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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 683


Chapter 683 The night that belonged to The Voice!


This news was exposed.

It wasn't leaked news, but the information was announced by the online video hosting service themselves. Their Vice President had directly announced this on Weibo to say that they were investing 80 million to purchase the exclusive online broadcast rights to The Voice of China, thus creating a gigantic wave!

’’How exciting!’’

’’That much money?’’

’’Is The Voice really worth that amount?’’

’’Only one episode has been shown so far and they're already spending so much money to buy the rights? Am I crazy or has the world gone crazy? Isn't that too risky?’’

’’Yeah, they should at least wait for the viewership ratings to be released first!’’

’’If the viewership ratings released tomorrow show that it performed very well, then the might would be worth it. But if it's not as high as expected, then their money will have gone to waste. Was there a need to rush like that? Couldn't they have waited another day? Did they have to buy it today no matter what?’’

’’That may not be it. If the viewership for The Voice goes through the roof and performs beyond expectations, then by tomorrow, 80 million would not even be able to secure the rights. There might even be more competition and they would not stand a chance to get it anymore. They probably tabled an irresistible offer to Central TV Department 1 that they could no resist, hoping to gain an advantage and betting on Zhang Ye and The Voice!’’

’’F**k, this is no longer a world I can understand!’’

’’Yeah, I don't understand it either. This is way too crazy!’’

’’Right now, no matter how the viewership ratings turn out, Zhang Ye has already come through with flying colors! He used his abilities to help Central TV Department 1 earn over 100 million! On top of that, it looks like The Voice does not only have those income streams, so it will definitely only get higher!’’

’’He's raking in a profit too quickly!’’

’’Even a gust of wind is not this quick!’’

’’I can only say 'comparison always ends up torturing people, comparison always ends up trashing products.' The other variety shows are all finding it difficult to meet their targets and have always been struggling just to keep things moving along. As long as they don't lose money and be slightly in the black, they are satisfied. But what about The Voice? Zhang Ye had only just set up some stage, but he can still get people to throw their money at the show with his eyes closed! It's the same type of singing show, but why is there such a gulf in the gap! Looking at those other, pitiful singing variety shows, I don't have the heart to watch them anymore!’’

’’What's more, they were rushed to finish it to fill the slot!’’

’’Right, on top of that, Thursday night's slot isn't exactly a good time either!’’

’’Is that what Zhang Ye's true capabilities are like?’’

The citizens were shocked!

The industry was in an uproar!


At the restaurant.

Only Zhang Ye did not seem that surprised.

Jiang Yuan looked at him and said, ’’Little Zhang, what do you think of the offer?’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’It's OK.’’

’’Should we sell it?’’ Jiang Yuan wanted to hear his opinion.

Zhang Ye knew when he had to take a step back. ’’I will leave that to you and the leaders. Whatever the decision is, I will respect it, so anything is fine.’’ The offered amount was somewhat similar to Zhang Ye's expectations. Back in his previous world, The Voice'sinitial exclusive online broadcast rights were worth around 100 million, so this new offer here wasn't that far off and not a big matter. Besides, he had to consider the market demand of this new world as well.

Jiang Yuan laughed, ’’Then we will sell it. You all can carry on eating, I will go back to handle this matter and find someone of the other party we can talk to regarding the contract.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’But we've only just started eating, you haven't had much yet.’’

Jiang Yuan said, ’’Previously, you were the one doing all the work. Now it's my turn!’’ Before he left, Jiang Yuan looked at Zhang Ye and said, ’’Little Zhang, you've really helped Central TV Department 1 win back some vindication this time!’’

Zhang Ye smiled blissfully. ’’Since Central TV has recruited me to join them, I definitely must do my best.’’

Jiang Yuan nodded and then left.

Central TV Department 1 had always been somewhat average when it came to variety shows, and could even be said that it was already falling behind. Compared to many of the provincial satellite channels, they couldn't even compare anymore. But now, Zhang Ye's arrival had single-handedly helped them turn things around! In a instant, Central TV Department 1 had jumped into the lead from someplace in the middle pack! It was evident that Zhang Ye's capabilities were there, just like what some people had said of him before this was truly a person who could work miracles! The only thing missing now was the finalized viewership ratings figure!

Just how much would it be?

Just how much could they get?

Jiang Yuan did not want to even venture a guess!

At this moment, Zhang Zuo's cell phone rang and he went outside to answer it. When he came back, he immediately reported to Zhang Ye about the situation, ’’Director Zhang, one of the advertisers contacted me about their interest to purchase the rights to a first-tier advertisement.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’How much are they offering?’’

Zhang Zuo said, ’’I don't know, I haven't gotten a quote from them yet. How much do you think we should ask for?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Was it one of those companies we were in discussions with before?’’

’’Yeah, it's the executive of Heehee Dairy Industry, the one who met you in your office before.’’ Zhang Zuo said, ’’They've come back after all.’’

Zhang Ye nodded and said, ’’Give them a quote of 4 million. The universal price for the first-tier advertising rights will be 4 million.’’

Zhang Zuo asked, ’’Wasn't it 3 million before? Surely they won't agree if we ask for 4 million, right? Besides, we've already broadcast one episode, so that's an episode less for their advertisements.’’

Zhang Ye explained, ’’You can't look at it that way. In the past, our show was not broadcast yet and not many people were optimistic about it. But now that it's been so well received, the show will get popular because of that. The only question left is how popular it will get. Now that they've approached us again, the price will definitely have to be set by us. Even if it's an episode fewer, the price will not remain the same as previously stated. Otherwise, if we keep it at 3 million and sell it to them, it would be unfair to the two companies who bought the first-tier advertising rights. They had risked uncertainty and spent 3 million on our program, but now that it has gotten popular, the other advertisers no longer face that risk, so how could the entry point for them still be 3 million? The difference is only an episode fewer of promotions? Do you think those who signed with us at the beginning would be happy? Would it be fair to them?’’

Zhang Zuo nodded his head firmly. ’’That's true!’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’We will stick to this new pricing, so for the second and third tiers of advertising rights, raise them by one-third too. You don't have to worry that nobody will buy them!’’

’’Alright.’’ Zhang Zuo understood.

At this time, Ha Qiqi also remembered the day the advertisers came to Zhang Ye's office to discuss the advertisements but did not come to an agreement. After they had left, Zhang Ye told Ha Qiqi and the others that those companies would come to rue their decisions that day. As it turned out, Zhang Ye's words really came true!

The celebratory banquet finished rather quickly.

In the end, during the second half of the dinner and after some seven or eight calls, the unsellable advertisements for The Voicehad all been bought at a 30 to 40% higher price than previously, even when the contractual terms remained the same! All sold out in 20 minutes!

That demand was too explosive!

The feeling was like they were all snapped up as if they didn't cost money!

After the contracts were verbally agreed upon over the phone, some of the advertisers who were still not feeling assured immediately sent over their lawyers and representatives to Central TV with the contracts to get them signed. They were afraid that The Voice would be recording its second episode very soon, and if they did not get the contract settled early, they might get delayed in the involvement of the second episode and miss out on another chance at publicity. Additionally, they knew that there were limited advertising spots, so if anyone came ahead of them, then they might miss out on the entire opportunity altogether!

In just the blink of an eye, another 20 million RMB had entered Central TV's accounts!

Along with these advertisers, there were many other companies that approached them;some wanted to get the rights to exclusive interviews and some entertainment companies expressed their interest to sign certain contestants. Zhang Ye did not need to deal with all these himself and just left them for Ha Qiqi and Zhang Zuo to handle, while some decisions they couldn't make on the program team level were redirected straight to Central TV Department 1!



At a certain rented apartment.

Qian Pingfan's master, who taught him how to repair bicycles, held him by his shoulders tightly. ’’Good kid, you were really great!’’

Qian Pingfan scratched his head and said,’’Master, I don't wish to repair bicycles in the future any longer, is that OK?’’

’’You're still thinking of repairing bicycles?’’ His master laughed. ’’Just continue singing your songs well! Don't embarrass me!’’

Unknowingly, Qian Pingfan's eyes turned teary. ’’Master!’’


Luo Yu's home.

After Luo Yu answered a call, she made several calls. Suddenly, she cried out wildly, ’’Dad! Mom!!’’

’’What's the matter?’’ Her parents came running to her.

Luo Yu was almost unable to speak. ’’I...I...They...There's a management agency that wants to sign me! They want to sign me as a singer!’’

Mother Luo was surprised. ’’What?’’

Father Luo couldn't hide his happiness. ’’Really? Is that true?’’

Luo Yu was tearing up. ’’It's true! It was Teacher Chen Guang's agency that wanted to sign me. I-I've already verified it with Teacher Chen Guang! It was he who recommended me to his company! Then when I called Teacher Zhang Ye, he told me to wait a little longer and not rush to sign. He said that if I signed now, the terms of the contract would only be so-so. Teacher Zhang offered to help me speak to Teacher Chen's agency after the competition is halfway through so that he can fight for the best contract terms for me!’’

Sign a contract? Mother Luo hugged her daughter tightly when she heard that. ’’My god! My daughter is going to be a singer!’’

Tears streamed down Luo Yu's face as she cried, ’’Dad! Mom! I didn't let you all down after all! I, I didn't embarrass the two of you!’’


A lot of people's destinies were changed because of The Voice!

A lot of people's hearts were thumping for The Voice!

On this Thursday evening, the night belonged to The Voice of China! Countless people were screaming for The Voice! Countless people were going crazy for The Voice!


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