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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 686


Chapter 686 Number 1 in the nation!

Jiangnan Television Station.

The staff were all quiet.




Some just stayed silent!

Some were shocked and at a loss for words!


Liaodong Television Station.

In a certain program team's office.

A leader held the viewership ratings report and came out of his office. ’’Someone tell me that these viewership statistics are wrong! How could it goddamn break the 2-point barrier?’’

No one spoke.

No one could answer the leader on this question.

It was not wrong, and couldn't possibly be wrong. The viewership ratings were real. It was indeed a 2 point rating. 2.01%!


A certain program team behind a show using Korean copyrights.

The office was in an uproar, everyone confused

’’What's going on? Just what is going on?’’

’’Our viewership ratings...were...were surpassed by The Voice!?’’

’’Oh my god!’’

’’Something must have gone wrong somewhere!’’

’’How did it turn out like that!?’’

’’F**k! How could The Voice get such a high viewership rating!’’


Weiwo Online Television Station.

The ex-colleagues of Zhang Ye were all shocked with their mouths agape. Every one of them was more excited than the other!

’’He's done it!’’

’’Teacher Zhang really did it!’’

’’F**k yeah! Our country has finally produced a local copyrighted variety show that has put great pressure on those foreign copyrighted shows!’’

’’How godly! Zhang Ye's is too damn godly!’’

’’This is so unbelievable! How is that possible! How's that possible!?’’

’’Are Zhang Ye and The Voice both on steroids?!?!’’

’’Does it have to get such a high viewership rating!’’

’’Yeah, I guessed that The Voice would get a very high viewership rating, but I didn't expect it to be this high! In the current market of variety programs, how could there be a show that broke the 2-point barrier!’’


At Beijing Television Station.

Hu Fei held the viewership ratings report for Thursday's variety shows that was disseminated by the management and stared at it dumbfounded for a long time. Then he quietly took a cigarette from the table beside him and lighted it. He had already quit smoking for a long time, so when he took a puff from it, he violently coughed and then went on to aggressively curse, ’’What the f**k!’’

Hearing the loud shout from Hu Fei's office, the program team staff of Do You Remember also cried out. No one could hold it in any longer!

Xiao Lu: ’’Someone, please pinch me! Is this for real?’’

Hou Ge: ’’Your third uncle's grandma!’’

Hou Di: ’’This defies all common sense! This totally defies all common sense!’’

Dafei: ’’The Voice is crazy! Teacher Zhang is a crazy man!’’

Dong Shanshan was shocked into silence!


At Central TV.

The Central TV leaders were all dumbfounded!

Jiang Yuan was dumbfounded!

Ha Qiqi was dumbfounded!

Zhang Zuo was dumbfounded!

All of The Voice's program team staff were...dumbfounded!

’’How much?’’

’’Can someone repeat it to me again!’’

’’F**k, we got a viewership rating of 2.01%!?’’

’’I'm getting dizzy, someone support me a little!’’

’’I can't stand straight either anymore!’’


The industry was in an uproar!

The entire population was also in an uproar!

The Voice's viewership ratings had topped the entire variety world!

Number 1 for the same time slot!

Number 1 for the entire week!

Number 1 for the entire month!

Number 1 for the entire year!!

And this was only for the premiere episode's viewership!

And this was even for a program that was scheduled in a Thursday evening broadcast slot!!

Countless citizens did not know how else they could express their current mood. Countless industry insiders also did not know how they could express their amazement at this. They only felt that a million lines of ’’what the f**k’’ were flashing in front of their eyes over and over and over again!

At this point, many people suddenly remembered the poll that was started on Weibo regarding the viewership ratings of The Voice. It now looked to be a total joke! What were the given options? 0.5% and below... 0.5-0.8%... 0.8-1.0%... 1.0-1.2%... 1.2-1.5%... In the end, none of the votes that the netizens made were correct. Not a single person guessed right about The Voice's viewership ratings, because...because The Voice's finalized viewership ratings weren't even included in the options of this poll! The option for a result that exceeded 1.5% did not even f**king appear!

Why was there no such option made available?

Why was there no option given for 1.5% and above?

It wasn't because the official Weibo account was careless, but because no one had ever expected that a premiere episode of a variety show would exceed 1.5%! They did not even expect it to hit 1.5%, let alone exceed it! That was the reason why the poll starter did not create such an option nor consider the possibility of including one. The trend of the variety show market in recent years and the many years of experience in the television industry told them that this was not a possible outcome!

However, today, The Voice did it!

In the market of TV variety where it was common to get a 0-point viewership rating, Zhang Ye had achieved a 2-point rating!

Today, at this moment, Zhang Ye along with his new show had scored a victory over those doubters who mocked them!!

A title sponsorship record!

An exclusive online broadcast fee record!

A production budget record!

A production timeline record!

And a viewership rating record! It was a chain of records!

The Voice of China had broken the records one by one, and with each feat, sent a shockwave across the country!

The doubters were all left speechless from anger!

Those who mocked the program fell silent!

For the first time, they seemingly remembered what sort of person Zhang Ye was! For the first time, they seemingly remembered all the things that happened with Zhang Ye!

The media reports were overwhelmingly flooding in!

The media was going in overdrive!

562 Citizen Journalism: ’’Zhang Ye: Miracle Maker!’’

Phoenix Sun Daily: ’’The Voice's Viewership Shatters the Ceiling! The Light of Local Variety! ’’

Entertainment Blast: ’’The Voice climbs to top of variety world! Taking nationwide number 1 spot!’’

On the front page of Tieba: ’’The Voice's viewership ratings break 2 points, how did this miracle occur?’’

Youth Spirit discussion forums: ’’The Voice leads local copyrighted shows into battle against foreign copyrighted shows! ’’

News headlines on Weibo's front page: ’’The attack of domestically produced shows! Zhang Ye sounds the bugle for retaliation! Putting pressure on all foreign copyrighted shows! ’’

People's Daily Online News: ’’Miracle? No, this was a divine act of god! ’’

Beijing Times: ’’A day that belongs to Zhang Ye and his The Voice! ’’

Nationwide Morning News: ’’A hero of the television industry, a legend of the variety world, please put your hands together for The Voice and Zhang Ye! ’’


A poem reappeared once more on Weibo.

Everyone was surprised for a bit, but started to forward it like crazy!

Zhang Ye's fans forwarded it!

Yao Jiancai forwarded it!

Zhang Xia forwarded it!

The married couple, Chen Guang and Fan Wenli, forwarded it!

Ha Qiqi forwarded it!

Zhang Zuo forwarded it!

Su Na forwarded it!

The Voice's official Weibo account forwarded it!

Central TV Department 1's official Weibo forwarded it!





The number of times it was forwarded kept rising as the poem climbed up Weibo's trending topics in just a short time with an unstoppable force that would kill any gods or buddhas in order to claim the top headline!

How to describe the Revered Peak?

Towering over all Shandong with endless green.

Heavenly beautiful splendor Nature gathered;

the shaded north side cut off from the south side's sheen.

Clustering clouds cleanse the cracks in the heart,

eyes strain watching homebound birds fly through the ravine.

Someday I shall ascend your highest heights

to see other summits dwarfed, and savor the scene.


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