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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 675


Chapter 675 Astounding the entire venue!


Qian Pingfan also took in the reactions of the audience.

They were all doubting!

They were all disappointed!

Almost no one held any hope for him!

In such an atmosphere, Qian Pingfan had somehow quieted down instead. He took a deep breath and calmed his mind. The anxiety he had was no longer as heavy as before. He was just a bicycle repairman who never liked to appear in the limelight or attract attention because that would be too stressful on him. He was afraid that he would disappoint all those who had hopes and trusted in him. But now, the disregard of the audience relieved him of a great part of this stress!

Don't be afraid!

Don't be afraid!

Just sing bravely!

You can do it! You definitely can do it!

He turned his head back and lightly nodded.

The next moment, a peaceful introduction began playing.

Violins played the melody and was a tune very familiar to everyone!


’’Isn't this the song Zhang Ye adapted from his poem?’’

’’It's 'Wishing We Last Forever'! Zhang Yuanqi's song!’’

’’What? Wasn't this laborer going to sing a viral internet song? Why did it turn out to be this soothing song?’’

’’I guess I can only go hur hur at this!’’

’’Let's listen to his performance. It's definitely going to be shocking!’’

’’I just hope it won't be too terrible.’’

’’This laborer actually intends to sing such a difficult song?’’

When the audience heard the melody of the song, none of them thought that this contestant would be able to sing it well. ’’Wishing We Last Forever’’ might look like a simple choice since it did not have any parts that required the singer to sing in a high octave. However, it was actually the most difficult song that could have been chosen. The more soothing a song was, the more it required the performer to be skilled and put their emotions into their singing. Because there was no high-octave singing and no explosive instrumentals to cover any flaws, it would all depend on the quality of the contestant to sing it well!

At the coaching panel.

Zhang Xia smiled. ’’It's Yuanqi's song.’’

Fan Wenli said, ’’The melody has been arranged.’’

Zhang Yuanqi smiled. ’’Let's see how it goes.’’



Zhang Ye grinned. ’’It's starting!’’

Pingfan's father was trembling in fear while Pingfan's mother was confused, not understanding what was going on. They had never once heard their son singing a song and were afraid that if he did not sing well, he would get chased off the stage.

As his parents, they naturally knew what their son's voice was like. After puberty, their son's voice had turned out to be quite strange and different from other people's voices. He had often been subject to cruel jokes from his classmates and was even laughed at by his teacher. Although their son sounded like any normal person when he spoke, that was because he had trained himself to do so bit by bit. He purposely lowered and roughened his speaking voice just to sound like other boys so that he would not be looked down upon by his friends. But if he sang, they were worried that he couldn't hide that voice of his anymore, afraid that he would be exposed and once again get teased and mocked by others like in the past!


In this beautiful atmosphere of the soothing melody paved by the sound of the violins and piano.

The four coaches had their backs facing the stage while the contestant's voice floated out and drifted out in the studio!

It didn't turn out like Qian Pingfan's parents were expecting, as Qian Pingfan did not hide his natural voice. Those memories of being made fun of by his classmates and the despising looks from others had all been flung to a faraway place!

Today, he wanted to become the real him!

Today, he no longer wanted to act like he was the same as other people!

He wanted to sing! He wanted to sing loudly for everyone to hear!

’’When will the moon be clear and bright?

’’With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky.’’

As his voice came out, the entire studio audience suddenly fell silent without warning!

Some of those who were mocking the contestant and chatting had their expressions frozen in place!

Some of those who were playing games on their cell phones with their heads lowered all of a sudden stopped with what they were doing!

Or rather, it could be said that, when the contestant had sung the first word of the lyrics, the entire studio was suddenly enveloped in an eerie atmosphere!



It was totally silent!

Jiang Yuan was stunned!

Wu Mo was stunned!

Fu Sihong was stunned!

The audience, only just earlier listlessly grumbling and disappointed, suddenly looked like they had seen a ghost at that moment. All of them raised their heads to look at the stage and stared at the contestant no one had cared about a moment ago. No one dared to make a sound, afraid that it would break the silence!

They were all dumbfounded!

Every one of them, dumbfounded!!

Qian Pingfan stood proudly on stage, his back no longer hunched. In addition, he did not have that expression of weakness anymore as he now appeared...gloriously radiant!

’’In the heavens on this night,

’’I wonder what season it would be?’’

The voice was like a lover's whisper!

It was too gentle, too beautiful, and too soothing!


Backstage, his father's mouth was wide open. ’’This...this is sung by my son?’’

His mother stared unblinkingly at her son on-screen. She was worried that the audience would look at her son differently because of his voice!

That kind of gaze was something she had seen too often!

That kind of mocking laughter from others she had heard too often as well!

She did not expect for her son to strive for excellence, nor did she hope that her son would be recognized by others. She only wanted them to not look down on her son!


Over at the coaches' side.

Zhang Xia whose back faced the stage was also shocked. ’’This female's almost as good as Wenli!’’

Fan Wenli was also very surprised. This was Sister Zhang's song but compared to Sister Zhang's version which had a hint of her magnetic voice, this contestant's voice sounded more like her own. It even sounded more ethereal than her own voice and more gentle and beautiful. Fan Wenli had no choice but to admit that, even if she did a cover of ’’Wishing We Last Forever’’ not a live version but a studio recorded version, and did it to the best of her ability , it would only turn out to be OK. But she knew that this contestant was singing live and not in a recording studio. This ability was way too amazing!

Chen Guang was also taken by surprise. ’’There's even this sort of contestant on The Voice?’’

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, ’’Zhang Ye has left the best for last!’’

Zhang Xia heaped on the praise, ’’I thought that the good contestants had already appeared at the beginning, but I never expected that there would still be a surprise at the end. Who would have thought that this surprise would come this early too? Besides this is no longer a surprise, this is just me marveling at it all. This girl's voice is really too beautiful. There's a uniqueness in it. In the entire music industry, only Wenli and a few other established female singers have this kind of standard! This should be a professional singer, right?’’

Chen Guang said, ’’This female contestant is even more professional than a professional. Could it be that Zhang Ye has arranged for an established female singer to guest star in this episode? Judging from her voice, it sounds like Sister Meng? Surely Sister Meng would not be here, right?’’

Fan Wenli thought about it for a while before shaking her head. ’’It's not Sister Meng. This voice is much younger. Besides, a singer of Sister Meng's caliber wouldn't come and join a talent show, would she? Besides, the audience did not even cheer much just now, so it must be a contestant that they don't know...Ai.’’ When she was referring to the audience, Fan Wenli looked at them and was suddenly shocked. ’’What's going on? Quick, take a look at the expressions of the audience members. What's happening?’’

Zhang Xia also realized. ’’What kinds of expressions are those?’’

Chen Guang said, ’’Ah? Is it really so nice that they would have such expressions?’’

The view of the audience from their seats was too amazing!

A plump audience member had his mouth opened so wide that even his molars could be seen!

A female audience member had jumped out of her seat and stared with her eyes so wide that it looked like her eyeballs were going to fall out!

Then there was a mother who brought her two children along. Her face was one of shock, while her two children looked startled. Their eyes showed a sense of extreme astonishment!

That's right!

It was startling!

It was astonishing!

The four coaches were utterly confused by the reactions of the audience. Honestly speaking, they themselves were already amazed by this voice and singing ability, even more amazed by it than Luo Yu's performance. But they couldn't understand why the audience had such exaggerated expressions. Was the singing so good that they had to react in this manner? Was the singing so good that it would shock all of you in this way?

’’I'd like to ride the wind to fly home.

’’Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions

’’are much too high and cold for me.

’’Dancing with my moonlit shadow,

’’it does not seem like the human world.’’

The contestant was probably getting into a rhythm as her voice became even more beautiful and touching. It was as if a lovestruck woman was gently speaking about something, as that last ’’world’’ was sustained into a higher octave. It flowed from the stage, and like a sharp knife, stabbed into the hearts of everyone!

In that moment, the silence was broken as the audience suddenly boiled over!


’’Oh my god!’’

’’Oh, God!’’

’’Holy shit! Holy shit! ’’Holy shit!’’

’’That was too awesome! God! It's great!’’

The audience suddenly stood up!

Applause and screams suddenly reverberated through the entire studio!

Some of the audience members even went crazy and swung their fists around, shouting, as though they suddenly burned with passion! They couldn't contain their excitement! They were so thrilled they could only use their shouts to express their emotion and that shocking disbelief they had!

The place was exploding!

The noise was deafening!

The four coaches looked at each other, feeling even more doubtful now.

What was happening? Why did everyone become like this? Logically, this song's melody was rather flat, without any high-pitched singing or screaming required. The song's tempo wasn't upbeat, wasn't a song tailored for a singing competition, and definitely couldn't bring out the atmosphere this way in the audience. Yes, this female contestant was indeed very good, but this should not be the effect she had on the audience. So why was the audience getting so crazy over her performance??

What is going on?

Are you all on stimulants?

The melody flowed soothingly through the air.

’’The moon rounds the red mansion,/stoops to silk-pad doors,/shines upon the sleepless,

’’Bearing no grudge,/why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart?’’

Chen Guang couldn't be bothered with the irrational behavior of the audience anymore. He was already enchanted by the performance. This was the best voice he had heard today. Suddenly, he remembered that this was the blind audition segment. He had forgotten all about it while listening to the singing, so he immediately hit the button, and as the chair turned, he chuckled while announcing, ’’This girl is definitely going to be mine! Don't even think of taking her from me!’’

When the chair turned.

Chen Guang looked forward with anticipation to the female contestant he had already set his heart on, ready to give her his trademark actions the thumbs up as well as his encouragement and acknowledgment. However, the moment the chair fully faced the stage, Chen Guang became so shocked he retracted the thumbs up he was getting ready to show!

Chen Guang could only gasp in astonishment, ’’Ah!?’’

How could this be?

How did it become like this?

He was dumbfounded. His body had become lifeless as he stared straight at the contestant onstage!

Fan Wenli also pushed her button and said with a smile, ’’What do you mean she's yours. For a contestant like that, she must definitely be on my ’’ While she was saying this, the chair turned around. The words Fan Wenli were about to say stopped right in her throat and she was forced to swallow them back down. Her expression had also suddenly turned into shock. Looking at the contestant onstage, she reflexively stood up from her chair and covered her mouth with her left hand, her face full of disbelief!

Chen Guang cried out, ’’Oh my god!’’

Fan Wenli was also astounded. ’’How is that possible!’’

The next to press the button was Zhang Xia, closely followed by Zhang Yuanqi who hit the button heavily. There was no hesitation at all. If such an excellent female singer could not get them to turn around, then who would they turn around for!

Zhang Xia did not wait for the chair to fully turn and immediately turned her head with all her strength to look at the contestant. She wanted to know who could have made Chen Guang, Fan Wenli, and the audience have such an reaction. But with that turn of her head, Zhang Xia was also dumbfounded. She had the same exact expression as all of them now. ’’Ah!?’’


This is...

Zhang Yuanqi followed. When she saw Qian Pingfan, she was also clearly taken aback. Then she suddenly laughed out loud. ’’Oh! Can it get more dramatic than that!?’’

A getup of old and worn clothes!

A buzz cut!

It was a man!

It actually turned out to be a man!!

At this moment, the four coaches had a vision of ten thousand lines of ’’what the f**k’’ flashing in front of their eyes. They even suspected that they might have seen wrong and thought that it might have been a lip syncing performance. As such, they kept staring hard at the contestant, hoping to see some mistakes in the lip sync to confirm that this was not sung by him!

Qian Pingfan performed with his high-pitched singing, becoming more and more emotional.

’’People experience sorrow, joy, separation and reunion,

’’The moon may be dim or bright, round or crescent shaped,

’’This imperfection has been going on since the beginning of time.

’’May we all be blessed with longevity,/though thousands of miles apart, we are still able to share the beauty of...the moon together!’’

It was sung by him!

It was really sung by him!!

The coaches were already standing!

Chen Guang kept waving his thumbs up!

Fan Wenli was so emotional she had raise both her arms and continuously clap over her head!

Zhang Xia could only stare at Qian Pingfan on the stage as her face revealed great shock, not knowing what to say to express her current state!

The entire venue was like a boiling pot of water!

Screams, shouts, and applause all came one after another!

Who said that this laborer was just to round out the contestant numbers?

Who said that the recording of the first episode would end anticlimactically?

Round out the numbers my ass! Anticlimactic my ass! It turned out that the bombshell was dropped at the very end! This voice was truly unbelievable!


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