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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 670


Chapter 670 The tears of Luo Yu's parents!

Two minutes earlier.

In the second recording studio.

Luo Yu's parents were here as well. Before their daughter went up on stage, the two of them repeatedly asked Zhang Ye some questions. They didn't seem to be in high spirits regarding her appearance on television. Instead they felt surprised and puzzled simultaneously without much excitement.

Her father said, ’’Teacher Zhang, my daughter has never known how to sing well.’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’Is that so?’’

Her mother answered, ’’She has liked singing ever since she was young, singing by day, singing while eating, and sometimes even hiding under her blanket and singing at night. She sang quite well when she was younger, but after going through puberty, her voice was damaged and her voice turned raspy. Her teachers and classmates even commented that it was better if she did not talk. Once she did, she sounded just like a boy. With this voice, don't mention singing, just hearing it is enough for anyone to find it a nuisance.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Your family does not support her music endeavors?’’

Her father sighed, ’’We also wish to support our child and let her fulfill her dreams. But the problem is that she can't sing, she's not suited for this at all.’’

Her mother said, ’’This child has a loud voice. Every time she starts singing at home, my husband and I will always go out for a stroll, otherwise we'll get annoyed. The neighbors also have a very negative opinion of her and sometimes even come over to our house to ask Luo Yu to lower her volume. We've already told her many times that she is causing a disturbance to the others and tried talking to her, but she doesn't listen. No matter how others talk about her or criticize her, she will still sing every day without caring what others say to her. Now that she has been invited to this competition called The Voice of China, when I heard it from her, I still thought it to be a scam. With her lousy voice, how could it be called a good voice?!’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Your daughter is up on stage now. Let's see what the coaches think of her.’’

Her mother remarked, ’’They definitely won't turn around, right?’’

Her father shook his head and did not say anything. The two of them didn't intend to come here today as they knew that their daughter couldn't sing, yet she was invited to participate in a singing talent show. Subconsciously, they felt that this did not make any sense and felt that their daughter would definitely be looked down upon by the coaches after performing and be mocked by the audience. When that happened, it would look bad for them too. However, they still agreed to come here because of Zhang Ye. They could not refuse Zhang Ye after he had personally made several calls to invite them over.

On the television screen, they could see everything that was happening in the main recording studio.

As her parents, when Luo Yu went up on stage looking very nervous, they knew straight away that she would not make it past the coaches.

The next moment, they saw their daughter with her eyes closed and holding the microphone tightly.

’’I've always been told I don't understand lyrics, composing, or singing!

’’I've always been told I don't understand comfort, laughter, or living!

’’I've always been told I don't understand passion, women, or romance!

’’I've always been told I don't understand restraint, flexibility, or smarts!’’

This song...

These lyrics...

Suddenly, Luo Yu's parents were shocked as they involuntarily thought of the past!

Their neighbor Grandma Liu would grumble in front of them every day, ’’Don't let your Little Luo sing anymore. There are so many people who can't get famous even if they study music, so what could she do?’’

Every time their Second Aunt came to visit them, she would say to Luo Yu, ’’Little Yu, you must learn to be flexible and face reality. Not everyone can realize their dreams of becoming a celebrity. To live means to be down to earth!’’

’’You rascal, why don't you listen no matter what we tell you? Why are you still continuing to sing? Can't you hear that we mean well for you, Little Luo? Why are you being so thick-skinned and shameless?’’

’’Little Luo, don't sing anymore.’’

’’Little Luo, you won't make it.’’

’’Little Luo, just do your job well as a teacher.’’

’’Little Luo, be filial to your parents and do well at your job. That's honorable. What will singing do for you!?’’

’’Little Luo...’’

’’Little Luo...’’

Suddenly, a loud and high-pitched screaming ’’lept’’ out from the television screen!

’’Who told you I can't sing!’’

At that moment, Luo Yu's parents each felt a punch in their guts!

’’Who told you I don't understand living!

’’Who told you I don't know the blues!

’’Who told you I don't know glory!’’

A continuous, soprano voice came wave after wave!

It felt like a roar that carried a tinge of unwillingness buried deep inside the soul!

Suddenly, Zhang Ye pointed at the television screen. ’’Someone has turned around! Teacher Chen Guang has turned around!’’

’’Ah!’’ Her father stared with his eyes wide open!

Her mother was also stunned!

Within three seconds, Zhang Ye said again, ’’Teacher Fan Wenli has also turned around! Quick, look, Teacher Zhang Xia also tapped the button! There's only one left...only one left...oh! Teacher Zhang Yuanqi has also turned around! All four coaches have turned around! All of them have chosen your daughter! Teacher Chen Guang is standing up now and giving a thumbs up! Look at the audience! The audience is bubbling with excitement! It's fantastic! Luo Yu is really fantastic!’’

Her father asked in shock, ’’They turned around? All of them turned around?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’That's right!’’

Her father said excitedly, ’’The coaches like my daughter's singing?’’

’’That's for sure.’’ Zhang Ye said, ’’The coaches want Luo Yu to join their own teams, that's why they chose to turn their chairs around. Next they will have to fight for her to get her to join them!’’

Her father said in a shaky voice, ’’Are you saying the coaches and audience felt that my daughter...sang well?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Yes! Look at everyone's expressions and their cheers! All of this is for your daughter! Everyone likes her!’’

Upon hearing this, Luo Yu's mother looked at her daughter on the stage and the cheers coming from the audience. She did not know why, but her tears started to flow down uncontrollably. She couldn't stop crying!

My daughter really knows how to sing!

So there actually were many people who liked listening to my daughter's singing!

So it's us who had been wrong!

Seeing his wife cry, Luo Yu's father also cried, but it was out of happiness. His tears also carried some guilt in them because they had never supported their daughter's dreams before!


In the main recording studio.


The music ended and all the lights in the studio came on.

’’How exhilarating!’’

’’Right, it was awesome!’’

’’I listened until my back was sweating!’’

’’Where did this woman come from?! Is she a professional singer? How did she sing so well?’’

’’If she isn't a professional singer, then she's definitely professionally trained in music!’’

’’This voice has a lot of impact to it! It's even stronger than a man's voice!’’

’’Isn't it surprising that such a fat woman could sing until she touched the hearts of people? I have listened to many people singing this song before, but none of them could sing it like she did and make my blood boil with excitement!’’


’’She sang this song in such a divine manner!’’

The audience was heatedly discussing her!

Ha Qiqi and the staff of the program team were totally surprised. The scene's effect was fantastic. Only Zhang Ye could have had such foresight! Luo Yu's voice was too awesome! This odd voice had somehow ignited the entire studio!

After the lights came on, Luo Yu, standing on stage, clearly saw the vista around her for the first time. When she saw the four coaches and realized that they were actually facing her instead of with their back toward her, and the numerous audience members who were screaming and applauding her, Luo Yu was also stunned. She stood there without moving a muscle, dazed on the spot!

What's the matter?

What was going on?

Luo Yu could not believe the image in front of her eyes!

Chen Guang could no longer wait and praised, ’’You're amazing!’’

Fan Wenli exclaimed, ’’Your voice is so special! It's really nice to listen to!’’

Luo Yu still felt confused. ’’I-I did not get eliminated?’’

Zhang Xia smiled and said, ’’Of course not! All four of us have already turned around.’’

Upon hearing this, Luo Yu mind was blown then it turned blank. Afterwards, she did something that made everyone laugh. She threw out both her arms with the microphone in one of her hands and let out a long scream. ’’Ahhhhh!’’ She was so excited she did not know what to do!

They really turned around!

They've really acknowledged me!!


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