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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 716


Chapter 716: Zhang Ye's Classroom is back!

Translator: Legge Editor:

After breakfast.

’’Old Wu, I'm full.’’

’’Did you like it?’’

’’It was really delicious. It's not like this bro is sucking up to you by saying that, but your culinary skills are truly excellent. Among all the people I've come across since childhood, your cooking tastes the best. I've never eaten anything so delicious before. I even had two or three bowls of the millet congee. If I ate any more than that, my stomach would've burst apart. I'm so full now that I can't stuff myself any further.’’

’’As long as you like eating it.’’

’’That's for sure.’’

’’Do whatever you need to do. Big Sis will go and do the dishes now.’’

’’Oh, do you have a notebook?’’

’’Laptop you mean? Yes, it's upstairs in my bedroom's drawer.’’

’’Alright, I need to use it.’’

’’Go ahead and get it from upstairs.’’

Zhang Ye made himself at home and headed straight up to Old Wu's bedroom. He found the laptop and brought it downstairs. He spotted a shady area in the front yard of the villa where there was a rocking chair. Seeing that it was Old Wu's garden and how it looked pretty nice out there, he headed outside and laid back on the rocking chair. He powered on the laptop and placed it on his lap, then got online. He also played some music to listen to by-the-by.

Old Wu was washing the dishes while Zhang Ye admired her. There was a sense of harmony in the air. Sometimes, this was what a relationship should be like. There wasn't any earth-shattering, over-the-top excitement. Both people could just be doing their own things and not say a word to each other, but as long as they were together and could see each other, it was still something they could be very happy about and the relationship would still be as strong as any other.

Old Wu was wearing a neat white shirt today. It was very simple, without any decorations or patterns on it. She was in a pair of coffee-colored slacks and her shirt was tucked in, secured with a thin belt. She looked very capable and experienced doing what she was doing. Her clothes did not get in the way of her scrubbing the bowls, nor did any water splash onto her. Just from this alone, it could be seen that she regularly did her own chores.

Just thinking about how a great beauty like that was his girlfriend, all of the cells in his body were exploding with happiness. However he thought, she was beautiful. However he looked, he felt extremely pleasant. The so-called mood, defined actions. When a person was happy, anything they did wouldn't feel tough. Zhang Ye hummed along to the music from the laptop as he logged into Weibo.

He posted: ’’Good news! Good news! Zhang Ye's Classroom is back!’’

Zhang Ye had actually intended to lie low for several days and not appear anywhere for at least 10 to 15 days. However, as he was unable to suppress the good mood he was in today, he decided that he would just make an appearance.

When he appeared, his Weibo suddenly became lively.

’’That Zhang guy is here!’’

’’You still dare appear?’’

’’Capture the wild Zhang Ye!’’

’’Scold him!’’

’’Everyone, come and beat up this guy! Zhang Ye is planning on proposing another question!’’

’’It's Zhang Ye's Classroom again? Those elementary math questions from the previous time nearly made me vomit blood. What kinds of questions are you planning on this time? The key question is: what are the prizes?’’

’’If the prizes aren't attractive enough, I won't be taking part!’’

’’I would like to see just what sort of wondrous question you can come up with this time!’’

Quite a lot of people had gathered around, including some of this year's college entrance examinees, Zhang Ye's fans, and some observing netizens, pushing the popularity of his Weibo up the charts.

When Zhang Ye saw enough people observing his Weibo, he smiled and posted: ’’The same rules apply. I will post several questions and prizes will be awarded for those who get them all correct. Because of this year's college entrance examination's Chinese Literature and Mathematics questions'difficulty level, many of you have very strong negative opinions of me, so I have decided to increase the level of the prizes. Those who can correctly answer all the questions that I give will not only receive an autographed calligraphy piece from me, they will also be able to scold me face-to-face for 30 minutes. There's no limit to the amount of prize winners, but it's on a first come, first serve basis. Come and quickly join in!’’

When he announced this, the netizens were all stirred up!

’’Are you for real?’’

’’Are you sure, Teacher Zhang?’’

’’Hahahaha! I must definitely join!’’

’’Can we really scold you face-to-face? That would be great!’’

’’Count me in! Everyone, let's answer this together!’’

’’Everyone, come and join in. The more people we have, the stronger we get. If we can win this, then we will have a chance to scold Zhang Ye right to his face!’’

’’Come on, give us the questions!’’

’’Zhang Ye is totally underestimating us! After he presented those elementary math questions previously, I went through them many times and ascertained his style of question writing. Now that we're doing this again, I'm sure I'll definitely be able to answer all of them correctly!’’

’’Everyone, let's do this. This opportunity might never come again!’’

’’I've been waiting so long for this day to come!’’

’’Everything was written out in black and white and with everyone as witness, let's not give Zhang Ye the chance to deny it when he loses!’’

’’Hehehe, I've already taken screenshots for evidence. We must definitely let Zhang Ye have a taste of defeat this time!’’

Word of this event spread like wildfire. In the blink of an eye, countless people had gathered here, especially those examinees from this year's Beijing college entrance exam. They were all gnashing their teeth, hating Zhang Ye. So when they saw this chance, they immediately put down whatever they were doing and charged over, each more high-spirited than the last, each roaring more than the last!

When Zhang Ye saw all the excited netizens, he mustered up a laugh: ’’This time, it won't be an elementary math question. The scope of these questions will be the same as the college entrance exam, except they won't distinguish between different subjects.’’

’’Come on!’’

’’Whatever you say!’’

’’I can answer any question you give!’’

’’Give the questions quickly! I'm getting impatient!’’

’’There's nothing to be afraid of even if it's a college entrance exam question. We have so many examinees here. Even if I can't do it, there are still university students around. If they are unable to answer as well, there are still all the postgrads getting their Masters or PhDs. If all of us unite, we can definitely bring down Zhang Ye!’’

Countless netizens were all gathered on Weibo, their eyes watching and waiting for the questions to be released.

At this moment, Wu Zeqing finished washing the dishes and was walking out of the house. ’’Are you chatting online?’’

Zhang Ye raised his head and smiled at her. ’’I'm holding an event, a question and answer session with a chance at winning a prize.’’

’’Let me see.’’ Old Wu walked beside him.

Zhang Ye slid over. ’’Let's sit together?’’

The chair wasn't exactly spacious, because how large could a rocking chair be?

Old Wu looked down and did not reject the offer. She sat down next to him.

Old Wu read all the posts on his Weibo. ’’Are you seriously going to find some time to let the netizens scold you?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’How is that possible?’’

’’Then why did you say that?’’ Old Wu said with a smile.

Zhang Ye replied happily, ’’The key here is that they must first be able to answer my questions correctly.’’

Old Wu who was leaning back in the chair now suddenly had her interest perked. ’’I want to see what kinds of questions you have prepared too.’’

A number of people on Weibo were already pressing for the questions to be released faster.


’’Where did he go?’’

’’Did Teacher Zhang run away because he got scared?’’

’’Quickly post the questions. I'm getting anxious here. You've already promised us that we can get to scold you if we get everything correct. We're all witnesses here. Even if you run, it's no use.’’

’’Teacher Zhang, you're definitely going to lose this time!’’

Everyone was very excited.

At this moment, Zhang Ye's Weibo updated. He posted the interesting questions from his previous world line by line onto Weibo.


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