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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 697


Chapter 697: The Chinese Literature team approaches too!

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After the meal.

Zhang Ye headed straight to the deputy director's office at Central TV Department 1. When he got there, Jiang Yuan was not around and probably still at lunch. After waiting for around 15 minutes, Jiang Yuan finally returned.

’’Eh, Little Zhang?’’ Jiang Yuan saw him as he walked out from the elevator.

Zhang Ye was sitting on the sofa near the elevator lobby. ’’Director Jiang.’’

’’What are you doing here? Are you looking for me for something?’’ Jiang Yuan asked.

Zhang Ye acknowledged, ’’There's something I need to discuss with you. Can we speak in your office?’’

Jiang Yuan was already walking in front of him. ’’Sure, come in.’’

When the two of them were inside, Zhang Ye got straight to the point. ’’Director Jiang, I need to apply for a long leave from the station as I have something to attend to.’’ On seeing Jiang Yuan stunned, he continued, ’’Just now, someone from the Beijing question setting team for the college entrance exam contacted me and informed me of a situation that had arisen on their side which they need me to go over to assist them with.’’

Jiang Yuan was taken aback. ’’The college entrance exam's question setting team?’’

Zhang Ye confirmed, then said, ’’They were quite urgent about it and only just contacted me, so I wasn't prepared for it either.’’

Jiang Yuan remained silent for a while before saying, ’’I heard that those who are responsible for proposing the college entrance exam questions can't return to their homes or contact the outside world even after finishing their work? The college entrance exam will only begin at the end of the month. If The Voice's program team does not have their executive director around, how are they going to handle their work? Your new program has just started making good progress after two episodes have been broadcast, and although the viewership ratings are very satisfying and placed first nationwide for now, you can't be relaxing just because of that.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I know that, but during the recording a few days ago, we've already recorded three episodes in a row, so the recordings for the broadcasts for next Thursday and the following Thursday are already finished. I also personally supervised the post-production of those episodes yesterday, so there shouldn't be any clash with the times. When the exams are over, I will be back to quickly continue with the production of the recording of the fifth episode's blind audition of The Voice. Please don't worry. There won't be any delays with the program's recording.’’

Jiang Yuan nodded. ’’That's fine then.’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’That's why I'm here to consult you first.’’

’’Hai, I shouldn't be approving your request for leave.’’ Jiang Yuan said, ’’You should understand that The Voice's program team is managed single-handedly by you. Besides you, none of them can take up this difficult task. If any unexpected situation occurs, I'm afraid the rest of the program team staff would not be able to handle it. I'm a little worried about them if you're not around.’’ Hesitating a little, he added, ’’But to be part of the college entrance examination's question setting team is also an honor and not an opportunity that comes knocking frequently. It doesn't seem appropriate if I don't allow you to go. Well, try your best to communicate with college entrance exam team to see if you can at least stay in contact on the phone at all times.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Sure, I will try to do so.’’

Jiang Yuan said, ’’Alright then, when you get back to the office, inform your program team staff about it. Settle whatever needs to be settled and do a proper handover.’’

’’Sure.’’ Zhang Ye excused himself and left.



In The Voice's program team office.

When Zhang Ye came back, he immediately clapped his hands to grab everyone's attention and gather them around. ’’Everyone, stop whatever you're doing now. I have something to announce.’’

Everyone looked over.


’’Director Zhang, please speak.’’

’’Do you have any instructions for us?’’

In the end, Zhang Ye said something surprising to all, ’’I'll go on a long leave for the next two weeks, so I'll be leaving the work here to all of you!’’

The moment the staff heard this, it stirred a commotion.


’’You've applied for leave?’’

’’For about two weeks? For more than ten days?’’

’’Who will be in charge over here if you aren't around!?’’

’’Man, Director Zhang, can you stop fooling around? We'll be lost without you around!’’

From the proposal planning of The Voice to the pulling in of sponsors and organizing the preliminary auditions, all these stages of production were fully handled by Executive Director Zhang Ye alone. When they heard that he was going to drop everything at work, no one could get used to it.

Zhang Ye said, ’’It's only for a little more than ten days of work. Since we've already recorded the next two episodes, when the time comes, you all can just hand it over to the other department to handle. It's not like you all are responsible for the broadcast and other tasks, so there isn't really anything to handle either. At most you all will have to follow my plans and instructions to promote the program, clarify any rumors, handle the forums, and create some discussion topics. Surely you don't need me around for such minor tasks, do you? In a while, I'll refine the remaining work processes for everyone. If you have any questions, you can ask me now. We will discuss and solve any issues that you all might have. After 2 PM, I will not be around in the office anymore and will only return at the end of the month.’’

Little Wang took a deep breath and said, ’’Then, then should we call you if an unexpected situation occurs?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’My affairs are a little complicated in the coming days, so I might not be able to be contacted on the phone. In any case, try to solve the problems by yourselves. There shouldn't be a possibility of an unexpected situation.’’ He only dared to go on leave for that many days because he had already thought of all the possible scenarios and felt that there shouldn't be any incidents happening.

The program recording was already done.

Any unexpected scenarios were planned for.

If an incident still occurred, then all of you should just quit. That would mean that everyone has just been dawdling around!


An hour later.

A little before 2 PM.

While Zhang Ye was taking the elevator down, he made a call to Pan Yang: ’’Hello, Dean Pan. I've settled my things over here and applied for leave already. Where are you guys currently?’’

Pan Yang: ’’You're at Central TV Tower?’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Yes.’’

Pan Yang: ’’Then let me get someone to pick you up.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’I can drive there myself.’’

Pan Yang: ’’This location is confidential, I'll get someone to pick you instead.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’I see. Fine, I'll inform security about it. Ask the driver to come in by the side gate for staff and just tell security that he's looking for me. I'll be waiting at the smoking area on the first floor.’’

Pan Yang: ’’OK, I'll arrange it.’’

Zhang Ye went downstairs to inform security and proceeded to the Central TV Tower's lobby to sit down on the sofa there. Thinking for a moment, he made a call back to his family.

Du du. The call connected.

’’Hello.’’ It was a childish voice on the other end.

Zhang Ye laughed: ’’It's me.’’

Chenchen acknowledged on the other end.

Zhang Ye: ’’Are any of my parents at home?’’

Chenchen: ’’They're both at home.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Then ask one of them to answer the phone.’’

’’Grandma, Zhang Ye's on the phone.’’ Chenchen called for her.

Soon after, his mother answered: ’’Hello, what's the matter, son? I'm making dumplings with your dad and my hands are covered with flour. If you have something to say, say it quickly.’’

Zhang Ye got straight to the point: ’’I can't come home for some days and probably can't be contacted through my phone either, so I'm informing you beforehand. The two of you don't need to work so much anymore now, right? I'll leave Chenchen in your care for now. She'll be on summer vacation soon, so don't let her leave the house and run about.’’

His mother asked: ’’Where are you going?’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said: ’’It's something good. I was invited to join the Beijing college entrance examination's question setting team.’’

When his mother heard that, she received a pleasant surprise. ’’Really? Is it confirmed?’’

’’Yea, it's already been decided.’’ Zhang Ye said: ’’But we will be isolated from the public and probably can't make any calls out either.’’

His mother immediately said: ’’Don't worry, just go on ahead and do what you need to do. Your dad and I will take care of Chenchen, so you don't have to worry about that. Do well, son, I believe in you.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’OK.’’

After the call to his mother, Zhang Ye was just about to inform Wu Zeqing when suddenly another call came in. From the caller ID, he knew that it was Chang Kaige from Peking University's Chinese Department.

Zhang Ye was taken aback for a while, then pressed the answer key: ’’Dean Chang.’’

Chang Kaige: ’’Teacher Zhang, is it convenient to talk now?’’

’’Yes, no problem.’’ Zhang Ye said.

Chang Kaige: ’’I have an urgent matter over here and was wondering if you'd be interested in it. It should be a good thing to you. There has been an unexpected situation with the Beijing college entrance exams. The Chinese Literature exam papers are...’’

Zhang Ye interrupted: ’’You want me to propose questions?’’

Chang Kaige was a little surprised: ’’You're very sharp.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’It's not that I'm sharp. Rather Dean Pan from Peking University's School of Mathematical Sciences called me earlier to invite me to join the Mathematics question setting team.’’

When he heard that, Chang Kaige laughed: ’’How convenient then. Since the question setting teams will all be at an isolated location, you can go over to the Chinese Literature team to help out after you've finished your work with the Mathematics team. I don't think that will cause any delays.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Are you on the question setting team as well?’’

Chang Kaige said: ’’I'm not on the team. One of the supervisors of the team contacted me for help. He's an old friend of mine and wanted me to recommend a few people, so I recommended you. You have a high literary standard and a supple mind. Since Beijing's exams this year want to experiment with some changes and creativity, you are naturally the best candidate. So it's decided then. I'll inform them first. When you arrive there, just directly contact the supervisor of the Chinese Literature team.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Sure.’’

20 minutes later.

The car arrived to pick him up.

Zhang Ye got into the car and headed straight for somewhere in the suburbs of Beijing.

Question setter for both the Chinese Literature and Mathematics exam sections? Zhang Ye pondered for a moment. Not only in the history of Beijing's college entrance exam, even throughout all the provinces in the country, there had never been such a precedent!


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