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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 681


Chapter 681 Creating a sensation!

At 9:10 PM.

Chenchen's form teacher, Zhao Mei, was at home watching television together with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend said, ’’Zhang Ye's mouth is quite formidable. Is he really a relative of one of your students?’’

’’Of course, didn't I tell you before?’’ Zhao Mei said, ’’Zhang Ye has come to our school so many times that our grade's class teachers are already very familiar with him.’’

Her boyfriend said, ’’What is he like? Is he a troublemaker as the media reports him to be?’’

Zhao Mei shook her head. ’’No, he's quite a nice person and doesn't put on any airs.’’

The two of them were chatting when suddenly, the intro clip of The Voice's first contestant appeared on screen: ’’My name is Luo Yu and I'm a physical education teacher at a primary school. Since I was young until now, my classmates, friends, and colleagues all call me 'Raspy Luo.' Each time I sing, people around me intentionally or unintentionally avoid me. No one has thought that I know how to sing or feels that my singing is good. Today, I would like to use the stage of The Voice to prove myself. I want to let everyone know that a fat person also has dreams. No matter what people say about me, all I want to do is sing!’’

The intro clip ended!

The first contestant held a microphone and stood onstage.

However, Zhao Mei was stunned when she saw this on television. Suddenly, she rose and exclaimed, ’’Teacher Luo! It's Teacher Luo!’’

Her boyfriend who also knew Little Luo said, ’’This...isn't this your school's P.E. teacher, Luo Yu? What the heck! How did she end up on The Voice!?’’

Zhao Mei could not believe what she saw. ’’I don't know!’’

At the same time, many of the other Beijing Experimental Primary School teachers who were also watching The Voice were dumbfounded. They even thought they were mistaken!

’’It's Luo Yu!’’

’’It's really Little Luo!’’

’’Why did Teacher Luo go and join a singing competition?’’

’’My god! Did they get it wrong!? That lousy voice of Little Luo, even her normal speaking voice is raspy. How could she sing!’’

’’Who knows!’’

’’Little Luo's too brave!’’

’’Damn, Teacher Luo really isn't afraid of losing face!’’

Some of the teachers even called each other when they saw this.

’’Hello, Zhao Mei, quick, go and watch Central TV Department 1!’’

’’I'm watching it right now, it's Teacher Luo!’’

’’Aiyo, what's going on? Do you know?’’

’’I remember that day at the school field. Teacher Zhang seemed to be looking for Teacher Luo, but I don't know what happened after that! I don't know what's going on now either! Teacher Luo's voice...’’

At this moment, many of the students of Experimental Primary School and their parents were also staring at Central TV Department 1's channel with their eyes and mouths wide open. They all recognized her!


The TV now showed the audience. They all appeared very indifferent, like they did not have an interest in what was happening.

Then the cameras focused on the four coaches.

Zhang Yuanqi: ’’Doesn't look too good, does it?’’

Chen Guang: ’’I don't know.’’

The musical introduction started, then the sound of the guitars and drums suddenly exploded!

’’I've always been told I don't understand lyrics, composing, or singing!

’’I've always been told I don't understand comfort, laughter, or living!

’’I've always been told I don't understand passion, women, or romance!

’’I've always been told I don't understand restraint, flexibility, or smarts!’’

Listening up to here, Zhao Mei was already stunned!

Zhao Mei's boyfriend was also so astonished that his eyes were like saucers!

Including many of Luo Yu's colleagues from the school, all of them were shaken at this moment. ’’This, this was sung by Teacher Luo?’’

Suddenly, Luo Yu's voice erupted!

’’Who told you I can't sing!

’’Who told you I don't understand living!

’’Who told you I can't be cruel!

’’Who told you I don't know glory!’’

That screaming was a punch to everyone's gut!

Zhao Mei exclaimed excitedly, ’’So awesome! Little Luo is really awesome!’’

Her boyfriend also exclaimed, ’’They turned! All four coaches have turned!’’

A language teacher who was teaching the same grade as Luo Yu nearly jumped up at this when she was watching the show at home. ’’My god! ’’Holy shit!’’

A little boy from a class Luo Yu taught was stunned as he watched his physical education teacher performing in the glamor of the limelight. His face expressed his shock as if he did not know who the singer was!

When the principal and several other school leaders of Experimental Primary School received this news from some of their school's teachers, they immediately switched on their television to see. The moment they heard Luo Yu singing ’’Who Told You I Don't Understand,’’ they were also left stunned. They knew Luo Yu all too well. She was the odd one out among the teachers, always randomly singing on the playground or the hallways and irritating many people.doing so. Once, the principal even asked to see her in the office to reprimand her stop singing, telling her that her voice was really terrible to listen to!

But then, was it actually terrible to listen to?

Thinking about it now, they realized that they had never seriously listened to Luo Yu's singing before. Maybe it was because they felt that her appearance did not fit singing, that her raspy voice made her destined not to sing, so whenever she sang any song, they did not bother to truly listen or lay their eyes on her. Until today. Until they sat in front of their TVs and concentrated on listening to Luo Yu perform and paid attention to her voice did they discover that actually...actually Teacher Luo really knew how to sing!

All of a sudden, Luo Yu's cell phone exploded with calls. Her relatives and friends were all calling to ask!

’’Teacher Luo!’’

’’Little Luo, what's going on?’’

’’Little Yu, why were you on television?’’


The Internet also exploded with comments from the netizens!

’’Oh my god!’’

’’This voice is the be-all, end-all!’’

’’This fat woman is awesome! Is she really a P.E. teacher?’’

’’Where did Zhang Ye find such a great contestant!’’

’’Who says that if you're ugly, you won't attract people? Who says that The Voice's contestants are all just amateurs? That their singing won't be good?’’

’’I've always thought that I wouldn't be able to accept non-good-looking people on a talent show, that's why I did not have much anticipation for The Voice. But today I've realized I was wrong, because when a person sings a song with all their heart, the charm they exude is able to cover up everything else! I really like this P.E. teacher a lot!’’

’’The coaches are unable to see their faces and can only hear their voice. Such cool design!’’

’’So this is what The Voice is like!’’

’’How face smacking!’’

’’Yeah, Zhang Ye slapped everyone's faces!’’

’’Does she have to sing it so breathtakingly!?’’

’’It's only the first contestant to appear and the bar is already set so high?’’

Onscreen, the fighting for the contestant part had begun. The coaches were all fighting each other for the contestant to join their teams. Chen Guang and Fan Wenli, the ideal couple who had a ’’great battle,’’ made everyone shout excitedly!


’’How funny is that!’’

’’Fan Wenli was so funny!’’

’’So they could even take contestants in this way!?’’

’’I've never before seen such a talent show contestant selection!’’

’’Ah, she chose Chen Guang!’’

’’Zhang Ye has really brought this program to life with its segments!’’

Some people were already starting to ’’@’’ their friends on Weibo: ’’Quick, watch The Voice. It's exciting! It's totally unlike what all the analysis and rumors said it to be!’’


The second contestant appeared!


’’He's a train driver?’’

’’He's singing so emotionally!’’

’’Oh god, I don't know what to say anymore!’’

’’It's another great contestant!’’

Then the next contestant.

’’A housewife?’’

’’Not bad at all!’’

’’I like her, I like her!’’

’’How have we never known that there were so many talented people among the common folk?’’

’’Ah, the coaches have turned!’’

The fourth contestant.

The fifth contestant.

The seventh contestant.

The audience were also watching in anticipation. Soon, it was time for the last contestant to perform!

However, this contestant was not introduced like the others. In the intro clip, the contestant could not be seen at all. It was simply a silhouette. Then a voice-over done by one of the staff members said: ’’Our last contestant for today has a most unique voice. Will the coaches be able to accept this voice? Let us find out together.’’

The contestant went on stage.

The cameras switched to the faces of the coaches, with their backs facing the stage which couldn't be seen clearly. On it was a very obscure figure of a person making it feel very mysterious.

’’What's the meaning of this?’’

’’What's with this person?’’

’’I don't know.’’

’’Let's listen and find out.’’

The melody began and the voice drifted out!

’’When will the moon be clear and bright?

’’With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky.

’’In the heavens on this night,

’’I wonder what season it would be?

’’I'd like to ride the wind to fly home.

’’Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions

’’are much too high and cold for me.

’’Dancing with my moonlit shadow,

’’it does not seem like the human world.’’

The people in front of their televisions were all engrossed listening!

’’How beautiful, this woman's voice is too beautiful!’’

’’It has to be the best voice of today!’’

’’What an elegant sounding voice!’’

’’I'm getting drunk listening to it!’’

’’With a voice like that, it must be a beautiful woman!’’

’’Listen to that magnetic charm and the emotions in the singing. I guess it must be a beautiful woman in her 30s! Why isn't the camera showing her yet! Quick, focus on her!’’

This was a huge tease, as all of the people could not wait any longer to find out the face behind the voice!

At this moment, on TV, Chen Guang instantly hit the button and turned around!

Along with the coach turning, the camera angles were cut together like they too were from the point of view of the coaches. It cut to the contestant who then appeared on the TVs!

With this, when the people watching the program on television saw the contestant, a lot of them screamed with shock. Some of them jumped up from their chairs or sofas like they had touched an electric current!


’’Oh my god!’’

’’It's a man!’’

’’F**k, it's a man!’’

’’This song was sung by a man? A man??’’

’’That outfit, I think he should be a laborer?’’

Without any despising looks or mocking laughter, when faced with this revelation of shockingly great contrast, all the people watching suddenly screamed in front of their TVs!

’’I have goosebumps all over my body!’’

’’This is so nice to listen to! It's great!’’

’’Awesome! Too damn awesome!’’

’’Is there anything more unbelievable than that!?’’

’’I just want to say this now. Zhang Ye, you've won! You've goddamn won!’’

’’Yes! Zhang Ye has won! He has totally amazed me!’’

’’I've realized that I've fallen for this program already!’’

Qian Pingfan finished his performance.

Whether it was on television or outside of it, none of the audience could maintain their calm!



A barbeque shop near Lishuiqiao.

A person pointed at the TV with his eyes wide and mouth agape. ’’I know that person! I know him! He's the one who repairs bicycles in front of the station!’’

The person sitting opposite him said, ’’Are you serious?’’

A woman said, ’’You must've seen wrong?’’

That person said, ’’Impossible! He has repaired my bicycle twice for me!’’

As it turned out, when the coaches interviewed Qian Pingfan onscreen, he revealed his occupation!

’’He's really a bicycle repairman?’’


’’I have nothing I can say to that!’’

’’How could a bicycle repairman sing that well!’’

’’This program is going to get popular!’’

’’I really take my hats off to Zhang Ye!’’

’’This is the most surprising program I've watched this year!’’

’’This is what a real singing talent show should be in my mind!’’

’’For those who were waiting to see Zhang Ye make a joke of himself, denounced him and The Voice of China, I wonder what their expressions are like now?!’’

’’That might not be for sure yet, it will still depend on the viewership ratings!’’

Chapter 681 Creating a sensation!


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