student for their own institution nor would they have the chance to do so. However, the authority Peking and Tsinghua University wielded allowed them to do so under the same set of circumstances as long as the examinees agreed to it. This was the special authority that the country's top two educational institutes had and it was exactly as unreasonable as it sounds.

After a short conversation with Huang Lingling and having chatted for a while with the other netizens, Zhang Ye successfully accomplished his mission of downplaying the ’’scammer’’ label the netizens had given to him and went offline.


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