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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 672


Chapter 672 The second contestant comes on stage!


In the second recording studio.

The door opened and Luo Yu came rushing in. ’’Dad! Mom! I did it! The coaches have chosen me!’’

Her father said with excitement, ’’We saw it! We saw it all!’’

Her mother said with tears in her eyes, ’’My child, I'm sorry. We haven't given you any support all these years!’’

’’Mom, what are you saying, it's OK!’’ Luo Yu went over to hug her mother, while also crying. ’’It's alright!’’

Her mother was choking back tears. ’’Wu wu wu, in the future...In the future, sing all that you wish to sing...wu wu...your dad and I...we will not stop you anymore!’’

Luo Yu said while crying, ’’Mom!’’

Her father's eyes were also becoming wet as he said, ’’Child, in the future, just do what you enjoy. Your mom and I will support you!’’

’’Dad! Thank you!’’ Luo Yu felt that at this moment she was probably the most fortunate person in the world!

Zhang Ye and the cameraman were both beside them, looking on but not interrupting the moment. This was a scene that left Zhang Ye very satisfied, making him feel that his hard work in recent days did not go to waste. He had fulfilled the goals and expectations he had set for himself, setting up this stage and making it a place where dreams could come true this was important to Zhang Ye.

Luo Yu had done beautifully!

After this, it was up to the others!

Truthfully speaking, Zhang Ye still felt a little nervous, not because he doubted the quality of the contestants he chose, but their ability to perform on a stage. Most talent shows usually did not re-record the round in which the contestants performed unless it was due to equipment malfunctioning or external factors. Recording again because a contestant did not perform up to their potential? The coaches would not agree and neither would the audience. Whether they could make it or not depended on the three minutes they were given. Everything would be determined then and there. Naturally, this was a very big test for the contestants.

Who was the next contestant?

Yes, it was time for the train driver to step up!


In the main recording studio.

On and offstage, everyone quieted down.

The lights were also turned off as everyone focused their attention to the stage without blinking.

At this moment, a burly man appeared in sight of the audience. He was very tall, around 1.85 meters, and with just a few steps, he had already walked to the center of the stage. He looked visibly nervous, holding the microphone tightly in his hands, then loosening his grip, then tightening and loosening again. Finally, he was able to calm himself.

The music started.

A melody began playing.

At the coaches' chairs, the four of them were talking to one another.

’’What song is this?’’ Chen Guang apparently thought that this melody sounded rather familiar.

Fan Wenli, who had started out as a music teacher and was more professional in this area, had identified the song with just the starting melody. ’’This is 'Please Fall In Love With Me,' but I think it's an arranged version.’’

Zhang Xia closed her eyes out of habit to listen.

Zhang Yuanqi also appeared to be was anticipating something.

The melody danced and sounded very touching. The next moment, the voice of the contestant rang out.


This voice that came out immediately made the coaches look at each other.

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, ’’It's a guy.’’

Fan Wenli said, ’’For a love song like this one, I don't think many guys would attempt it, isn't that right?’’

Chen Guang made a sound of confirmation. ’’And to sing it well is even more difficult as this song is more exquisite.’’

Zhang Xia said with her eyes closed, ’’His voice sounds quite fine, so we'll have to see how he performs it. The first contestant, Little Luo, was simply too stunning, so with her opening performance, the contestants that come later would definitely be more pressured.’’

This song was the same one Sun Daxuan had performed for Zhang Ye in the preliminary auditions of The Voice. Later on, the music arrangement teacher and Zhang Ye both thought that he sang this song well and it fit his singing style too, so instead of making him change songs like Luo Yu did, they stuck to using the same one.

Sun Daxuan had come to the main part of the song and had dived into its emotions.


’’Hello...It's me.’’


’’Please...Love me.’’


’’Have you ever heard the wind blow?’’

’’That's me, softly speaking.’’

That haunting feeling, that exquisite enunciation of the lyrics. Although it was a man's voice, the entire audience was still touched by it as they couldn't help but clap a little.


’’Hello...It's me.’’


’’Please...Love me.’’

Singing skill, intonation, level of exquisiteness, there was nothing to nitpick at all!

The first contestant was already very good, but no one could have expected the second contestant to be this good either. For a burly man, he could actually sing a love sing to this degree!?

Amazed, Fan Wenli breathed in and raised her hand up with some hesitation, hovering it above the red button.

But suddenly, before she could move, Zhang Xia beside her hit the button with her hand. Her chair turned around as Fan Wenli was left stunned, then subconsciously hit the button quickly as well!

If she didn't hit the button for this contestant, who would she hit it for?!

If it were any other talent show, such a voice would have the potential for a top three finish. From a certain angle, it could even be said that this voice was comparable to theirs as professional singers!

Just a split second separated the two coaches, as they both turned around at almost the same time. When they saw the burly man on stage, Zhang Xia's eyes narrowed while Fan Wenli was surprised. The exquisiteness and emotions portrayed in that voice were not really something they would connect to someone who looked like that. Based on Fan Wenli's experience and feelings, she had thought that the person on stage would turn out to be a fair, thin, and scrawny guy, but little did she expect that he would turn out to appear so rough and tumble!

Seeing Fan Wenli's expression, Chen Guang immediately asked, ’’What's the matter?’’

Fan Wenli looked at him and immediately beamed while shaking her head. ’’Nothing.’’

Chen Guang said, ’’Hah?’’

Fan Wenli warned, ’’You better not turn or else you'll regret it!’’

Pfft! When the cameraman positioned for shots of their angle heard this, he couldn't help scoffing. The scene of the couple bickering was such a tease, starting from the time they were fighting over the contestant earlier.

Chen Guang wouldn't have any of it. ’’I'd be stupid if I believed you.’’

Pa. He also hit the button. Chen Guang was also a crooner of love songs, but he didn't usually sing it in such a smooth way. Logically speaking, this contestant would not suit his style, but since it was a competition, the composition of the teams they chose would definitely have to be better balanced. Chen Guang couldn't possibly go and choose all the contestants who had the same style as him to be on his team, could he? If he did so, then the entire competition wouldn't have much meaning anymore! This person clearly could sing, so if he could be pulled onto the team, then Chen Guang would surely welcome it. The more the merrier. Besides, as a professional, as long as it wasn't jazz or some other forms of foreign music he wasn't familiar with, he could still coach the contestants.

Three out of four coaches had turned!

When Chen Guang saw the person on stage, he also let out a ’’wow’’ in surprise.

Every time a coach turned around, the audience would give a round of excited applause!

’’Another one has turned!’’

’’The singing is really good!’’

’’It's nice to listen to this!’’

’’Although he does not have the explosive force of the first contestant, his smoothness in singing is too awesome. It sounds even more touching than if it was sung by a woman!’’

’’This person is definitely going to be a key contestant!’’

’’I like him, I like him!’’

’’He isn't as good as Luo Yu.’’

’’He can't be worse than her. They're both very good!’’

’’Everyone has their own judgment. In any case, I think that this person sings amazingly!’’

’’There's so much emotion in his singing!’’

Earlier, Luo Yu had taken the stage with a rock song to pump up the entire atmosphere of the studio, but when Sun Daxuan took over, it changed the charged up atmosphere to a beautiful and graceful one. The beautiful picture that existed in his singing voice had infected everyone and they all moved to a different mood and feel!

The song was over.

Compared to Luo Yu, Sun Daxuan was much calmer. Only the look in his eyes revealed just how excited he was at this moment as three of the coaches had turned around for him!


In his mind, Sun Daxuan was already shouting out loud!

Zhang Yuanqi smiled and said, ’’Hello, please introduce yourself first.’’

Sun Daxuan promptly said, ’’My name is Sun Daxuan and I'm 26 years old. I work as a train driver!’’

The audience burst into an uproar.


’’Holy shit!’’

’’He drives a train?’’

Earlier, it was a physical education teacher, and now a train driver? The occupations of The Voice's contestants are too f**king complicated!

Zhang Xia was very curious about this. ’’You have a very interesting job.’’

Sun Daxuan quirked a lip and said, ’’It's a pretty busy job since I have to be on the train every day, but when I have nothing to do, I sing. There's nothing to be afraid of since no customers will be listening.’’

Zhang Xia asked, ’’Why?’’

Sun Daxuan replied, ’’Because I drive a cargo train.’’

Amused, Zhang Yuanqi inquired, ’’What made you want to come and join this competition?’’

Sun Daxuan answered very honestly, ’’It is because I really like Teacher Zhang Ye. I am a hardcore fan of his, so for his programs, his poems, the songs that he has written, I've watched, read, and listened to them more than once. Since Teacher Zhang Ye had created a new program and sent out an invitation to apply for the show, I just came without thinking. Actually, before coming up on stage, I hadn't really thought that any of you coaches would turn around for me. I, I thought I would leave after singing this song!’’

The coaches were all laughing. One of them said, ’’Too bad Zhang Ye isn't one of the coaches then.’’

Sun Daxuan lightly mocked, ’’It's not that. I also really, really, really like you all as well!’’

Fan Wenli said, ’’I would like to hear from Sister Zhang on why she did not turn around.’’

Zhang Yuanqi looked over at Fan Wenli. ’’That's because I don't really sing such exquisite-sounding love songs. I do not have the voice to do so. That's why I feel that Little Sun's style would be more suitable for you, Wenli, and I decided that I wouldn't want to take him from you.’’

Fan Wenli said happily, ’’Thank you, Sister Zhang!’’

Zhang Xia didn't like the sound of that. ’’Yuanqi, why aren't you pulling for me instead?’’

Zhang Yuanqi laughed gleefully. ’’Maybe in the next round.’’

Zhang Xia then said to Sun Daxuan, ’’Little Sun, come and join me.’’

Sun Daxuan said, ’’Grandma Zhang, my parents especially like you.’’

Zhang Yuanqi laughed, ’’Oh, seems like Grandma Zhang has no chance with him at all.’’

Zhang Xia: ’’...’’

The audience all laughed.

Sun Daxuan felt even more embarrassed. ’’Then...’’

Fan Wenli immediately said, ’’Little Sun, our style of singing is exactly the same. If you join me, I will teach you well. On top of that, I will invite you to be my guest for my concert that's happening in the middle of the year!’’

The audience gasped in astonishment.

Chen Guang immediately said, ’’I will also invite you to be my guest for my concert this year!’’

Fan Wenli stared at him. ’’What's the meaning of that, Old Chen?’’

Chen Guang smiled and replied, ’’It's just normal competition.’’

Fan Wenli said, ’’You already have a good contestant with you, so if you steal a contestant from me again, I better check if our feelings for each other are still as deep as before!’’

Zhang Yuanqi laughed and remarked, ’’Whoa, their relationship is already breaking down!’’

Hearing this, the audience all burst out in laughter.

Chen Guang also withered but just rolled his eyes.

In the end, Sun Daxuan's choice was of no surprise to everyone. He said, ’’Thank you, teachers, I will...I will choose Teacher Fan Wenli!’’

Hearing her name, a glittering grin appeared on Fan Wenli's face. She told him, ’’You've made a smart choice!’’

The audience was once again discussing what was happening.

’’Haha, Old Chen was terrified!’’

’’But the contestant's choice of Fan Wenli was absolutely correct.’’

’’Yes, Fan Wenli's style is the same as his!’’

’’This person's singing is really nice to listen to. When the program gets broadcast, I will definitely download the live version's MP3!’’

’’I'm wondering why we have never seen such good contestants before in the past? Why did they only appear on the stage of The Voice? How did Zhang Ye find them?’’

’’Who knows!’’

’’I find it strange too. On the other talent shows, only the top two or three will have such a level of singing, no? Those contestants are even mostly professional musicians or artists, so how come the contestants on The Voice have jobs such as being a train driver or a P.E. teacher and yet still sing on a similar level to them? They might even turn out to be better than the champions on those other programs? Could it be down to whoever had the highest-end audio equipment?’’

’’It kind of has to do with the equipment, but it's still mainly because of the program's production concept. The Voice focuses only on finding the best voice, regardless of looks or occupation, so anyone can apply and take part. There's a saying that goes: 'The talented are among us.' Those words are definitely not false, but it's just that those singing talent shows in the past always judged based on voice and looks, so naturally, those who looked too average would have been eliminated! In the other shows, it's likely that such people did not even make it past the preliminary auditions!’’

’’This program is indeed interesting!’’

’’Yeah, the more I watch it, the more I find it to be really good!’’

’’Ai, there comes the next contestant!’’


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